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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Unofficial Start From Zero

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2021-03-06 Equipment Purchases

1553 New farming day has started! This savegame now has 16hrs 52min on it.

1631 Finished fertilizing F07
1636 Started fertilizing F64, contract, courseplay ETA 22min
1645 Finished fertilizing F64

Then drove rubicon 9000 and puma + spreader borrowed vehicles to dealership so I can unload fertilizer before returning the vehicles.

1701 F64 collected contract reward 32.2k and F07 510k. Then returned leased lowboy etc vehicles

Budget now 765.3k heh yeah buddy! Smiley :)

09/late-spring in-game 1209hrs, no new contracts. 01/early-summer in-game 0624hrs, no new contracts. Going to give it few real life minutes to settle down maybe the contracts will appear then, just a test.

1713 Accepted contract for fertilizing F10 and F11
1714 Purchased 10 2k liter liquid fertilizer tanks for 32k
1716 Started fertilizing F10, contract, courseplay ETA 7min
1719 Accepted contract for fertilizing F02 and F07
1720 Purchased rubicon 9000 with guidance steering for 504k, budget now 229.2k
1723 Started fertilizing F11, contract, courseplay ETA 20min
1724 Finished fertilizing F10, contract, collected contract reward 19.9k.

Put both rubicons on F11 by me driving first vehicle with GPS while courseplay is running the second.

1735 Started fertilizing F02, contract, courseplay ETA 43min, 2x tools
1737 Finished fertilizing F11, contract, collected contract reward 65.4k.

F11 was growing corn when I finished the contract and when collected the reward... field changed to planted stage, hehe. Edit: I saw this again with other field the next day.

1740 Purchased liquid tanker trailer for 68k and semi truck lizard++ for 149k
1743 Purchased 20 2k liter liquid fertilizer tanks for 64k
1747 Purchased 10 2k liter liquid fertilizer tanks for 32k
1805 Finished fertilizing F02, contract, collected contract reward 167.4k.

Then refilled liquid fertilizer on rubicon 9000s, drove courseplay course with tanker truck from F02 to F07 and sent rubicons on their way.

1823 Started fertilizing F07, contract, courseplay ETA 1h 18min, 2x tools
1842 Accepted contract for cultivating F17
1849 Started cultivating F17, contract, courseplay ETA 2h 27min
1941 Finished fertilizing F07, contract, collected contract reward 560.5k.

Budget now 728.8k oh my. I was ready to time accelerate but that pesky cultivating contract tractor had still 1h 30min duration on it.

1957 Leased disk harrow lemken gigant 12 S for 6.1k initial cost and tractor challenger mt800e for 26.2k initial cost
2032 Finished cultivating F17, contract, collected contract reward 23k.

Returned leased challenger and disk harrow. Time accelerated to 1328hrs, got one new fertilizing contract.

2034 Accepted contract for fertilizing F08
2110 Started fertilizing F08, contract, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
2124 Finished fertilizing F08, contract, collected contract reward 87.2k.

Budget now 806.5k. Time accelerated through the night, 02/early-summer in-game 0636hrs, no new contracts.

2145 Accepted contract for fertilizing F71
2153 Started fertilizing F71, contract, courseplay ETA 1h 10min, 2x tools

Started to get a little bored, I now have money to buy small to medium size vehicle fleet for basic farming and when F71 contract is done I have well over one million in cash. What is there left for me to do anymore I wonder... hmm, yeah at this point all I can do is to start an actual farm to buy land and vehicles, or buy more rubicons which will speed up fertilizing contract work but also makes it more messy, more vehicles to haul around and unless the field is mega big using 4 rubicons might get busy.

2258 Finished fertilizing F71, contract, collected contract reward 444.3k.

Budget now 1.250m goodness gracious... this after 20 or so hours game-play. Needless to say better contracts mod is awesome for Start From Zero Smiley :)

Drove all vehicles to dealership and was pretty much ready to call it a night. But decided to time accelerate with the good old 6000 speed to see if more fertilizing contracts appear, I will not take them I'm all exhausted for playing.

2324 Called it a night, most likely for this whole savegame as well. Thanks for reading Smiley ;)

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