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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Unofficial Start From Zero

Please read the background idea for our Farming Simulator 19 Stories so you understand what is this all about.

2021-03-05 Beginning

Wanted to try Better Contracts mod on PMC Grande Gardens 16km, it worked great on PMC Iowa Garden City 8km so had to give it a try on 16km terrain as well. Fields are huge with few tiny exceptions, its more like question about terrain game-play balance field size wise, I basically know better contracts mod works great but now I see how good or bad PMC Grande Gardens 16km field size design works with this mod and in Start From Zero in general.

2021-03-05T1247 Created new savegame and reset savegame to 0 money. Later while playing I noticed that New farmer game-mode includes CBJ midwest buildings placeables and those have nightly up keep, well not a big deal but in the future I must make sure to start farm manager game-mode or sell those placeables while prepping a savegame.

This savegame uses Seasons mod 9 day config.

Accepted contract for cultivating F89 with borrowed vehicles. Got some ridiculously narrow cultivator which was actually seeder of some sort.

Below when I accept cultivating contracts assume they are with borrowed vehicles until further notice, I just don't want to write too much copy pasted lines.

1258 Started cultivating F89, courseplay ETA 32min

Accepted contract for cultivating F90, again with ridiculously narrow small cultivator.

1307 Started cultivating F90, courseplay ETA 39min

Accepted contract for cultivating F91.

1315 Started cultivating F91, courseplay ETA 34min

Accepted contract for cultivating F92.

1319 Started cultivating F92, courseplay ETA 42min
1326 Finished F89, accepted reward 1.4k Smiley :)

Accepted contract cultivating F11, something a bit larger hectare wise 33.1ha.

1334 Started cultivating F11, courseplay ETA 1h 55min

Well there we go, first field work courseplay duration over one hour, pretty much two hours.

Accepted contract cultivating F10, this contract gave me case quadtrac and flexicoil st820 even though F10 is not that big, go figure.

1341 Started cultivating F10, courseplay ETA 21min
1341 Finished F90, accepted reward 1k
1344 Finished F91, accepted reward 1.4k

Accepted contract cultivating F19.

1352 Finished F92, accepted reward 1.4k
1354 Started cultivating F19, courseplay ETA 1h 2min

Budget now whopping 5.3k, "whohoo" Smiley :)

1400 Finished F10, accepted reward 5.2k

Accepted contract cultivating F01.

1409 Started cultivating F01, courseplay ETA 2h 50min

Accepted contract cultivating F31.

1431 Started cultivating F31, courseplay ETA 1h 20min
1441 Nap time...

Was snoozing off while playing, no good, had to go take a nap.

1735 Woke up... few minutes ago, while booting PMC Gaming up forgot to write it down, not more than ~10min ago.

Still scary numbers in courseplay durations here, oh well lets continue cultivating.

1739 Finished F19, accepted reward 15.1k

I was eyeballing wheat seeding contract for 2.6ha field which rewarded 7k... how can you make any profit from that when you have to buy seed as well, 1k liters seed bag cost 900 and 2.1k liter seed pallet cost 1.8k, no idea how much 2.6ha field would take seeds to plant wheat.

1804 Finished cultivating F11, contract, collected contract reward 17.2k

Budget now 43k, pretty nice start.

Going to take a lunch break here while cultivating contracts for F01 and F31 are running. When feeding is done then its time to see what contracts I have to choose from and maybe try a seeding contracts on those small fields.

1829 Feeding time over, back to contracts
1835 Finished cultivating F31, contracts, collected contract reward 21.8k
1840 Accepted contract for seeding wheat F90
1841 Purchased 2 1k liter seed bags for 1.8k
1846 Started contract seeding wheat F90, courseplay ETA 17min
1903 Finished contract seeding wheat F90, collected contract reward 7k.

Before accepting contract reward I drove the tractor + seeder into dealership and unloaded 673 liters (heh) of seeds, gotta save our product.

Immediately upon collecting contract reward a fertilizing contract for F90 popped up, okay this is how the money is done! Aayeah Smiley :)

1908 Accepted contract for fertilizing F90
1909 Purchased 2k liter liquid fertilizer tank for 3.2k
1914 Started fertilizing F90, contract, courseplay ETA 10min
1926 Finished fertilizing F90, contract, collected contract reward 5.5k.

Drove tractor + sprayer into dealership and unloaded 1.7k liters of liquid fertilizer before collecting the reward.

Budget now 71.9k oh wow money is coming in nicely.

1932 Finished contract cultivating F01, collected contract reward 23.6k.
1934 Accepted contract for seeding canola F92
1935 Purchased 2 1k liter seed bags for 1.8k
1940 Started contract seeding canola F92, courseplay ETA 25min
1942 Accepted contract for cultivating F02
1949 Started cultivating F02, contract, courseplay ETA 4h 32min
1951 Accepted contract for cultivating F32
1957 Started cultivating F32, contract, courseplay ETA 2h 31min
2001 Accepted contract for cultivating F03
2003 Finished contract seeding canola F92, collected contract reward 4.5k.

Drove tractor + seeder back to dealership, unloaded seeds before collecting contract reward.

2004 Started cultivating F03, contract, courseplay ETA 8h 27min
2008 Accepted contract for fertilizing F92
2009 Purchased 4 1k liter solid fertilizer pallets for 7.6k
2013 Started fertilizing F92, contract, courseplay ETA 6min

F89 through F92 are pitiful 2.6ha in size, these pay peanuts in contract rewards, even fertilizing contract only pays 5.5k, sure its easy and quick to finish but 5.5k is not much even to drive your vehicles to the field and back.

2019 Finished fertilizing F92, contract, collected contract reward 5k.

Drove tractor + spreader back to the shop, unloaded solid fertilizer before collecting contract reward. Hmm I'm not going to mention these one by one as its mere copy paste, so until I buy my own vehicles which need no unloading, assume I always do this dealership unload with product using contracts.

2024 Accepted contract for cultivating F18
2027 Started cultivating F18, contract, courseplay ETA 1h 35min
2030 Accepted contract for seeding oat F89
2035 Started contract seeding oat F89, courseplay ETA 39min
2044 Ceres Master 3570 ran out of seeds!
21?? Ceres Master 3570 ran out of seeds!
2123 Finished contract seeding oat F89, collected contract reward 6.5k.
2127 Accepted contract for fertilizing F89
2132 Started fertilizing F89, contract, courseplay ETA 10min
2140 Finished fertilizing F89, contract, collected contract reward 4.8k.

Budget now 103.9k, I broke one hundred kay. If I would get some large fertilizing contracts I could lease rubicon and really start to make big money.

2149 Accepted contract for seeding oat F19
2151 Purchased 4 2.1k liter seed pallets for 7.5k
2155 Started contract seeding oat F19, courseplay ETA 1h 25min
2157 Finished cultivating F18, contract, collected contract reward 23.2k.

Realized that I made a mistake taking so long cultivating contracts because once my budget reached enough to lease rubicon and few fertilizer pallets it would have been all set to time accelerate until fertilizing contracts start to appear probably the next day. But now with that insane 8hrs cultivating field work on F03, I need to wait, a long time. Most likely I'll lease a proper cultivating tractor and cultivator and go help, dunno.

222? Finished cultivating F32, contract, collected contract reward 15.5k.

So I didn't collect this reward yet because this tractor went to help on F03 contract.

2200 Purchased 2 2.1k liter seed pallets for 3.7k
2341 Purchased 2 2.1k liter seed pallets for 3.7k
2352 Finished contract seeding oat F19, collected contract reward 70.2k.
2356 Accepted contract for fertilizing F19
2357 Purchased 2 1k liter seed pallets for 3.8k
2359 Started fertilizing F19, contract, courseplay ETA 37min
2021-03-06T0032 Finished fertilizing F19, contract, collected contract reward 51.7k.

Budget now 230.1k there we go, reached two hundred thousand. This is pretty nice for in-game first days work and its not even night fall yet. Also need to consider I made couple of too long cultivating contract mistakes here, I could have made much more time optimized choices, oh well learned new contract doing ways here today.

F02 cultivating contract was bugging, it was stuck on 5 percent, I then cheat money added 61k to my account and cancelled this contract.

0123 Finished cultivating F03, contract, collected contract reward 71.8k.
And F32 too with 15.5k heh

Then time accelerating until next day. I need daylight and fertilizing contracts Smiley :)

Budget now 378.5k whoah!

No new contracts at morning daylight, so time accelerating until in-game 1200hrs.

03/early-spring in-game 0630hrs, new fertilizing contracts appeared.

Leased bredal k105 with extras and fendt 939 tractor. Purchased 5 1k liter fertilizer pallets for 9.6k

0135 Accepted contract for fertilizing F89, F90, F92 and F19
0139 Started fertilizing F89, contract, courseplay ETA 5min
0143 Finished fertilizing F89, contract, collected contract reward 5.4k.
0145 Started fertilizing F90, contract, courseplay ETA 5min
0149 Finished fertilizing F90, contract, collected contract reward 5.3k.
0150 Started fertilizing F92, contract, courseplay ETA 5min
0154 Finished fertilizing F92, contract, collected contract reward 5.5k.
0158 Started fertilizing F19, contract, courseplay ETA 36min

Fendt 939 with twin wheels initial lease cost was like 16k, that is more than all those small contracts combined, obviously coming together with big F19 payday it was fine, but overall that tractor was way overkill to pull small bredal k105, I could have gone with various smaller and cheaper tractors, guess I was eyeballing the top speed of 63km/h too much. That speed comes handy when traveling long distances but in these current contracts there was no distances to travel. Okay better lease choices next time heh.

0229 Finished fertilizing F19, contract, collected contract reward 57.5k.

Before collecting contract reward I drove tractor and spreader to dealership and unloaded 5k liters of fertilizer. Then returned leased tractor and spreader.

Then time accelerated until in-game 1200hrs noon. No new fertilizing contracts, more time accelerating...

03/early-spring in-game 1500hrs no new fertilizing contracts so going to skip the night.

04/early-spring in-game 0708hrs, more seeding and one fertilizing contract appeared. These one contract deals are really annoying as for example this is 32.2k reward and yes with cheapo bredal k105 and SMALL tractor its profitable... but you really should get more contracts than just one. In fact now I'm going to time accelerate some more because, well, what I just said.

Once I waited just few real life minutes, actually writing the above paragraph and then browsing contracts some more, new ones appeared (by hammering better contracts mod X new key).

Same old F89-F92, F19 contracts plus F64 all the way to SW, okay I'll take these with cheapo lease vehicles.

0241 Accepted contract for fertilizing F19, F64, F89, F90 and F92
0243 Leased bredal k105 with extensions and claas (forgot to write down model heh) for 12.4k
0245 Purchased 10 1k liter fertilizer pallets for 19.2k
0302 Started fertilizing F64, contract, manually with GPS
0319 Finished fertilizing F64, contract, collected contract reward 32.2k.
0336 Started fertilizing F92, contract, manually with GPS
0339 Finished fertilizing F92, contract, collected contract reward 5.5k.
0340 Started fertilizing F89, contract, manually with GPS
0343 Finished fertilizing F89, contract, collected contract reward 5.4k.
0345 Started fertilizing F90, contract, manually with GPS
0348 Finished fertilizing F90, contract, collected contract reward 5.3k.
0351 Started fertilizing F19, contract, courseplay ETA 36min
0423 Finished fertilizing F19, contract, collected contract reward 57.5k.

Returned leased tractor + spreader and then time accelerated to in-game 1208hrs, no new fertilizing contracts, skipped to 1508hrs and still no new contracts, ok lets skip the night then.

Budget 489k, uuh so close to half a million and rubicon 9000 cost Smiley ;)

05/mid-spring in-game 0702hrs, no new contracts, time accelerated to in-game 1207hrs, still nothing. Few fields do change stages when looking at the ESC mapview, so there is some AI activity going on. Clearly I should do cultivating or seeding contracts to make things run more quickly. Still nothing at in-game 1508hrs. Skipping another night then.

06/mid-spring in-game 0646hrs, same F64 fertilizing contract appeared, nothing else. Man that is such a long drive there that dunno if I bother for 32.2k reward heh, time accelerating to noon again Smiley :)

07/late-spring in-game 0623hrs, no new fertilizing contracts. 08/late-spring in-game 0622hrs, finally two new fertilizing contracts, apparently AI planted F10 and F11 which are right next to dealership so great places to drive to.

0457 Accepted contract for fertilizing F10, F11, F64

One of the contracts had rubicon 9000 as borrowed vehicle, excellent, don't even need to lease my own.

0500 Purchased 2 2.1k liter fertilizer pallets for 6.4k
0502 Started fertilizing F10, contract, courseplay ETA 7min
0508 Finished fertilizing F10
0510 Started fertilizing F11, contract, courseplay ETA 19min
0528 Finished fertilizing F11
0529 Purchased 4 2.1k liter fertilizer pallets for 12.8k
0539 Started fertilizing F64, contract, courseplay ETA 55min ??? 55min, really? (numbers stabilized after first pass)
0550 Finished fertilizing F64

Drove borrowed rubicon 9000 back to dealership and unloaded 7.3k liters of fertilizer before collected contract rewards and therefore returned the sprayer.

0601 Collected contract rewards for F10, F11 and F64 for 19.9k + 58.8k + 32.2k.

Budget now 580.4k, hey its rubicon 9000 purchase time next Smiley ;)

Time accelerated until in-game 1506hrs, one big fertilizing contract appeared and again with borrowing rubicon 9000, seems like that is the games favorite vehicle to borrow for big boy fertilizing.

0609 Accepted contract for fertilizing F02
0612 Started fertilizing F02, contract, courseplay ETA 50min
0616 Purchased rubicon 9000 with guidance steering for 504k Smiley :)
0617 Purchased 10 2k liter liquid fertilizer tanks for 32k
0621 My very first rubicon 9000 joined for F02 fertilizing contract Smiley :)
0639 Finished fertilizing F02, contract, collected contract reward 150.5k.

Budget now 195k plus my own rubicon 9000 of course Smiley :)

09/late-spring in-game 0626hrs, got very juicy half a million reward fertilizing contract.

0645 Accepted contract for fertilizing F07
0649 Purchased 4 1k liter fertilizer pallets for 7.6k
0653 Accepted contract for fertilizing F10, F11, F64
0715 Started fertilizing F07, contract, courseplay ETA 5h 7min
0736 Leased fendt 700 and bredal k105, purchased 10 1k liter fertilizer pallets for 19.2k
0739 Started fertilizing F10, contract, manually with GPS
0750 Finished fertilizing F10, contract, collected contract reward 19.9k.
0751 Started fertilizing F11, contract, courseplay ETA 40min
0828 Finished fertilizing F11, contract, collected contract reward 65.4k.
0833 Had to call it a night, dead tired...

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