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Garden City, Iowa, Start From Zero

Please read the background idea for our farm sim stories so you understand what is this all about.

2019-04-17T1315 Started Iowa Garden City v0.2.3 farm-manager mode in single player and saved career. Then edited savegame for PMC start from zero mode Smiley :)

Rules for the starting part were that no guidance steering or courseplay until I buy my own vehicles... except with the land buying being so much more expensive I decided to use guidance steering with leased vehicles.

Took a 42k harvest contract for F105 of 25.4ha, it was in the far NE edge of the terrain, quite a journey to drive vehicles there and had to take product to sale point 4 which was again almost in the other side of the terrain heh. Yeah, the fun of driving around Smiley :)

1336 started to actually harvest the field, combines header hit the crop.

I had a lunch while this contract was running, but that didnt take long.

This first contract in start from zero mode definitely brought memories from FS17 Cornbelt Start From Scratch career.

1715 contract was finished (100% status) but field was not fully harvested. Knowing I'm getting the money from the harvest that goes over the 100% stage I continued to harvest.

About 10min or so later the field was harvested and I finished off the leftovers and then headed to sell the grain. Drove the truck to sale point 6 and sold the grain to my own pocket, got over 100k which was nice. Then decided not to take anymore harvest contracts as it takes forever and just accepted the contract payment which was like 30k something, my total budget now 145,501 Smiley :)

Yes it took a very long time even if we only count from 1336 to 1715 its oh my gosh (just realizing this) 3h 39min! Smiley :(

1753 Accepted one fertilizing contract by leasing (borrow option) rubicon 9000 sprayer, then quite greedily accepted ALL remaining fertilizing contracts without leasing vehicle, I got like a huge load of them which was great. Takes a long time sure, but definitely gets me a lot of money too. Only bad thing is that by automatically leasing the rubicon it now has no guidance steering in it. Oh well, manual driving baby, poor farmer can't be picky Smiley :)

When I started to purchase and refill rubicon with liquid fertilizer I realized that I should have just leased the vehicle with my own money instead of the contracts menu borrow option. That way I would have got fully maintained vehicle and option to buy guidance steering for it. Oh well, wont make that mistake again.

1759 started fertilizing F02
? finished fertilizing F02

Forgot to write the finishing time down heh, as usual (from FS17 cornbelt story heh). Accepted the completed contract but unfortunately F02 was not the field I leased the vehicle, so have to continue with this leased non guidance steering version.

1848 started fertilizing F137

When fertilizing this second field I was thinking what was already known that taking fertilizing contracts using rubicon 9000 is like printing money. It is very fast vehicle with 25km/h speed and incredible 48.5m width in the sprayer. Also with the variable spray rate mod you can control how quickly fertilizer is expended and in the lowest setting the 9000 liter tank lasts a really long time. You just zip through those fields in no time. When you run out of fertilizing contracts you're almost bummed out heh.

? finished fertilizing F137, and yet again forgot to write down when contract completed, amazing, dumbass.
? started fertilizing F38
? finished fertilizing F38

2021 I give up, why am I not remembering writing down when field is done heh. Anyways. I collected the current finished contracts and one of them had the rubicon leased vehicle so it disappeared, great now I can lease new one with guidance steering. My budget is 460,271 pretty nice even though its been several hours that I've been working on this career now.
2023 leased rubicon 9000 with guidance steering for 25,704 initial cost. I mentioned that I wont be using guidance steering or courseplay before I OWN my vehicles, but here I just leased this one with guidance steering. Well yeah, hmm Smiley ;)

? started fertilizing F39
? finished fertilizing F39
? started fertilizing F47
2057 finished fertilizing F47, whee didnt forget to write down the time haha Smiley ;)
? started fertilizing F88
? finished fertilizing F88, yep dont remember nuthin' it seems heh. somewhere around 2205hrs or so.
2213 purchased my own hardi rubicon 9000 sprayer with guidance steering for 504,000, budget now 83,699 Smiley :)
? started fertilizing F113
2247 finished fertilizing F113

After finishing F113 I was dead tired so went to sleep, more farming tomorrow.

2019-04-18T0917 Back at PMC Gaming and fired up FS19, lets continue farming. Started fertilizing F125.

Yesterday after my doom and gloom placeable FS19 system thoughts it turned out actually really profitable. I was quite surprised I made so much money in so few hours, well I mean "few" heh how many hours did I play total like 1330hrs to 2245hrs heh. Thats roughly 9 damn hours of straight game-play doing contracts, wow. So end of that day I had purchased my own rubicon 9000 and had maybe 50 thousand of money, so guess it was roughly 600,000 gained in 9 hours.

In FS17 start from scratch it took me from 0224hrs to 0904hrs doing missions until I purchased first field for 110,278.

0925 finished fertilizing F125

Budget now 173,407 and there are no more fertilizer contracts so I need to time accelerate to get some. I dont want to cultivate or harvest not to mention plow heh, as those would take forever to complete and then you get peanuts as pay.

BTW on the first day I got contract income of 661,202 which is quite amount for one days work even as it took me several real life hours.

Used time acceleration to get through the first night, no new contracts. Then at the daytime continued to accelerate in one hour increments using x600 time scale.

At in-game time 1900hrs weather forecast was showing rain arriving soon. Still no fertilizing contracts in fact the contracts were same for hours of in-game time. At 2100hrs about in-game time the rain started, was funny to see all the harvest contracts which you cannot do while its raining heh.

After midnight in-game time no fertilizing contracts. I could easily kill a lot of time doing the cultivating contracts for example, but I rather do something interesting than get bored to death for two three or more hours. At 0600hrs in-game time got new sowing contract, nothing interesting to me though. It was still raining. At in-game 0700hrs rain ended, still no new contracts.

1031 decided to take the plow contracts by before hand leasing big bud 450 and john deere 2623 disk. Yeah it takes a while to complete those, but hopefully by that time we have fertilization contracts. flex disk lease was 4,845 and big bud with guidance steering and twin wheels 12,852 initial cost.
1038 started ploughing F65, 49.9ha
1138 roughly half way done plowing the field
1321 finished ploughing F65

Over two hours ploughing task, heh damn these times are no joke. I feel exactly like in previous start from scratch career how hard this beginning part is. Well not hard but just so boring as the stuff takes forever and you have nothing to do because you are operating only one vehicle.

Next field is F103 in the NE corner which is 31.3ha in size.

1334 started ploughing F103
1517 finished ploughing F103, budget now 262,569

Theoretically I could now purchase my first piece of land, the lot around F45 costs 208k but that would not leave much money for new vehicles, actually none, there is no way to buy any sort of usable vehicles with sixty grand.

Oh and contracts were still in the same state as before, just harvest and cultivating available. So I returned leased equipment. Decided to drive rubicon 9000 sprayer from SE part of the terrain to vehicle shop (center) because it needs a refill. Purchased some liquid fertilizer pallets from the shop and topped up rubicon, its now all ready for next money printing.

1537 No new contracts so going to time accelerate in one hour increments until something comes up.
1542 In-game day changed and yesterdays profit (after expenses) were 79,562. Still no new contracts. I can see all the harvest ready fields are slowly one by one getting harvested, I bet the plow and cultivating contracts appear soon.

In-game 0900hrs and still no new contracts. 1100hrs two more harvesting contracts appeared, zzz... 1300hrs saw F65 getting seeded, hopefully it will need fertilizing soon. 1600hrs two cultivating contracts appeared, fields side by side, hmm.

1555 Accepted cultivating contracts for F32 and F85, leased big bud 450 for 12,852 and john deere 2410 5 section for 3,825. Was going to lease flexicoil but this JD 2410 has 18km/h speed which is great.

1605 started cultivating F32, for measily 18.5k which barely covers the equipment lease, these cultivator contracts arent very good.
1658 finished cultivating F32

During cultivating all the harvest contracts were replaced with cultivating and plowing contracts. Once I get done with the second field I go through them maybe I could do one or more, doubtful though as this already feels so dead slow. I really need to wait for the fertilizing contract which are quick and net huge loads of money. After writing this the first fertilization contract appeared and it was massive 212k one for F67, wow with that single contract I can buy the land lot around F45, heh thats cool.

1659 started cultivating F85
1808 finished cultivating F85

Okay so vehicle leasing costs for this cultivation was 30,412 because obviously its not only the initial cost but hourly running costs and as you can see from the timestamps I had these guys for just over TWO hours. Contracts paid 45,554 so the total profit was 15,143... really? two hours of boredom and I got 15k? REALLY? Smiley :(

Budget now 268,113

I must say... I love playing FS19, but this is just madness to spend two hours on boring back and forth on a field to gain 15k money. I mean seriously imagine all the real life chores or entertainment you could have got done in two hours, heh this is just crazy, I can't keep doing dumb stuff like this.

So lets do more! HEHEH! Smiley :D

Yeah gotta take the fertilization contract as its too good to pass, so much money from that.

1814 Accepted F67 fertilization contract for 212k
1818 started fertilizing F67

When I started fertilizing it was in-game 1928hrs so getting pretty dark, this will be a night fertilization then. While rubicon 9000 is a beast of a sprayer, this field will take a moment as its 107ha.

1904 Noticed spraying herbicide contract for F103 so I took it, worth 50k.
1925 finished fertilizing F67

Budget now 472,001 pretty nice, now I can purchase my first land lot and maybe I could squeeze in fertilizer/herbicide refill stations there so I can keep my sprayer running on contracts.

Refilled rubicon with herbicide in-game 2040hrs so quite night time dark, then off to F103 in NE corner.

1939 started spraying F103
1957 finished spraying F103

Budget now 512,488 yeah baby half a million dollah Smiley ;)

2001 Contracts had nothing but plowing, sowing and cultivating available. Wonder if seeding contracts would be profitable if you already had decent seeder.
2007 Was getting late for me and game-play was in the stage where I need to decide if I buy the land now or not, so decided to leave that for tomorrow and call it a night. I was a great day of farming (long, boring, low profit hehe) and we'll continue tomorrow.

2019-04-19T0502 back at PMC Gaming and fired up FS19. Lets do some farming.

Budget 512k. F45 which is 12.2 hectares has been harvested so it needs all the work done to get a new harvest out of it. I went through the cheapest vehicles and they look really poor, can't imagine how it is to harvest a field even this small (I cant remember what cornbelt F10 was hmm). Maybe I should do few more fertilizing contracts...

But if I go to do more fertilizing contracts to get money for better starting vehicles, where does it end? How much money is enough? Am I going to do fertilize contracts with the time acceleration shuffle until I can buy big buds with seed hawks? heh, nope Smiley :)

Plan to purchase:
- land (F45) 208k
- seed tank 7.5k
- liquid fertilizer tank 8.5k
- herbicide tank 8.5k
- tractor to pull seeder and grain trailer, 150hp fiat 1300dt with gps and rear twin wheels 76.5k
- seeder 85hp, amazone D8 30 13k
- cultivator 100hp, rau polymag 300 7k
- trailer for grain strautmann sek 802 with cover 12.5k
- harvester bizon super z056 with gps 99k
- header 4.2m fmt z056h 27k

0537 Purchased land lot with F45, then the listed equipment. Started to drive the vehicles and equipment to my farm, ie F45 land lot. Farm has been started Smiley :D

While driving my new Fiat 1300 DT to the farm and back at whopping 25km/h speed I was thinking how funny it is to drive the lowest of low starter equipment while I still have that monstrous rubicon 9000 sprayer heh.

0603 After I drove cultivator and seeder to the farm I realized I still need lime spreader and plow. Oh my, why didnt I checked that before, not that it would have changed my initial land lot purchase point but still.

- spreader bredal k105 with extensions 47.7k
- plow 150hp agro maz poh 5 14k

0610 It was in-game 2224hrs night time and no fertilizer contracts so decided just to skip time until the next morning. In-game morning there was no fertilizer contracts yet.

It started to rain, which is really odd because it usually is hardly even cloudy and now I get second day of rain in short time.

0653 Purchased plow 2m salford 4204 13k
0707 Started ploughing F45 larger, not really the field itself this area was just the umm new inner part. Using courseplay, for the first time in this career.
0717 I was falling asleep in front of the computer, no idea how I got this tired so quickly. Decided to go take a nap and let courseplay run the plow.
1008 Woke up.
1008 Finished ploughing F45 larger. Dunno when this finished the counter said 1h 12min duration and I slept 2h 45min or so heh. Tractor was circling around the end point with half a tank of gas Smiley :)
1017 Started ploughing F45 larger on north. Made a small area on the north side to enlarge the field.

When I started this second field edge plowing session I thought that once I get vehicle for plowing and cultivating (I mean a bit larger) I can take those contracts and just set courseplay running them, its quite trouble free at that point because you can run your farm but your equipment is being used (by courseplay) to work on someone elses field.

And now when courseplay was running on my own vehicle in my own field I really got the flashbacks from FS17 Cornbelt start from scratch Smiley :)

1052 Finished ploughing F45 larger on north
1056 Took a cultivating contract for F07, 10.5ha.

Yes even as I have the smallest cultivator in the game, heh. But there are no fertilizing contracts and I dont have money to buy lime spreader so I could work on my own field, so why not spend hour or two using courseplay, I can be ready for fertilizing contracts if they appear I'll just let courseplay run my Fiat cultivating this field.

1101 Started cultivating F07, contract. Courseplay says 2h 45min duration, uuh.

Contracts was 35% progress and I was bored to death. I have said this many times over already back in FS17 days that farmsim is such an time sink that it just sucks the life out of you when everything takes forever and especially if you run a single slow/poor vehicle that you have nothing else to do, then you are absolutely wasting your real life time for no good reason. I mean use your head, why would you play a game of watch the paint dry? What is the point of me sitting here 2h 45min cultivating when I'm getting whopping 7k pay from it, like seriously seven thousand for almost three hours of my real life time going down the toilet? Umm... Smiley :(

I have a problem with FS19, love playing the game but this is just crazy stuff to waste so much time on some ridiculously stupid task.

I need to do something... hmm I'm going to take other contracts by leasing vehicles, then driving them to the fields and setting them off with courseplay. Even though they dont pay much or take a long time, it doesnt matter if I have like 5+ contracts for cultivating/plowing as courseplay runs them, at least it gives me something to do when I manage them, switch between them etc.

First new contract I found was cultivating F14 25.5ha with leased vehicles, I'll take it especially as its real close to the vehicle shop.

1218 Accepted contract for cultivating F14 with leased vehicles.
1230 Started cultivating F14, contract. Actually drove there from vehicle shop and had to do courseplay field edge course to field work mode to work.
1235 Accepted contract for plowing F56, 53.6ha with leased vehicles.
1249 Started ploughing F56, contract. Courseplay duration 7h 50min, whoah! hehe

As soon as I took these two new contracts I felt better, that my time is more well spent when I manage these courseplay vehicles doing their thing and getting paid for it. Obviously nobody wants to sit for three hours doing nothing and getting no money for it (7k is peanuts). I am definitely going to stack as many courseplay capable contracts as I can, no matter how far or long they would take, that doesnt matter as courseplay runs on its own and I can do other things meanwhile.

Was somewhat silly to have that rant above and feel much better when adjusting game-play style, style that I already was familiar with at least to some degree, but I decided to leave the frustrated rant there because it is how I felt at the time and this page is about how things went down, what is the true story behind this career, I am not going to delete parts of this story because I changed how I feel or think about some things. Yeah.

1307 Accepted contract for cultivating F02, 74.2ha. Had to do field_edge course with courseplay due garden city bug heh.
1321 Started cultivating F02, contract. Courseplay duration 3h 17min.
1325 Accepted contract for plowing F62, 25.6ha with leased vehicles.
1331 Started ploughing F62, contract. Courseplay duration 3h 45min.
1337 Accepted contract for cultivating F20, 39.3ha.
1341 Started cultivating F20, contract.

At this point courseplay hogged all the CPU bringing 30FPS performance which is playable sure, but extremely annoying.

1345 Finally a fertilization contract appeared. I immediately went after it, this I'm going to drive myself using guidance steering.
1346 Accepted contract for fertilizing F135, 22.5ha.
1358 Started fertilizing F135, contract. This was GPS driving for me, no courseplay. The new holland T9 had constant problems backing the cultivator up on turns, I had to babysit it dozens of times.
1408 Finished cultivating F07, contract. First courseplay contract with my own vehicle finished, aayeah Smiley :)
1413 Accepted contract for fertilizing F132, 74.5ha. F49, 34.1ha. F44, 17.4ha.
1415 Finished fertilizing F135, contract.
1416 Started fertilizing F132, contract.

How lucky am I as F135 and 132 are right next to each other, didnt have to drive my rubicon anywhere, nice!

1423 Accepted contract for fertilizing F95, 26.5ha.
1502 Finished fertilizing F132, contract.
1520 Started fertilizing F44, contract.
1520 Finished cultivating F14, contract.
1529 Finished cultivating F20, contract.
1535 Moved F20 leased cultivator tractor to F02 to help out the john deere cultivating there, I mean, why not.
1540 Finished fertilizing F44, contract.
1541 Accepted contract for fertilizing F04, 5.8ha. F106, 22.3ha. F37, 110.7ha.

More glorious money printing with fertilizing contracts heh I love it! Smiley :)

1548 Started fertilizing F49, contract.
1608 Finished fertilizing F49, contract.
1620 Finished cultivating F02, contract.
1632 Finished fertilizing F106, contract.
1646 All the possible fertilizing contracts have been created by now, its been a while since any appeared.
1654 Finished fertilizing F95, contract. Guess I forgot to write down the starting time heh.
1658 Started fertilizing F04, contract.
1704 Finished fertilizing F04, contract.
1707 Started fertilizing F37, contract.
1718 Finished ploughing F62, contract.
1722 Switched the another ploughing tractor to help on F56 as it still has fair bit to go.
1742 Accepted contract for fertilizing F12, 13.1ha.
1745 Got a bit bored for the first time since stacking these contracts using courseplay. Only the two plow tractors doing F56 and when driving those long rows in F37 it got a bit boring yeah, not too bad yet heh.
1823 Finished fertilizing F37, contract. Huge 212k payout, wow nice!
1837 Started fertilizing F12, contract.
1845 Finished fertilizing F12, contract.
1847 Waiting time started, all the other contracts were complete except this ploughing of F56 and it was still fair bit to do as the tractors are so slow 11-12km/h and quite narrow plow. No contracts I could take now, not even boring cultivation, just harvest and sowing, a lot of sowing contracts.

Was checking out the available seeding contracts, there was bunch of soybean ones and two of them had case quadtrac with seed hawk as lease option, was thinking maybe taking the seed hawks as lease option and rest of the contracts without. This way I could maximize performance with these monster equipment and seed the assigned fields but also rest as well. Dunno how long would it take, guess there is only one way to find out ...

1908 Finished ploughing F56, contract. Wow this field took forever to plough.

Then I tried to take one of the plows to my farm to plow my first own field... but it didnt work, the contract system assigns the field the implement can be used. So guess my seeding idea is out of the window as well then. Cashed in all the contracts I had waiting, budget now 803,077 heh oh my, today I started with like what, 13k or something hehe Smiley :D

So the plan now is to purchase bredal lime spreader so I can lime F45 (my first own field) and then start to work on it. It is very strange I managed to make so much money with contracts, I mean sure I worked hard all day for it using courseplay multiple vehicles so it was not "nothing", but still that eight hundred grand feels almost like using money cheat, thats weird, eh? Smiley :)

What I mean is the first own tractor that cheapest Fiat 1300 DT is now really silly as I could buy even big bud 747 with that kind of money (I could but obviously wont spend all my money into one vehicle). I can easily buy better starter equipment now, the only question is will I max out my money doing so or try one go with these peasant cheapest vehicles hmm.

1925 Purchased bredal k165 with extension and 6m spreading unit 76k
1927 Accepted contract for fertilizing F97, 37.3ha. F39, 5.2ha. More money printing fertilizing contracts, nice.
1934 Started fertilizing F39, contract.
1936 Finished fertilizing F39, contract.
1938 Purchased lime refill station 30k (wow) and fuel tank 5.9k.
1950 Started lime spread F45
1955 Started fertilizing F97, contract.
2004 Accepted contract for fertilizing F41, 3.9ha.

F41 was ridiculously small 4 hectares and pays only 7k which is peanuts, but I still took it... because its on my way home, literally Smiley :)

2016 Finished fertilizing F97, contract.
2018 Started fertilizing F41, contract.
2019 Accepted contract for fertilizing F42, 30ha.
2020 Finished fertilizing F41, contract.
? Started fertilizing F42, contract.
? Finished fertilizing F42, contract.
2049 Finished lime spread F45
2050 Started fertilizing F45

Felt really good after all that hard rubicon 9000 fertilizing contract work to be in your own first field fertilizing Smiley :)

2103 Finished fertilizing F45

- plow 300hp 4.9m lemken titan 18 59k
- tractor to pull the plow john deere 6250r with gps and twin wheels 263k

2110 Purchased above setup. I need a better plow, I cant do it with that 2m puny one heh.
2118 Started ploughing F45, my first ploughing of my own field, ayeah. But uh oh, courseplay duration 3h 40min! hoh!

Had to recreate the course because tractor did not turn on field even though it was activated and kept crashing into building. New course is smaller as it avoids the already ploughed new parts, duration 2h 53min.

2242 Too tired to play, have to call it a night, time to sleep...

2019-04-20T0442 Back at PMC Gaming firing up FS19, lets continue to build our farm.
0449 Ploughing of F45 continues, I had saved courseplay course for it and using the titan 18 plow duration now is 1h 55min which feels like exhausting right off the bat heh. Oh well, thats farmsim for ya.

I was checking out prices for the proper ploughing equipment but it would come to over 300k which is a lot, then my seeding and harvesting equipment would be ways behind the plow tech. Also thought about quickly leasing beast equipment to do the tasks, but... it is way too expensive on the long run as I definitely would need to do few harvests on F45 before I can buy decent equipment for this first piece of land.

0534 Dont ask... I had to go take a nap, heh wow this sucks...
0721 Woke up, back ploughing F45, almost done.
0738 Finished ploughing F45
0743 Started fertilizing F45
0753 Finished fertilizing F45, except could not fertilize whole field as the newly ploughed areas would not take second stage of fertilization.
0757 Started cultivating F45, had to cultivate the new areas so getting that fertilizer in. Did the first new area first, then fertilized it, then did the second.
0905 Accepted contract for seeding F01, 31.2ha. Because it was right next to the vehicle shop where I can go to refill from seed pallets.
0910 Started seeding soybeans F01, contract.
0920 Finished cultivating F45
0936 Started seeding soybeans F45. Amazone D8 30 is whopping 3m width so courseplay duration is like over 5 hours heh.
0939 Purchased cultivator 300hp 6m horsch tiger 6 DT 39k, budget now 455,307
0953 Started to cultivate rest of the F45 which I forgot.
0959 Accepted contract for seeding F12, 13.1ha.
1002 Started seeding soybeans F12, contract.
1019 Accepted contract for seeding F10, 49.7ha.
1022 Started seeding corn F10, contract.
1051 Finished seeding soybeans F12, contract.
1108 Finished seeding soybeans F01, contract.
1114 Accepted contract for seeding F17, 26.9ha.
1119 Started seeding soybeans F17, contract.
1202 New fertilizer contracts available, so I took them all, without even checking where they are, these contracts rocks, I want to do them.
1216 Started fertilizing F86, contract.
1225 Finished seeding soybeans F17, contract.
1228 Even more fertilizing contracts were added and I took them all, ALL, ALL I SAY! Smiley :D

Now I have so many fertilizing contracts that if they all go down well I am getting sickening amount of money, I would say all that starter cheapo vehicle stuff is over. But lets not count our money until I have driven garden city back and forth doing all these contracts first. Now I'm definitely not going to take any more seeding contracts as I have my hands full. I suspect... I might buy another rubicon 9000 to speed up this process, more juice to the money printing machine.

Budget now 557,323 so lets see how much it is when all these fertilization contracts are done. Its crazy as there is only two contracts available on top of all the ones I hoarded, heh awesome.

1235 Finished fertilizing F86, contract.
1247 Started fertilizing F88, contract.
1301 Finished fertilizing F88, contract. Then I tried F33 and F90 but game said I dont have access to that land, I did have contract on them, odd hmm.
1314 Started fertilizing F12, contract.
1327 Finished fertilizing F12, contract.
1410 Started fertilizing F138, contract.
1423 Finished fertilizing F138, contract.
1518 Started fertilizing F39, contract.
1521 Finished fertilizing F39, contract.
1527 Started fertilizing F97, contract.
1540 Finished seeding soybeans F45.
1550 Finished fertilizing F97, contract.
1552 Started fertilizing F98, contract.
1555 Finished fertilizing F98, contract.
1600 Started fertilizing F99, contract.
1603 Finished fertilizing F99, contract.
1615 Started fertilizing F102, contract.
1623 Finished seeding corn F10, contract. Finally Smiley ;)
1634 Finished fertilizing F02, contract.
1635 Started fertilizing F103, contract.
1657 Came to a rubicon 9000 refill and at the same time had to detour to herbicide spray F45 as weeds were growing there.
1720 Finished fertilizing F103, contract.
1730 Started fertilizing F44, contract.
1740 Finished fertilizing F44, contract.
1740 Started fertilizing F43, contract... except again I got the you dont have access to this land, hmph. Had to fail the contract then.
1751 Started fertilizing F64, contract.

Decided to install Kotte Universal Pack so I can haul liquid fertilizer to fields where my rubicon 9000 is. Long story short, garant kotte will not refill rubicon 9000 sprayer Smiley :(

1935 Finished fertilizing F64, contract. That reward was 234,087 whoah that is a chunk of change hehe nicely done.
1939 Started fertilizing F67, contract.
2032 Ran out of liquid fertilizer and decided to take a look at another truck tanker trailer pack if it would overload to a sprayer, because it kills me to drive rubicon back and forth to refill. Tested two tanker trailers and neither refilled rubicon, oh well guess I'm driving it back and forth then...

2112 Finished fertilizing F67, contract. This one paid 212,107 heh great.
2115 Started fertilizing F69, contract.
2154 Finished fertilizing F69, contract.
2212 Started fertilizing F130, contract. First time for rubicon made a courseplay course.
2341 Finished fertilizing F130, contract.
2345 Tried to fertilize F131 but it gave the same you have no access to this land warning, hoh, another one. Wonder why. Maybe I took too many contracts at once and there was some limit or glitch, dunno.
2357 Tried to fertilize F61 and the same thing, no access... ugh.

2019-04-21T0016 Mopped up F45 weed spraying as they grew in the northern part of the field.

0025 Shut down FS19 for today, was still watching SinisterSockz twitch live stream when they tested 4km terrain, but was too tired of playing.

0739 Woke up, back at PMC Gaming computer and starting up FS19, our fertilizing contracts continue, lets make some more money Smiley :)
0754 Started fertilizing F117, contract. Used guidance steering to start this day.
0801 Finished fertilizing F117, contract.
0802 Started fertilizing F120, contract.
0806 Finished fertilizing F120, contract.
0810 Tried fertilizing F118 but this one again gave me the you have no access to this land.
0816 Started fertilizing F126, contract. Used courseplay now.
0832 Finished fertilizing F126, contract.
0834 Started fertilizing F129, contract.
0900 Finished fertilizing F129, contract.
0906 Started fertilizing F135, contract.
0908 Accepted contract for fertilizing F01, 31.2ha. Decided to take JD 6250R with Bredal K165 solid fertilizer spreader to work on contracts as well.
0912 Started fertilizing F01, contract.
0935 Finished fertilizing F135, contract.
0937 Started fertilizing F136, contract.
0950 Finished fertilizing F01, contract.

Tried to take few new fertilizing contracts but they just disappeared. Not sure if this is a game bug or just a feature that the contracts had actually expired but were falsely still listed in contracts menu. In the v1.1 engine release there was a bug that specific contract types just disappered upon accept, but this was fixed in v1.2 I believe.

Decided that from now on I'll only accept one contract per vehicle, complete that and then accept new one. Just easier to go through them one by one, there is no real reason to hoard huge number of contracts which just eventually expire.

1016 Started fertilizing F80, contract.
1022 Finished fertilizing F136, contract.

And with that F136 contract I broke 2,000,000 cash money. Hmm. This sounds really weird but I'm disappointed in FS19 contracts system and my current career savegame because this feels too easy to make money, because I have this much money, piece of land, few vehicles and I have not even done a SINGLE ONE harvest off from my own field yet. Just feels very odd. I remember in FS17 Cornbelt career when I worked really hard on my own field to grind those harvests to get money to buy second field, it felt like it took forever before I reached few fields and nice vehicles era.

Looking in-game budget for this in-game day, I have made 1.036m in contracts. I wasn't wrong when I estimated its going to make me a serious coin to finish all those stacked fertilizing contracts.

1051 Finished fertilizing F80, contract. This finished the last contract on that huge list of fertilizing stack. Budget now 2,140,658 heh nice.

Now I finally get to concentrate on my own farm. Soybeans are fertilized, weeded and growing. My combine is the cheapest in-game trash, with this much money I should really buy a better one but on principle I would like to do at least one harvest with this one so I can say I used cheap vehicles. Otherwise it just feels like I'm a spoiled child with these high paying contracts that I simply skipped all the cheap vehicles defeating the whole purpose of "Start From Zero" career.

1102 Now it was waiting game, soybeans are growing in mixed growth stages, seems to be case on AI fields too as the whole map-view is all green, looks nice and funny actually. Not sure what could I do, there are seeding contracts but I wont be taking any more corn ones and even the larger field soybean seeding might be cumbersome with the seed loading. Was thinking about buying seed tender but no way I'm going to do that just for a few contracts. So yeah guess I'm time accelerating in one hour increments while waiting my first soybean harvest.

Time accelerated with x120 a bit, then drove combine harvester bizon zo56 to the field edge so its ready to go when crop is ready to harvest. Setup Fiat 1300 DT with the strautmann SEK 802 trailer. We're good to go for our first own field harvest. Man its exciting, its been long time coming as is this like fifth day of playing and only now we got to harvest our own field Smiley :)

1121 Surprisingly F10 fertilizing contract popped up, took it as it was 98k reward.
1125 Started fertilizing F10, contract.
1158 Finished fertilizing F10, contract.
1208 Purchased multi farm silo for 180k and multi silo extension for 90k. Farm silo capacity now 800k liters.
1217 After x120 time acceleration at in-game 0335hrs my first soybean crop was ready for harvest.
1218 Started harvesting soybeans F45 Smiley :)

It felt quite magical to harvest your first own field in terrain you created by yourself Smiley :D

I was driving it myself using guidance steering. First rows went great as it was so exciting and nice to work on your own field, but I bet once I do few more, few dozen more and I'm bored to death heh. We'll see. I decided to do this first harvest with this cheap small combine and I'll stick to it. I was typing this text while harvester tank got full and it plowed through fruit quite a bit before I realized heh, oh well.

On the first harvester unloading I realized that SEK 802 is too tall for this puny bizon combine auger pipe heh, I could barely wiggle the trailer under the pipe in certain angle.

1303 Unloaded first trailer of soybeans into farm silo bin, whopping 12,000 liters Smiley :)

After this I sent tractor off to vehicle shop to get trailer changed to something lower which fits under the unloading pipe without wiggling. At the vehicle shop I just removed the cover which prevented pipe to fit properly, its cosmetic only so who cares. However the auger pipe STILL hit the trailers edge, it was much better now without the cover on it but, oh wow, these cheapo vehicles hehe NEVER AGAIN haha Smiley ;)

Took a JD 6250R and send that with full speed to the vehicle shop where I customized the trailer for the second time, now making it 8000 liter only so it surely fits under the unloading pipe, hrr... Crap like this really makes you appreciate Fendt 1050 with engine upgrade pulling Elmers haulmaster 70k liter auger wagon unloading four monster combines ...

1908 Finished harvesting soybeans F45. Total crop 135,462 liters pulled from that field (plowed, full fertilization, no weeds).

I did most of the field in first person view too Smiley :)

1919 Accepted contract for fertilizing F02, 74.2ha.
1928 Started fertilizing F02, contract.
1929 Accepted contract for fertilizing F52, 102.3ha.
1932 Started fertilizing F52, contract.
1940 Purchased bredal k165 with extension 76k, john deere 6250R with guidance steering twin wheels 263k. Budget now 1.601m
1942 Purchased solid fertilizer refill station 8.5k
1943 Accepted contract for fertilizing F70, 102.8ha.
1945 Soybean price 2576
1953 Started fertilizing F70, contract.

Our farm has nice basic field but no good equipment, so lets buy some basic set to work with.

- plow 400hp 15m john deere 2623 5-section disc 95k
- cultivator 400hp 20m john deere 2410 5 section 75k
- tractor to pull cultivator big bud 450 with gps and twin wheels 252k
- seeder 150hp 12m lemken solitair 12 5800 liter 107k
- harvester john deere t560 10k liter with guidance steering and crawler trac 320k
- header 7.6m john deere 625 x 49.5k
- header 6m corn john deere 608c 38k
- auger wagon 180hp kinze 851 grain cart 30k liter with wide tires 62k

2039 Purchased the above list of vehicles and equipment.
2057 Sold all the cheapo vehicles and equipment. Budget now 716.5k
2113 Finished fertilizing F02, contract.
2115 Finished fertilizing F52, contract.
2134 Purchased land lot which contains F43 and F44 for 388,937
2145 Started fertilizing F43
2159 Finished fertilizing F43
2159 Started fertilizing F45
2209 Finished fertilizing F45
2213 Finished fertilizing F70, contract.
2234 Started cultivating F45
2308 Finished cultivating F45
2309 Started fertilizing F45
2330 Finished fertilizing F45
2333 That new land I bought which includes F43 and F44 just got growth stage switched to ready for harvest, got some wheat and barley to harvest (because garden city bug it appears, there are no corn or soybeans).
2335 Started harvesting wheat F44

2019-04-22T0121 Was dead tired again, been extremely long day of 18hrs, going to get some sleep and we'll continue tomorrow.
0801 Back to garden city, iowa. Lets continue harvesting F44.

Spend a lot of time harvesting with john deere T560 using 7.6m header and it felt like taking forever. This is the ongoing dilemma I'm having with farmsim games that how incredibly long it takes to do anything. Thats why I usually harvest with largest combines and run four of them in the single field to shorten work time required.

1102 Finished harvesting wheat F44. Got 290,551 liters of wheat from that field.
1109 Started harvesting barley F43. Courseplay duration 2h 25min, assuming harvester never needs to stop due grain cart being away.
1142 Started fertilizing F44. Had to record a courseplay course for the field edge as apparently my field definition is bugged. Will be fixed.
1153 Finished fertilizing F44
1156 Started cultivating F44

Decided to purchase land lot where fields 42 and 139 are located, which are right next to our farms existing fields, it kind of completes that one grid square of farm land.

1159 Purchased land lot with F42 and F139 for 586,902. Budget now 247,878.
1204 Started spraying F139
1220 Finished spraying F139
1229 Started fertilizing F139
1236 Started seeding soybeans F45
1241 Finished cultivating F44
1246 Finished fertilizing F139
1248 Started fertilizing F44
1300 Finished fertilizing F44

At some point after one o'clock I was dead tired, then got some courseplay issue, just decided that ok time for sleep, so quickly without writing down anything just made sure game is saved, then shut down everything and crashed to bed, Zzz ...

1648 Woke up and back to FS19, needed to update couseplay to a new build anyways.

Was looking at my farm with fresh pair of eyes and I have pretty decent starter field setup now. My farm is sort of in the middle, right next to five medium to almost large size fields (relatively speaking) if we compare to ravenport or your usual user made terrains the fields are huge. So with these fields so easily accessible and the nice somewhat starter vehicle setup I have now (can you call rubicon 9000 and big bud 450 a starter, eh?) I can easily make some solid money by harvesting crops.

Next three land lots around my farm are all 1.1m. Probably not too hard to make that kind of cash with the fertilizer contract license to print money method and these new fields I got now, couple of soybean harvests from them and I'm bathing in cash Smiley :)

1719 Finished seeding soybeans F45
1722 Started seeding soybeans F44
1724 Finished harvesting barley F43
1731 Started harvesting barley F42
1737 Started fertilizing F43
1749 Finished fertilizing F43
1753 Started ploughing F43
1758 Started spraying F45
1804 Finished spraying F45
1845 Finished seeding soybeans F44
1853 Finished ploughing F43
1858 Started fertilizing F43
1911 Finished fertilizing F43
1913 Started seeding soybeans F43
2030 John deere T560 with that 7.6m header takes forever to harvest 20-30ha field. I need an second one...
2037 Finished seeding soybeans F43

2201 Purchased trailer joskin drakkar 8600 47k liter with wide tires 61.1k

2259 Finished harvesting barley F42. Took a while, 5h 30min, damn.
2312 Started lime spreading F42
2340 Time accelerated a bit and then weeds appeard on F43, F44 and F45.
2344 Started spraying F45
2353 Finished spraying F45
2354 Started spraying F44

2019-04-23T0007 Started harvesting wheat F139
0011 Finished spraying F44
0013 Started spraying F43
0027 Finished lime spreading F42
0028 Finished spraying F43
0045 Started fertilizing F42
0106 Finished fertilizing F42
0111 Started cultivating F42
0224 Finished cultivating F42

0227 Dead tired can barely keep my eyes open, no idea how many hours I've played today but now its time to sleep...
1029 Woke up and starting up FS19, time to head back to Garden City, Iowa.

A lot of fertilizing contracts appeared since I was harvesting this field, but own farm first and money printing later heh.

1033 Started fertilizing F42
1054 Finished fertilizing F42

Kinze 851 grain cart overloads extremely poorly to joskin drakken trailer, it has like a tiny little precise spot you must align it to in order to overload, ridiculous and these are giants models, not good at all. I cant wait to get elmers haulmaster and proper truck trailer.

1143 Finished harvesting wheat F139
1212 Started fertilizing F139
1224 Started ploughing F139, courseplay duration 1h 9min.
1227 Finished fertilizing F139
1231 Started seeding soybeans F42, courseplay duration 1h 57min.

Wanted to take fertilizing contracts but each and everyone I accepted just disappeared. I have to think this is some sort of garden city bug as I'd hate to think game engine v1.3 has this same bug it had back on v1.1 but dunno. Remains to be seen next time I see a fert contract I'll take it immediately just to test if it disappear or not, I'm suspecting the fields were already fertilized but the contract was not properly removed from the list.

1343 Finished ploughing F139
1345 Started fertilizing F139
1404 Finished fertilizing F139
1459 Finished seeding soybeans F42
1501 Started seeding soybeans F139

Noticed weeds had grown on F42 and half of F139, time to bring out the sprayer with herbicide.

1620 Started spraying F42
1645 Finished spraying F42
1656 Finished seeding soybeans F139
1658 Started spraying F139
1709 Finished spraying F139, all fields seeded with soybeans, fertilized and weeded Smiley :)
1713 Accepted contract for cultivating F01, 31.2ha. Its right next to my fields and have nothing else to do so lets get something done.
1721 Started cultivating F01, contract. Courseplay duration 1h 1min.
1817 Accepted contract for fertilizing F71, 81.2ha. Ah yes new fertilizing contracts appeared again. I'm starting from the highest paying ones.
1827 Finished cultivating F01, contract.
1829 Started fertilizing F71, contract.
1831 Accepted contract for fertilizing F60, 65.7ha. One another contract disappeared when I tried to accept it, hmph.
1836 Started fertilizing F60, contract.
1837 Accepted contract for fertilizing F68, 52.8ha.
1844 Started fertilizing F68, contract.
1925 Finished fertilizing F71, contract.
1925 Accepted contract for fertilizing F25, 52ha.
1930 Started fertilizing F25, contract.
1950 Finished fertilizing F68, contract.
1951 Accepted contract for fertilizing F109, 51ha.
1959 Started fertilizing F109, contract. Courseplay duration 1h 57min, wow.
2002 Finished fertilizing F60, contract.
2003 Accepted contract for fertilizing F53, 49.8ha.
2007 Started fertilizing F53, contract. Courseplay duration 1h 9min.
2014 Finished fertilizing F25, contract.
2015 Accepted contract for fertilizing F52, 102.3ha.
? Started fertilizing F52, contract.
2101 Finished fertilizing F109, contract.
2101 Accepted contract for fertilizing F60, 65.7ha.
2106 Started fertilizing F60, contract.
2112 Finished fertilizing F53, contract.
2112 Accepted contract for fertilizing F100, 46ha.
2149 Started fertilizing F100, contract.
2217 Finished fertilizing F52, contract.
2218 Accepted contract for fertilizing F04, ha. F49, ha.
2220 Started fertilizing F49, contract.
2245 Finished fertilizing F49, contract.

With F49 contract reward my budget is now 1.001m heh.

2246 Accepted contract for fertilizing F55, 51.2ha.
2252 Finished fertilizing F100, contract.
2253 Accepted contract for fertilizing F32, 25.8ha.
2301 Finished fertilizing F60, contract.
2305 Started fertilizing F32, contract.
2307 Accepted contract for fertilizing F111, 32.4ha.
2311 Started fertilizing F111, contract.
2312 Started fertilizing F55, contract.
2340 Finished fertilizing F55, contract.
2340 Finished fertilizing F32, contract.
2341 Started fertilizing F85, contract.
2345 Started fertilizing F04, contract.
2348 Finished fertilizing F04, contract.
2352 Finished fertilizing F111, contract.
? Accepted contract for fertilizing F57, 50.1ha.
? Accepted contract for fertilizing F64, 118.5ha.
2354 Started fertilizing F57, contract.

2019-04-24T0014 Started fertilizing F64, contract.
0025 Finished fertilizing F57, contract.
0025 Accepted contract for fertilizing F54, 96.1ha.
0028 Started fertilizing F54, contract.
0032 Finished fertilizing F85, contract.
0033 Accepted contract for fertilizing F02, 74.2ha.
0039 Started fertilizing F02, contract.

0117 Weeds were growing in one small section of F139, basically the southern end without headland. When Rubicon 9000 frees up it needs to go take care of those weeds with herbicide.

0144 Finished fertilizing F54, contract.
0155 Finished fertilizing F139 small southern section.
0158 Accepted contract for fertilizing F09, 27.3ha.
0159 Accepted contract for fertilizing F07, 10.5ha.
0201 Started fertilizing F07, contract.
0207 Finished fertilizing F07, contract.
0209 Started fertilizing F09, contract.
0215 Finished fertilizing F02, contract.
0217 Accepted contract for fertilizing F136, 74ha.
0227 Started fertilizing F136, contract.
0230 Finished fertilizing F09, contract.
0232 Accepted contract for fertilizing F62, 25.6ha.
0236 Started fertilizing F62, contract.
0241 Finished fertilizing F64, contract.
0242 Accepted contract for fertilizing F121, 37.6ha.
0245 Started fertilizing F121, contract.
0255 Finished fertilizing F62, contract.
0257 Accepted contract for fertilizing F116, 19.5ha. Started fertilizing F116, contract.
0310 Finished fertilizing F116, contract.

0330 Checked and F43 - 45 are harvest ready. But at the same time I was really tired and decided to call it a day, more farming tomorrow.
0927 Woke up, fired up FS19, we're back in garden city working on our farm, yeah!

To start this day off I tried to accept more fertilizing contracts and even one spraying one and all of the just disappeared. Oh well, my budget is 2.225m right now and still two lucrative contracts underway so its not like I would need more money.

0936 Finished fertilizing F121, contract.
0948 Purchased 2x multi silo extension for 90k. Farm silo capacity now 1.4m liters.
0954 Finished fertilizing F136, contract.

F136 was the last fertilizing contract in this batch, yesterdays contract income 2.345m and today 220k, budget now 2.265m.

1000 Rest of my fields are now harvest ready.
1007 Sold JD 608C for 28.2k, JD 625 X for 22.5k and JD T560 for 144.6k

- header 13.7m john deere 645 fd 89k
- harvester john deere s790 with gps 415k

1008 Purchased 2x the above setup, I need some harvesting capacity!
1014 Sold kinze 851 grain cart for 32k
1015 Purchased auger wagon brent 300hp 1596 53k liter 118k, budget now 1.367m.

Felt good to be pulling brent 1596 auger wagon again, that work horse from FS17. Oh man I have hauled so many millions of liters of grain with this auger wagon its unbelievable. I hardly used anything else in FS17 other than in some starter modes.

1025 Started harvesting soybeans F45. Was good to harvest with 2x JD S790's and proper auger wagon. This setup is quite nice for these five fields I got now.
1132 Finished harvesting soybeans F45
1136 Started harvesting soybeans F44

1140 Noticed on weather forecast that we have rain coming next. This is really odd as usually I get not even cloudy weather and now this is the second time its going to rain heh. I need to get these harvests done before the rain arrives, might not be able to as F139 is still growing.

1225 Market prices; wheat 1296, barley 1146, soybeans 2343
1227 Finished harvesting soybeans F44
1229 Started harvesting soybeans F43
1320 Finished harvesting soybeans F43
1330 Time accelerated through rest of the night, I cant stand that disgusting glow in the dark night.
1332 Started fertilizing F45
1334 Started fertilizing F44
1336 Started fertilizing F43
1349 Finished fertilizing F45
1355 Started cultivating F45, Finished fertilizing F44
1358 Finished fertilizing F43

- trailer lode king distinction 84k liters 89.5k
- truck lizard roadrunner with paint 165k

1416 Purchased the above setup, gotta start hauling my grain to be sold, to make some money.

So my first semi truck trailer was the best and most expensive in-game, hmm this is the difference between FS17 start from scratch and FS19 one, the economy cash budget stuff is completely different. It just feels like its way too easy to make money in FS19 now. No, obviously I am not complaining in that sense that I would switch to retarded normal or hard modes, why on earth would I artificially increase the unbelievable grind and boredom that farmsim games already are. All I'm saying is that its a whole different money situation with contracts now.

1422 Started to haul wheat for sale. Sale point 5 has currently the best market price of 1297, interesting to see how it goes before all 557k liters are sold.
1428 Sold lodeking distinction full load wheat for 2x 54.9k

I cant explain it but selling my own grown crops was so much more rewarding feeling than doing those crazy amounts paying easy fertilizing contracts.

1441 Sold wheat for 2x 54.9k
1442 Finished cultivating F45
1444 Started cultivating F44
1455 Sold wheat for 2x 54.9k

Decided to do one more seeding using the 12m width lemken solitair 12 even though its quite small scale even for these five fields which arent that large. For the seeding after this I'm going to buy a seed hawk.

1458 Started fertilizing F45
1506 Sold wheat for 2x 54.9k
1512 In-game 0801hrs it started to rain. Here we go, farmers worst enemy (more or less heh) has arrived. 1513 Finished fertilizing F45
1513 Started seeding canola F45
1518 Sold wheat for 2x 54.9k
1522 Finished cultivating F44
1524 Started cultivating F43
1531 Sold wheat for 2x 54.9k. Market price has not dropped even after selling over 500k liters, hmm odd.
1536 Picked last load of wheat from the farm bin silo, only 49.2k liters barely half the trailers capacity.
1531 Sold wheat for uhm dunno as I missed the courseplay tip trigger thing. Budget now 1.792m.
1545 Started fertilizing F44
1548 Started to haul barley into sale point 3 for 1117 price.
1557 Sold barley for 2x 47.3k
1557 Finished fertilizing F44
1603 Finished cultivating F43
1604 Started fertilizing F43
1608 Sold barley for 2x 47.3k
1616 Finished fertilizing F43
1618 Sold barley for 2x 47.3k, budget now 2.076m.

Since I was hit by so much money so easily and I havent even touched my goldmine ie soybeans reserve... I decided to buy the next land lot, the NE grid from my farm. Just because why not, farm needs to grow, sure the seed hawk purchase is planned as well and combine harvesters could again use an upgrade to the final monster ideal with durus header, but, lets get some land first.

This land lot contains fields 50 and 51, they are growing wheat, needs weeding, fertilizing and ploughing so AI has left the fields in pretty bad shape, but still its free wheat for me to harvest.

1624 Purchased land lot NE from farm with F50 and F51 for 1,120,361 and budget now 955k.
1628 Started spraying F50, sold barley for 2x 47.3k
1643 Sold barley for 2x 47.3k
1654 Finished seeding canola F45
1655 Sold barley for 2x 47.3k
1656 Started seeding canola F44
1657 Finished spraying F50
1659 Started spraying F51
1705 Sold barley for 2x 47.3k
1716 Sold barley for 2x 47.3k
1721 Only got 17.1k liter barley load, but decided to empty the bin anyways.
1725 Sold barley for 19.1k

Amazing feeling when you start from zero everything and now you already have more land and fields hectare wise than whole ravenport (dunno didnt do actual count but I wouldnt be surprised) Smiley :)

1740 Finished spraying F51
1745 Started fertilizing F51
1746 Time to sell soybeans, starting to load and bring them to sale point 2 which is on the south edge. Soybeans sell for 2651 price.
1755 Sold soybeans for 2x 112.2k
1810 Sold soybeans for 2x 112.2k
1818 Finished seeding canola F44
1822 Started seeding canola F43
1823 Finished fertilizing F51
1824 Started fertilizing F50
1841 Sold soybeans for 2x 112.2k
1852 Finished fertilizing F50

Another batch of fertilizing contracts appeared, but I dont think I'm going to take them this time around, I have currently 2.291m in cash and more coming as truck is hauling soybeans for sale, so no need to spend another night doing contracts heh.

1857 Sold soybeans for 2x 112.2k
1912 Sold soybeans for 2x 112.2k
1920 Last of the soybeans pulled from the bin silo, only 66.3k liters. Lets go sell them, gimme all your moneys!
1929 Sold soybeans for 112.2k and 63.7k, budget now 2.915m.

Checked todays finances and I sold 3,021,410 worth of crops! Nice.

1939 Finished seeding canola F43

And that is it for me today, grain from the silo has been sold, all fields are seeded, fertilized, weeded and growing... so not much for me to do. I could go on playing but it is really nice situation right now with everything so better to call it a night with good feeling than to burn yourself out being dead tired needing to leave things half way done etc.

1942 Called it a night, was extremely good and fun day of farming today, can't wait how tomorrow goes with all that money and growing crops.

2019-04-25T0936 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 booted up, its still raining ...

First thing in the morning I decided to put my cash into good use. My vehicles arent the best except sprayer and truck trailer, but was thinking of completing the grid square by buying the two remaining land lots around my farm. First land lot contains F53, F137 and F138 where the second land lot contains F02, F03 and F04. This grid would beautifully engulf my farm into grid square of properties with fields. Oh btw all the fields are growing barley, geez the amount of grain I'm going to pull from those fields hehe.

1005 Purchased land lot with F02, F03, F04 for 1,116,288 and land lot with F53, F137, F138 for 1,116,166 budget now 680k Smiley :)

At the same time F42, F139, F50 and F51 came harvest ready and F43, F44 and F45 weeds appeared. It was still raining so no harvesting yet. Now after purchasing those land lots I'm going to focus just on upgrading my vehicles, for example I need that seed hawk and also harvesters need an upgrade.

1010 Started spraying F43
1023 Finished spraying F43
1025 Started spraying F44
1037 Finished spraying F44
1040 Started spraying F45
1058 Finished spraying F45
1103 Started spraying F02 and 03 (courseplay reads them as one)
1216 Finished spraying F02 and 03
1221 Started spraying F04
1225 Finished spraying F04
1229 Started spraying F53
1301 Started fertilizing F03
1306 Finished spraying F53
1307 Started spraying F137
1324 Finished spraying F137
1328 Started spraying F138
1332 Finished fertilizing F03
1333 Started fertilizing F137

Had to go take a nap, was too tired.

1623 Woke up and back in-game, lets continue farming.
1636 Finished spraying F138
1638 Finished fertilizing F137

Started to time accelerate x120 to get through the night (in-game 1830hrs) and the rain. I need to get harvesting started. There is massive load of harvesting coming up, so much barley for example from the southern fields. I dont have enough money to upgrade my harvesters right now but I'll push through this harvest with the existing vehicles and then I have more than enough money to get the two (or more?) of the best harvesters which really improve my harvesting efficiency.

1801 Rain stopped in-game time 0815hrs, lets begin harvest operations Smiley :)
1802 Started harvesting soybeans F139
1818 Market prices wheat 1332, barley 1305, canola 2348, corn 1391, soybeans 3096.
1834 First truck load of soybeans into the farm bin silo.
1905 Finished harvesting soybeans F139
1909 Started harvesting soybeans F42
2039 Finished harvesting soybeans F42
2051 Started harvesting canola F45 (forgot to write when this was finished, sigh).
2056 Started fertilizing F139
2112 Finished fertilizing F139
2115 Started fertilizing F42
2138 Finished fertilizing F42
2146 Started cultivating F139
2152 Started harvesting canola F44
2154 Started fertilizing F45
2205 Finished fertilizing F45
2213 Started lime spreading F45
2239 Finished cultivating F139
2252 Finished harvesting canola F44
2257 Finished lime spreading F45
2304 Started harvesting wheat F51
2308 Started cultivating F42
2324 Started lime spreading F44

2019-04-26T0002 Finished lime spreading F44
0034 Started fertilizing F45
0041 Finished cultivating F42
0047 Finished fertilizing F45
0053 Started fertilizing F139
0119 Finished fertilizing F139
0122 Started fertilizing F42
0144 Finished fertilizing F42
0154 Started fertilizing F44
0211 Finished fertilizing F44
0216 Started cultivating F44
0254 Finished harvesting wheat F51
0257 Finished cultivating F44
0303 Started harvesting wheat F50
0311 Started cultivating F45
0402 Finished cultivating F45

0404 Completely exhausted for harvesting, driving a grain cart. Have to call it a night, more farming tomorrow...

1035 Woke up and straight to Gaming computer starting up FS19 and we continue farming.
1102 Started fertilizing F51
1138 Finished fertilizing F51
1200 Started ploughing F51, courseplay duration 2h 40min...

1226 In-game clock struck 1930hrs so it went to the night time mode, so I set off x120 time acceleration as I have nothing growing which would need my attention. Fast forwarded to in-game 0700hrs.

1237 Finished harvesting wheat F50
1252 Started harvesting canola F43
1300 Started fertilizing F44
1312 Finished fertilizing F44
1217 Started fertilizing F50
1351 Finished fertilizing F50
1357 Finished harvesting canola F43
1402 Started lime spreading F43
1411 Started harvesting barley F02, courseplay duration 2h 58min.
1437 Finished lime spreading F43
1456 Finished ploughing F51
1501 Started ploughing F50

1510 Once again was falling asleep in front of the Gaming computer so decided to take a nap as there is no point of playing half a sleep.
1816 Woke up and back in Gaming, starting up FS19 and harvest continues.

1859 Started fertilizing F51
1935 Finished fertilizing F51
2015 Started fertilizing F43
2028 Finished fertilizing F43
2104 Finished ploughing F50
2123 Started fertilizing F50
2158 Finished fertilizing F50
2231 Started ploughing F43. Meant to cultivate it but forgot the JD 2623 on big bud Smiley ;)
2305 Finished harvesting barley F02

2310 Reached full farm bin silo capacity for barley and still several more fields to go heh, guess I'm buying more silo extensions Smiley ;)
2312 Purchased five more silo extensions for 450.5k, silo capacity 2.9 million liters, budget now 94.2k.

2316 Started harvesting barley F03
2330 Finished ploughing F43

2019-04-27T0030 Finished harvesting barley F03, got 1.7 million liters of barley in the farm bin silo, heh quite nice.

0034 Was really exhausted and decided to call it a night as I just cant play anymore today.

1439 Back at Gaming computer, its a new day, lets harvest some barley...
1442 Started harvesting barley F04
1446 Started fertilizing F43
1500 Finished fertilizing F43
1511 Finished harvesting barley F04
1521 Started harvesting barley F53

Last night like I wrote got really exhausted and simply could not play any longer, I just watched tv rest of the night. Today I'm with good nights sleep (full 7hrs) and feeling fresh, plan is to harvest F04 (which I already did when writing this), F53, F137 and F138 completing the barley harvests for these new fields, the southern grid sector so to speak. Its a lot of work but doable.

When that is done then I get to do massive grain sale operation and then purchase new fleet of harvesting equipment which makes harvests little bit easier. Currently I have been driving grain cart myself because courseplay just isn't capable of doing it as it always drives into the combines. Hopefully elmers haulmaster 70k liter capacity and the monster combines will ease the harvesting process. The amount of hectares I have on these fields now is quite a lot, its a lot to harvest.

Just a little bit scared that the amount of hectares to harvest is so large that with the said equipment all you do is drive grain cart back and forth constantly without a moment of downtime. Which is fine I guess, no boring waiting time, but when you do that for 2, 3, 4+ hours... it gets exhausting real fast (if you can call that amount of hours fast haha).

1643 Started fertilizing F02 and F03

1646 Was really frustrated how much work driving that grain cart is and if you use courseplay mode 2 for it... it really doesnt work yet, I assume the courseplay devs are working on it and its not finished because it almost constantly drives into combines and causes issues. However I just might be frustrated because I'm burnt out for FS19 editing and playing, been doing it since feb 2nd 16hrs a day with great intensity. It starts to really wear on me now like seen yesterday that just had to stop playing because felt exhausted.

But it is a fact that courseplay is still work in progress and you cannot setup grain cart with two or more combines, I mean like could you ever even in FS17 successfully, I dont think so as it always at some point sooner or later collides with combines as the path finding is just not there yet. Harvesting a large field is really hard work and you dont need to do many days of such constantly until you had enough.

1707 Finished fertilizing F02 and F03
1820 Finished fertilizing F04, did it manually using guidance steering as courseplay refused to generate course.
1843 Started cultivating F02 and F03
1856 Finished harvesting barley F53

1901 After done harvesting F53 I felt pretty exhausted, not that much as last night that would have to stop playing right now, but I already decided that once F137 and F138 are done which completes this grid square around farm, that I will take a break from FS19.

1903 Started harvesting barley F137
2026 Finished harvesting barley F137

Courseplay gave me the first lua script error in this whole start from zero career after all these days of playing. So had to save and exit game, at the same time decided to take care quick real life chore so about half an hour break. Downloaded courseplay build 197 as well.

2116 FS19 booted back up with a new courseplay built and we continue cultivating.

And courseplay just keeps giving me an error for F138 dont know why.

Error: Running LUA method 'update'.
C:/Users/USERNAME/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/courseplay/CombineAIDriver.lua:335: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'backIx'

I have to assume garden city F138 definition is somehow bad, will have to look into it. Anyways show must go on, so guess for F138 I'm going to be using two hired workers for combines and drive grain cart myself.

2138 Started harvesting barley F138. This is a wide field W-E wise so first I cut it half in the middle so I can drive grain cart through without going around the whole wide field, then I set off hired worker on both sides of the field beginning from the long edge.
2159 Next truck load of barley will not fit into the farm bin silo anymore, time to buy new silo extensions heh.
2231 Took full truck load of barley to sell in prairie land coop, by miracle it was also the highest paying sale point, nice. Sold 2x 50.1k
2255 Sold 2x 50.6k. Decided to setup quick courseplay sale course as its good price and farm silo is full so why not.
2309 Sold 2x 50.9k.
2329 Finished harvesting barley F138
2336 Sold remaining barley, but was ALT-TABbed when it happened so dunno how much. Budget now 423.4k
2342 Finished cultivating F02 and F03
2354 Started lime spreading F53
2358 Started to haul wheat for sale. Sale point 6 buys at 1207 price, is also other side of the terrain again heh.

2019-04-28T0011 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 51k.
0015 Farm bin silo had wheat 1.2m, barley 2.9m, canola 563k and soybeans 440k liters.
0033 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 51k.
0043 Setup courseplay course for sale point 6, now starts a long haul, oh man its on the other side of the terrain basically hehe.
0050 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 51k.
0109 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 51k.
0126 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 51k.
0146 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 51k.
0147 Finished lime spreading F53
0204 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 51k.
0221 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 51k.
0227 Started ploughing F04
0238 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 51k.
0253 Finished ploughing F04
0255 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 51k.
0256 Started fertilizing F53
0313 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 51k.
0331 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 51k.
0339 Finished fertilizing F53
0341 Started fertilizing F137
0347 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 51k.
0350 Started ploughing F53
0357 Finished fertilizing F137
0400 Started fertilizing F138
0405 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 51k.
0413 Got last load of wheat, now I have 30k liters remaining in the farm silo but I'm not going to drive all the way to sale point 6 for that.
0417 Finished fertilizing F138. Did this one with manual driving using guidance steering due the courseplay issues.
0422 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 51k.
0431 Loaded first truck hopper with barley. Sale point 4 buys at 1089 price, but the price is currently dropping...
0438 Sold the last wheat not full hopper for 31.7k and barley for 46k.
0450 Sold barley in sale point 4 for 2x 46k.
0501 Sold barley in sale point 4 for 2x 45.9k.
0512 Sold barley in sale point 4 for 2x 45.8k.
0524 Sold barley in sale point 4 for 2x 45.8k.
0535 Sold barley in sale point 4 for 2x 45.7k.
0553 Sold barley in sale point 4 for 2x 45.5k.
0604 Sold barley in sale point 4 for 2x 45.4k.
0615 Sold barley in sale point 4 for 2x 45.3k.
0626 Sold barley in sale point 4 for 2x 45.2k.
0640 Sold barley in sale point 4 for 2x 45.1k.
0646 Finished ploughing F53
0651 Sold barley in sale point 4 for 2x 45k.
0702 Sold barley in sale point 4 for 2x 44.9k.

0717 Dead tired again almost falling asleep in front of the computer, its time for shut eye, tomorrow we'll continue selling some grain.
1440 Back at PMC Gaming computer, starting up FS19, grain sales continue...

Well this is interesting, I loaded up the career savegame and now all of the sudden prairier land cooperative sale point has the highest barley buy price of 1208 hmm. Oh well its the closest distance from my farm so yeah lets do it, quick hops to sell grain.

1447 Sold barley in PLC for 2x 51.1k
1457 Sold barley in PLC for 2x 51.1k
1503 Sold barley in PLC for 2x 51.1k
1509 Started cultivating F137
1514 Sold barley in PLC for 2x 51.1k
1523 Sold barley in PLC for 2x 51.1k
1532 Sold barley in PLC for 2x 51.1k
1539 Sold barley in PLC for 2x 51.1k
1546 Sold barley in PLC for 2x 22.4k ??? whoa what happened to the sale prices? Smiley :o

My gosh, the sale price plummeted to 530 when I was hauling grain, beause night time arrived in-game and I had x300 time acceleration on, darn, should have kept hauling overnight in the darkness Smiley :(

Now sale point 3 has the best price of 1153 and its much further away from the farm so driving time increases. Oh well, lesson learned, if you have a good price and short distance to a sale point, dont time accelerate through the night, I mean its courseplay driving anyways so who cares if its dark.

1556 Finished cultivating F137
1557 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 2x 48.8k
1607 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 2x 48.8k
1618 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 2x 48.8k
1633 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 2x 48.8k
1644 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 2x 48.8k
1654 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 2x 48.8k
1704 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 2x 48.8k
1714 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 2x 48.8k
1721 Started fertilizing F53
1724 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 2x 48.8k
1734 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 2x 48.8k
1743 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 2x 48.8k
1753 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 2x 48.8k
1803 Finished fertilizing F53
1804 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 2x 48.8k
1805 Started fertilizing F137
1809 Picked up another load of barley but on the second lode king hopper ran out of barley, only 22k liters on that one. Alright lets do last load here.
1813 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 48.8k and 25.8k. Now all the barley has been sold.

Next crop to sell is 563k liters of canola, luckily close by prairier land cooperative buys it for 2304 price which is fairly nice amount.

1821 Finished fertilizing F137
1823 Sold canola in PLC for 2x 97.5k
1830 Sold canola in PLC for 2x 97.5k
1837 Sold canola in PLC for 2x 97.5k
1844 Sold canola in PLC for 2x 97.5k
1851 Sold canola in PLC for 2x 97.5k
1858 Sold canola in PLC for 2x 97.5k
1901 Last load of canola from farm silo, only got one full trailer hopper and second one had 13k liters.
1905 Sold canola in PLC for 97.5k and 30k

And last we have the soybean stock of 440k liters. Seems like sale point 2 buys is for 2701 price. Sale point 2 is at the bottom south in the terrain heh.

1916 Sold soybeans in sale point 2 for 2x 114.9k
1931 Sold soybeans in sale point 2 for 2x 115.8k. Hmm soybeans price is increasing, now 2738 heh.
1942 Started cultivating F138
1946 Sold soybeans in sale point 2 for 2x 116.6k
2000 Sold soybeans in sale point 2 for 2x 117.4k
2008 Last full load of soybeans picked up, soon this hauling comes to an end ...
2016 Sold soybeans in sale point 2 for 2x 118.1k

So this was the last full load of soybeans or any grain in our farm silo, now there is only left 17.3k liters of soybeans which I dont bother hauling for sale.

2025 Refueled roadrunner truck and buget now 7.665m whoah, thats some cash money from grain sales! Smiley :)

Now I need to make decision what to do regarding this start from zero savegame in immediate future, do I continue playing or take a break because as I wrote above yesterday I was pretty exhausted of the massive harvesting grain cart driving operation. The grain has been sold and money in the bank, this would be nice location to take a break. If I continue playing like going to buy new vehicles then I obviously need to test them right away, start seeding fields and eventually get into another harvest...

2040 Finished cultivating F138
2041 Decided to end playing for now, saved game and shut down FS19.

I'm going to fix any bugs and issues found in ths game-play on iowa garden city, we'll see where I go from here, its impossible and futile to try to speculate how many hours, days, weeks or months break will I be taking from this start from zero career savegame.

2019-05-01T1822 I'm weak, can't help myself... I'm back in PMC Iowa Garden City 8km "Start From Zero" career HEHE Smiley :D

Plan now is to buy better vehicles and implements, finish up the fields from whatever stage they were left few days ago, then seed canola to all of them, fertilize, weed spray and harvest them. Sell the grain and hopefully that would get me enough money to buy next piece of land lot to expand my farm.

This is the massive purchase plan heh

- 2x seeder 640hp 25.6m vaderstad seed hawk xl toolbar 84ft 290k
- 2x seeder air cart seed hawk 980 air cart with twin rear wheels 190k
- 2x tractor big bud 747 with gps and twin wheels 432k
- auger wagon 400hp elmer haulmaster 70k liter with extension 105.8k
- tractor to pull auger wagon fendt 1050 with twin wheels and engine upgrade 378.4k
- 4x harvester ideal with guidance steering and engine upgrade 559.5k
- 4x header durus 60ft 167.9k
- 2x sprayer hardi rubicon 9000 with guidance steering 504k

That will give me my normal high performance machinery to use, good seeding, fertilizing/spraying and harvesting capability. I begun by selling my existing combines and auger wagon, got 468k from those.

1851 Finally I was done purchasing every vehicle on that planned list. Budget now 1.905m
1901 Started seeding canola F45. This was using two big bud 747's with seed hawks, YEAH BUDDY Smiley :D

Oh man it was a beautiful sight to see two big bud 747's pulling seed hawks, oh wow, I missed my old friends Smiley :)

So my farm right now has fields 2-4, 42-45, 50, 51, 53, 137-139 which is total of 383.872 hectares (948.568 acres)

1921 Finished seeding canola F45
1923 Started seeding canola F44
1940 Finished seeding canola F44
1941 Started seeding canola F43
1955 Finished seeding canola F43, started seeding canola F42
2003 Started fertilizing F04
2007 Started fertilizing F02 and F03
2010 Finished fertilizing F04
2014 Started fertilizing F138
2023 Finished seeding canola F42
2026 Started seeding canola F139
2038 Finished fertilizing F138
2051 Finished seeding canola F139
2055 Started seeding canola F50
2057 Started seeding canola F51
2116 Finished fertilizing F02 and F03

2138 Purchased land lot with fields 1 and 13, for cost 1,168,393 price. Budget now 620.8k. These two fields were growing wheat and needed weeding and fertilizing.

Time to expand farm, decided to go clockwise around the farm to buy land around the areas I currently own.

2143 Started spraying F01
2154 Started fertilizing F13
2206 Finished spraying F01, started fertilizing F01
2213 Finished seeding canola F50, but I still need to mop up few corners and parts courseplay missed with turn on field mode activated.
2222 Started seeding canola F53
2226 Finished seeding canola F51, but will mop up here too.
2228 Finished fertilizing F01
2234 Started seeding canola F137
2235 Started spraying F13
2238 Finished fertilizing F13
2307 Finished seeding canola F137
2308 Started seeding canola F138
2319 Finished spraying F13
2343 Seed hawks ran out of seeds, took elmers haulmaster loaded with 36k liters of seeds to the fields and refilled the big boys.
2347 Finished seeding canola F53
2355 Finished seeding canola F138

2019-05-02T0001 Started seeding canola F02 and 03. Courseplay duration 1h 20min with two seed hawks heh

Todays gaming session courseplay build 202 started to give those getShaderParameter error log spams, also twice the leading big bud 747 seed hawk vehicle took off to random direction at the end of a row. So I'm going to finish seeding F02 + F03 and then remove courseplay until I get to test new version in the slim hope that getShaderParameter error would have been fixed.

0109 Started spraying F50
0146 Finished seeding canola F02 and 03

Decided to give courseplay older build a chance, it was working fine but this lates version immediately gave the error. Who knows might have been coincidence, we'll see.

0152 Started seeding canola F04
0202 Courseplay still errored out, time to delete it and not bring back until its been thoroughly tested to be working on other savegames.
0217 Then new build of guidance steering errored out, haha, oh my today is the day of errors! Smiley :)
0225 Finished seeding canola F04
0233 Finished spraying F50
0235 Started spraying F44, F43, F42. I'm running these as E to W axis top down, all three fields at once keeping the same GPS line.
0322 Finished spraying F44, F43, F42
0325 Started spraying F139
0337 Finished spraying F139
0338 Started spraying F45
0350 Finished spraying F45
0352 Started spraying F51
0426 Finished spraying F51
0428 Started spraying F53. Used hired worker for this one, I got other things to do.
0448 Started harvesting wheat F01
0513 Finished spraying F53
? Started harvesting wheat F13, dunno what time as hired worker cut into the field heh.
? Started spraying F137
0531 Finished spraying F137
0536 Started spraying F138
0556 Started spraying F02
0559 Finished spraying F138
0600 Started spraying F04
0613 Finished spraying F04
0645 Finished spraying F02
0905 Finished harvesting wheat F01

Elmers haulmaster 70k liters auger wagon can't keep up with four 60ft header idal combines. Even two is pretty hectic. In single player without working courseplay mode 2 it is pretty pointless to have more than two of these combines as otherwise all you do is run auger wagon back and forth all the time while combines wait for you.

1031 Finished harvesting wheat F13
1033 I was dead tired hardly could keep my eyes open, time to shut it down for tonight, was a real nice farming day again.

1839 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 fired up, lets see what we can get done today...

Last night was so dead tired that I had to call it quits right then and there, for example my truck trailer was transporting grain to farm silo and was half way on its way in the savegame I did before shutting FS19 down heh. Well sometimes you get a bit tired... like, umm, every night Smiley ;)

1858 Started fertilizing F01
1900 Started fertilizing F13
1919 Finished fertilizing F01. Started cultivating F01. For cultivating decided to use hired worker due various issues and frustrations with courseplay.
1924 I got 1.2m liters of wheat in the farm silo, starting to haul it for sale. Sale point 6 buys wheat for 1246 price.
1934 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 52.7k
1940 Finished fertilizing F13
1953 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 52.7k
2010 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 52.7k

Two things I noticed; my farm needs more cultivating / plowing and bin silo capacity. Current single big bud 450 with cultivator/plough is not enough for all these fields. The F45 farm that I've build now is already quite small regarding space and I definitely need more grain bin silo space as farm gets more hectares to harvest.

So I'm thinking of instead of buying symmetrically around F45 farm area that I would purchase next the original single player farm land lot ie F29 and F31 which have in this farm-manager game mode a large empty space for placeables. I could then place another large farm silo and several extensions there.

2025 Finished cultivating F01
2026 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 52.7k
2037 Started cultivating F13. Decided to drive a headland myself and then hire AI worker, because there are trees on the field in W side heh.
2043 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 52.7k
2051 Headland done for F13, set off hired worker for the rest.
2056 Started fertilizing F01
2100 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 52.7k
2119 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 52.7k
2120 Finished fertilizing F01
2137 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 52.7k
2157 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 52.7k
2214 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 52.7k
2231 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 52.7k
2245 Finished cultivating F13
2248 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 52.7k
2249 Started fertilizing F13
2256 Noticed wheat price on sale point 6 started to decrease, I have 246k liters to sell, race is on.
2305 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 52.6k and 52.5k
2323 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 2x 52.3k
2330 Finished fertilizing F13
2331 Picking up last load of wheat from farm silo, its not a full one, almost 76k liters.
2333 Started seeding canola F01
2335 Started seeding canola F13. Did the tree line by driving manually so hired worker can do its thing without issues.
2340 Sold wheat in sale point 6 for 52k and 42.5k. Thats all the wheat. Budget now 1.999m heh
2348 Picked up the last 17.3k liters of soybeans from farm silo, not so much for the money but just to empty the bin out.
2356 Sold soybeans in sale point 6 for 56.2k. Budget now 2.051m, nice.

2019-05-03T0000 Purchased land lot which includes F29, F31 and the original players farm.

Exited the game for a quick break to do some xml mod editing, I need to have custom farm bin silo and extension which hold more grain as the in-game values are just ridiculously low. The amount of grain PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain produces, even with these few fields I got now is just incredible, there is no way to store all that grain into the puny little bins we got.

So I made a xml mod for the bins where large farm silo holds 10 million and extension 1 million liters.

0025 Sold all the old farm bin silos.
0027 Purchased land lot which has F37 for 1.1m. Budget now 285.8k
0031 Purchased large farm silo which is a mod from garden city terrain itself. Capacity 24 million liters. Placed it on F45 starter farm.
0036 Started harvesting wheat F37
0045 Finished seeding canola F01. Big bud 747 skipped to F13 heh. Guess I need to plow these fields together and be done with it.
0058 Seed hawks ran out of seed, had to use elmers haulmaster from the harvest to bring them full load of 36k liters.
0136 Finished seeding canola F13

This F37 harvest was a huge one, I was exhausted running elmers haulmaster auger wagon after the combines, when one was emptied another one got full hehe. I decided to bring in some more firepower, going to buy coolamon motherbin that 124k liter one and park that to the field as buffer so the truck can keep up.

0215 Sold barley for PLC for 29.6k and 47.4k
0219 Purchased auger wagon coolamon motherbin 100t 117k
0519 Started spraying F01
0541 Finished spraying F01
0542 Started spraying F13
0603 Finished harvesting wheat F37
0621 Finished spraying F13

0629 Shut down FS19, its been a long day. Dont feel tired yet but been harvesting for HOURS and looking next to do insane amount of more harvesting... didn't feel at all like starting now. More farming tomorrow.

2019-05-04T0103 Back at PMC Gaming and time for some harvesting. Today I decided to live stream while doing so, I'm just not sure how nice it will be when I ALT-TAB all the time to update this story text... hmm.

0111 started harvesting wheat F29
0241 sold wheat for 2x 52.9k
0306 started fertilizing F37
0425 start lime spreading F29
0427 finished fertilizing F37
0435 finished harvesting F29, F31
0503 started harvesting canola F45
0506 sold wheat in sale point 5 for 2x 48.1k
0522 sold wheat in sale point 5 for 2x 48.1k
0523 finished liming F29
0524 started fertilizing F29
0536 sold wheat in sale point 5 for 2x 48.1k
0542 finished fertilizing F29

Ended the stream after 4h 35min, forgot to write down but for example F45 harvesting was half way done when I just had to call it quits.

2019-05-05T0352 Back at PMC Gaming, starting up FS19, time to continue F45 canola harvest. Oh and no live streaming today.

Didn't even save courseplay course for F45 harvest, oh well lets finish this up with hired workers.

0404 sold wheat in sale point 4 for 2x 52.9k
0417 sold wheat in sale point 4 for 2x 52.9k
0422 finished harvesting canola F45
0435 sold wheat in sale point 4 for 2x 52.9k. Started harvesting canola F44
0449 Purchased trailer lode king distinction 84k liters 89.5k and truck lizard roadrunner with paint 165k. This is my grain hauling truck now.
0450 sold wheat in sale point 4 for 2x 52.9k
0501 sold wheat in sale point 4 for 2x 52.9k
0502 sold wheat in sale point 4 for 2x 52.9k
0513 sold wheat in sale point 4 for 2x 52.9k and at the same time sold barley in sale point 3 but didnt catch how much was it, lets wait until next haul.
0530 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 2x 44.3k
0535 Finished harvesting canola F44
0541 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 4x 44.3k
0544 Started harvesting canola F43
0555 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 4x 44.2k
0605 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 4x 44.2k
0615 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 4x 44.2k
0626 Sold barley in sale point 3 for 4x 44.1k
0636 Sold barley in sale point 5 for 4x 44.5k
0644 Finished harvesting canola F43
0648 Sold barley in sale point 5 for 2x 45k and 2x 45.1k
0700 Sold barley in sale point 5 for 4x 45.5k
0704 Started harvesting canola F42
0712 Sold barley in sale point 5 for 45.9k and 3x 46k
0721 Barley ran out of farm silo, now loading canola
0729 Sold barley snippet in sale point 2 for 2.9k and canola for 85k
0744 Sold canola in sale point 2 for 3x 85.4k and 85.5k
0801 Sold canola in sale point 2 for 4x 85.9k
0816 Sold canola in sale point 2 for 2x 86.2k, 86.3k and 79.8k
0837 Sold canola in sale point 2 for 2x 86.6k
0842 Finished harvesting canola F42
0856 Sold canola in sale point 2 for 2x 86.7k
0915 Sold canola in sale point 2 for 2x 86.8k

Budget now 4.459m which is pretty nice. On top of that I have still several big canola fields to harvest. I imagine that money doubling when those fields have been harvested and grain sold.

But I must say that playing, mostly the harvesting constant grain cart driving and 30FPS performance with courseplay gets to my nerves, it feels very exhausting. Usually I like to play all aspects of the game, harvesting is great fun... but now, I just feel like "harvesting? bleurgh!" heh. I really really want courseplay not to eat all the performance and it to include the properly working grain cart overloader mode, I am all fed up driving the grain cart now.

0927 Shut down FS19 for today, just dont feel like harvesting right now. I need to do some bug fixing anyways so I have my hands full for the rest of the night. We'll see how I feel tomorrow, maybe the big money in bank entices me to play and purchase new fields, but then again ... all it means is more harvesting, HAHA Smiley ;)

2019-05-06T0332 Last night discovered that North Dakota Fairmount 8km terrain scale is off. Long story short I made a big mistake when creating the terrains initially which applies to every FS19 real world data terrain I've made and now I had to DELETE and re-create all of them. This includes PMC Iowa Garden City 8km as well, so this means that this story will end right here, at the moment of writing this I have already deleted the project source directory and the zip I used to play. This story ends here.

I had a great fun playing as well as some frustrating time using pains heh, overall I wouldn't have done this if I didnt love it every moment of it. Looking forward to starting a new "Start From Zero" career in the re-created PMC terrains.