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Paintable Field Texture In FS22

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2024-03-09T22:59:00Z Updated.

HOWTO add paintable field mod into your own terrain(s). You can paint surface field ground textures in the FS22 Landscaping Build Mode. Other words "how can I paint fields in farmsim?" without the need to use my plough to create new fields. For how to use this texture painting, see FS22 Guide Build Mode page for details.

Download Paintable Field mod by emproLoop from giants modhub.

Unpack to temporary directory.

Move cultivatedBrush.xml, plowedBrush.xml, ridgedBrush.xml,,,, and stubbleTillagedBrush.xml into your maps/CLASSNAME/ directory, right next to your TERRAIN.xml config file. You obviously replace "CLASSNAME" of the actual class name of your own terrain.

In proper text editor open cultivatedBrush.xml, plowedBrush.xml, ridgedBrush.xml and stubbleTillagedBrush.xml XML config files.

Edit <image></image> (and the other DDS names across these XML config files) to read <image>maps/CLASSNAME/</image> instead. Basically adding your "maps/CLASSNAME/" directory path into front of the DDS image file name.

In text editor open TERRAIN.xml and find <paintableFoliages> property, in there add the following line:

<paintableFoliage layerName="terrainDetail" startChannel="0" numStateChannels="4" />

In text editor open storeItems.xml file (if you're using one, otherwise edit modDesc.xml where storeItems property is) and add following lines (not duping storeItems property obviously):

	<storeItem xmlFilename="cultivatedBrush.xml" />
	<storeItem xmlFilename="plowedBrush.xml" />
	<storeItem xmlFilename="ridgedBrush.xml" />
	<storeItem xmlFilename="stubbleTillagedBrush.xml" />

All done, test your terrain and you should find new paintable fields textures by emproLoop in SHIFT-P -> landscaping -> plants, sub tab.

Please note about game-play: using landscaping tools costs in-game money HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars when you do few roads and try to paint even a small size field. If money is no issue for you, then no problem, but if you're beginner new farmer etc game-mode with short on cash, do not use landscaping tools as they cost a lot of money. Recommended mod to use: Free Landscaping Tools from giants modhub.

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