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2018-10-13 The Power Of 2m Ploughs

2018-10-13T0213 woke up, at PMC Gaming and started up FS17, back at farming.
0234 started harvesting F10
0301 finished harvesting F10
0303 started fertilizing F10
0322 finished fertilizing F10
0349 started plowing F10

Again with the tiny 2m salford 4202 plough's, so I was checking out what would be my plow upgrade purchase. Amazone Cayron 200 is 3m and not too expensive but my cheapo Steyr tractor don't have enough horsepower for it so if I want to use two plows its not going to happen and one 3m is less than two 2m ones. Lemken Titan 11 is 4.9m and smallest jointed/articulated plow with 240hp requirements. Salford 8312 is 6.9m and already 300hp requirement. And then we have our own work horse, the Big Bud dragged SPSL 9.

0439 finished plowing F10
0441 started fertilizing F10

Was just thinking that this start from scratch game-play is very diciplined because you do not have the big money to buy all the normal equipment you have gotten used to. It takes a lot of patience to work with these piece of junk beginner implements like the mentioned 2m ploughs.

0504 started harvesting F44
0507 finished fertilizing F10
0511 started seeding soybeans on F10
0531 finished seeding F10
0711 finished harvesting F44
0717 started fertilizing F44
0755 started harvesting F45
0837 finished fertilizing F44
0839 started seeding soybeans on F44
0953 finished harvesting F45
0953 started fertilizing F45
1034 finished seeding F44
? guess I forgot in my excitement to write down starting harvest of F09 ...

Getting a little bit frustrated with harvester and grain trailer setup of sampo rosenlew and steyr multi 4115 + agroliner hkd 302's as every damn time courseplay approaches harvester the tractor will get "in traffic". I'm hoping some other vehicles would work better (kind of wishful thinking but yeah).

1120 finished fertilizing F45
1122 started seeding soybeans on F45

Harvesting field 9 I already noticed that 42k liters of grain carrying capacity in agroliners with steyr multi is not enough when the distance is a bit longer. Had a desire for truck trailer and auger wagon for sure heh. Oh well I'm getting those soon with this rate I'm harvesting stuff, already over 300k liters of soybeans in my farm and the price per thousand liters is $4.5k heh nice.

1246 started fertilizing F44
1257 finished harvesting F09
1306 finished seeding F45
1321 took a train to pickup soybeans from external storage 2, got 181k liters from F09 heh
1337 eleet hehe, took train of 490k liters of soybeans into maplefield mill SE sellpoint. When I started to sell my budget was $106k so it dropped quite close to my new base limit. I sold $404k + $394k + $384k + $375k + $365k + $160k, budget now $2.192 million Smiley :)

I have always known that the price drops when you sell, we all do, but I was kind of surprised that even with this train method you have not enough time even to move the train forward one train car lenght when the price has already gone down. For some reason I had the impression that it drops several minutes after the sale but I guess not. When you look at first 404k the last full car was $39k less, now thats no chump change, you could buy nice small implements or even cheap vehicle with that amount already.

Anyways now I got 2.1 million DOLLAH, oh wow that is pretty cool, now I can really upgrade my vehicles and maybe this crazy 6hrs of ploughing era is finally over Smiley :)

1405 finished fertilizing F44
1412 started fertilizing F09
1416 purchased 2x Lemken Titan 11 ($59k) for $118 and 2x Fendt 724 Vario ($203.3k) for $406.6, budget now $1.666 million (six six six HEHE)
1423 purchased case ih axial-flow 7130 for $285k and 3020 header for $46k, budget now $1.355 million
1427 purchased metaltech pp 20 auger wagon $51k, lizard sx 210 twinstar for $125.3k and fliegl ass 298 for $61k, budget now $1.098 million

Nice purchases! Shopping! Shopping! HEHE Smiley :D

I was going to take the canola for sell by train, but quickly realized the train with its 90k liter per car capacity is way overkill for mere 53k sell and also that the best price for canola is on guntherwhatever sell point which is right next to the maplefield mills but cant be accessed with a train, it has to be a truck.

1450 sold fliegl load of 47k liters of canola for $200k, budget now $1.296 million.

It now really felt like getting out of the newbie beginner vehicle mode when I got overloader and truck trailer to haul the grain into silo, that steyr tractor was fine at start but its not capable of much more volume.

I was eyeballing my budget and F60 but it was growing corn so decided to wait more profitable crop before buying any fields, most likely when the crop rotation goes to such I have other plans etc (or millions more money hehe).

1524 started seeding soybeans to F09
1548 sold harvester comia c6 for $36k and header for $6k, she served us well but now bigger and better equipment has arrived, snif... hehe Smiley ;)
1609 finished fertilizing F09
1659 sold amazon sprayer beginner kit for mere $7k heh
1700 purchased KUHN pf 1500 for $8k and KUHN deltis 1302 mea3 for $30k

So I purchased Big Bud and KUHN DLC sometime last year, I've used big buds constantly but I dont recall ever using KUHN stuff, until now. Heh nick of time eh, FS19 release is about a month away and only now I break out the KUHN shizzle Smiley ;)

Anyways, the amazone kit started to get a bit small, needed an upgrade.

1716 finished seeding F09
1726 started fertilizing F45
1745 got my first auger wagon courseplay running (in this savegame, obviously) Smiley :)

Had huge problems getting combine convoy to work, I didn't get it to work actually on this F10 yet in darkness (not that light would magically fixed anything but still). First havester just wanted to drive circles around first waypoint and only way I got it to move was nearest waypoint... which of course was the wrong waypoint and it skipped headland parts completely, sigh. Oh well, first time trying combine convoy so lets get some practice on it.

Oh and forgot to write start/finished harvesting F10 also on the convoy mayhem.

1826 finished fertilizing F45
1835 started fertilizing F10
1858 finished fertilizing F10
1902 started seeding soybeans on F10
1908 started fertilizing F09
1932 finished seeding F10
2025 was dead tired after been up for 18 damn hours heh, so had to go to sleep, Zzz...

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