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2018-10-14 Lemken Titan 11 To The Rescue

2018-10-14T0323 back at PMC Gaming, back at farming, as usual Smiley ;)
0328 finished fertilizing F09
0337 started harvesting F44
0356 started fertilizing F10
0418 finished fertilizing F10

Harvesting F44 was first medium sized field with new auger wagon and two combine convoy and it was working well, only had one in traffic incident. Things were flowing very smoothly.

0452 finished harvesting F44
0453 started fertilizing F44
0545 finished fertilizing F44
0553 started plowing F44

Feeling good with this plough update, lemken titan 11 seems like a decent plough. Although I'm not a big fan of the jointed/articulated implements as they always go funky on the corners, courseplay leaves many spots to fix manually. Even driving yourself it is very difficult to cover all corners properly. Its always dilemma whether you should just leave the field as-is after courseplay fieldwork has been completed or go fix the corners yourself which can be very tedious especially with slow Big Bud on those large fields.

Anyways gotta love the upgrade from 2m to 6.9m which gives great deal quicker ploughing sessions.

0728 started harvesting F45
0741 finished plowing F44
0745 started fertilizing F44
0847 finished fertilizing F44
0850 started seeding soybeans on F44
0856 finished harvesting F45
0901 started fertilizing F45
0907 started harvesting F09
1008 finished fertilizing F45
? finished seeding F44, sorry again forgot to write time down... ooh! look shiny!
1100 finished harvesting F09
1112 started fertilizing F09

Was making new farm business plans again, currently budget is $1.252 million and I have 505k liters of soybeans in my farm silo of which market price is below four thousand so I want to wait when it rises again, but buying a new field is on my mind and depending on the budget also fertilizer and seeder upgrade.

Field 46 would be really close to my farm and other fields, it costs quite a lot $2.152 million. F34 costs $2.392 million. F50 costs $2.065 million. F49 costs $1.977 million. Smaller fields around the shop are cheap, I could buy 60-62 and 65 right away. Hmm Hmm.

Hmm I'm looking for the next field purely has geographical thing so F34 looks right to me, next to my farm. Sure its quite expensive but I want to expand farm evenly out, for example there would be really cheap field on the SE corner but who wants to drive there and back until you split vehicles into regions hehe.

btw I'm going to call "$1.252 million" to just "$1.252m" from now on, so the abbreviations are "k" for thousand and "m" for million Smiley :)

1145 sold old implements 2x salford 4202 plows, cultivator and seeder, dunno what I got few thousands or something. I just had no use for them anymore.
1159 started seeding soybeans on F45
1235 finished fertilizing F09
1332 finished seeding F45
1339 started seeding soybeans on F09
1418 started harvesting F10
1434 started fertilizing F45
1436 finished harvesting F10
1447 purchased mf770 with engine and wide tire upgrade and horsch pronto 9 dc seeder as I was lacking in this capability, budget now $951k
1519 finished seeding F09
1527 started fertilizing F10
1539 finished fertilizing F10
1540 started seeding soybeans on F10
1553 finished seeding F10
1602 started fertilizing F45

I got sudden frustration about how damn long it takes real life time to play this savegame with these equipment. This came because I was having good time playing and realized that oh wow I have been up 13hrs straight playing.

Just earlier (well five hours ago hehe) I spoke about wanting to buy a new field to grow the farm business, but now I definitely want to upgrade and increase my vehicles and implements so the harvests roll through more quicker. Specifically I want to add more capability to fertilization spreaders as I only have single one now.

1702 purchased steyr multi 4115 with narrow tires for $90.1k, KUHN axis 40.2 m-emc-w for $24k and sb 1000 weight for $800, total $114.9k
1704 finished fertilizing F45
1707 purchased steyr multi 4115 with narrow tires for $90.1k, KUHN axis 40.2 m-emc-w for $24k and sb 1000 weight for $800, total $114.9k, budget now $704k
1715 started fertilizing F09
1724 finished fertilizing F10, yet again in my excitement forgot to write start time down
1735 finished fertilizing F09

I'm happy with the new solid fertilization spreaders, these two implements were enough to cover F09 and they were also 20km/h fast, nice.

Market prices for soybeans stopped rising on maplefield mill where the train goes, gunthersomething is like $300 higher price but its truck connection and I only have that crappy 47k liter trailer not to mention gunt sell point is other side of the terrain heh. So yeah I'm just going to take my soybeans with the train, I want some budget to buy some field Smiley :)

1758 took a train to maplefield mill to sell 533k liters of soybeans, market price was at $3897. Sold $350k + $341k + $331k + $322k + $312k + $281k, budget now $2.644m Smiley :)

Market price dropped to $3,279 btw. I feel now I'll start to play the market finance game and not sell when I need money but only when the price is right. I once saw the soybeans price as high as $5k so maybe thats too much to ask but at least I would not sell below $4k. There is no point of giving out results of your hard work for free, we need to keep some standard of cost heh.

1808 purchased field 34 for $2.392m, budget now $251k Smiley :)

Hmm maybe now I'll work hard and get budget to one million and once I reach that, then its going to be my new base buffer money, never to let budget drop below million. We'll see heh.

And damnit! in my field buying excitement I completely forgot the new tip that I should wait until the field I'm buying is actually seeded, heh oh well.

Okay, now back to work, we have new field to fertilize and plow, for starters Smiley ;)

1825 started fertilizing F34
? started harvesting F44, and once again forgot to mention... damnit
1929 finished fertilizing F34
1935 started plowing F34, ETA 4h 28min heh
1953 finished harvesting F44
1959 started harvesting F45
2006 started fertilizing F44
2033 finished fertilizing F44
2037 started seeding soybeans on F44
2126 finished seeding F44
2138 finished harvesting F45
2142 started fertilizing F45
? started harvesting F10, aand forgot... too tired Smiley ;)
2214 finished harvesting F10
? finished fertilizing F45, ... Smiley :o
2215 started harvesting F09
2223 had to call it a night, been up playing FS17 for 19hrs straight... uuh brain is shutting down... heh. more tomorrow Smiley ;)

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