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2023-01-31 Barley And Soybeans Planting Season

2023-01-31T12:22:00Z New farming day has started, today needed to do chores and cook food in the morning (nothing ready to eat in the fridge), but I don't wanna, all I wanna do is farm, so I farm. Todays goal? No goal, just make progress.

This savegame now has 74hrs 34min on it.

Going to start small, F442 and F454 fertilizing and barley seeding. Once that is done, then I re-evaluate if I have the will to go cook some food.

2023-01-31T12:31:00Z Today again I forgot to start OBS before fs22, when I started OBS while fs22 was running... fs22 disappeared, CTD. Wow, that is awesome Smiley :o

2023-01-31T12:35:00Z Started fertilizing F442, courseplay, ETA 6min.

2023-01-31T12:36:00Z Started fertilizing F454, courseplay, ETA 12min.

2023-01-31T12:40:00Z Finished fertilizing F442.

2023-01-31T12:44:00Z Started seeding barley F442, courseplay, ETA 6min.

2023-01-31T12:48:00Z Finished fertilizing F454.

2023-01-31T12:50:00Z Finished seeding barley F442.

2023-01-31T12:50:00Z Started seeding barley F454, courseplay, ETA 12min.

2023-01-31T12:52:00Z Started herbicide spraying F442, courseplay, ETA 3min.

2023-01-31T12:55:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F442.

Claas lexion 8900 was running low on diesel, so refueled it.

Bourgault 3420-100 paralink hoe drill is seeding barley to F454 and that creates one stage of fertilization, huh how come? Is it the straw that was left on the field? Well this is interesting.

2023-01-31T13:02:00Z Finished seeding barley F454.

2023-01-31T13:04:00Z Started herbicide spraying F454, courseplay, ETA 5min.

2023-01-31T13:08:00Z Started fertilizing F442, courseplay, ETA 6min.

2023-01-31T13:09:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F454.

Watching bredal k165 fertilize spread F442 was odd, yeah its "only" 30m implement width but the field is tiny what some 3ha or something size, it feels so strange to use courseplay for such a small field, but, I mean it works, so whats the big deal heh, dunno Smiley :)

2023-01-31T13:14:00Z Finished fertilizing F442.

2023-01-31T13:15:00Z Started fertilizing F454, courseplay, ETA 12min.

2023-01-31T13:18:00Z Saved game and now I'm going to cook food and eat, in matter of minutes bredal k165 finishes this fertilization field work course. Finished fertilizing F454, while I was cooking food.

2023-01-31T14:20:00Z Feeding time is over, back to barley planting season. That F454 fertilizing finished before I got things cooking in kitchen heh.

Bourgault 71300 air cart was seeds 1k liters left, so refilled it almost up, its like 23k liters now. Refilled also rubicon both fertilizer and herbicide ones (1 and 2), did not bother refilling bredal k165s as they literally have tens of thousands combined volume of solid fertilizer. Seed cleaner is treating some seeds. Everything looks good in the farm.

Farm grain bin silos, drive-thru unia farma 500 + obi 1000 has 500k capacity, looks like it accepts several crop types and instead of wheat 500k, corn 500k, soybeans 500k, it actually counts all the grain together, right now I have 152.1k liters of barley and 309.5k liters of soybeans with bin silo showing 92% full. Its kind of slightly more realistic than the FS19 way of same capacity for all crop types in one silo method, but its still not realistic, so its kind of annoying actually.

Anyways 92% means that I need to get silo extensions because it will run out of space soon. Soybeans selling day is on jun so that removes 309.5k liters of grain from the silo, but the next day I do another barley harvest and that brings in another 150k liters again so this years soybeans harvest will not fit there anymore.

I kind of would not want to play that silo extension game, always just buying more and more extensions, not sure if its good value on the long run, for example 250k silo extension costs 64k, but the whole AGI flat bottom bin with neco dryer costs 220k and is crazy 5.4m liters capacity. With the price of AGI you can get three extensions 3 * 250 == 750k liters. Yeah I much rather purchase that AGI straight up as second bin site than play games with extensions.

- placeable drive-thru farm bin silo 5.432m liters agi flat bottom bin + neco dryer 220k

2023-01-31T14:52:00Z Purchased the above, budget now 478.9k. Placed it on F454 N-NW side.

Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Next step in yearly seasons is soybeans planting season in apr, for this I want to buy more farmland to work on, as said all vehicles are refilled and I don't think there is need for product even herbicide which stock currently is only 9k liters on rubicon number two. But lets say if I keep 50k as emergency funds budget, it should cover any "oh shoot just ran out of PRODUCTNAME!" situations.

2023-01-31T15:01:00Z Purchased farmland IDs 43 is 34.3ha for 326.3k and 47 is 10ha for 95.5k, budget now 56.9k. Now there is more fields to farm on apr soybeans planting season before we get to jun and sell 309k liters for big money again. New fields are F200 big and F448 small.

Okay commencing fertilizing operation for all our soybeans fields Smiley :)

2023-01-31T15:06:00Z Started fertilizing F453, courseplay, ETA 10min.

2023-01-31T15:08:00Z Started fertilizing F452, courseplay, ETA 21min.

2023-01-31T15:10:00Z Started fertilizing F455, courseplay, ETA 14min.

2023-01-31T15:11:00Z Started fertilizing F449, courseplay, ETA 11min.

2023-01-31T15:13:00Z Started fertilizing F200, courseplay, ETA 17min.

Was beautiful sight when several vehicles were working at the same time on different fields.

2023-01-31T15:17:00Z Finished fertilizing F453.

2023-01-31T15:20:00Z Started fertilizing F448, courseplay, ETA 12min.

2023-01-31T15:22:00Z Finished fertilizing F449.

2023-01-31T15:23:00Z Finished fertilizing F455.

2023-01-31T15:29:00Z Finished fertilizing F452.

2023-01-31T15:31:00Z Finished fertilizing F200.

2023-01-31T15:32:00Z Finished fertilizing F448.

First layer of fertilization done to all the fields. Now its just time accelerating to apr for soybeans planting season.

2023-01-31T15:59:00Z Started seeding soybeans F453, courseplay, ETA 10min.

While bourgault 3420-100 paralink hoe drill was planting soybeans field stages switched... and weeds grew to the already seeded field. Now I wont get the max yield bonus from that area just because field stages the game itself was out of sync, sucks. This is not end of the world obviously if few hundred meters if even that has small weeds which I then herbicide burnt off, its still good yield, just not maximum and most importantly, not my fault, I was not slacking, it was giants conzole peasant crappy engine that did this.

For this field I created headland course, well now bourgault is doing the infamous useless victory loop around headland. Yeah better stop using headlands as there really is no need for them without any objects around the field edges. Courseplay drives the vehicle so much faster if all it has to do is to just turn and there is minimum overlap unlike with headland + inner rows.

2023-01-31T16:10:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F453.

2023-01-31T16:10:00Z Started herbicide spraying F453, courseplay, ETA 5min.

2023-01-31T16:11:00Z Started seeding soybeans F452, courseplay, ETA 22min.

2023-01-31T16:15:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F453.

2023-01-31T16:20:00Z Started fertilizing F453, courseplay, ETA 11min.

2023-01-31T16:31:00Z Finished fertilizing F453.

2023-01-31T16:32:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F452.

2023-01-31T16:32:00Z Started herbicide spraying F452, courseplay, ETA 11min.

2023-01-31T16:38:00Z Started seeding soybeans F455, courseplay, ETA 15min.

2023-01-31T16:41:00Z Started fertilizing F452, courseplay, ETA 22min.

2023-01-31T16:42:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F452.

Having great time farming, just have no story stuff to say while blazing through these fields doing the work assigned to me by copy-paste list Smiley :)

2023-01-31T16:52:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F455.

2023-01-31T16:52:00Z Started herbicide spraying F455, courseplay, ETA 8min.

2023-01-31T16:54:00Z Started seeding soybeans F449, courseplay, ETA 12min.

2023-01-31T16:59:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F455.

2023-01-31T17:01:00Z Finished fertilizing F452.

2023-01-31T17:06:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F449.

2023-01-31T17:06:00Z Started fertilizing F455, courseplay, ETA 15min.

2023-01-31T17:07:00Z Started herbicide spraying F449, courseplay, ETA 7min.

2023-01-31T17:08:00Z Started seeding soybeans F448, courseplay, ETA 14min.

2023-01-31T17:18:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F449.

2023-01-31T17:37:00Z Finished fertilizing F455 and Finished seeding soybeans F448. These actually finished while I was ALT-TABbed to twitch, long story short saw one streamer in FS22 category accidentally having OBS live streaming, web cam on, while he was playing european truck simulator, hes girlfriend/woman appeared on the background only wearing panties, yes tits hanging out and big booty right in plain view on good 1080p60 quality, was awesome! But in a way I feel sorry for the guy, geez think about having your bitch naked accidentally leaked into twitch live stream Smiley :D

Anyways, enough nudity, now back to farming Smiley :D

2023-01-31T17:43:00Z Started seeding soybeans F200, courseplay, ETA 38min.

2023-01-31T17:45:00Z Started fertilizing F449, courseplay, ETA 12min.

2023-01-31T17:47:00Z Started herbicide spraying F448, courseplay, ETA 7min.

2023-01-31T17:52:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F448.

2023-01-31T17:55:00Z Finished fertilizing F449.

And now a longer wait, bourgault has still over half an hour to go... I'm actually going to read some RSS news for a few minutes.

2023-01-31T18:15:00Z Started fertilizing F448, courseplay, ETA 14min.

2023-01-31T18:21:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F200. Uuh that was a nice size of field, definitely a step up from our regular single digit hectare fields.

This planting season lasted 2hrs 22min. Its not anything crazy, but considering how small these fields are relatively speaking, its time to start thinking about upgrading seeding equipment, actually same goes for harvest equipment as well, I cant imagine upcoming harvest season taking any less than 3hrs, minimum. With additional combine harvester that could be cut in half. Soybeans harvesting begins in oct so by that time I've already sold the 309k liters of soybeans and have most likely 1.1m depending on market prices, so yeah definitely going to buy another combine then.

2023-01-31T18:22:00Z Started herbicide spraying F200, courseplay, ETA 17min.

2023-01-31T18:29:00Z Finished fertilizing F448.

One lesson learnt here, when you are starting a planting or harvest season, it will take hours so at that time first check contracts board for nearby 216ha fertilizing contracts and take one, you can easily get it done while working on your own fields. Same time used and 400k profit gained. Of course it would tie 4 * bredal k165 team or both rubicons, so yeah or maybe do it with 2-3 bredals maybe with an autodrive refill route setup so its hands free operation. Point being, planting and harvest seasons take hours so make good use of that time.

2023-01-31T18:39:00Z Finished herbicide spraying F200.

2023-01-31T18:40:00Z Started fertilizing F200, courseplay, ETA 19min. However this field definition area was already fertilized so all I have to do now is to fertilize one headland, initially I planned two vehicles for this field but now its just going by the lead vehicles headland and its done. Nice.

2023-01-31T18:50:00Z Finished fertilizing F200. Well no, just the one headland which got half a width fertilization. Actually thinking about big picture... I probably lost more money with this half width fertilizer spreading than just leaving it 50% fertilized. Anyways its done now, its all good.

Drove semi-trucks with grain trailers by F442 grain bin silo, then saved game. Now its time acceleration until either barley harvest season begins (ready to harvest) or soybeans best market price hits. Really interesting to see what TIME market price is the highest, last time it was above 3800 already at early evening which was surprising, I cant remember the last time that happened that I could run grain hauling in daylight, usually its always night time darkness.

2023-01-31T19:21:00Z Lunch break finished, oh right forgot to write it down. Jun in-game 0933hrs, now time acceleration continues until soybeans market price is high enough.

At in-game 1837hrs in daylight, soybeans market price is 3794 at cereal agri partners. At 1939hrs it hit 3800 even, same selling point. Cereal agri partners is located due W, its the furthest out in that direction and basically in the other side of the terrain, almost. That is probably 20min one way semi-truck driving.

At in-game 2007hrs it was 3801, so very slowly still increasing. Going to wait it out and see where it stalls, lets milk every dollah from this sell Smiley ;)

At in-game 2202hrs it started to drop, its now 3799. Okay time to start selling. Roll out the semi-trucks!

2023-01-31T19:32:00Z Semi-trucks are on their way, ETA about 20min. Budget now 45.4k. My hope is that ... well its no hope, its going to be somewhere around 1-1.1m unless market price really drops during hauling. Yeah I am going to be a millionaire again Smiley :)

2023-01-31T19:42:00Z Sold wilson pacesetter 40.7k liters for 2 * 77.2k.

2023-01-31T19:46:00Z Sold super-b 75.6k liters.

2023-01-31T20:36:00Z Was away in the background for a moment, now wilson is hauling last full 40.7k load and super-b only got 65% load, 20min to the cereal agri partners. Last haul.

Need to come up a better way to haul grain for sell, even this small 300k amount takes over an hour for two semi-truck grain trailers to haul. There should be a way to trickle in grain loads slowly in the background, casually, while you farm, into some sort of central elevator or something from where they are sold with a press of a button when the good market price hits. Maybe even some scripted method that if soybeans market price over 3800 then sell, dunno. Or maybe simply the elmcreek train to haul from big train depot to "ravenport" in one big honking load, that probably would be the easiest to do technically and most players would likely by now know how to use it as well. I would like to use it too. Other option is just regular train selling point from a big honking grain elevator centralized location, but does fs22 trains cause performance issue same as FS19 dunno. Anyways, figure it out, edit and document.

2023-01-31T20:49:00Z All soybeans grain sold, in-game 2323hrs, market price 3787 and budget now 1.219m uuh yeah Smiley :D

Even more uuh-yeah is the amount of soybeans we have cooking right now, when this seasons crop is harvested and sold, we get so much more money than now.

Still have to wait until super-b arrives back to F442 N target point, or dunno maybe I could just continue playing the game normally like time accelerating towards soybeans harvest season while this truck is traveling there, I don't think engine hours, diesel fuel, wear and tear etc is calculated using time acceleration, but I just don't want to keep any engines on while doing it.

But I must say this is stupid 20min waiting for basically so... well useless in a way, reason. It just emphasizes that I need to come up with some mass grain sale method, most likely the ravenport train from elmcreek. I really don't want to spend this much time hauling grain anymore, its just not wise gaming time use for me.

Also thoughts are forming when just sitting here waiting fiddling my thumbs, that what is the short term end goal of this savegame, umm honestly no idea, to buy more farmland and harvest them? Then what? Buy even more? THEN WHAT? Smiley :o

Heh exactly, where does this end, I am not considering this to be legit "finishable" Start From Zero with 440 * 216ha of fields to buy and harvest, the next farming simulator game will be released before that task would be complete.

I mean sure if it was some gun to my head or "you get 500,000 euros if you do that" then hell sure I would do it, its no problem, but as in casual just regular farmsim game-play sessions, nah man, its way too boring to do those gazillion harvests over months of time as that long it would surely take, I think I played 566hrs on PMC Texas Rowena 8km while twitch live streaming too and I recall it was over the course of two months. 566hrs / 24hrs == 23.5 days, and then 566hrs / 17hrs == 33 days. Even with conservative 10hrs per day its 56 days aka just under two months. And that was 8.1km x 8.1km terrain with plenty of empty space here and there. I am truly afraid to think how long would it take to finish PMC Cereal Region 32km Start From Zero Smiley :?

2023-01-31T21:03:00Z Super-b arrived to F442 N, saved game and took a restroom break.

- harvester 18k liters claas lexion 8900 configuration big and guidancesteering upgrade 511.3k
- header 18.2m midwest durus with pointed guides and color options 176.9k

2023-01-31T21:11:00Z Purchased the above list, budget now 531.2k.

2023-01-31T21:14:00Z Started harvesting barley F442, courseplay, ETA 15min.

Hmm, was looking at this line of fields, a long F454 in the horizon, if I put 2 * 18.2m headers with headlands on that, how much field left there is to harvest heh. Yeah I could do it without headlands of course hmm.

Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-31T21:27:00Z Finished harvesting barley F442.

Dumped as much barley straight from combine to seed cleaner, but there was not much room left for source material.

2023-01-31T21:33:00Z Started harvesting barley F454, courseplay 2x tools, ETA 16min.

Harvesting barley, 2 * 18.2m powah.

Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Big Bourgault on the background. Nice.

Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-31T21:53:00Z Finished harvesting barley F454.

Barley in farm grain bin silo 312.3k liters, that should last us few years on seed making Smiley :)

After parking all the vehicles, saved game, just felt like it. After that its the usual time accelerating to soybeans harvest season, cannot wait to see how easily it goes now with two claas lexion 8900s with midwest durus 18.2m headers when I'm driving a kinze 851 grain cart. Its awfully small 30k liters, but lets find out how she does Smiley :)

Oct in-game 0743hrs now just waiting for 32km terrain data to filter through in fs22 conzole engine so field stages switch. Wanted to time accelerate further but was afraid with all these fields if I don't have time to finish harvesting, should be no issue but dunno better be safe than sorry. I don't think the harvest takes more than 3-4hrs maybe, interesting to see.

The reason I want to time accelerate to at least 0900hrs is that disgusting dawn / dusk glow, when weather conditions are just right it looks so bad eeww, its odd as sometimes the weather is very clear without any glow on the horizon, I think its overcast weather which looks like dogs asshole.

At in-game 0747hrs soybeans are ready to harvest. Lets get started.

2023-01-31T22:24:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F453, courseplay 2x tools, ETA 16min.

Surrounded by soybeans.

Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

There is definitely waiting even with this small 30k kinze 851 grain cart, it takes a while to 18k liter combine grain tank to fill up from soybeans yield. I need more combines Smiley ;)

2023-01-31T22:41:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F453.

2023-01-31T22:44:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F452, courseplay 2x tools, ETA 31min.

More soybeans!

Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Kubota M8-201 with Kinze 851 grain cart is really nimble and fun to drive around combines and semi-trucks. But yeah, its only 30k capacity then though.

2023-01-31T23:19:00Z Took a quick shower break while unloading grain cart to a semi-truck grain trailer Smiley ;)

2023-01-31T23:22:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F452.

So far two lexion 8900s and kinze 851 grain cart works good on these less than 10ha fields.

2023-01-31T23:26:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F455, courseplay 2x tools, ETA 21min.

Feeling good while harvesting and thinking that tonight will be the last night for a while on farming to me, I need to get back to editing and releasing terrains, so definitely as long break from playing as possible. I might have to do some screenshotting and video capturing for PMC Iowa Garden City 8km release, but not just any casual "for fun" farming game-play for a while. Gotta do the editing deeds once in a while.

Cant wait to get this harvest season done to see how many liters we get, I wont be staying up selling the grain but at least I have a good feeling knowing its on the farm grain bin silo, and can calculate on paper how much worth it is when sold.

2023-01-31T23:47:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F455.

2023-01-31T23:48:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F449, courseplay 2x tools, ETA 19min.

New field.

Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-31T23:58:00Z Was waiting for harvesters to get full when suddenly thought popped in my mind; "life time savegame", meaning that PMC Cereal Region 32km Start From Zero could be a life time worth of farming game-play, in here at fs22, in next year or two on the next farming simulator game and then two years after that on the next... and the next... Smiley ;)

I mean, maybe, with here and there doing some planting and harvest seasons, who knows what new features future game versions bring us, maybe some of those are added in, maybe giants improve the engine great deal so we can see more details on PDA mapview etc, who knows what future holds, but might be really nice to keep these Start From Zero's as casual life time savegames which I would chip away here and there over the years. Imagine 2033 still playing this savegame, how much vehicles and money my farm would have then? Smiley :)

2023-02-01T00:03:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F449. Courseplay on the last pass made harvesters play chicken, they were heading dead ahead straight to each other, nice (not).

2023-02-01T00:09:00Z Its my lunch time, gotta eat...

2023-02-01T00:33:00Z Feeding time is over, now I'm going to finish this harvest.

2023-02-01T00:34:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F448, courseplay 2x tools, ETA 20min.

2023-02-01T00:48:00Z Now farm grain bin silo (agi flat bottom bin + neco dryer) already has 338.4k liters of soybeans so more than from my previous harvest, whee.

2023-02-01T00:56:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F448. Oops forgot to timestamp this properly, hoh, it was few minutes ago.

2023-02-01T00:57:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F200, courseplay 2x tools, ETA 1hrs 1min. Last field, baby! Smiley :)


Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Long way to unloading point.

Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-02-01T01:53:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F200. (forgot to write timestamp while recording videos, minused current time three minutes, more or less accurate).

Harvest season is done! Smiley :D

Farm grain bin silo barley 316k liters and soybeans 620.9k liters oh boy! Hehe!

Overview shot from SE direction.

Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

However when I was recording video and flying in camera view I spotted about 2m narrow strip of soybeans in F200 E side, it is so narrow that because terrain size and shitty game engine it did not show up in mapview, well I took lexion 8900 number two and went to harvest it, just to be thorough, don't leave any nagging issues from this season and well savegame Smiley ;)

As I said, very very narrow strip, its meaningless in our huge soybeans pile, but have to get it done to feel good about putting this savegame aside for a long time.

Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

I am really happy now that todays farming / gaming session ended with good mood, no courseplay mess etc, finished so far the largest harvest season in this savegame, just all in all very enjoyable day. It is so nice to leave this story with screenshots and videos, plus the savegame itself to marinate until one day I return to this. As said I don't want to come back to this anytime soon but its useless to make predictions or "promises", my only hope is that I wont be playing this in a very very long time.

2023-02-01T02:11:00Z Finished harvesting that narrow strip, got 2201 liters out of it, but hey at least the field is now 100% harvested Smiley :)

Once I return to this savegame it will be so awesome to be back in the old neighborhood heh.

2023-02-01T02:14:00Z Update to the amount of soybeans: 623.1k liters Smiley :)

Okay now there is nothing else to do, vehicles have been parked, video clips taken... now its just one goodbye look at my farm as it is here now and then...

2023-02-01T02:17:00Z Saved game and shutdown fs22. See you later PMC Cereal Region 32km Start From Zero Smiley ;)

Message to myself when returning to this savegame months/years from now: copied savegame13/ which is this start from zero, autodrive + other config xml files to savegame7/ autodrive MASTER dir. It might be possible that I do some autodrive recording session before returning to this savegame, so better update it just straight up without even comparing file dates.

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