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2021-12-19 Soybeans Harvest

2021-12-19T18:12:00Z Back at PMC Gaming booting FS19 up, this savegame now has 1067hrs on it. Today is soybeans harvest day, well those four fields I seeded. Should be no problem getting them harvested.

As with previous harvest I'm not going to store the grain but just sell it directly in the closest selling point, now I have two options, selling point 3 or 4, both equally far apart judging by the eye, looks like SP3 is my choice of location.

First going to record a semi-truck grain hauling course there before starting to harvest, because these fields are so close together I'll try to see if I could do only one route meaning one grain cart unloading point, it might be just a little bit too far for it to work. I can do one route for F154 and F155 but the two other fields north side of that farm yard and tree line, yeah they need own route.

I recorded semi-truck grain hauling courseplay route. Then decided to put 2 combines to F154 and 2 to F155 as the semi-trucks are waiting right in between of these fields I should be able to handle driving grain carts just fine.

Was about to start harvesting until noticed that crops are still moist from the last night, its now in-game 03/late-autumn 0931hrs, weather 5/7C. Need to time accelerate until we can harvest. In-game 1651hrs crops are dry to harvest, wow that's late in the afternoon, lets hope there wont be any problems with weather conditions on this harvest season.

2021-12-19T18:31:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F154, courseplay ETA 47min, 2x tools
2021-12-19T18:35:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F155, courseplay ETA 56min, 2x tools

I was really surprised how long this harvest course took, on F155 it was pretty much an hour, plus then all the time combines have to stop because I cannot keep with grain cart driving, interesting as these were supposedly small fields. Guess they weren't small enough Smiley :)

I do love courseplay but both of these courses the combines did what I call the "fruit-less loop" (or "victory loop"), meaning after finishing headland they did another headland not cutting anything but still driving 10km/h cutting speed with headers down until they reached end of the headland and actually started to cut. I am not sure if courseplay devs are aware of this issue or am I generating field work course with wrong settings, but this fruit-less loop probably ate good portion if the course estimate duration time. During this loop I was just watching farmhand mike youtube videos.

2021-12-19T19:32:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F154
2021-12-19T19:34:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F155

Next F141 and F142 are just a hop away towards north so I'm not going to switch combine headers for the travel mode just for this short distance, I just drive them over to north and back again once harvest is done.

Selling point 7 (railroad) is closest selling point so going to record a grain truck route over there.

2021-12-19T19:59:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F141, courseplay ETA 51min, 2x tools
2021-12-19T20:01:00Z Started harvesting soybeans F142, courseplay ETA 49min, 2x tools

03/late-autumn in-game 1905hrs, weather 9/7C. It started to get so dark I cannot see the vehicles nearby, harvest season is almost over so wont be a big problem but yeah getting pretty close to pitch black dark.

Courseplay field work course for F141 is really bad, most of the time is spent on combines driving hundreds of meters away from the field when they are doing those diagonal turns, just almost useless course. I should probably check settings to make it north/south direction the next time with field shaped like this. It would have been faster to drive one combine with GPS I'm sure, this is now just minutes after minutes combines driving in middle of nowhere off the field.

2021-12-19T20:57:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F142
2021-12-19T21:00:00Z Finished harvesting soybeans F141

In-game 1920hrs and horizon still has a bit light but ground level is pitch black dark. But that doesn't matter because harvest season is DONE Smiley :)

2021-12-19T21:12:00Z All the soybeans sold, vehicles parked, combines and grain carts folded, everyone is ready for the night. And so am I.

Yeah my day has just started, slept good last night and all, but right now in this savegame... I don't want to time accelerate to the next years spring planting season and start over again, I just... dunno what I want to do but that new season just doesn't appeal to me at all.

I think this is my overall burnout and the amount of fields to work in this re-designed PMC Grande Gardens 16km, it feels like starting over in 8km terrain hehe. No matter how hard I would work on these new and remaining old fields... this savegame would take more than a month to finish, bare minimum.

Dunno if its loser attitude that your workload is so large that you don't even start, heh maybe. I mean if you never start anything, then you never achieve any goals. What else is new, hoho.

Aanyways. I'm going to shut down FS19 now and ... maybe watch some tv before cooking lunch. Cant plan further ahead than that.

2021-12-19T21:18:00Z Shut down FS19.

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