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2018-10-18 The Finance Game

2018-10-18T0609 back at PMC Gaming, new farming day has started Smiley :)
0625 started fertilizing F09
0725 finished fertilizing F09
0829 finished plowing F11
0834 started fertilizing F11
0838 started seeding soybeans on F09
0906 started harvesting F45

Yesterday I bought the univeral auto loader truck trailer so I can carry seed/fertilizer pallets, it worked out quite well, not sure if I can setup courseplay to work with that, not purchasing the pallets obviously but at least that my seeder and fertilizer vehicles could refill from the field edge and not drive down all the way to the nearest refill station placeables, this could be avoid by spamming the terrain with these placeables but heh come on now. Also I read that the refill station is more expensive than pallets so dunno what kind of saving this might give.

On the long run I can use refinery to produce seeds and fertilizer, so hopefully once that tool pipeline is running my refill station usage is over.

Today I purchased some pallets and brought them to F09 for the two seeding vehicles, had to manually refill them as my courseplay course was not tweaked enough, also I noticed that the refill radius is extremely small, not sure if its the vehicle or the pallet (or both).

Anyways all in all it feels much nicer and realistic (kinda) to haul those pallets to the fields with a flatbed truck trailer where our planters and fertilizer sprayers can refill.

0944 finished seeding F09
1017 finished harvesting F45
1024 started fertilizing F45
1057 finished fertilizing F11
1104 started seeding soybeans on F11
1112 finished fertilizing F45
1115 started plowing F45
1241 finished plowing F45
1244 started fertilizing F45

Soybeans market price was again high $5,037 so decided to take what I have now and go sell, my budget is low as $273k so I want some buffer money (andBuyFieldsAndVehicles HEHE). Hopefully market price does the bounce again.

1307 finished fertilizing F45
1345 took train (143k liter per car) with soybeans to maplefield mills and sold 4 x $720k + $238k, budget now $3.252m
1354 finished seeding F11

Selling that crop one train car at the time worked out just like previously, price bounced up to the level it was. I started to tell at 1345hrs but sold last car like half an hour later, it takes several minutes for the price to bounce back up, just didn't want to write play by play for every train car sold.

Decided to sell the wheat what I got from F11 and the accidentally planted F45, all 709k liters of it. Maplefield mills gives $1,921 and I have no idea if that is a good price or not, it also has red down arrow so it looks like its dropping but very slowly.

1433 took train of wheat for sale $274k and waited, price started to rise again after my sale. Then sold $273k + $272k + $272k + $261k, budget now $4.607m
1512 started harvesting F44
1552 finished harvesting F44
1558 started harvesting F34
1615 started fertilizing F44
1619 started fertilizing F11
? finished fertilizing F44
1802 finished fertilizing F11
1825 finished harvesting F34
1830 finished seeding F44, and again forgot...
1834 took train with soybeans for sale, sold 4 x $720k + $46k, budget now $7.458m Smiley :)
1904 completed selling, wow takes a while to play this market finance game.

Was thinking about that market finance game where you wait for the prices to go back up again, well obviously you don't need to sit on your hands and wait, you can do other farming tasks, but that at least for me has the risk of me losing focus and just keeping doing something else and one hour later go like "oh yeah the crop selling" heh.

What I mean is this is another kind of ... well not grind but like useless time wasting task in FS17. Now don't get me wrong I do like that the prices change, if they would be hardcoded to X or Y it would not be so nice. Anyways, maybe its me just right this moment but I feel like I'm not going to play this market finance game many more times as its just way too time consuming, I assume that once I get train full of grain (dunno how many cars it has?) and still have plenty in farm silo, then it doesn't really matter if I just mass sell whole damn train load.

Anyways, seven and a half million dollars, that is a nice sum of money to go shopping with Smiley ;)

1917 started harvesting F10
1930 started harvesting F50
1940 finished harvesting F10

While I did the quick harvest of F10 I was again pondering how should I grow my farm, $7.4m dollah in the bank and I can't decide which is the best course of action.

When I'm playing with unlimited money its so easy to buy just fields that are next to each other after done ploughing one, but now I have to consider so many factors like too many fields stretch out my vehicles too much and having some big bud's on small fields is overkill (not that I really had big bud money yet but anyways). I'm thinking about expanding to the NW corner which has nice round fields, vehicle would be easy time operating there (with the exception of that invisible barrier on the highway).

1955 started fertilizing F10
1958 started fertilizing F34
2014 finished fertilizing F10
2112 finished fertilizing F34
2124 finished harvesting F50
2140 started fertilizing F50
2147 started plowing F34

At this time I was still trying to decide what to buy with my new money, damn decision making is hard Smiley ;)

2220 finished fertilizing F50
2258 purchased F33, it was corn, budget now $3.291m

After hard decision making what to do with my money I decided to buy the next closest field to my farm and what better timing as it was fully grown corn too. This also is field which is actually much larger than what the game registers, so I'm getting tons of hectares after I harvest that corn and plow the field.

As for the rest of my budget, I'm going to upgrade the case ih axial-flow harvesters, auger wagon with tractor and truck trailer to better ones, I'm really fed up with the axial-flow and steyr multi + pp20 wagon setup, I need some quality equipment. Oh and if my budget lasts, I'm also going to buy my first Big Bud with seed hawk setup.

2308 sold fiegl ass for $38k, truck for $78k, 3020 header for $9k, case axial-flow 7130 for $59k, another for $86k and header $13k
2312 sold steyr multi for $12k and pp 20 for $20k, budget now $3.611m

So there we go, sold all my beginner farmer vehicles which I kind of used in the end as the northern vehicle set.

2340 purchased the following:
- new holland 3x cr10.90 for $430k, 3x superflex draper 45 header for $62k, 3x quasar hs 16 header for $52k
- brent avalance 1596 for $118k
- fendt 939 vario with wide tires for $319k
- semi-tipper 70000/6 with wide tires and design for $70k
- lizard tx 415 barrelcore with trailer hitch, wide tires and design for $175k
- new holland 3x cr10.90 for $430k, 3x superflex draper 45 header for $62k, 3x quasar hs 16 header for $52k
- new holland 3x cr10.90 for $430k, 3x superflex draper 45 header for $62k, 3x quasar hs 16 header for $52k
- semi-tipper 70000/6 with wide tires and design for $70k
- lizard tx 415 barrelcore with trailer hitch, wide tires and design for $175k
- dolly ea
- semi-tipper 70000/6 with wide tires and design for $70k
Budget now $969k

So yeah went crazy with that stuff, second truck with a dolly and trailer behind the trailer hehe, so 2x70k liters of capacity. My first time trying that setup, I'm not sure how auger wagon courseplay will unload there... does it understand the second trailer or not.

2018-10-19T0022 started harvesting F33
0121 finished plowing F34
0226 finished harvesting F33
0208 dead tired again after been up for 20.5hrs heh, oh my. Time to sleep, more farming tomorrow, Zzz...

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