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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2020-09-16 Struggling With Boredom

2131 FS19 booted back up, this savegame now has 727 hours in it.
2131 Started harvesting F30 North Central

Last night I finished F30 NE, but again forgot to write it down, not only that but also starting of F30 North Central, I seem to completely forget these writings now as I'm so used to video recording with simple scroll lock key. Well what can you do.

2020-09-17T0035 Finished harvesting F30 North Central
0040 Shut down FS19 or rather this savegame as I was so bored of harvesting soybeans on massive field, need to take a break.

Edit: 2024-01-28T20:29:00Z, merged with next page because this was too short.

2232 FS19 started, lets get back to harvesting another snippet of F30. This savegame now has 730 hours in it.

2254 Started harvesting soybeans F30 NW, courseplay 4 tools ETA 1h 55min

2020-09-18T0054 New day has started, F30 NW about 80 percent harvested.
0117 Finished harvesting soybeans F30 NW

Again decided to call it a night regarding farming, don't feel like starting center west (or east not sure) section of this big field, that is for another farming day.

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