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2018-10-12 Soybean Millionaire

2018-10-12T0207 back at PMC Gaming, FS17 booted up, we are farming Smiley :)
0310 finished seeding F44
0337 started plowing F45, two tools. well why not while we wait soybeans market prices to rise.

Courseplay timer with two 2m (or whatever tiny) tools shows 2h 20min duration, heh, like really dude... lets make this the last ploughing of this kind.

0425 sold three full and one less train cars of soybeans for $419k, $410k, $400k and $119k, budget now $1.3 million Smiley :)

I just become a millionaire, whee! Smiley ;)

So from now on, I won't let my budget drop to below $100k at any time for any reason what-so-ever.

I'm eyeballing my next field, there are some 1 and 1.1 million fields which I could buy near the shop town, but dunno maybe I should upgrade some vehicles and equipment first, like the already mentioned plough's or maybe replace that harvester sampo rosenlew with axial-flow 7130 so I could use courseplay for combine convoy.

Weakest link, hmm maybe that should be fixed the first. Right now plowing seems to be the weakest link as it takes forever to plough with 2m salford 4202 plow.

0605 started fertilizing F44
0727 had finished plowing F45
0727 finished fertilizing F44
0743 started fertilizing F45

Decided that I'm going to buy field 9 because its right next to 10 so logistics with vehicles and equipment will be very easy, just across the road. Also if I buy it now it leaves me over hundred grand of budget which is my ongoing goal.

0804 purchased F09 for $1.191 million

Was lucky as the field was fully grown canola! Yeah it was one of those fields that was not filled to the edges, not sure whats that deal, you can plough it to such but AI farmers wont fill the field up. Courseplay shows the field to be 20 hectares even though in-game menu showed only 14.

Anyways for the future field purchases its good to play some finance timing game, do not buy fields when they have nothing growing, this way you can win a lot of money by harvesting the field.

0833 started harvesting F09
0903 finished fertilizing F45
0944 finished harvesting F09
0946 started fertilizing F09
1038 finished fertilizing F09
1038 started plowing F09
1442 finished plowing F09
1446 started fertilizing F09 (yeah, again, the outer edge).
1451 started seeding soybeans on F45
1642 finished seeding F45
1643 finished fertilizing F09
1656 started seeding soybeans on F09
1851 finished seeding F09

It was almost like too perfect, all four fields fertilized and sowed when I hit 17hrs playing straight up and still not tired too bad heh Smiley :)

1950 shut FS17 down, got some slow terrain download and youtube upload completed, time to get some sleep Smiley :)

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