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2019-07-16 Time Acceleration For Contracts

1335 Back at PMC Gaming and starting FS19 up, lets continue Start From Zero!
1350 Time accelerating and now fields started to be harvested, a lot of cultivating contracts appeared, few seeding ones as well. Fertilizing contracts cant be far away now. But yeah this waiting is killing me, it feels like I've been sitting in time acceleration in-game time for DAYS.
1428 FINALLY one spraying (herbicide) contract appeared and by miracle it was s small 20.9ha 33.5k reward one. This is something I can do easily.
1430 Accepted contract for fertilizing F64, with borrowed rubicon 9000.
1443 Started fertilizing F64, contract.
1457 Finished fertilizing F64, contract, did not collect the reward yet.

My first herbicide contract was done with no GPS or courseplay, like it should be Smiley :) I then drove the rubicon 9000 back to the shop and unloaded the remaining 4 or so thousand liters of herbicide to pallets so I can use it later.

1507 Collected contract reward 23.9k and therefore returned the borrowed sprayer. Budget now 59.4k

I was looking at the many cultivating contracts which would easily pass the time waiting for fertilizing contracts, but I want to keep the tradition of no courseplay use before I have my own vehicles. Yes I know this is silly "rules for no reason" stuff, but if you don't have any rules why not just money cheat and win the game instantly? Right heh. Anyways once I start to use courseplay then such cultivating contracts would be nice fillers as the only effect they have on your game-play is that you cant or at least shouldnt time accelerate when youre doing those (there must be some timeout when the contract expires, even if youre doing it).

1550 At in-game time 1146hrs, no idea how many days this is now, it started to rain. Weather overall has been very nice overcast which looks interesting instead of the empty sunny sky. Still no fertilizing contracts, I'm still waiting with time acceleration...
1620 First fertilizing contract appeared, whohoo! Smiley :)
1621 Accepted contract for fertilizing F68
1622 Leased rubicon 9000 with guidance steering for 25.7k

Felt really good to get first fertilizing contract after all this stupid waiting in time acceleration. When I was waiting it was 120 time and usually ALT-TABbing to do some other stuff, like can you believe it I was reading the Iowa Garden City Start From Zero story (yesterday I read the FS17 Cornbelt one) hehe.

This first fertilizing contract is for 56.4ha field which gives 111.4k reward, pretty nice starter contract. Hopefully there will be plenty of more when I finish this one. This 56ha is no big deal for rubicon, it will be done quick. I'm planning on using guidance steering here even though this is not my first owned vehicle yet, its just too cumbersome to steer manually, I do not use courseplay until I own my own vehicles.

1634 Started fertilizing F68, contract.
1704 Finished fertilizing F68, contract, collected contract reward 111.4k. Budget now 129.2k

No fertilizing or spraying contracts, I got leased vehicle, hmm wonder if I start to lose too much money with the hourly lease if I time accelerate when waiting for the contracts to appear. I bet if I return this sprayer there will be more contracts like minute later heh. I drove rubicon to the shop, refilled that one half pallet and then decided to time accelerate some more, the other fertilizing contracts cant be that much far out now...

1729 At in-game time 0145hrs it stopped raining.
1756 At in-game time 0000hrs daily vehicle maintenance costs were like 5k or so, this is the leasing stuff. Not too bad actually, well relatively speaking (obviously if you only time accelerate through the whole day for 5k then that sucks). Oh weather forecast is for rain, again, wow.
1800 At in-game time around before 0400hrs it started to rain.
1807 Finally next contract appeared which I'm interested at.
1809 Accepted contract for spraying F62
1818 Started spraying F62, contract.
1831 Finished spraying F62, contract, collected contract reward 33.5k. Budget now 142.1k

I drove rubicon 9000 back to the vehicle shop and while doing that was thinking that okay lets lease truck and low boy because this driving around is just huge waste of time, it takes a really long time to drive half across the terrain in this 16km beast Smiley :)

1913 At in-game time around before 1655hrs stopped raining.
1917 At in-game time 0000hrs 15.6k of vehicle leasing costs, so yeah thats quite a lot for one day especially thinking that I got 33.5k reward from the last contract, measily 15k for the whole day then. Yesterdays profit was 17.9k hmm I'm going to return this leased rubicon before midnight tonight so I don't have to pay another lease cost with the daily payment thing. Unless of course those fertilizing contracts appear.

I'm really finding it weird how the fertilizing contracts appear, unless I'm mistaken on previous iowa garden city I received new fertilizing missions every game day, now I blast through days with time acceleration like there is no tomorrow (no pun intended). Hmm wonder if its the crop growth control mod that causes some havoc on the crop stages that they take crazy long to switch or something.

This is a huge 16km x 16km terrain so I bet all these long crop growth stage etc switching issues are because of the insane terrain size (insane for FS19 crap engine).

1937 Started to see seeding contracts appear, so fertilizing contracts are still far away, returned rubicon 9000 as I'm not going to pay more lease while waiting.
1947 At in-game time 0000hrs no costs were deducted, good.
1952 Decided to remove crop growth control mod, I had no evidence of it causing any issues but I just felt uneasy with it as also it doesn't actually do anything for me now with the default settings unless I'm mistaken. So its just my piece of mind that field stages work as base game sets them (and 16km monster terrain).
2001 At in-game time about 1400hrs it started to rain, oh didn't even notice the weather forecast unless I got lost ALT-TABbing too long heh. It definitely does rain a lot around here.
2009 At in-game time before 0500hrs stopped raining, but weather forecast shows more rain coming (now its sunny skies), regular monsoon season hah.
2012 Switched plant growth to fast, maybe that helps to speed up the harvests and gets me some fertilizing contracts quicker.
2015 At in-game time before 1500hrs it started raining, again.

Still no fertilizing contracts, its almost like the game can smell a contract horny farmer hehe. I am pretty sure on the garden city story there was more than enough fertilizing contracts, now it seems like actual real life hours pass by with me sitting here in x120 time acceleration fiddling my thumbs. I am getting really frustrated, almost feel like stop playing right about now.

I'm getting paranoid, already start to think that even the x120 time acceleration is too fast to screw up the crop growth stage switching same as x300 or higher does.

2025 Shut down FS19 as I was getting physically tired and so frustrated about the current state of game-play, I want to PLAY, not time accelerate. I'll take a nap or something, more farming later.
2331 Back at PMC Gaming, lets continue farming. I had plans to take a nap but instead I watched a movie and after that felt great, wanted to get back to farming and here we are, lets continue time accelerating waiting for those rare fertilizing contracts hehe.
2336 At in-game time 1235hrs stopped raining.

2019-07-17T0001 Finally fertilizing contract appeared! Yeah!
0002 Accepted contract for fertilizing F12
0003 Leased rubicon 9000 with guidance steering, purchased few more fertilizer pallets, loaded the baby up and off I go.
0010 Started fertilizing F12, contract.
0036 Finished fertilizing F12, contract, collected contract reward 101.1k. Budget now 202.9k.

And then again no more fertilizing contracts. The lease price for the vehicle is pretty steep if you do like one contract per lease, but lets hope this time I get bunch of these contracts, but if nothing shows up before in-game midnight (its now 1140hrs) I will return this vehicle because it hasnt been very promising so far...

0043 Forecast had rain AGAIN.
0046 Time accelerated almost until in-game midnight and no contracts, so I returned rubicon 9000.

That contract did not take long to complete, it was fairly easy task, but with the lease price I only profited 65.8k from it. The charges were already deducted I did not get any fees at midnight, odd, I though there was hourly usage thing, at least there is daily but guess I already paid it at the time of leasing.

0050 At in-game 0030hrs it started to rain. How many rain is this already, feels like it rains every other day hehe.
0054 Time accelerated to in-game morning and still no fertilizing contracts.

I'm starting to get more and more frustrated with the lack of fertilizing contracts. There was them back when I had no money for fertilizer product, great ones like two one million contracts which I'd kill for right about now, but yeah... how many frigging in-game days do I have to fast forward to get some, hrr...

Can you believe a thought actually crossed my mind that maybe I should give up on this career savegame and it is just impossible to get this stuff started like this. Obviously the hard life of farmer is the great thing in zero starts, that once you get onto your feet then it feels SO MUCH better when you know you've earned all the lands and big buds and cool toys. But I don't know man, this is pretty ridiculous of how many in-game days have I time accelerated, even real life hours played I have spend several hours just doing that, no joke.

0115 At in-game time 2330hrs stopped raining.

Decided that I'm waiting until in-game morning and if there are no fertilizing contracts by then (oh wow, ultimatum) I'm going to start a career without mods in ravenport to check how often fertilizing contracts appear there. I am still not sure if my own understanding of their frequency is incomplete, I just feel like there should be more as I have thoroughly explained above.

0120 In-game morning arrived and guess what, no fertilizing contracts. Saved and exited, I need to test contracts on giants terrain to get a solid reference point.
? didn't write down what time I started back up and just hit x120 time acceleration and started to watch youtube farming videos, I'm so sick and tired of waiting.
0223 Just after writing the above got fertilizing contract for one of the 4ha fields so it was useless and spraying contract for 81.9k reward, however its not worth to lease sprayer because I would only get about fifty grand out of that. Oh and it was raining again heh.
0233 Rain had stopped, still no contracts, blah...
0303 I give up...

Still no darn fertilizing contracts, this is insane. Why the hell am I playing a game of time accelerating so that I can play a game? I have played two days now and so far done like what, four contracts? Come on man, are you crazy or what. Enough is enough, I'm done with this shit.

There must be something bugging in PMC Grande Gardens 16km terrain as there are no contracts when you x120 time accelerate. I'm giving it a one last chance by not time accelerating anymore, I'm just taking few contracts I can do with courseplay and relax by generally ALT-TABbing doing something else. If in few hours of real life time there is no changes on the contracts list... then its clear that something is bugging with this terrain (or rather giants engine on 16km terrains).

0308 Accepted contract for cultivating F57. In-game time is now 0655hrs.
0316 Started cultivating F57
0547 At in-game time 0933hrs still no change in contracts list.
0605 Shut the game down, been up more than 16hrs its time to call it a night... but honestly, dunno what I'm going to do tomorrow with this contract issue...

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