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2018-10-09 Purchasing Seeder And Combine Harvester

2018-10-09T23:53:00Z New farming day has started, woke up and was back in farming Smiley :)

2018-10-10T0020 finished seeding F10
0030 started fertilizing F45
0038 used train to haul 171k liters of soybeans to maplefield mill (SE sellpoint) for $361+317, budget now $800k Smiley :D
0055 was calculating upcoming purchases ...

$52k rapid a 600s
$139k valtra n174

$285k axial-flow 7130
$46k 3020 35ft

TOTAL: $522k (still leaves me $276k)

or with better seeder
$96k horsch pronto 9dc, width 9m, 270hp
$208k mf7700 engine 7726, wide tires, 280hp

TOTAL: $635k (still leaves me $163k)

0105 purchased massey ferguson mf7700 with engine 7726 and wide tires upgrade for $208k and horsch pronto 9 dc for $96k and case ih axial-flow 7130 for $285k with 3020 header for $46k, budget now $158k
0143 sold both metaltech db 8 trailers
0144 purchased two agroliner hkd 302's for $50,800, budget now $120k
0217 finished fertilizing F45
0220 started seeding soybeans on F45

Turns out that massey ferguson MF7700 with Horsch Pronto 9 DC was a great investment, this setup width is 9 meters and goes 19km/h which is great speed. Get another one of these and you'll do even larger fields like this. I am definitely going to get another seeder setup.

0401 finished seeding F45, gotta love that horsch pronto 9 dc, maaan! Smiley :)
0409 started fertilizing F45
0527 finished fertilizing F45
0610 started harvesting soybeans on F10
0632 finished harvesting F10, oh boy is that case ih axial-flow 7130 with 10.5m header great after playing for days with that piece of shit rosenlew 3m! Smiley :)
0642 started harvesting soybeans on F45
0648 started to fertilize F10
0714 finished fertilizing F10
0716 started seeding soybeans on F10
? finished seeding soybeans F10, forgot to write down heh, so exciting to harvest with axial-flow 7130 Smiley ;)
0852 finished harvesting F45
0853 started fertilizing F45
0908 took train with almost two cars full of soybeans to maplefield mill (SE sellpoint) for $450+399, budget now $950k Smiley :)
0921 purchased my third field! field number 44 for $873k, budget now $74k Smiley :)

Not sure if it was best business decision to purchase a new field when my budget dropped so low, maybe better equipment to run the two existing fields might have been more profitable on immediate days who knows. Oh well, the goal of this game play is to purchase all the fields and thats what I'm doing heh.

0932 started to plow F44, with two tractors on those puny 2m salford 4202 ploughs, courseplay timer shows like 3h 30min heh.

I cooked food while the plowing was going on, kept thinking that man these plowings with these beginner ploughs take so long time that this might be my last using salford 4202, I mean its crazy to spend 3-6hrs just ploughing. Now with these three fields and two right next to each other I'm going to make some good money and purchase better plough setup so I can get rid of this beginner equipment finally.

I cut my hair, shaved and took a shower while plowing was going on heh Smiley :)

Unless you are talking about some rare falling a sleep in front of the computer thing so you go take a nap, I would consider it almost cheating if you leave courseplay running overnight while you sleep. I have done it few times for 2-3hrs naps and just recently I left computer running overnight because youtube uploads were ongoing so I couldn't really shut it down, but those are the only reasons. Also going to watch tv and turning off computer monitor while courseplay is doing its thing is considered cheating in my opinion, you must PLAY in front of the computer to... well properly play.

1325 finished plowing F44
1331 started seeding soybeans on F45
1436 started fertilizing F44
1513 finished seeding F45
1516 had to call it a night, oddly enough wasnt exactly tired but got really exhausting playing after I took that shower, guess the shower "woke me up" from the virtual world of farming simulator hehe.

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