Dev Diary PMC Super Six 6km PMC Farming Simulator 22

Dev Diary PMC Super Six 6km FS22

This is developer diary for Farming Simulator 22 terrain called PMC Super Six 6km.

Special note: this terrain was initially created on 2021-12-23 but I have no dev diary records of that day. The project name was "PMC Test Farm 6km" which was screenshotted and mentioned many times in PMC Farming discord server. It was only mere hours before release when the final name of "PMC Super Six 6km" was chosen. To make this dev diary easier to read for everyone I have renamed all "Test Farm" references to "Super Six" now.

PMC Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-01-24T02:53:44Z So I wanted to make another fictional terrain, more training for GIMP design doc painting, graphicsmagick bat files and in general running data through my tool pipeline.

This time I don't want the terrain to be a big, it would have to be less than ten kilometers, also now I'm going to do boring grid square design for the most part as those latest designs have been so goofy screwy looking.

Looks like 6.1km x 6.1km would be nice size nobody has done before including me (well other than testing).

Terrain size: 6.144 kilometers x 6.144 kilometers
Heightmap grid size 4096
Cell size 1.5 meters

I already have PMC_Test_Farm_6km terrain project directory. Starting to inspect whats in these terrain files. This is heightScale="255" unitsPerPixel="3" and heightmap was RGB 0,0,0 level 0 meters. The fieldGround.xml is missing so this terrain is very old relatively speaking.

File dates on PMC_Test_Farm_6km.i3d and XML are 2021-12-23, day before christmas. So yeah very old.

Cant decide if I should just re-create the whole thing or upgrade this old dir, I am nostalgic guy so would be nice to remember that this terrain was initially created back in 2021 christmas.

Yep I am going to preserve this project, just going to generate L3DT heightmap, maybe this time I'll try to do some more hills and bad elevations for farming, not sure what would come out of that. Maybe just make a hilly heightmap and then smooth out field areas in 3d sapphire, it might become nice farming area in fs22. Dunno. Point being, you cannot farm a mountain, but maybe it could have pine/spruce trees for logging or something, overall I'm just bored for flat areas without any hilltops.

2022-01-24T03:41:26Z Used L3DT to generate new 4096 res heightmap, it came out pretty rough so I clipped it out to 1m - 150m elevations, it still looked pretty wild for a farming terrain but lets see how it looks in FS22.

Got heightScale="149" for this one.

2022-01-24T03:45:39Z Started to paint design doc in GIMP. Brought in heightmap, set its mode to RGB 8bit so it wont hogg performance, then started to paint asphalt roads on top of the lowest elevation points. Hopefully this turns out alright.

2022-01-24T04:13:30Z Made a big mistake painting that design doc, after doing the above and finishing the painting work... I realized that I forgot to resize the XCF image to one meter per pixel scale (1m/px) which means 6144 pixels by 6144 pixels resolution. Right now I painted it over the heightmap image which is 4096 x 4096 ... sigh, dumb mistake man, dumb mistake... Smiley :(

2022-01-24T04:27:04Z Started to graphicsmagick process these images into GE readable format.

Messed up design doc directory to GE directory images copying, by mistake had wrong terrain project name there, sigh. Then had to sort out some other mess with the existing terrain files, could not get weight images new paintings to work, so it requires some fiddling around.

2022-01-24T05:19:29Z Finally got all images showing up in GE, saved and exited.

Its not really ready for in-game testing, but dunno lets go take a look anyways. I want to see how bad the heightmap really is in-game.

2022-01-24T05:26:15Z Test done, elevations sure look interesting but they are way too rough/high, pulling a heavy implement like lets say grain cart or semi truck with grain load, or even a seeder would probably be really bad experience. Also the goofy shapes roads look so stupid. Dunno maybe someone in the community would like this kind of design but I don't.

Hmm probably have to remake the design, initially I wanted to do boring US road grid but dunno why I changed my mind at the last minute, maybe I got distracted by the heightmap and attempted to lay my design over it.

2022-01-24T05:35:43Z At this point I sort of lost motivation to edit, just felt like perhaps farming a bit or watching youtube real life farming videos, dunno. Sometimes you just lose the motivation in middle of the day.

There is a CTD with error:

2021-12-23 22:04 Error: AI block info layer has invalid size.

2021-12-24T21:05:00Z Fixed above CTD with infoLayer_* 16384 image resolution change.

2022-01-24T22:49:53Z Back to working on PMC Super Six 6km. Funnily at PMC Gaming computer I don't have my yesterdays dev diary to read here so I'm starting the editing day blind, what I recall was that heightmap is way too high/rough and the design doc layout was goofy. I can easily fix the heightmap but design doc would need some serious work, basically a remake.

Once again, we start the day by in-game check to see what is the result of yesterdays work.

Synchronized terrain project dir to fs22 mods dir. Well loading into it there are those ugly giants placeholder icon/preview dds images in place, yikes those are eye burning blinding white images, need to fix first thing. Actually I need to create some universal PMC placeholders.

There was floating elmcreek mapUS tutorial icon, hmm I thought those got commented out already. This was for animal dealer, hmm. Another was for vehicle shop.

Heightmap is way too high/rough elevations, looks just silly like this, it needs to be neutered.

Vehicle shop triggers were not present, could not purchase a simple vehicle to drive around testing the elevations on roads.

ESC mapview is missing.

ESC mapview soil composition page lime/plow etc _Level images missing, fieldGround.xml, this page is displayed off scale now.

PMC Super Six 6km design has disgusting "county line" look to it with those roads being so free form that fields create that look, heh it looks stupid.

2022-01-24T23:14:59Z In-game test over, got enough data to do some edits.

Created universal PMC icon/preview dds images to be copy pasted into new terrain projects, these are now located in C:\Farming.Simulator.22.Editing\Images.Templates.Pre.Painted\ directory. Copied these right away to this terrains root dir, edited to proper name, exported PNGs and converted to dds using imagemagick bat file.

Edited modDesc.xml for v0.1 which was included in description as well.

Deleted unused .shape etc cache files from maps\PMC_Super_Six_6km\ dir. These unused and wrong file name files seem to haunt several terrains of mine, they are now fixed in my generate_terrain bat file, but yeah residue is lingering for a long time heh.

Edited my _run_generate_terrain_template_from_sample_data_FS22.bat file according to lessons learned from PMC Super Six 6km terrain (missing) files.

Edited PMC_Super_Six_6km.xml config file, removed mapUS tutorial floating icons. Removed map interactive icons for animal dealer and vehicle shop.

2022-01-24 22:54 Warning: Farmland-Ids not set for all pixel in farmland-infoLayer!

Hmm activated farmland ID 1 which new farmer game-mode player owns.

L3DT loaded this project, neutered heightmap vertical range from 150 down to 30m, got new heightScale="29" and then exported heightmap_L3DT.png image.

GE loaded terrain up, heightmap looks more suitable now, it still got quite few elevations but they should be fine. Aligned careerStartPoint transformgroup to ground, then imported vehicle shop triggers. This import again took forever, I simply do not understand what is wrong with GE v9.0.2 as it takes this long to import tiny i3d file. It must be something wrong on the binary files it writes, like some missing or something else strange.

I need to make a mapUS v1.2 sample terrain template with vehicle shop, animal dealer bale selling point, PMC_Helpers, basic tree types and various other things already imported as this would save so much time in the long run.

2022-01-24T23:56:58Z Only now GE finished importing that tiny vehicle shop trigger setup. Oh man these delays.

Then started to convert various PNGs into overview.png using graphicsmagick, but my bat file had some issue as fields red color did not turn into that FS22 field color. Further investigation shows that bat file was fine, it was my railroads.png which was NOT empty, GIMP apparently saves the last layer if you hide all layers, you cant have all layers hidden if you want to export transparent image, you have to have transparent layer visible Smiley :)

Then copied infoLayer _Level images and fieldGround.xml into this terrain, gotta get proper size lime/plow etc images into play.

2022-01-25T00:44:20Z Its time for another in-game test, lets see what happens this time.

2022-01-25 00:45 Warning: Farmland-Ids not set for all pixel in farmland-infoLayer!
2022-01-25 00:45 Error: Farmland-Id 1 not defined in farmland ownage file 'C:/FS22.Mods/Dev/PMC_Super_Six_6km/maps/PMC_Super_Six_6km/data/PMC_Super_Six_6km_farmland.grle'. Skipping farmland definition!

Yikes, newbie editing INC heh. Oh well I have no recollection how the farmland image was done (if it was done at all yet). So lets take care of that now. Actually I'm going to copy it over from my mapUS v1.2 sample files, that should have nice 1 ID channel painted image. Although its PNG so ... might as well run through the normal hoops by GDM/GRLE convert etc, no way around it.

The farmland image was RGB 0,0,0 so hmm yeah cant remember does it start from zero or one, but anyways set it to RGB 1,1,1 now so it will work.

And GE is now saving forever again, sigh. I've so had it with this piece of shit win10 / fs22 / GE v9.0.2 stuff. I cant wait to wrap up these test farms and release them so I can be done with fs22 editing/playing for now, win10 crap, courseplay with atrociously bad integrated GUI and lack of other good mods is just not for me...

PMC_Super_Six_6km.i3d saved in 894357.510200 ms

Well got the farmland error fixed, but the soil composition page is still off scale. Hmm. It was because I forgot to edit PMC_Super_Six_6km.xml fieldGround line, got that fixed.

2022-01-25T01:26:04Z Hmm what next, well fields, selling points, bale selling point, hmm what else...

Launched GE and imported fields, it took forever again and I was getting more and more frustrated with these idiotic delays. Then imported PMC_Helpers.

Got a copy paste ready empty coordinate placeables.xml for basic stuff, pasted it here but it turned out to be way too long to read and kind of too technical without any benefit so removed it.

2022-01-25T02:48:11Z Placed 12 selling points, had a lunch and just now placed bale selling point.

2022-01-25T02:50:40Z Generated first forest / tree line.

2022-01-25T04:31:57Z Still plugging down forests, this is taking way too long Smiley :(

Noticed on one edge that there is some bug in my design doc, between field edge and terrain edge there is a small strip of something... dark grayish texture, doesnt look like gravel or mud but, something. Need to investigate that, not a big issue though.

2022-01-25T05:08:20Z Finished placing trees, oh my, this took way too long than this throw away 6.1km "test" terrain deserved Smiley :(

I cannot put this much effort to the following terrains, I can add few groups of trees but that is it, nothing like this that it took over 2 hours.

Hum well to be honest with you I feel awful of this workload but saying it as numbers "two hours" sounds like peanuts, hmm that is weird. I was expecting this been like several hours but hmm cant believe it was only two. That was two hours straight though, spline after spline, plugging down trees.

Anyways now its done and this terrain looks great with some vegetation at farm yards and few other places. As I said much more than the scope of this terrain deserves.

There are only two field definitions now, so going to add couple more, just a few, no hours long sessions which kill off my pinky copy-paste finger heh. Just something that we can do few contracts while rest of the fields are without field definitions.

2022-01-25T05:19:01Z Done adding few field definitions, plenty enough to get contracts going. Now its time for another in-game check.

Looks pretty good, very field oriented, nothing but few farm yards with trees and then fields fields and nothing but fields hehe.

But man that goofy screwy looking design again heh.

PMC Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot PMC Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2022-01-25T05:37:49Z Okay time to switch over to the next terrain in my list of projects to fix for a release. This 6km looks pretty good for now, all it needs is a proper name and last round of testing.

2022-01-30T09:16:30Z New editing day has started, earlier today I checked this terrain in-game to orient myself that what still needs to be done and I discovered that placeables collision image is wrong size, so that needs to be fixed and I'm starting to do that now.

First as usual took backups. Had to create _run_backup_PMC_Super_Six_6km.bat file which 7-zip compresses it tight with -mx=9 parameter, then the bat copies it to PMC Linux ubuntu server network directory.

This is our current showstopper bug:

Error: Blocked area map is wrong size for terrain (2048 x 2048) vs (4096 x 4096)

Unless I'm mistaken its this image: infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated so I GDM/GRLE converted all those to PNG so I can resize that image.

Copied _run_graphicsmagick_FS22_infoLayer_to_PROPER_size.bat which is kind of temporary bat, it only resizes that above mentioned image. There are no "proper" size for the others as huge terrains require huge images and so on.

Did the usual GDM/GRLE PMC_Super_Six_6km.i3d mass replace, loaded it up in GE. Then renamed transformgroup fields to Fields, oh my major change hoho. Created Buildings transformgroup and moved vehicleshop there. Then saved (just because, no reason) and uh oh this takes a long time again Smiley :(

These loading/saving times are just killing my will to live, I cannot wait until these FS22 test farm series of projects have been wrapped up and released so I can wash my hands from this piece of shit fs22 editing.

While GE was saving I went and started to write TrailerParkFarms (TPF) vehicle shed pack placeables.xml config file lines heh.

2022-01-30T09:42:16Z Save finished, uuh.

PMC_Super_Six_6km.i3d saved in 828062.468600 ms

Imported PMC_Helpers.i3d, edited "Grain.Bins" transformgroup to "Placeables" and exported PMC_Helpers.i3d back out again, deleted it (from GE) and saved. Now saving lasted only:

PMC_Super_Six_6km.i3d saved in 7566.849300 ms

Eh? Smiley :?

Exited GE and mass replaced I3D PNG back to GDM/GRLE for in-game test.

2022-01-30T09:50:41Z Fixed blocked area map error. Okay off to the next issue.

Farmland image has no farm yards or other detailed cheap areas, ugh farmland image painting... nice and relaxing GIMP job usually but if you have to do it quickly just to "get it done", it is not very relaxing, oh well you gotta do what you gotta do...

In GIMP opened PMC_Super_Six_6km_design_doc.xcf image, well she's missing a background color, of course heh.

2022-01-30T10:38:00Z Finished GIMP painting farmland XCF, then graphicsmagick converted it to GE readable PNG, loaded the project up in GE and hit CTRL-S. Now we wait again, patiently.

I have to change my editing habits with GE v9.0.2 with these remaining terrain edits. I need to pool every single bug report and issue fix into ONE SAVE in GE, no more, absolutely no further unnecessary saves and PMC_Helper loads in GE, just one time before first release. It is just so much wasted time sitting here fiddling my thumbs while GE is thinking about wonders to the universe or what the hell ever its doing Smiley :)

2022-01-30T10:52:50Z Finished saving, finally.

PMC_Super_Six_6km.i3d saved in 862658.429800 ms

During loading I noticed icon/preview images are still the basic name text, need to add mapview image to them.

2022-01-30T11:01:26Z In-game check complete, farmland is looking superb, no errors in the log. This terrain is good to go for the first release Smiley :)

2022-02-03T08:03:58Z New editing day is upon us, I actually quickly started two or so hours ago when I converted GDM/GRLE to PNG but did nothing else. Now its time to continue and fix rocks_density image to a proper one.

Got rocks_density.png copied from C:\Farming.Simulator.22.Editing\Images.Templates.Pre.Painted\ dir, its 8192 res like the other density images and its good to go.

In my bugs/issues list there are no other items for this terrain, so guess we are done here, just need to load it up in GE and save to get GDM/GRLE saved.

But I am going to import PMC_Helpers with the long loading time, then TrailerParkFarms (TPF) big vehicle sheds. Plan is to start using those in PMC terrains as they fit so nicely to the huge landscapes and TPF is a nice guy who is willing to tweak the clip distance issues I found previously.

2022-02-03T08:33:04Z PMC_Helpers import finished, finally. Man this is such a torture, I cant believe I'm actually doing these kind of crap delays. Cant wait to get back to FS19 editing without such nonsense.

Okay so this terrain has NO placeables done. Going to add some basic stuff in, but trying not to get bogged down to minor details when doing those, I don't want to spend eight hours doing them.

2022-02-03T08:45:15Z Had TPF 72x150 and 90x200 sheds imported and also did PMC_Helpers style import i3d file out of them to "Objects.for.terrains/" dir, but now... its lunch time...

2022-02-03T09:11:14Z Feeding time over, back to making placeables.

Placed three meridian flat bottom 3608 grain bins and one red TPF 72x150 and 90x200 vehicle shed. It wasn't a very large farm yard so its kind of packed tight, I like it. Those vehicle sheds really give life to the farm yards, bins alone were a bit odd, not necessarily unrealistic as I've seen bins in the boonies on google/maps and real life farming videos, but still some other buildings make it cosy heh.

Then added some more, meridian fuel tank and fertilizer bins, water tank too. Starts to look crowded in this yard heh.

PMC Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Then added second farm yard.

PMC Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Then another, slightly smaller yard this time, could not fit another vehicle shed here heh.

PMC Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

And one more farm yard, this had a bit more space.

PMC Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

This 6.1km x 6.1km terrain is really small, I'm looking around here that wait what, we only have few farm yards available, heh.

2022-02-03T11:06:32Z Finished creating three utility pole lines.

PMC Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

That concludes PMC Super Six 6km new placeable additions, nothing more to do. Now its just in-game test to verify everything works. After powergrep4 mass replacing the placeables.xml strings of course.

2022-02-03T11:16:15Z Finished cleaning up placeables.xml config file, now we are ready for in-game test.

Tested in-game and it took few trys to get it right, first I forgot to load TPF shed packs, then had error in the log because I forgot to add lines to storeItems.xml config file. And third time failed because I forgot to copy the actual XML's into PMC_Super_Six_6km/maps/placeables/ directories Smiley :)

2022-02-03T11:51:03Z Still had to go back and forth few times, got stuff in.

Then I started to debug why I could not sell meridian flat bottom 3608 grain bins. Had to add below value to flatBottomBin3608.xml config file.

<placeable ... >

Then I could sell 3608 grain bins Smiley :)

Also if you add <canBeRenamed>true</canBeRenamed> into the placeable - base, you can rename the placeables.

Was looking at giants placeables and they have canBeSold property in placeable - storeData, hmm.

<placeable ... >

Added these values to all placeables in my copy-paste objects.for.terrains/ dir, for the future use. Copied to PMC Super Six 6km dir as well.

2022-02-03T12:18:56Z In-game check complete, I can now buy farmland and all placeables already there (placeables.xml) come along with the land lot, then I can sell all the placeables like lizard water tank, meridian fuel tank, solid/liquid fertilizer bins, 3608 and 3609 grain bins etc Smiley :)

But there was some weird thing going on, at first I could not sell TPF sheds, then in another test when I bought all the farmland (not used dev console) I could sell the sheds, so now we are good for cleaning out all buildings/objects.

2022-02-03T12:42:06Z And here we are, I don't know what to edit next, bug/issue list is clear and no errors in the log, awesome Smiley :)

I am going to switch editing the next terrain on the list Smiley :)

2022-02-06T11:27:00Z Decided on the name: PMC Super Six 6km Smiley :)

2022-02-06T14:14:37Z Finished creating savegame with new farmer starter vehicles.

Then copy-pasted savegame vehicles.xml over to PMC_Super_Six_6km\maps\PMC_Super_Six_6km\vehicles.xml config file.

Checked in-game and vehicles, implements and products appear just fine. Cant tell if anything essential is missing which would prevent player from starting his own farm.

Farmland image has area owned by player set on an empty farm yard. Not sure if this is a good idea, guess game-play will reveal it later, but that will have to come from player feedback. For a first v0.1 release this setup is fine as it is.

2022-02-06T14:22:19Z Took a backup which I will copy to PMC DevSurf computer for the release packet creation.

Once I copied that backup .7z to editing computer and turned off Gaming computer... I realized that uh oh forgot to actually rename the terrain files for the new name, sigh. The thing is I could do it without testing here at editing computer, but it would be extremely stupid to do a release without testing it first, so guess I need to start Gaming computer for the third time during todays quick edits heh.

Oh well this was good reminder for the tool pipeline what comes to a release, screenshots, new farmer vehicles, proper file names, etc heh.

2022-02-06T14:37:00Z Felt a bit lazy that blah I dont wanna go jumping through hoops to rename this projects files and verify them in-game, checked out time can I take a lunch break, it was still half an hour away but decided to take it now anyways, was just not in the mood to bunny hop back to Gaming computer as of this minute, hopefully I'm with refreshed energy after a meal Smiley ;)

2022-02-06T15:32:00Z Feeding time over, time to fire up Gaming computer, again, and get those rename and testing tasks done.

2022-02-06T15:35:44Z PMC Gaming computer win10 crap fully booted up, linux network login and everything. Ready to start renaming this project for the first release.

First another set of backups, yes, never forget backups especially when there is extremely high change of messing this up.

Final old name backup 7-zip filename is: PMC_Super_Six_6km_2022-02-06T1536.7z

2022-02-06T15:47:10Z And done. First renamed the directory and sub dir for classname, then ran powergrep4 mass replace i3d/xml strings. Renamed my backup and fs22 mod dir sync bat files. Then went through all XML files, renamed PMC_Test_Farm_6km_dem.png to PMC_Super_Six_6km_dem.png and same for farmland image. Checked in-game, works okay and no errors.

Aayeah! Smiley :D

That is it, nothing else to do, now its just release packet creation left.

I could do some game-play testing, but that takes hours if not days, if players find bugs then I'll fix them.

2022-02-06T18:25:00Z Have been staring at the html web page code for the official homepage for a long time now, nothing to edit or add, its time for a release.

2022-02-06T19:15:00Z Finished proof reading this dev diary page and now its go time, release is upon us Smiley :cool:

2022-02-09T14:49:56Z New editing day has started, fixed landscaping tool not working for trees and plants. Copied mapUS storeItems.xml config lines for trees and plants into PMC Super Six 6km storeItems.xml file. Easy fix.

Grass Is Always Greener

2022-09-21T15:55:00Z New editing day has started. Todays goal is to quickly add several new field definitions where few of them are also grass fields for contracts.

First ran _run_backup_PMC_Super_Six_6km.bat which 7-zip compressed .7z packet and then copied it to two other hard drives and one other computer in LAN. Never forget backups.

Then went to E:\Farming.Simulator.22.Editing\PMC_Super_Six_6km\maps\PMC_Super_Six_6km\data\ dir, took 7zip backup of PMC_Super_Six_6km_dem.png heightmap image, then opened this PNG in GIMP, painted the image RGB 0,0,0 black which is 0 meter elevations and then saved.

Started Giants Editor v9.0.2 which notified that v9.0.3 is available, pfft I need no stinking updates (heh), loaded PMC Super Six 6km terrain project up and got to work.

Imported PMC_Helpers.i3d so can get my 2d top-down camera.

2022-09-21T16:49:00Z Finished editing in GE, added bunch of new fields, added few more corner pieces to couple of fields, then turned about four small to medium size fields to grass contracts aka fieldGrassMission boolean attribute. Exported new PMC_Helpers.i3d with the top-down camera, saved project and we are done.

Unpacked 7-zip backup of the heightmap PNG.

Edited modDesc.xml to v0.2.2 and now we are ready for new release packaging.

2022-09-21T16:52:00Z PMC_Super_Six_6km_v0.2.2.7z compiled, we are ready for testing :)

2022-09-21T20:50:00Z Was playing at PMC Gaming when ran into a bug, all selling points accept grass, hay and silage etc but this does not work in the game engine, bales are not accepted in normal selling points, they only work at animal dealer trigger.

This is extremely frustrating as I already fixed this issue, why is it still in this particular terrain, sigh.

Okay looks like PMC Undefined Farms 20km has selling points fixed for bales, but my copy-paste template dir in my editing dir is NOT. Also in my faint memory I recall perhaps it was just fixed for undefined farms as kind of test and the fix was never applied to other terrains or even into my XML copy-paste template dir.

So now I took all the undefined farms 20km placeables/sellingpoints/ XML files and copied over to PMC Super Six 6km dir. That should fix the regular selling points.

2022-09-21T20:57:00Z Compiled v0.2.3 and now it needs testing after my lunch break. Probably if it works then this dev diary gets text written hours from now after todays farming session heh.

2022-10-02T06:33:00Z Yup v0.2.3 worked just fine, played several real life days on it.

Spray This Spray That

2022-10-03T01:07:00Z New editing day has started, well not really but was just playing start from zero and got extremely frustrated because the stupid liquid fertilizer usage rate in stock default FS22 game settings, decided that enough, saved game and came to editing computer to fix this issue on terrain level.

Opened maps/PMC_Super_Six_6km/PMC_Super_Six_6km.xml file, replaced maps_sprayTypes.xml path with our terrains dir path and then copied original fs22 base game data/maps/maps_sprayTypes.xml into our terrain dir. Actually my editing computer only had FS22 v1.0 installed so had to copy the XML from Gaming computer instead.

Edited this new maps_sprayTypes.xml and reduced all types by 50%, no idea how this translates in-game but will find out.

Added the required mods modDesc.xml dependency config lines as well for TrailerParkFarms vehicle shed mods.

Changed modDesc descversion to 69 (he said sixty nine, huhu huh, huhuhu huh, huhuhuh, huh huhu huhuh with beavis and butt-head sounds).

Changed terrain version to v0.2.4 yup.

Edited the long full website web page link to just read website, nobody will type the full link into browser one character at the time. Although not sure if it would somehow show up as clickable link in multiplayer server browser thing, hmm need to figure that out.

2022-10-03T01:28:00Z Compiled PMC_Super_Six_6km_v0.2.4.7z for testing.

Field Definitions Added

2022-12-09T17:50:00Z New editing day has started, edited modDesc.xml descVersion to 72.

Then ran _run_backup_PMC_Super_Six_6km.bat which copied backup 7-zip archive to two other HDDs for safe keeping. Took backup of heightmap PNG image, opened it with GIMP and set RGB to 0,0,0 which is flat 0 meter elevation, now I'm ready to do some field definitions work with GE.

Started GE v9.0.2 which complained about v9.0.3 release upgrade, pfft nope, loaded PMC_Super_Six_6km up, ran setup for large terrain script and imported PMC_Helpers.i3d file. Now we can start to add some field definitions.

2022-12-09T18:34:00Z Added all remaining field definitions as single shapes, two had more corner pieces than one.

PMC Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Felt kind of good to be back in farming simulator editing, but then again its been months since I did heavy editing so no wonder Smiley ;)

Then created one more medium size grass field (fieldGrassMission attribute) with few more corner pieces for details.

2022-12-09T19:11:00Z Finished adding more corner pieces to few more most lacking field definitions, this is good enough for now, already started to hurt my copy-paste finger and patience.

Restored backup heightmap PNG, then loaded project back to GE, ran scripts -> create ground collision map, just to be sure. Saved project and exited, alright field definitions are now done for single and few simple shapes.

Restarted GE, loaded sounds.i3d and started to hunt down the idiotic crow "top left" sound.

Deleted baseballStadiumUS01 and storeLoop, actually the whole root "special" transformgroup. Deleted environment river1 through river3 transformgroups.

Hmm but for some odd reason I could not find that annoying crow/raven sound bit, it was not in sounds.i3d at all, maybe its some universal default sound applied to all terrains hmm hmm. Then I listened the actual game file OGG sounds using VLC player and looks like its raven1.ogg and raven2.ogg in root\data\sounds\maps\shared\fauna\ directory.

Checked PMC_Super_Six_6km.xml and that config points to sound.xml in our terrain dir, sound.xml (or sound.i3d) configs have no "raven" string in them, so umm err I am truly baffled of where that hideous bird sound is coming from, well hunt continues another time.

Edited modDesc.xml version to 0.2.5 and then it was time to compile new testing version. Updated readme.txt and compile bat.

2022-12-09T19:35:00Z Compiled PMC_Super_Six_6km_v0.2.5.7z for testing Smiley :)

2022-12-10T03:00:00Z Started to prepare v0.2.5 PMC Tactical forum topic testing release by uploading it, etc.

2022-12-19 Utility Pole Wires

2022-12-19T02:35:00Z New editing day has started, todays goal is to add wires to utility poles which I know from recent experience only takes mere hours if not less, then maybe I'll add in few more smaller edits, we'll take it one step at the time.

Editing session begins with backups, never forget backups. 7-zip packet copied to three HDDs and one other computer for safe keeping.

Hmm I like PMC Super Six 6km, got active savegame on it, Start From Zero, old school rules no stupid money making placeables Smiley :)

2022-12-19T02:40:00Z Started GE v9.0.3, ran setup large terrains script, then imported PMC_Helpers which oddly enough did not leave GE processing forever in (Not Responding) mode, strange. Maybe its the small 6.1km terrain size, dunno.

This terrain only has three splines for utility poles, hmm. Imported utility pole object with the three transformgroups setup where wires get attached, then imported the actual wire I3D model with black color, set these up to proper transformgroups so can start to create objects.

2022-12-19T02:54:00Z All three utility pole splines have now new pole objects with wires generated. Well that did not take long at all, got a pretty good muscle memory for re-creating utility poles with wires now Smiley :)

Then was scanning bugs / issues report list for something else to fix, hmm hmm.

Terrain edge block geometry was missing so got that done using my Farming Simulator 19 Terrain Edge Block Tutorial page.

2022-12-19T03:08:00Z Now could not find anything "small" to fix in bugs / issues report list, hmm.

Decided to export PMC_Helpers, save terrain project, exit GE and start to compile new testing version.

Changed modDesc version to v0.2.6, edited readme.txt and release compilation bat files.

2022-12-19T03:11:00Z Compiled new PMC_Super_Six_6km_v0.2.6.7z testing version, switched to Gaming computer to give it a try.

2022-12-19T03:21:00Z FS22 in-game test complete, utility poles with wires looked mighty fine, but uh oh! there was a bad error:

Available mod: (Hash: 1eb6bbadb7bab93da140917849eaa040) (Version: PMC_Super_Six_6km
2022-12-19 03:18 Error: Blocked area map is wrong size for terrain (4096 x 4096) vs (2048 x 2048)

Smiley :(

All GDM images are 8192 x 8192 pixel resolution. GRLE images are mixture of all kinds of fucking sizes, infoLayer_indoorMask.grle is 8192, infoLayer_navigationCollision.grle and infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated.grle are 4096, infoLayer_tipCollisionGenerated.grle is 8192, PMC_Super_Six_6km_farmland.grle and tipColInfoLayer.grle are 2048, uuh Smiley :?

Converted GDM and GRLE to PNG using my usual bat file, then deleted GDM/GRLE images. Then used graphicsmagick to resize all infoLayer_* images to 8192 x 8192 pixel resolution. Then powergrep4 string replaced I3D file .GDM and .GRLE with .PNG extensions.

Loaded terrain project in GE, did basic look around check everything looks normal, then saved project and exited GE. Next powergrep4 string replaced PNG with appropriate GDM/GRLE extensions. Did one more GE check to be sure everything looks OK, it did, alright time to make another testing version.

2022-12-19T03:44:00Z Compiled PMC_Super_Six_6km_v0.2.7.7z for testing, hopefully this works...

2022-12-19T03:48:00Z No dice, same error. Well makes sense, it says 4096 vs 2048, so hmm one of the infoLayer images must be 2048 just need to check my notes which one, hmm need to make Super Six unique graphicsmagick bat, or well 6.1km terrain unique.

It just pisses me off to do these tests by bunny hopping between editing and gaming computers, especially if the test lasts just about 30sec Smiley :(

Looking at PMC King Corn 45km terrains graphicsmagic infoLayer generating bat file, its placementCollisionGenerated which needs to be smaller size.

2022-12-19T04:07:00Z Compiled and tested v0.2.8 using all 8192 res infoLayer images, that fixed the error, uah. Have to admit, start to get, not tired sleeping wise but this latest round of back and forth between editing and gaming computers got so fucking OLD that I'm just about ready to chill rest of the day...

2022-12-19T06:41:00Z Placeable selling points now do not accept straw, grass or silage etc few other items, bales are sold by the animal dealer.

2022-12-19T06:50:00Z Compiled PMC_Super_Six_6km_v0.2.9.7z for testing.

2022-12-19T07:03:00Z FS22 in-game test complete, new farmer game-mode vehicles do not appear in farm-manager or start from scratch anymore, straw and grass etc is only accepted on animal dealer now, all confirmed, v0.2.9 is looking good. Now going to take a short refreshment break.

2022-12-20T09:52:00Z Well that short refreshment break turned into lack of motivation, now its the next day and time to start uploading v0.2.9 for PMC Tactical forum testing.

2023-01-03T19:13:00Z New editing day has started, not really, but in Sources/ dir GIMP design doc image dir files are still named "test" so I renamed it properly to PMC_Super_Six_6km. Renamed one bat and two GIMP XCF files too. Replaced test strings in the bat files using powergrep4.

2023-01-24 Major Structural Damage

2023-01-24T12:39:00Z New editing day has started, todays goal is to fix "Error: Blocked area map is wrong size for terrain (4096 x 4096) vs (2048 x 2048)" for the umpteenth time, it is so hilarious because reading my dev diary this issue was just recently fixed, now its back again, makes no sense, but have to try to fix it, again Smiley :)

Image file in question is infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated.png which according to fs22 game engine error log should be 2048 x 2048 but latest version is 4096 x 4096 instead. Going to fix that now and go straight to fs22 in-game to check if the error is gone or not.

First I took backup of the terrain project dir, always have to take backup.

GRLEConverter converted infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated.grle to infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated.png image format. Then used custom graphicsmagick bat file to only resize this new PNG image to 2048 x 2048 pixel resolution. Then edited PMC_Super_Six_6km.i3d in text editor, replaced GRLE with PNG file extension on our new file.

Hmm discovered that farmland image pointed to .PNG file extension, hum how come Smiley :?

Fixed that, but same thing for cultivator_density.png, huh why are these in "editing file extension mode" now? I thought I was playing this terrain v0.2.9 release currently, does fs22 accept .png extensions now, hmm hmm. ME CONFUZED Smiley :o

This was bizarre, oh well fixed them all, saved I3D file and then launched GE v9.0.2, lets see what happens. But I messed up, terrainDetailHeight_density was edited as .grle but it should be .gdm, oops, my bad, fixed it now, lets try this again Smiley :)

2023-01-24T12:54:00Z GE loaded terrain project up, no errors. Good.

Now just save and exit, I don't want to edit anything else until this error has been fixed. Opened PMC_Super_Six_6km.i3d again and changed infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated.png back to .grle file extension.

Converted that grle back to PNG just to check that it really is now 2048 x 2048 res, it is. Okay we are done here, time to build a new testing version then.

Edited modDesc.xml to v0.2.10, readme.txt and release compilation bat files as well.

2023-01-24T12:59:00Z Compiled PMC_Super_Six_6km_v0.2.10.7z for testing.

2023-01-24T13:14:00Z Verified in-game, "error blocked area" is now gone, even saved new farmer game-mode, exited fs22 clean out and restarted with that savegame, no errors no warnings. Bug fixed, again.

2023-01-24T14:06:00Z Created vehicle shop aka the dealership repair / selling location, grabbed the coordinates from GE and placed the sellingStationVehicles XML line to placeables.xml config file.

Selling points unique proper names created.

2023-01-24T14:27:00Z Decided to fix those too narrow field corners which means design doc changes, major structural damage so to speak. I already posted to PMC forum that I wont be fundamentally changing the design of our fs22 terrains... but well this is a bug fix as you cannot harvest some of those fields with 4 * 18.2m headers or field work with other similar width implements. I make terrains for my farming enjoyment and such field corner tips are extremely frustrating.

Created _run_backup_Design_Doc_PMC_Super_Six_6km.bat backup file which 7-zips the design doc dir, copies to safety in three different HDDs and PMC Linux computer across the network. Ran the bat now, backup was taken. Also took another backup of terrain project itself, this is the last stable moment before going into that field design change, good to have a backup.

GIMP opened design doc, labeled paths for asphalt and dirt roads. Paths are the thingies how roads are drawn into the image, they are sort of like splines (not really, but closest matching farmsim thing I can think of). Then did edit -> stroke path -> 6 pixels using RGB 178,164,142 color.

Increased one forest size near intersection because it caused narrow field corner / tip, now there is now narrow spot and large equipment in multiple tool setup should be able to field work it just fine. Then moved another forest spot further north because it too causes not so several narrow spot but still quite problematic, this of course requires me to delete and recreate splines and trees in GE, but will be done. Increased forest patch size near a farm yard in SW corner, again fixing problematic field corner tip.

Then added bunch of tree patches, ouch, hopefully this wont cause performance issue in-game or create too much spline and tree work in GE heh.

Western edge of the terrain looked too empty, too large fields, so I created railroad tracks coming from NW and going to about S-SE, this should create smaller fields for us too, I just hope I didn't destroy all the nice big fields for those lucrative fertilizing contracts. The point is that PMC Super Six 6km was chosen as smaller terrain to have more small and compact fields, it failed in that goal miserably as its got nothing but traditionally speaking alrge fields heh.

Then I cut asphalt roads with railroads and dirt roads with both railroads and asphalt roads selections. No overlapping pixels for weight images.

Then selected railroads, forests, farm yards, asphalt and dirt roads, now terrain features have been selected, then just grow the selection 30 pixels, shrunk 15 pixels and inverted it, then painted RGB 255,0,0 red for fields layer.

2023-01-24T15:21:00Z Big graphicsmagick design doc to weight/density images processor bat file is running. Using 4096 x 4096 res weight images here, wonder if I should just use 8192 hmm hmm.

There was issue with cultivator_density and fruit_density images being same as design doc which in this case was 6144 x 6144 pixels, had to modify my graphicsmagick bat to fix this issue. Got it eventually fixed, tool pipeline was working again. GE had latest GIMP design doc terrain project loaded.

Saved project, exited GE, changed GDM to PNG file extension in I3D, deleted those density PNGs. Launched GE again and loaded terrain project up, ran 8km large terrain script and imported PMC_Helpers, now I'm ready to edit and create some trees.

Had to move selling point 5 location a bit because GIMP design doc created forest treeline patch on top of it, heh, ouch. OK no big deal, easy move took all but 65sec.

2023-01-24T16:58:00Z Exported and deleted PMC_Helpers, saved project, trees are placed. I put additional bonus "sparse narrow" tree line next to the railroad tracks. I am quite happy how they look in GE, cant wait to see them in-game.

2023-01-24T17:22:00Z Updated page about FS22 Platinum Expansion v1.3 update. And now its my lunch break...

2023-01-24T17:39:00Z Feeding time is over, back to editing, its not ready for testing yet Smiley :)

Yeah completely forgot field definitions which now are broken because design was changed quite a bit, railroad train tracks and forest tree lines.

Took backup from heightmap PNG, then opened it with GIMP, foreground filled with RGB 0,0,0 which is 0 meters elevation everywhere. Took backup of that 0m heightmap as well, for future use.

Loaded terrain project in GE, ran setup large terrains 8km script, imported PMC_Helpers for 2D top-down camera, then toggled render field areas. Now begins fixing field definitions for new design.

2023-01-24T20:11:00Z All field definition corner pieces as single shape "and more!" are now done, uuh exhausted but happy Smiley :)

Deleted PMC_Helpers, saved project and shutdown GE, restored original heightmap PNG. Edited modDesc.xml to v0.2.11, readme.txt and release compilation bat file.

2023-01-24T20:14:00Z Compiled PMC_Super_Six_6km_v0.2.11.7z for testing, checked clock and still 3 hours of today left, hmm wonder what else could I do... not really want to continue my Start From Zero savegame yet as "only" have 3hrs left. Hmm hmm.

FS22 in-game check looks awesome, only forgot one field definition in the central west region heh, its a quick to create Smiley :)

Not going to list play-by-play steps, just going to say I went in and created the field definition, saved project... and then lost track what I was doing as I chatted in one twitch live stream hehe, focus dude, FOCUS Smiley :)

Added one medium size grass field (turned normal field to a grassFieldMission).

smallest field:
Field 52 (field) : 6.328 ha

largest field:
Field 3 (field) : 174.996 ha

grass fields:
Field 7 (field-grass) : 2.390 ha
Field 10 (field-grass) : 16.550 ha
Field 11 (field-grass) : 0.624 ha
Field 13 (field-grass) : 18.571 ha
Field 14 (field-grass) : 29.891 ha
Field 53 (field-grass) : 16.302 ha

In GIMP opened graphicsmagick generated PDA / image, resized it to 4096 res, copy-pasted to overview.xcf, exported it as overview.png and finally ran my _run_imagemagick_png_to_dds.bat to convert it into DDS image that FS22 accepts.

Then did basically same thing for image, this was just 2048 x 2048 resolution.

2023-01-24T21:50:00Z Was getting pretty tired, kind of zoned out, but wanted to quickly play with fruit_density grass and shrubbery painting in GIMP. Edited I3D file from gdm to png and then went to gimp on fruit_density.png image.

2023-01-24T22:15:00Z All done, got shrubbery and some RGB 32,0,0 bushes into GE, saved and got rid of fruit_density.png, changed modDesc.xml to v0.3 whee a new version.

2023-01-24T22:16:00Z Compiled PMC_Super_Six_6km_v0.3.7z testing version, this will be my tomorrows Start From Zero savegame terrain version to try out, hopefully it will work great. My day is not over yet, still have a little bit time left but for this dev diary, I'm calling it a night, tomorrow we continue game-play testing Smiley :)

2023-01-25T04:55:00Z New editing day has started, just woke up and finished morning computer chores, launched GIMP and painted RGB 67,0,0 color fruit_density seed image for bush medium shrubbery.

This is 1024 x 1024 pixel resolution GIMP XCF image, its got layers for background which is just a color for your eyes comfort, then each fruit_density shrubbery RGB layer like 132,0,0 meadow grass, RGB 67,0,0 bush medium etc. Then I copy this image to clipboard which makes it one of those things which name I don't remember now heh, then you simply CTRL-; pattern fill it into your fruit_density.png image with obviously first being done proper selection for "grass areas" only. Ugh I need to write a tutorial for this.

Did the usual PNG to GDM conversion for density images, I3D edit, copy fruit_density.png to the dir, delete GDM, start GE, check everything is OK, save and exit, then change I3D back to .GDM extension and delete fruit_density.png and thats about it.

Changed modDesc.xml to v0.3.1, readme.txt and release compilation bat files also. This is hilarious as v0.3 was never used by anyone not even me, it was simply a ghost release in the oblivion Smiley ;)

2023-01-25T05:06:00Z Compiled PMC_Super_Six_6km_v0.3.1.7z for testing, this version for sure gets to see hours of Start From Zero game-play today Smiley ;)

2023-02-22 GIMP Painting

2023-02-22T14:10:00Z New farming day has started and ended, huh what? Heh yeah already some time ago started to create PDA map image outside area, got it done and posted to PMC Tactical forum PMC Super Six 6km Development topic about it. It was so quick work that didn't even consider writing dev diary, but it turned out so well I had to come back and write this paragraph Smiley ;)