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2024-01-19 Back To Grande Gardens

2024-01-19T06:13:37Z New farming day has started. Long time no see, first day of farming in 2024 Smiley :D

A lot has happened since I played PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero Farming Simulator 19 (FS19) savegame the last time, boy it feels almost like a life time ago. Been playing Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) and doing real life chores a lot in 2023, but now it seems like I need to mop up my old projects and one of the oldest is this savegame along with this story.

Moments ago fired up FS19 with this savegames mod-set, loaded it up and looked around, seems like all the vehicles are parked nicely after my previous farming sessions harvest season ended. No errors in the log and everything game wise seems to be running good, I also checked that my local area network (LAN) connection is up and OBS is capturing 4k 60FPS videos properly, everything seems to be ready to go Smiley :)

Had to create local notes page for PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero savegame progress tracking, its so difficult to know which field have I already harvested after those big terrain edits which reshuffled fields, their sizes and especially their numbers, some fields got added and some merged, it was / is a big mess. But I now have to just proceed of what I remember, there will be no cheating and if it were to happen that I skip some field because its marked harvested already but later is discovered not to be true, then this would be a mere accident. I want to harvest all the fields, finish this savegame properly.

Its almost foolish to use words "finish this savegame" at this point because there is just endless number of hectares and fields to harvest, including the big bad end boss F40 which will be completely insane historical feat to get done. But I'll proceed one field at the time, slow and steady. Always making progress. I really want to finish this savegame so it can be saved for historical archives. If I cannot finish this savegame in 2024 it would be a huge disappointment. Right now I have nothing else to do other than play FS19 with this savegame, so I don't see anything preventing me from finishing this within next few months, it would be cool if this savegame got done by summer of 2024.

I just hope there is not something that comes up which stops me from playing this savegame for another long break, you never know what life has in store for you, but my motivation at least right now is to get this thing done.


There was some fields to harvest list in one of my text files or local notes pages, but I cannot find it after going through all the html pages and local notes. So guess that is lost now. Most likely it would not be up to date anyways as the field numbers changed.

Okay I'm now looking at the current savegame situation, last harvest season finished at SE corner area, my harvest fleet is parked at F88 which I believe was the last field harvested. Moving towards W from there I see on the PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero savegame progress image that there is a group of fields not harvested yet close by.

These are F146, F147, F135, F136, F134, F133 and F156. Whats interesting is that I definitely remember harvesting that long narrow W-E direction F146 also F136 with the railroad tracks going by it feels very familiar. It would be utter waste of time to harvest fields again which I've already done in the past, just duplicating effort.

Decided to go re-scan the previous html page story to see if F146 is mentioned there, the catch is though... it might have been harvested before these field numbers changed. Err I mean I think... field numbers overall should be the same, new ones got added but I don't think any field numbers were moved or deleted, ie changed, that doesn't really make sense... so thinking like that and if I cannot find F146 in the previous stories, that would mean I remember wrongly and that field has not been harvested yet. Another way would be to check the field, if the field looks like "human harvested" meaning doesn't have the field definition only harvested part done by FS19 Seasons mod on new savegame creation, then it surely is harvested by me. Although that most likely would not show in this savegame because I just previously checked and this savegame is ONE (1) year old, so completely new, hasn't even rolled over to second year yet.

2024-01-19T06:36:12Z Went to check FS19 in-game F146, F147, F135 and F136, these are seasons new savegame reset field definition results, I have not harvested them manually in this year. However now that I ran through these fields, I'm even more sure that I have harvested these, I do remember how semi-truck grain trailers were parked etc. I'm going to go check PMC DevSurf for 2022 FS19 screenshots there should be some evidence there that I harvested these fields ...

2024-01-19T07:10:38Z Okay found a screenshot from 2021-12-19 which has me looking at F146 which is seeded, these fields had wrong field ID numbers back then, so apparently I did do some major editing which shuffled the numbers around, so now unfortunately I cannot believe anything these stories say at 2021 and 2022, most likely the change happened sometime at 2022. Man I hate this, what a fucking mess of having field numbers changed and no proper documentation done (or I cant find such docs) Smiley :(

But this means now that yeah I don't have to harvest F146 and F147 for sure Smiley :)

2024-01-19T07:23:27Z All screenshots from 2021 and 2022 checked, did not find further evidence, now I'm not sure about F135, F136, F134, F133 and F156. These are not large fields would not take long time to harvest them, but still kind of feel shitty that why cant I be sure if I harvested these before or not.

Maybe I just need to take the uncertainty hit from this, continue playing following the progress images painting and now after every farming session meticulously document which field has been harvested so this kind of shit show will never be repeated. I guess the only good thing coming out of this, is that I wont ever repeat this same mistake again, I now will document everything with screenshots and video captures. Hmm actually I might find some info from those video captures but man it would take forever to fast forward those episodes through.

2024-01-19T07:29:06Z Okay just came from PMC DevSurf computer after editing the GIMP image for harvested fields (progress image), over painted F146, F147 and hmm the next northern fields from there. I have no recollection if I did F133, F134 and F156 so those will now be my next goals, plant soybeans and harvest.

Okay time to start playing Smiley :)

This savegame is brand new, its now on year 1 which is fake, this whole savegame should be in dozens of years or something I have no idea, so unfortunately I cannot list years now as that doesn't mean anything.

02/mid-autumn in-game 1946hrs, weather +19C/+13C, now commences long time accelerating until soybeans planting season.

Hmm I do wonder though, I need to take a savegame backup from the dir before proceeding, just in case something comes up while playing I have to have 2022 era savegame to restore.

2024-01-19T07:42:18Z Took savegameBackup\ and savegame1\ dir backups. Alright now time acceleration commences...

Oh just realized this FS19 Seasons is now configured for 3 day season duration, guess this was done in 2022 to speed up the time acceleration process, I recall me reducing the amount of fields I plant in one season. I'll continue using this 3 day season, should be good.

Seasons game synchronizing dialog was up couple of minutes, gotta love FS19 Seasons and large terrains Smiley :)

Hmm now I'm wondering if autodrive XML configs for PMC Grande Gardens 16km is up to date in this existing savegame, or have I done some edits in some MASTER savegame without copying them over, I cant see how that would be the case though, if I edited waypoint routes in the MASTER savegame I would of course copy them over right away. So as Start From Zero was the last savegame I played then it means this now has the most up to date autodrive XML config.

While time accelerating days and getting delayed by that seasons sync dialog, I copy-pasted seeding soybeans lines for courseplay 2 tools on F134, F133, F156, F148 and F149. I think for 3 day seasons that is pretty decent workload, should be no problem getting it done. F14? are located in the south edge while others are more in the center-SE.

2024-01-19T08:13:46Z Recorded autodrive network waypoint routes around F135 and F136.

2024-01-19T08:20:53Z Recorded autodrive network waypoint routes around F133. Now my harvesting fleet can easily migrate to this location.

Then sent Big Bud 747s with Bourgault 3420-100 paralink hoe drills to F133 S. There wont be any seeding yet as its not planting season, but just want to move equipment around a bit.

Diesel refueled big bud 747s, not that they needed it but liquid tanker trailer semi-truck was nearby so why not. Then proceeded to drive claas lexion 8900s with midwest durus to header trailers, put headers into trailers and hooked up corn headers, now lexions are ready to move again.

Then it was time for just a quick break, should not be that long I'll leave PMC Gaming computer running with FS19 on but I will shut down monitor to save electricity just in case I spend time away more than 20min or so.

2024-01-19T09:18:34Z Back, alright planting season preparations continue, hmm I need to haul some seeds to the bourgault air carts, they are not low yet but I don't want to do that hustle while planting season is underway, so I need to grab one tipper/6 semi-truck grain trailer and fill it with 70k liters of seeds, it can then refill if air carts need it during planting season.

Unhooked tipper/6 rear trailer from one of the semi-truck road trains, then sent it to players farm F39 E target point, not sure what kind of route it takes as ETA is short and sweet 32 minutes! Smiley :o

Decided to record new autodrive network waypoint routes Smiley :)

Recorded autodrive network waypoint routes until the nearest route, engaged drive again and it was still over 20min duration, wonder if this is now the right route for it hmm, will have to ride along and see how close do I get.

Autodrive route was correct one, straight path to players farm F39 E where my farm grain bin silo is with 1.899m liters of seeds. Reached there and then got stopped by trailer obstacles, unhooked tipper/6 and moved those low boy trailers to place on the farm yard where there is no autodrive network waypoints.

Loaded 70k liters of seeds into tipper/6 trailer. But now I'm thinking long run, for me to seed many thousands, yes thousands, of hectares in the S area, mostly S-SW, I am going to need a lot of seeds, why would I spam this semi-truck route I did just now for all those times, wouldn't it be better to haul bunch of seeds now into some railroad depot, then pick them up with a train and haul into SE to some good centralized railroad depot there, much shorter drive to pickup seeds then.

Hmm honestly I cant remember if PMC Grande Gardens 16km train cars accept seeds, they should but would kind of suck if they didn't, do all that hauling for no reason. I just cant remember if they accept seeds and fertilizer, decided to go check at PMC DevSurf editing dir, saved game before stepping off...

2024-01-19T09:53:17Z Went and checked, the filltype category thing was "bulk", so I have to assume it accepts seeds and all kinds of grain. I'm going to try it, sure it might be a waste of time but I want to see if it works.

Dumped 70k liters of seeds into railroad silo 3.

2024-01-19T10:13:53Z Loaded 70k liters of seeds into NW train, okay this will work, great, I love these farmsim logistics on big boy terrains Smiley :D

Then I had autodrive route to setup which picks up seeds from farm bin silo 1 and dumps them into railroad silo 3. Then dumped another 70k liters of seeds to railroad silo 3 and loaded it into the NW train. This 140k liters should be enough for several real life days of planting season, but since I'm here I'll do one or two more loads until I get bored.

2024-01-19T10:51:32Z Dumped 280k liters of seeds into railroad silo 1 which is the N central depot.

Hmm but now after dumping those seeds I'm looking at this terrains railroad networks... I don't think that railroad silo 1 (N central) allows other than NW and NE trains to connect into the same depot, I don't see any way for SW or SE trains to link up with this depot, so my seeds are now only available in N side trains, hmph Smiley :?

Anyways now I have 70k liters of seeds in semi-truck grain trailer and its heading towards F133 E, at least I can refill bourgault 71300 air carts using this load.

2024-01-19T11:09:40Z Both bourgault 71300 air carts have been refilled with seeds, all good to go.

Took a quick restroom break, okay then nothing else to do than to time accelerate into soybeans planting season which is tomorrow.

02/mid-spring in-game 0950hrs, weather +11C/+11C, okay time to get to work Smiley :)

Courseplay was not co-operating with this field, I recall the field scanning option is disabled so need to record the outline first, hmm. No actually its just calculate field edge, no need to drive and record that outline.

2024-01-19T11:31:04Z Started seeding soybeans F133, courseplay, ETA 48min.

Seeding some soybeans, aayeah! Smiley :D

2024-01-19T11:34:38Z Started seeding soybeans F134, courseplay, ETA 32min.

These fields will be one tool per field, they are small enough to warrant that, otherwise it might be a tangled mess. That 48min field work duration is not too bad. It is still half an hour waiting time before F134 is seeded, not much to do in PMC Gaming computer with only one monitor, might get boring quite quick. Maybe I'll hop over to PMC DevSurf to check stuff or something, dunno.

Found a fun job for myself while courseplay is running field work courses; autodrive network waypoint route recording with pickup truck 1978 Smiley :)

2024-01-19T12:08:09Z Finished seeding soybeans F134.

This field work course actually drove vehicle into side of railroad depot, ouch. It was right in the end on last turn, I managed to quickly finish this field then.

2024-01-19T12:11:37Z Now two things happened, alarm went off for a lunch break and then I spotted a terrain bug, F156 N end has placeable buildings in the field edge, oh man terrain bugs ruin my fun today. Okay hmm I'm making a decision to start my lunch break now, I'll watch this F133 courseplay run into the end of the course and then savegame and call it a day. It was a pretty good return for PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero, tomorrow I get to farm a lot more when I have plenty of time.

2024-01-19T12:19:46Z Finished seeding soybeans F133.

Then saved game and exited FS19, more farming tomorrow.

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