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2018-10-06 Getting Savegame Setup And Doing Missions

2018-10-06T0224 Started a new easy difficulty level save game, sold all vehicles, paid off loan and saved, then edited savegame dir files to remove my money, grain in silos and owned fields.
0406 finished 1st mission, harvesting F63, got $201,000 its a start Smiley :)
0408 started 2nd mission, fertilizing F65
0427 finished 2nd mission, got around $28k
0457 started and finished 3rd mission on tiny F10, it was quick one and got only $2,500
0500 started to fertilize 4th mission on F61.
0520 finished 4th mission and got about $28k, budget now $262k
0521 started to harvest 5th mission on F60
0636 finished 5th mission and got about $80+33k, budget now $376k
0638 started to slurry fertilize 6th mission on F63
0659 finished 6th mission and got about $31+16k, budget now $424k
0758 started to seed 7th mission on F55, but I had to go to the toilet and let GPS run, it ran me off the field and mission failed Smiley :(
0837 started to fertilize 7th mission on F08
0859 finished 7th mission and got about $22+9k, budget now $455k
0904 purchased F10 for $110,278
0906 purchased steyr multi 4115, metaltech db 8 and sampo rosenlew with c6 14ft header
0933 purchased plough salford 4204, cultivator kverneland qualidisc farmer 3000, fertilizer amazone uf 1201, amazone ft 1001 and great plains 3P1006NT, budget now $35k
? started to harvest F10 but was so excited forgot to write it down haha. took one trailer full of wheat to HQ silos
1147 purchased metaltech db 8
1229 finished fertilizing F10, again forgot to write start down heh
1235 started to plow F10. it was pure hell using that salford 4202 2m plow Smiley :)
1404 finished plowing F10
1415 started cultivating F10
1436 had to call it a night, was falling a sleep in front of PMC Gaming. I left it running as youtube uploads were still ongoing.

Seeding My Very First Own Field

2240 woke up and courseplay cultivating was finished for F10 and it was night time in-game hehe Smiley :)
2345 purchased front weight AGCO 650 to tractor as pulling the seeder was difficult to steer
2346 refilled seeds and money dropped to about $5k, didnt have enough to purchase fertilizer placeable
2350 started to seed soybeans F10 (again forgot to write down, but it was approx just before midnight. I'm too excited to play hehe).

2018-10-07T0120 finished seeding F10, my first own field seeding is done! Smiley :)
0145 sold two trailer loads of wheat in SE sellpoint for about 2x $14k, budget now $32k
0210 started to fertilize F10
0226 topped off fertilizer tanks at the shop
0239 finished fertilizing F10, now we again wait for crops to grow Smiley :)
0300 installed 5.3.25 version of courseplay and purchased solid fertilizer placeable to the shop
0355 soybeans crop has fully grown on F10, starting harvest! Smiley :)
0527 forgot to write down when harvest finished, as I quickly sent tractor with trailers to empty them in HQ
0550 started cultivating F10
0651 used train to haul a bit wheat and 29k liters of soybeans to SE sell point, budget now $147k
0704 finished cultivating F10
0714 started seeding soybeans to F10
0838 finished seeding F10

At this point its been a little boring as there is so much waiting going on when working with so few vehicles and only one field without any money so I cant do anything else, at all. But its been okay, I'm fully enjoying myself and being excited about developing my farm Smiley :)

All I can say is enjoy the peace and quiet, while you can ... because once you get the fleet of Big Bud's kicking some ass on the 10+ fields, there is no rest for you at that point hehe.

0858 started to harvest soybeans from F10

A LOT of free time at this point when courseplay if running combine or tractor, seeing the tractor go 43km/h or combine using 3m header is funny to say the least. Using these kind of vehicles makes you really appreciate the monster stuff you can buy with unlimited money like cr 10.90 harvester, brent 1596 auger wagon and big bud tractors with seed hawk setups... man that is different world compared to this smallest starter kit heh.

I'm thinking that any good new terrains get released I'll try this start from scratch method and farming simulator 19 does include such feature by default so I'm definitely going to do more of these as its so exciting to develop your farm from scratch Smiley :)

1008 finished soybean harvest on F10
1024 sold 27k liters of soybean using the train, got $106k out of them, budget now $249k
1026 started fertilizing F10
1115 finished fertilizing and started cultivating, again forgot to write time down.

It really starts to get a bit boring at this stage, this is now the third harvest for this little 3 hectare field and I'm still looking at least two if not three harvests before I can purchase my second field which would add much to my activity.

1215 finished cultivating F10
1219 started fertilizing F10
1235 finished fertilizing F10
1244 started seeding soybeans to F10
1419 finished seeding F10
1437 started harvesting soybeans F10
1454 was dead tired and had to go to sleep ...

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