Start From Zero FS17 Cornbelt Story Farming Simulator 17 - PMC Farming

2018-10-19 Big Bud 747 Arrives To The Farm

0910 back at PMC Gaming, starting up FS17, we are farming again Smiley :)
0922 started seeding soybeans on F50
0955 started harvesting F09
1002 started plowing F33
1034 finished seeding F50
1049 finished harvesting F09
1119 took train with corn (market price was $2,538) to sale, sold $362k after which market price kept rising again. sold $362k and $216k, budget now $1.831m
1144 started seeding soybeans on F34
1220 started fertilizing F09
1240 finished fertilizing F09
1249 finished plowing F33
1254 started fertilizing F33

That damn F35 is causing problems for every direction, I have to buy it next just so I own it which makes those "you dont own this field" problems go away. So annoying to try to work on a field which clearly is yours but game is telling you its not, also planters and fertilizers waste a lot of product when courseplay runs on those areas. Its only $6.1m heh, let me count my pennies one sec ...

1337 purchased:
- bug bud 747 with triple wheels $429k
- gregoire besson trailed lifter $15k
- gregoire besson spsl 9 with slatted moldboards $132k
- seed hawk xl toolbar 84ft $290k
- seed hawk 980 air cart with rear twin wheels $190k
- flexicoil st820 $186k

Yeaah buddy! Big Bud time! Smiley :D

1346 finished fertilizing F33

Man do I love Big Bud, that SPSL 9 plow which is 10.5m width just decimates those fields when you are used to these puny plows I've had in this savegame for many many real life days of playing. My plan is to get at least pair of Big Bud's working together, we'll see how manageable it is to have three or four, for those huge fields I'm sure its fine but medium or small sizes the huge vehicles just get into each others way I believe. But yeah ploughing anything over 50 hectares using few SPSL 9's pulled with Big Buds... oh my, that is sweet farming porno right there Smiley :)

? finished seeding F34, sorry was so excited about big bug hehe, also plowed F10 as well
1425 started fertilizing F10
1428 started plowing F09
1439 finished fertilizing F10
1447 started seeding F33
1602 finished seeding F33
1614 finished plowing F09
1627 started fertilizing F09
1645 started harvesting F11
1704 finished fertilizing F09
1718 started harvesting F44
1754 started seeding soybeans on F09, first Big Bud Seed Hawk seeding Smiley :)
1800 finished harvesting F44
1804 started harvesting F45
1841 finished seeding F09

I was surprised to see truck trailers with dolly ea and another trailer working OK with courseplay, the truck moves one trailer worth forward when the first one is full, when second is full well obviously truck continues the course. Great stuff.

1905 finished harvesting F45
1913 started seeding soybeans on F10
1922 finished seeding F10
2109 finished harvesting F11

Now the farm got 1.691 million liters of soybeans in the silos hehe. Have to wait for market prices to get better as its on red listing $3,777 now. I'm going to load that stuff to the train in preparation for the price to be right for sell.

2207 took train full of 1.647 million liters of soybeans to maplefield mills sellpoint to wait for market prices to increase.

With my 143k liters per train car edit that is how much the train holds now, or close to it.

2235 started fertilizing F34
2240 started fertilizing F09
2249 noticed that soybeans price is already $4,400 and is increasing rapidly, whee! I'm like a kid in a candy store when I get that money! Smiley ;)
2316 finished fertilizing F09
2337 started fertilizing F50
2354 finished fertilizing F34, but had to abort courseplay as the stupid sp.400fs were just circling around like dogs sniffing their butts Smiley :(
2357 started fertilizing F44

2018-10-20T0000 I actually shut FS17 down as it had been running since 0910hrs and seemed like courseplay had some hiccup with the sp.400fs circling. oh and the 0000hrs is not a joke, it just happend to be exactly at that time heh.
0026 finished fertilizing F44
0035 finished fertilizing F50
0037 started fertilizing F45
0040 started fertilizing F11
0100 finished fertilizing F45
0107 started fertilizing F33
0120 started plowing F44
0201 finished fertilizing F33
0220 finished plowing F44, well kinda as courseplay was done but I need to manually fix the edges. but thats for tomorrow.
0232 finished fertilizing F11
0240 was dead tired, been a long farming day again, time for some sleep Zzz...

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