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2018-10-15 Big Soybean Selling

2018-10-15T0450 back at PMC Gaming and FS17 firing up, back at farming Smiley :)
0515 started fertilizing F10
0540 finished fertilizing F10
0634 finished harvesting F09
0725 finished plowing F34
0728 started plowing F45
0731 finished fertilizing F09, guess another forgotten start time there and now I dont even have the "I'm tired" excuse heh
0737 started fertilizing F34
0754 started harvesting F44

Noticed that soybeans market price in maplefield mills had skyrocketed to $4958, so I quickly started to load train as I had already 513k liters in silos heh. Field 44 was half way harvested so I'm keeping an eye on the market price and if it doesn't start to drop I'll finish this harvest and then dump all of it for some big dollah Smiley :)

0838 finished fertilizing F34
0900 started seeding soybeans on F34
0905 finished harvesting F44
0911 finished plowing F45
0915 started fertilizing F44
0934 finished fertilizing F44
0936 train hauled 595k liters of soybeans to maplefield mill SE sellpoint, sold $446k + $436k + $426k + $417k + $407k + $398k + $240k, budget now $2.951m Smiley :)

I think its time to go shopping! Smiley :D

Thinking about the train selling, the price rises back up very soon after you sell that huge load, so maybe I should fill a train with expensive crops drive it to the sell point sell one car and then just wait until the price increases again, I mean the train is just a free storage place so why not. I mean there is no rule or any specific point of selling everything at once, especially trying to sell it quickly makes no difference as the price drops before you manage to move the train one car forward.

Having that $2.9m in my bank made me anxious to go Shopping! hehe, but was taking it easy trying to think whats the best course of action. Should I stay with these fields and just upgrade my equipment or buy new field and perhaps one or two equipment upgrades (depending on budget), dunno.

Continuing on that though more deeper, this from scratch game-play style is extremely long winded and hard work, I mean look at how many real life hours and days I have played already and while I do have basic vehicles and equipment with few fields... I still consider my assets being puny punk ass stuff compared to the unlimited money big bud MONSTA shizzle hehe.

Some math wizard should make correct table of the balance between number of fields / hectares and vehicles / implements, what is the perfect formula to quickest harvests. Obvious thing is that if one task takes more than one hour to complete, yeah you don't need to have many of those in a day and the day goes by in no time.

Anyways back to real world stuff... I was thinking of buying field 50 and enlarge is over the grassfield south of it. I guess that grass field might be nice to have, but its not like this terrain lacks grass so why not make big bucks soybean factory outta fifty hehe.

0950 started plowing F44
1123 finished seeding F34
1140 finished plowing F44
1151 started plowing F10
1202 started seeding soybeans on F45
? finished plowing F10, again no idea when this finished just noticed it later hehe, oh man maybe I should stop writing this "log" huh..
1248 finished seeding F45
1252 started seeding soybeans on F44
1322 finished fertilizing F45, sigh again forgot to write down starting time, heh, focus man, FOCUS!
1348 finished seeding F44
1351 started seeding soybeans on F10
1353 started fertilizing F44
1404 finished seeding F10
1443 finished fertilizing F44, took so long as had to wait for growth stage to switch heh
1446 started fertilizing F10
1452 finished fertilizing F10
1453 started fertilizing F09
1529 finished fertilizing F09
1531 started seeding soybeans on F09, ETA 55min, Zzz...
1635 finished seeding F09
1820 started harvesting F45, probably earlier I just guessed the time as I was at it a while and now its 1844hrs. damn this forgetting logging stuff.
1911 finished harvesting F45
1915 started harvesting F34

F34 is 29 hectares which doesn't sound too large but you can clearly tell that wow it is much bigger than my other fields or the standards I've been used to in this from scratch savegame. After I pull this harvest from all the fields, I'm definitely going to upgrade my vehicle and implements fleet to really speed up harvests.

2131 started fertilizing F45
2149 finished fertilizing F45
2154 started seeding soybeans on F45
2247 finished seeding F45
2318 finished harvesting F34, few corner patches need to be fixed tomorrow.
2320 dead tired, been up for uh damn 18hrs have to go to sleep, more farming tomorrow, Zzz ...

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