PMC Farming Simulator 22 Playing Guide Rock Picking

FS22 Playing Guide Rock Picking

2024-03-03 updated.

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Rock Picking

Back in FS19 ThundR created a mod for rock picking, now this is an in-game Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) feature. Giants call this "stone picking" but all real life youtube farming videos use rock picking terminology.

When you work the fields, cultivate or plow, small patches of rocks appear. If you do not pick up these rocks they will damage your vehicles which drive over them, seeder, planter, combine harvester etc. Crop yield is not lowered by these rocks. If you roll your fields after planting using a roller, that will remove rocks as well.

Purchase rock picker (stone picker) from the vehicle store, use your tractor to pull it and work the field to collect these rocks. You can sell or dump these rocks to get rid of them. Money you get from selling rocks is very little, you do not get rich by selling rocks.

In Build-Mode includes placeable object which is stone crusher, you can dump the collected field rocks into this stone crusher machine which then produces lime for you.

How FS22 has configured rock picking it unfortunately is not very realistic, at all. In real life rocks do not appear on such big groups of very small tones, they appear as big average football/soccerball sizes chunks or even larger (which would then require backhoe to dig it out), these giants FS22 rocks are just very poor attempt of getting another game-play feature into the game, it has pretty much nothing to do with realism and simulation. FS22 stones is definitely a feature which should have been left at the design table to wait for better game engine code support. As said FS19 ThundR's rocks are ten times better than this FS22 stones feature.