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2021-12-19 PMC Grande Gardens 16km v1.1.13 Upgrade

2021-12-19T04:30:00Z New farming day has started with editing, new v1.1.13 is upon us.

I took design doc cultivator_density into GIMP and merged all the tiny little girlie men fields. Almost all fields are now decent sizes so ESC mapview field ID indicator numbers have plenty of room. Also all fields are very much four combine compatible Smiley ;)

Today I'm going to create fresh new savegame and try to port over the items.xml and vehicles.xml so that trains are all there.

I tried to merge old savegame vehicles.xml with new one, no dice, it simply doesnt work, the IDs get out of sync like tractor and its implement are no longer connected. In this attempt I had semi-truck huge 70k tipper/6 trailer get attached to a PICKUP-TRUCK heh it was hilarious. All other vehicles were tossed around with their implements.

Really sad about this, I do not know how to preserve my vehicles and bring in those trains in as well, not to mention the new placeable buildings from items.xml file.

Oh well this needs more thought down the line, maybe I'll try to get this porting done line by line on PMC DevSurf when I'm bored.

2021-12-19T04:55:00Z Copied old items.xml and vehicles.xml into savegame dir and launched it, set seasons to 3 days. Kind of odd there is no option for 1 day like fs22, hmm.

Started to look around, fly with that dev console camera thingy, I want to see how the new fields look and which ones I might start to work on next, if everything looks OK.

I didn't really have that farming feeling right now mostly because this re-design is still unfinished. There are many fields now which merge in ESC mapview as they are too close to each other, field ID number clutter has been pretty much fixed so it was a step into the right direction, but I'm still put off by the mapview field merging, its extremely disorienting to navigate if the mapview is just a big blob. But I guess this is now nightly build latest developments incremental testing one byte at the time so to speak. In a way it makes more sense to do few edits and then test those instead of spending weeks hammering what looks good in GIMP/editor only to find out in-game that oh wow this doesn't work at all (which pretty much was what happened with this initial re-design project phase).


Decided to go plant soybeans into somewhere in SE region's new fields. First drove courseplay route with pickup 1978 truck for big bud 747 seeding tractors.

2021-12-19T05:24:00Z Drove and parked big bud 747 bourgault 3420-100 paralink hoe drill seeding setup to F154, now only need to time accelerate until soybeans temperatures arrive.

03/late-spring in-game 0939hrs, weather 15/15C and forecast predicts rain starting in 1500hrs, which doesn't matter for us as we can seed in the rain, not to mention that this seeding finished within minutes rather than hours.

2021-12-19T05:33:00Z Started seeding soybeans F154, courseplay ETA 10min, 2x tools
2021-12-19T05:45:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F154
2021-12-19T05:47:00Z Started seeding soybeans F155, courseplay ETA 15min, 2x tools
2021-12-19T06:05:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F155

Somewhat quick work for these small fields, well small to this terrain, sure they look massive when you compare to the useless 2km terrain fields I've gotten used to in FS22 elmcreek hehe.

Honestly at this point I wasn't feeling the passion to farm, I'm just burnt out and don't have the motivational drive I usually have when playing these. I'm just watching farmhand mike youtube video now and, well, basically wondering what could I do next (that would interest me).

Looking at the nearby fields, just north from my position there are F139-F142 which are new to me, kind of odd shapes ones, hmm guess I could go seed those, wouldn't grow this season too long yet.

Drove the first big bud 747 to F141 and generated course, this field is very long N/S direction but courseplay in is wisdom decided to generate that kind of diagonal back and worth time wasting course, oh well I have time to watch real life farming youtube videos. Only one vehicle for this field as its so small, well narrow.

2021-12-19T06:15:00Z Started seeding soybeans F141, courseplay ETA 24min
2021-12-19T06:18:00Z Started seeding soybeans F142, courseplay ETA 25min
2021-12-19T06:40:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F141
2021-12-19T06:41:00Z Finished seeding soybeans F142

I think that is enough for terrain v1.1.13 lets see how we harvest these and then think about what to do next, edit or continue playing.

03/late-autumn in-game 0857hrs, weather 4/7C and forecast predicts clear weather for the next few days. Soybeans are ready to harvest.

2021-12-19T07:19:00Z My sleeping schedule was way off, I was in-between modes could not really tell if I'm ready to go to bed or eat my next meal. Or starting this next harvest, but wasnt yawning too bad so decided to start moving harvest equipment fleet to these soybean fields, we'll proceed one step at the time, nice and easy, no pressure.

Got harvest fleet moved and combine harvesters unpacked, however at this point my farming/gaming motivation was quite low, not excatly tired yet but just had no mental energy to start hustling this soybeans harvest, so I saved game and ...

2021-12-19T07:38:00Z Shut down FS19.

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