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2018-10-16 Oil Tycoon Selling More Soybeans

2018-10-16T0503 back at PMC Gaming, fired up FS17, we are farming again Smiley :)
0526 started fertilizing F34

New day of farming has begun. Got the F34 harvest finished last night and now I got over 600k liters of soybeans in farm silo but cannot sell them yet as market prices are really bad. I'm eyeballing that field 50 and noticed there is either odd behavior in the game itself or cornbelt terrain is buggy as the field almost like flickers on/off as growing and cultivated, I only noticed that as I'm trying to buy the field when its growing. For example I see it on the mapview as growing but once I get to the field... its empty, kind of looks seeded, then I check map again and its cultivated, like err huh? heh

0628 finished fertilizing F34
0633 started seeding soybeans F34
0636 started harvesting F44
0642 started fertilizing F45
0740 finished harvesting F44
0750 started harvesting F10
0802 finished fertilizing F45
0803 started fertilizing F44
0810 finished harvesting F10
0813 started fertilizing F10
0825 finished fertilizing F10
0829 finished fertilizing F44
0845 purchased man tgs 18.480 with trailer hitch upgrade for $165.7k and tank tech ft44 tanker with trailer hitch and wide tires (us) upgrade for $47.3k
0904 purchased F50, finally after pondering it for so long (kinda), for $2.065m, budget now $450k
0906 started plowing F50

I decided to trust courseplay and the AI drivers to plow enlarge F50. First I drove the field edge myself, then generated course from it for two tools (lemken titan 11 pulled with fendt 700) and activated plough past field edge which should then enlarge the field. I'm ploughing over the dirt road and the grass field just south of F50 as there is plenty of grass to go around elsewhere.

For some reason ploughing past field edge didn't work, I had to activate it from the F1 menu normally.

0921 finished seeding F34
0929 started seeding soybeans on F44
0948 purchased tank tech ft44 tanker with trailer hitch and wide tires (us) upgrade for $47.3k and dolly ea with wide tires ugprade for $9.2k, budget now $392k
1019 finished seeding F44
1033 purchased tank tech mt44 tanker with trailer hitch and wide tires (us) upgrade for $56.3k, budget now $329k

At 1116hrs was about half way done plowing F50 and courseplay timer shows about 2hrs more to go, heh. Yeah, plow setup upgrade is following right after the next big crops sale Smiley :)

1204 brought some crude oil by tanker truck from the oilfields to marys farm petrol station and then oil train from there to stanton sawmill refinery.
1317 finished plowing F50

F50 looks good, came out nicely with courseplay field edge thing. Also market prices for soybeans hit again $5,000 ! whoah, I'm going to make some serious coin Smiley :)

1332 started fertilizing F50
? started harvesting F09, again forgot the time

At 1408hrs soybeans market price per thousand liters hit $5,300 and still kept rising!

? finished fertilizing F50, new field and soybeans market price excitement, sigh
1426 started seeding soybeans on F50
1449 took train of 718k liters of soybeans to maplefield mill, sold $483k but decided to wait as the price dropped and continued to climb again.

When I sold that train car 90k liter of soybeans the market price was $5,375 which was crazy. So now I'm waiting until the price climbs again and then I sell some more. There is a risk that what if it drops and keeps dropping, maybe even back to the low $2.5k or something. Well yeah there is that risk...

I have to say that I like more of the massive BOOM hammer drop sale where I sell everything as quickly as possible, but hopefully I can get more price for the crops by juggling with the market prices like this. Interesting to see how many times the price bounces back up before really starting to come down. If this method works then obviously I'm going to use it in the future, but if it doesn't... well then I keep using the massive one time sell method.

1454 sold another train car 90k liter of soybeans $483k
1459 sold another set but something acted up and the unloading interrupted like three times, but I assume I got the whole car sold
1503 sold another $483k
1513 sold another $483k (did I sell one in between here, got confused as I had to go untangle courseplay auger wagon too hehe)
1517 sold another $483k
1521 sold another $474k which was the last car and that was not full, budget now $4.158m Smiley :D

That was awesome as market price kept bouncing back up! hehe. While I was selling the truck trailer kept dumping soybeans from F09 and ended up having 188k liters, so as the price is still high I'm racing back to farm with the train and pickup everything that is on the silo as you cant pass by such $5.3k per thousand liter opportunity Smiley :)

1530 finished harvesting F09
1534 sold another $483k
1538 sold another $483k
1542 sold last remaining 8k liters for mere $43k, budget now $5.165m Smiley :D

Too bad I didn't have more soybeans heh, like close to a million liters ain't enough haha.

One important change I'm going to make into Cornbelt terrain config files is to increase the train car capacity from 90k to 143k liters because realistically thats much grain train cars can carry. It is not a cheat just to be clear on that, sure its kind of crossing the barrier when starting to edit a terrain but its overall good and realistic edit, very transparent to the other functionality so its all good.

1601 started fertilizing F09
1612 took my first grain load to stanton sawmill refinery to begin fuel and compost production.
1624 finished seeding F50
1634 finished fertilizing F09

Then shopping list again, note that this is just a PLAN of what I maybe buy, not a list of what I did buy:
- harvester new holland cr10.90 $430k
- header new holland superflex draper 45ft $62k

- auger wagon brent avalanche 1596 $118k
- tractor fendt 939 vario with wide tires $319.8k

- lizard tx 415 barrelcore with trailer hitch and wide tires $173.5k
- bsm semi-tipper 70000/6 with wide tires and design $69.5k

The whole list above: $1.172m

2x cr10.90 + headers $984k + rest is total: $1.664m

- sprayer new holland sp.400f, width 36m $237k
- sprayer kuhn metris 4102, width 36m, needs tractor to pull it $84k
- seeder amazone condor 15001, width 15m, 270hp $224k

seeder plan: 3x condor 15001 $672k + mf 7700 to pull one $208k total: $880k

I was really struggling to make a decision about the equipment to buy, was not even considering any field purchases because the existing ones yield already so much stuff that the equipment is the weak link in the chain now.

$1476k 3x cr10.90 + headers
$880k 3x condor 15001 $672k + mf 7700 $208k
$437k auger wagon setup
$243k truck trailer
$406k 2x plough setup
$474k 2x sprayer

1900 started fertilizing F09
2000 finished fertilizing F09, no, I'm actually not joking with the times heh.

Edited the terrain train tanker and grain cars to 143k liter capacity.

2020 started fertilizing F50
2026 started fertilizing F10
2049 finished fertilizing F10
2130 finished fertilizing F50
2137 started fertilizing F34
2146 started fertilizing F44
2203 took train car of only 28k liters to maplefield mills SE sellpoint for $150k, budget now $5.271m
2241 finished fertilizing F34
2241 finished fertilizing F44
2308 started fertilizing F09
2340 finished fertilizing F09
2347 was dead tired after been up 18.5hrs straight playing FS17, oh man this is crazy, if I wasn't doing it I wouldn't believe it... off to sleep, Zzz...

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