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2023-08-05 After Half A Year Break

2023-08-05T08:57:00Z New farming day has started, been up a while, did the mandatory computer morning chores, ate days first meal and then edited bunch of videos in kdenlive before started to batch render them, then switched to PMC Gaming computer, did mandatory windows 10 pro + firefox updates, cleaned cache + temporary files, then updated bunch of FS22 related batch files and then used one of those to take savegame backups. Now everything seems to be up to date and ready for me to launch FS22 first time since, hum cant even remember when was my last real farming session Smiley :)

2023-08-05T09:01:00Z Launched FS22 and there was update waiting for me as expected, however I was surprised this was v1.12 instead of v1.11.something that I was expecting. Guess there was new update released just recently. This new v1.12 update was 2.2gb.

2023-08-05T09:03:00Z Got FS22 up and went to check downloadable content for any giants modhub updates. There was update for: pallet autoload specialization, better contracts, simple inspector, info display extension, time saving stock check and production inspector. However some of these like better contracts and those two inspectors most likely are newer in my dir than in giants modhub as I'm grabbing them directly from the github. But still need to check all of them for updates, gotta have my stuff fully updated.

2023-08-05T09:50:00Z Got those mod issues sorted out, used Farm Sim Game (FSG) FS22 mod assistant to check them out, I have newer version of few but then other mods was also spotted as updates available so I updated those. Now everything is up to date and I'm good to go.

PMC Cereal Region 32km Start From Zero savegame13/ was renamed to savegame1/ during these farming sessions.

Checked that autodrive MASTER dir xml config files were identical to savegame1's, they were, then took savegame1/ dir only backup just in case, can never be too careful especially when returning to FS22 after a long time away, cant remember shit how things work so I might break stuff Smiley ;)

2023-08-05T10:01:00Z Finally everything was setup and OBS video capturing tested as well, loaded main menu of this savegame and was surprised to see several mods missing from this savegame that I thought were in use, hmm perhaps they got added after I played this savegame, I mean last save was from early (first day actually) february so guess I played other terrains in feb and then in march too. Oh well I'll add those in later after I get my bearings in-game 3D.

2023-08-05T10:06:00Z Okay in-game and log checked for errors or warnings, none present, nice, now I'm finally ready to begin farming Smiley :)

In the beginning of course I'll have to get myself familiar of this farm, its been months since I played FS22 and as far as I recall this savegame was one of the oldest I played at that time, so my memory is from several other terrains as well, cant remember details on each and every one of those Smiley :)

2023-08-05T10:20:00Z First walking around vehicles tour done in-game, I was shocked by the poor performance, it was low as 32FPS and up to peak 45FPS at some viewing directions, hmm this is odd, last time I played all my recollection is that it was basically 60FPS Smiley :?

Windows 10 professional is the same, just updated to the latest patches from microsoft, nvidia RTX 3060 12gb GPU is the same with latest nvidia game ready drivers v536.67, I have not touched FS22 settings at all, not today anyways and I cannot remember the last time I played to have done anything with game.xml or gameSettings.xml config files.

Why is the performance so fucking bad in FS22 v1.12? Smiley :?

I went to check game.xml and gameSettings.xml config file dates, but apparently FS22 updated those during savegame load as they are dated 2023-08-05T10:20:00Z, same as log.txt file. Hmm.

If giants changed something in the graphics engine and now my 60FPS performance is dragged to basically 35FPS, that really fucking sucks. I don't want to start dropping details to improve performance just because giants messed up something in the graphics engine Smiley :(

I'm still trying to figure out if its something I did on my PMC Gaming xml config files end, but I cannot remember jack shit from the last time I played FS22.

Looks like the last savegame I played was PMC Undefined Farms 20km Start From Zero at 2023-02-18, hmm that's odd as I recall playing my last FS22 farming session on march 2023, hmm hmm.

Now of course it could be some of the mods too. So now I'm going to hunt down the bare basics first, no mods elmcreek brand new savegame, if that as well gives 30FPS performance then it definitely is giants issue, although giants terrains as they are little girlie men terrains with too many details always give bad performance but still, its a good standard to check. Maybe I'll check something like PMC Super Six 6km without any other mods than required buildings.

This pisses me off that I have to do research to find out whats up with performance. Of course in the end if giants fucked up base game v1.12 update somehow, then there is no other option than to turn down details.

Going to take another backup of game.xml, gameSettings.xml and inputBindings.xml config files so I can play around with game default video presets etc.

Luckily I had a dedicated local notes web page for RTX 3060 performance in FS22 where I have detailed notes about how I tested all gameSettings.xml video settings and came up with the ones I've used since buying this GPU, so now I have a rock solid information to compare from for example my elmcreek new farmer savegame using the very old very few mods from dec 2022, if that savegame also has shit performance then its clear that issue is within giants v1.12 update or some update between feb 18th and v1.12.

This is extremely valuable info, such mod-set and savegame should be saved in 7-zip backup which could be used at any time to compare results after giants base game updates. I am so glad I still do have that Smiley :)

Reduced maintenance cost, vehicle explorer and guidanceSteering game errors in the log, these are from giants base game code changes, no other warnings found on the log, so yes its bad to have errors in the log, there is just nothing I can do about that if the purpose is to compare the dec 2022 era mod-set and savegame to get FPS values.

Loaded elmcreek new farmer game-mode savegame up, at the farm house front yard looking at E towards my parked vehicles its 40-42FPS fluctuating. When I walked around a bit performance is stuttering. I don't think this is the shaders being generated in new game load after update that this issue goes away "after few minutes", usually the shader thing is very fast, its mere seconds until everything has been done and performance should return to max.

I used camera mode and 20 walking speed to fly around to make sure all shader cache things have been generated, spent several minutes on this and performance was still very stuttering alike, when I dropped back into the ground on foot and walked around, it was same 40-42FPS performance.

2023-08-05T10:57:00Z While this issue is very sad if its truly the case that FS22 v1.12 performance is so shit, I am still extremely enthusiastic to debug this issue, I want to get bottom of this and could not think of anything better to do on my saturday, what I'm trying to say is I am very excited to figure this thing out, no matter what is the outcome. In fact I just thought when visiting the head that if FS22 v1.12 engine upgrade sucks, I can always go back playing ArmA 3 or Farming Simulator 19, there are years worth of game-play waiting for me Smiley :)

Started by reading through my local notes about testing and tweaking RTX 3060 GPU game settings config files...

Found one good info about game engine version: "RTX 3060 is not capable of 60FPS with FS22 v1.4.1 engine.".

2023-08-05T11:09:00Z Read through that page and unless I'm mistaken the summary info is this: "Its recommended to use DLSS: ultra performance.", well OK then.

Checked game.xml in detail and here are the settings. performanceClass: High, viewDistanceCoeff: 5, lodDistanceCoeff: 5, foliageViewDistanceCoeff: 3 and postProcessAA: Nvidia DLAA.

Hmm I wonder if that Nvidia DLAA was the best setting for my RTX 3060 GPU and I just didn't bother to write it down into that local notes page, hmm, I need to dig up some old game.xml settings backups to compare from earlier 2023, maybe game upgrade changed that setting who knows.

2023-08-05T11:13:00Z But now its my lunch break ...

2023-08-05T11:38:00Z Feeding time is over, back to debugging FS22 v1.12 performance Smiley :)

Found game.xml backup dated 2022-09-30 and it was the same as my current one, only exception was foliageViewDistanceCoeff which was 2, now my current one has 3, hmm wonder if that could be it. I have no recollection why I changed that, it must have something to do with the piece of shit viewdistance with field crop models, maybe I felt that for fertilizing to find spots where you have not fertilized yet in the distant horizon, you needed more viewdistance, dunno just cannot remember such details now.

Well loaded elmcreek new farmer mod-set and savegame up, instead of being 40-42FPS fluctuating its now one whole whopping FPS more, its about 42-43FPS fluctuating, so yes that helped a little bit, but nothing dramatic.

Then changed back to regular "PMC" mod-set and loaded Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km savegame up. Well it was 38-40FPS while on one of my vehicles looking north. Hmm.

Then in debug console took into camera flying mode, went into NW where there was no objects at all in sight, looked towards E and it was 38-39FPS fluctuating. This is not what I remember from my previous game-play. I doubt any of my captured videos had FPS counter on them and even if it was, that might be slightly misleading because OBS capturing 4k 60FPS does eat a bit performance, so cant use that as comparison either, I just remember all PMC huge terrains being 60FPS rock solid, at least PMC Undefined Farms 20km for fucking sure is such.

Hmm I'm going to shut down OBS and on princible reboot win10 pro, then make sure from task manager that no offending background processes are running and then I launch FS22, just to make 100% sure its not any other software causing issues. Right now with this savegame I have the mentioned OBS up, then file explorer, editpadpro and firefox with only my local notes tab open (no youtube, twitch etc videos).

2023-08-05T12:26:00Z Disabled more windows 10 pro background processes, I cannot believe it still had shit like cortana.exe and searchindexer.exe running, all those got disabled and removed now. Did fresh reboot and nope, same piece of shit 39FPS performance near my vehicle fleet.

I don't know what else could it be than giants FS22 game engine v1.12 update fucked up something in the graphics engine side or where ever that it drags performance down like this. Next I'm going to create brand new fresh farm manager savegame to PMC Undefined Farms 20km and PMC Super Six 6km and if those still get similar bad performance then its confirmed that giants fucked up v1.12 or some of these recent 2023 updates.

2023-08-05T12:32:00Z Started new career farm manager savegame on PMC Super Six 6km without any other mods than player speed and required placeable buildings, performance was rock solid 60FPS when running and flying around.

2023-08-05T12:36:00Z Repeated exactly the same for PMC Undefined Farms 20km with same result, hmph.

Okay next I'm going to load PMC Super Six 6km but with full "PMC" mod-set to see if any of these mods would cause performance issue just by being loaded.

2023-08-05T12:41:00Z Repeated same steps with full PMC mod-set, same result, rock solid 60FPS. Hmph.

Now I'm at loss, why does my existing savegame give such a bad performance, well obviously the vehicles but... humm I absolutely without a question remember that PMC Cereal Region 32km Start From Zero and all my other savegames with vehicles were rock solid 60FPS, or lets put it this way; at least not 30-40FPS performance! Smiley :(

Going to create brand new farm manager savegame for PMC Cereal Region 32km with PMC mod-set to see what performance that gives without vehicles.

2023-08-05T12:46:00Z Fuck, found the issue. PMC Cereal Region 32km with PMC mod-set on new farm manager game mode by the dealership when looking at N gives 45FPS performance! Smiley :(

Next going to test same for PMC Korkscrew 40km and PMC King Corn 45km, which are the other big boy terrains, perhaps giants fucked up something in the engine which now ruins performance on large terrains...

PMC RedWhiteBlue 10km by the dealership looking at N is solid 38FPS. Although this might be caused by the terrain, I remember having some bug reports about heightmap detail performance issue, will have to check.

PMC Korkscrew 40km is almost 60FPS but it has that FS19 too large density / weight images performance fluctuation when driving in fruit, even though I was in a fresh farm manager game-mode without any vehicles. But it is bizarre that technically 40km terrain has better performance than 32km terrain.

PMC King Corn 45km same as above, on the dealership when looking at N its 45FPS solid, 50-55FPS fluctuating when watching S. When started to run around a bit, quickly found a location by the dealership road towards W where performance was 35FPS. Overall, something is definitely off here too.

2023-08-05T13:06:00Z Okay I need to go back to PMC DevSurf computer and search through all my FS22 stories for keywords "performance" and "FPS", maybe there are some clues, I fucking surely remember these terrains being high performance in FS22 as that is the only good feature of FS22, CPU multi core multi threaded which allows me to do larger terrains with good performance unlike FS19. So if that feature has been taken away by FS22 v1.12 upgrade, then I have NO reason to play FS22 anymore Smiley :(

I am very disappointed and kind of scared right now, I need to confirm what the performance in PMC terrains was jan / feb 2023 FS22 game engine version. Luckily I have all the full installers saved so I could even go back and install them to restore older game engine version for testing purposes.

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