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2018-10-17 Massive Equipment Purchase Operation

2018-10-17T0636 back at PMC Gaming, firing FS17 up and we are back farming Smiley :)
0640 started harvesting F45
0712 massive purchase operation begun, it will take a while to buy all this stuff, link up and drive away from the shop yard.
- 3x harvester new holland cr10.90 $430k
- 3x header new holland superflex draper 45ft $62k
- auger wagon brent avalanche 1596 $118k
- tractor fendt 939 vario with wide tires $319.8k
- lizard tx 415 barrelcore with trailer hitch and wide tires $173.5k
- bsm semi-tipper 70000/6 with wide tires and design $69.5k
- 2x sprayer new holland sp.400f, width 36m $237k
- 3x seeder amazone condor 15001, width 15m, 270hp $224k
- 3x mf 7700 + engine + wide tires
- 2x lemken titan 11
- 2x fendt 724 vario
0745 all done purchasing, budget now $771k
0757 started harvesting F44
0801 finished harvesting F45
0810 started harvesting F34
0825 started fertilizing F45
0851 finished fertilizing F45
0924 finished harvesting F44
0929 started fertilizing F44
1000 finished fertilizing F44
1000 forgot to write down seeding wheat with new condor 15001 planters, also did wheat by accident as in my new seeder excitement forgot to change seed type Smiley :)
1022 soybeans market price started to drop, I frantically started to load train for sale...

So yeah market price started to drop just as I was harvesting last row of F34 after which I already intended to go sell soybeans. Now I'm in rush to get train loaded and driven over there before the price drops too much. I'm thinking that because the price is dropping, now I'm not going to be able to play any financial market game so when I get there, I just start to sell, Sell, SELL.

1030 train sold $761k + $736k + $712k + $687k + $510k, budget now $4.170m

I didn't have time to see how much the price dropped while I drove train there, but quick calculation shows that first car sell was with $5,321 and seeing the last full car being only $4,804 so yeah there was definite market price drop going on. I'm just glad to manage sell as quickly as I could now.

Can't wait for the next time price skyrockets on soybeans, then I'll be ready with one million liter train load hehe.

1030 finished harvesting F34
1058 started fertilizing F34
1108 took train with 66k liters of soybeans to maplefield mills SE sellpoint for $340k, budget now $4.511m

That small tiny 66k liters was just to clear my silo and complete the transactions heh, still the price was over $5k so always worth to sell stuff with that kind of prices.

1155 finished plowing F44, yeah forgot to write down starting time. I wonder why do I have a such an hurry that I cant keep proper log? Hmm, good question...
1217 finished fertilizing F34
1225 started fertilizing F44

Field 11 is oddly done by the terrain developer as only a small square of otherwise a very large field is registered with the game. The registered square is 48 hectares and I bet the surrounding non-registered area is probably 20 hectares heh. So I'm thinking business wise should I buy more vehicles or this field as it is also fully grown wheat, so I could get the money from that harvest as well. After thinking and marveling the size and location of the field, I decided to buy it.

1245 finished fertilizing F44
1246 purchased F11 for $3.959m
1250 started harvesting F11
1415 finished fertilizing F45 which I forgot to mention I started... sigh.
1440 started seeding soybeans on F34
? finished harvesting F50, forgot to write when started, can't help myself hehe
1616 finished seeding F34

When I was harvesting F11 I checked the actual size using courseplay and I bursted out laughing as it was 99.98 hectares, whoah yeah a bit over "20" then hehe. Also getting over 400k liters wheat harvest from this "for free" as well, currently price is $1905 so it will bring down the field price roughly $750k heh nice.

1643 finished harvesting F11
1654 started harvesting F10
1700 started fertilizing F11
1712 finished harvesting F10
1733 started fertilizing F10
1737 started seeding soybeans on F44
1757 finished fertilizing F10
1827 finished fertilizing F11
? finished seeding F44, yup..
1833 started plowing F11, with four 5m plows it takes 4h 15min according to courseplay.
1915 started seeding soybeans on F10
1928 finished seeding F10
2002 finished fertilizing F50, aand forgot to write down starting time, what else is new
2006 started seeding soybeans on F50
2053 purchased fiegl UAL trailer with trailer hitch and wide tires for $18.3k
2120 finished seeding F50
2123 finished fertilizing F34, guess I forgot to mention this again, hehe
2130 started harvesting F09
2136 started fertilizing F10
2138 started fertilizing F50
2151 finished fertilizing F10
2232 finished fertilizing F50
2313 finished harvesting F09
2340 damn tired so have to go to sleep, been a long day farming so feeling good about that. we continue tomorrow.

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