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2018-10-09 Seeding And Harvesting Soybeans F10

2018-10-09T00:59:00Z New farming day has started, woke up and back to Cornbelt, plowing F45 continues Smiley :)
0103 started fertilizing F10
0121 finished fertilizing F10
0121 finished plowing F45
0131 started seeding F10
0154 purchased seed, fertilizer and liquid fertilizer placeables for HQ, budget dropped to $1,896 Smiley :(
0203 started to fertilize F45
0219 took a train to sell soybeans in SE sellpoint at $127k, budget now $138k
0258 finished seeding soybeans on F10
0321 finished fertilizing F45
0330 started seeding soybeans on F45
0435 had to go refuel stayer multi #2, damn I need to refine crude oil to fuel for my farm HQ Smiley :(

Was planning on small equipment upgrade due plowing and cultivating taking so long time that seeder which could skip those phases would be real benefit for my real life gaming time. Was looking at vaderstad rapid a 600s which width is 6 meter, 180hp, price $52k. There are of course better ones but those prices start to skyrocket or the horsepower required to pull them that it will be several harvests later that I can even consider such things.

As for tractor the valtra n series with engine upgrade N174 and wide tires would have 185hp and cost $139k, so both combined $191k hmm.

For harvester the case ih 1660 axial-flow has 6340 liter tank and piece of shit 4.3 meter header, hmph, that is no upgrade because now I have 4200 liter tank with 4 meter header, the bigger tank makes no difference in harvesting time. Again any larger harvester the price will skyrocket so heh.

All I can say is beggars can't be choosers, heh. Damn its hard life being newbie farmer without cash Smiley :)

0923 finished seeding soybeans on F45
1033 started harvesting soybeans on F10
1153 finished harvesting F10
1207 started harvesting soybeans on F45, oh gosh courseplay timer says 4h 33min hehe! Smiley :)
1248 started to plow F10
1435 finished plowing F10
1439 started fertilizing F10
1456 finished fertilizing F10
1500 started to cultivate F10
1520 broke 100,000 liters of soybeans in farm silo. prices of course fluctuate but maplefield mill buys now for $4012 so looking at four hundred grand Smiley ;)
1607 finished cultivating F10
1610 started fertilizing F10
1640 finished fertilizing F10
1643 started seeding soybeans on F10

It was getting late for me in real life time, been up for like 16.5hrs, was thinking that this is pretty crazy to play FS17 so much, not only so much but using these newbie piece of shit equipment that one harvesting takes 4h 30min and plowing takes damn 6hrs. Its insane to play like this, I gotta stop or get better equipment.

Luckily now I have already 157k liters of soybeans and with the latest price it mounts up to damn $629k so I'm pretty good for tomorrows play time, I can purchase that better tractor and seeder and who knows maybe even better harvester or at least second one so the next harvest goes quicker.

As I said earlier, it ain't no fun to be a newbie farmer without cash heh.

1750 finished seeding F45 Smiley :)
1758 was dead tired and had to call it a night...

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