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2018-10-11 Planting And Harvesting More Soybeans

2018-10-11T0109 back at PMC Gaming and fired up FS17, farming continues.
0153 finished fertilizing F44
0159 started seeding soybeans on F44
0343 finished seeding F44
0354 started to fertilize F45

Courseplay says 1h 38min to complete, oh wow, again we wait heh. I think our fertilizer equipment needs and upgrade ... Currently I'm running crop growth on slow because got my third field, hopefully I can keep this setting, hopefully fertilizing has enough time to finish for all the fields, right now 45 and 44 has in first growth stage and 10 has not switched yet.

0514 finished fertilizing F45
0516 started fertilizing F44

This courseplay also states duration over one hour heh. Need more fertilization equipment real bad... hehe. Then I noticed half of the field is not yet switched growth stage so I had to move to fertilizing F10 while waiting heh.

0540 started fertilizing F10
0606 finished fertilizing F10
? finished fertilizing F44 forgot to remember when, it was manual work due growth stages being half the field already in crop destruction stage.
0758 started harvesting F10
0841 finished harvesting F10
0846 started harvesting F45
0913 started fertilizing F10
0939 finished fertilizing F10
0946 started seeding soybeans on F10
1035 finished seeding F10
1104 finished harvesting F45
1105 started harvesting F44, it was only half grown so had to speed up time a bit heh
1139 started fertilizing F10, forgot to write down when it finished
1202 started fertiling F45

Since I purchased F44 my budget dropped down to below hundred grand and even though I have not spent any money to buy anything equipment wise, just the vehicle maintenance upkeep, seed and both solid and liquid fertilizer costs had brought the budget down to $26k. I have over 200k liters of soybeans in farm silo so assets is not an issue in that sense.

I want to keep buffer money for bare minimum of $100,000 from now on. There is just no reason to let your budget to drop below that, no vehicle or field purchases unless I get left with that base budget.

1324 finished fertilizing F45
1339 finished harvesting F44
1340 started fertilizing F44
1500 finished fertilizing F44
1501 started seeding soybeans on F44
1552 been playing almost 15hrs straight, feel not so much tired but exhausted heh, I'm still loving this stuff though hehe. anyways time to stop for today.

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