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2018-10-04 The Beginning

Note; this story was called originally back in 2018 "Cornbelt From Scratch".

Cornbelt starting from scratch gaming idea

2018-10-04 We all know that the money and vehicle cost system is bullshit as they cost so much per day and getting more expensive each day that eventually you run into hundreds of thousands of vehicle costs, yes I have not forgotten that ...

However I had an idea to try Cornbelt terrain "start from scratch", edit the map to remove all owned fields, then create a savegame where you sell all your equipment, reset loan and money to zero, then start doing missions to earn money until you can finally purchase your first own field. Then the ultimate goal would be to earn money by harvesting your field and eventually get to purchase and harvest ALL the fields.

Yeah quite ambitious idea indeed heh, I'm thinking the bullshit vehicle cost money system doesn't work, but would be worth to try at least... how far I get before I lose patience for a bullshit game play.

Today when I'm getting real close of having plowed all the fields by using money cheat and best equipment, I sort of need a new challenge. Once I'm done plowing all the fields, then there really is not much else to do, well sure I could do animals and logging but dunno...

Note about the money, I started easy level and sold all the vehicles which amounts to 4,013,765 USD. Then I used the one billion money cheat and started to buy vehicle and fields, once I was really close to getting all the fields but didnt have other vehicles than the plough and seed stuff, my money was already down to 670 million so I had used around 330 million which mostly went to the fields. So yeah you are definitely looking a huge ordeal to play it without money cheat and to endure that bullshit vehicle cost crap. This game play style project would definitely not be completed until FS19 is released even if you play every day hehe.

So the idea is to get a clean start from scratch savegame without any vehicles, any loan, any money, any fields and any grains in the silos. I then must start doing missions until I get enough money to purchase my first field and then the vehicles.

For missions I'm not using GPS or Courseplay (let alone the courseplay cheat), until I've purchased my own vehicles and fields. The beginning missions will be manual hands on steering wheel action. Kind of like getting back to the roots Smiley :)

Going to record videos when doing this and uploading them to youtube on PMC FS17 Playlist. So no copyrighted music or twitch live streams on the background.

Vehicles and equipment for working on your first own field:


Then fertilizer liquid and seed placeables.

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