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2018-10-07 Few More Missions

2018-10-07T21:05:00Z New farming day has started, woke up and right back into harvesting soybeans in F10 Smiley :)

Even after a good nights sleep the task at hand seems quite overwhelming, I'm looking at ploughing again after this harvest and then the same usual routine of cultivating and seeding and harvesting before getting to see how much money I get from the next harvest.

I knew the job wasnt easy when I took it, but man... I'm really getting bored hammering this ONE field for the 4th harvest already...

Also it doesn't help that I'm recording youtube video series out of this and therefore cannot play copyrighted music or could I listen to some other youtube videos or twitch streams on the background to keep me entertained. I know it gets easy when I get one more fields and things really start to pickup after that, but its a long road it seems.

Hell I should have just done more missions, I mean if you spend one DAY doing missions you could rack up millions, but no... I had to get my OWN field hehe.

2204 finished soybean harvest F10, yield was pretty good this time, just over two full loads with metaltech db 8's (30,600 liters)
2211 dropped off 16k liters of soybeans to the farm

Checked market prices, seems if I sold all 30k liters now I would get mere $115k which is not nearly enough to buy me the next field... man this is starting to get really old Smiley :(

I quickly calculated that the field 45 costs $542k and I have now $243k so I need to do fucking THREE HARVESTS more to get that cash together, unless the market prices would suddenly go up a great deal but even if they did the difference aint that much, at best I could maybe manage it with two harvests then (maybe).

I am seriously losing patience and thinking about doing some missions which pay so much more, I mean what the fuck if I stare at the screen for two or so hours doing some task and then getting over two hundred thousand as reward...

I'm not giving up but these three harvests just feel like am I really going to waste today doing these, is my real life time so low cost that I'm willing to sit here and go through all that shit to buy the next field. I mean its so crazy to think that I could have that field if I EDITED ONE LINE IN ECONOMY.XML file hehe, but yeah, why not edit all the lines to get all the fields, oh wait, I already purchased AND ploughed all the fields on the other savegame... haha, sigh? Smiley :(

2222 started plowing F10...

2018-10-08T0014 finished plowing F10
0017 started mission to spray slurry on F57, same owner as the field I want to buy
0046 finished F57 mission, got $34+14k, budget now $292 and upcoming field price went down from $542 to $531
0047 started mission to slurry fertilize F45
0107 finished mission on F45, got mere $9500 heh, field price went down from $531 to $519
0112 started mission to slurry fertilize F60
0130 finished mission on F60, got $17+7, field price went down from $519 to $508
0131 started mission to sow F08
0213 finished mission on F08, got $38+14, budget now $380k and field price went down from $508 to $497
0215 started fertilizing F10
0246 finished fertilizing F10
0301 started cultivating F10
0409 finished cultivating F10
0412 started fertilizing F10
0430 finished fertilizing F10
0434 started seeding soybeans on F10
0605 finished seeding F10
0628 started harvesting soybeans on F10
0804 finished harvesting F10
0829 sold 65k liters of soybeans at SE sellpoint, got $201k, budget now $635k enough for me to purchase my second field Smiley :)
0901 started fertilizing F10
0917 finished fertilizing F10
0917 started cultivating F10 (forgot to write down but it was right after finishing fertilizing).
1013 purchased F45, my second own field! yeah buddy! Smiley :)
1017 purchased second steyr multi with 4115 engine and wide tires upgrade, 1000kg front weight and the salford cheapo 2m plough
1025 started to plow F45 Smiley :)

oh man I am happy now that I got some progress, great to have another field and more to do (yeah like 6hrs plow session HAHA). The boredom waiting for an damn hour for cultivating or plowing F10 was starting to test my patience, but now I hope that things start to really pick up with second field and especially after I get the harvest from the second field then I start to see some good money too Smiley :)

1028 finished cultivating F10
1031 started seeding soybeans to F10 and in my new field excitement forgot to fertilize heh
1211 finished seeding F10
1257 started fertilizing F10
1316 finished fertilizing F10
? started harvesting soybeans on F10
1501 finished harvesting F10
1517 started fertilizing F10
1545 finished fertilizing F10
1557 started cultivating F10
1706 finished cultivating F10
1710 was dead tired and had to call it a night...

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