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To find out if its usable for large real world data terrains.

FS19 Seasons Review

Seasons Manual

In this page all timestamps (2359hrs) are marked as not real life but in-game time. On few spots real life date and time is marked but its on UTC format DATEtTIME. If you read this "review" please read it completely through because my experience develops the more I play so the initial thoughts are not what they were weeks later in the largest terrain I tested on.

My background: I never played with seasons before, period. In FS17 when I saw seasons the first time I laughed that why on earth would I use such horrible mod which dictates when I can play the game (meaning seed, harvest etc), I just didn't get why would I limit my game-play time with a mod like this. I felt like this all the way up to seasons FS19 release.

So FS19 seasons was released and as everyone were running their mouth and hyping seasons left and right, I decided to give it a try, almost like hoping it would disappoint me meaning that it limits my game-play therefore sucks. As you can see below I tried it out day after its v1.0 release...

Ravenport 2km


Started ravenport new career with otherwise my normal mods. Plowed, fertilized, limed, cultivated all the starter fields. Then I was in day 1 at 1600hrs and it had rained once already which was nice and temperature was 4/4C (air/ground Celsius). At this point was my first waiting period; I cannot seed canola as it requires +5C temperature.

That first waiting time was a big negative for me, artificial crap to prevent me from playing the game.

First night started to set just after 1700hrs, I loved how gradually it came about on 120 time acceleration and it went almost completely dark! Very nice!

However the sky still had some not glow like default game but clearly like "daylight in the sky over the horizon" visible between the clouds which was disappointing, at night the sky is completely black dark there are no daylight. But overall this night is million times better than the garbage in default game.

Day 1 2030hrs I missed the weather forecast +5C temperatures, I could not seed. It already dropped to 3/4C.

When you do 120 time acceleration the clouds move really quickly across the sky, however after several seconds they just stop moving, they are still animating like "pulsating" kind of way that they look like nice alive sky, but they do not move across the sky anymore. I believe after some time in real time they restore the movement again for the next time you use time acceleration. When I just kept 120 time acceleration going (while typing this) then the clouds again started to move for several seconds, until they stopped again hehe.

Day 2 0350hrs the sky and clouds looked really bright, ground was still completely black it was just a silhouette type of darkness. The sky just looks bad, I was really disappointed to see that sort of glowing sky as dead of night you can clearly see blue sky and white/gray clouds, completely unrealistic. This improvement for the environment was my biggest hope that seasons will be great, but apparently not, this just sucks in general (better than default but still sucks).

I do like the temperature stuff, soil moisture and the randomness that the weather now has, like you cant just plan in your head that OK first I fertilize then I seed immediately after during this gaming session, no you cant do that if the temperature is not right. The randomness and kind of like disappointment factor is great. However this most likely in the long run gets old, I mean this is the 2019-07-15 PMC Grande Gardens 16km fertilizing contracts waiting with time acceleration all over again. I don't want to repeat that horror ever again.

Day 3? heh I lost track already, still waiting the ground temperature to rise. NONE of the crops are suitable to seeding yet. This turned into Waiting Simulator.

A lot of rain fall, I kind of like that for a change to the monotonous always sun shine default weather, but I do wonder how many harvests are ruined due this almost excessive rain now. Edit: at 08/late-spring it had rained so many times its like it rains once or twice in a day.

It was the fourth day and I was just yawning on 120 time acceleration, bored out of my mind. At this point I was not enjoying seasons very much, to put it mildly.

On fifth day (mid spring) temperatures dropped even more, it went to -0C (err minus zero? hehe) and it started to snow, well it was raining already and the animation kept as rain but the current weather indicator was snow and ground texture type changed to snow. I must say that seeing that the first time, all this time gotten used to the warm sunny weather in farmsim games... seeing the snow was almost christmas like miracle nice.

In normal game-play I bet its frustrating to have this kind of random weather when you must do some field work, for example right now I need to plant canola but no, temperature is too low, hell there is even frigging snow in the ground hehe. Yes it sucks as I want to play... but also at the same time, in some weird bizarre way... this is cool as well, the unknown random factor like real farmers have to experience yearly, on harvest day when it rains it puts stop to their work.

Seasons menu economy tab has excellent feature which tracks every days crop market prices, you can reference them for the whole year.

On seventh day I think the GUI temperature display got frozen, it was saying 4/3C but still calendar showed white 5C for canola planting, hmm.

How this works is that there will be basic waiting time between seeding and harvest. I was thinking that additional fertilizing and spraying could be done in those days, but manual page advertises that those should be done in spring (when seeding is done), but dunno guess there are no restrictions for that. Once you seed your fields in the spring time, then you have incredible amount of days (depending on your chosen options, by default its nine) to basically just time accelerate or perhaps doing contracts, dunno. While typing this I'm on 07/late-spring so I still have two full days even on this one, then I'm looking at six (6) days of waiting before I can even start to harvest my canola.

Its important to note that if you have too many fields (large terrains?) to work on then you might run out of spring days, or other way around that too few/small fields or too many days in seasons, then you get bored to death waiting time. I really really do not like this scripted canned corridor shooter thing where you are given set number of days to work on specific field works and if you do not manage then its tough luck crops lost or whatever will happen.

Finally after all that waiting on 05/mid-autumn my fields were ready to harvest (actually they were day before I think but it was raining), but currently the crop moisture is damn 40% because of the rain. This is really exciting to see the first time how the rain and harvest goes.

Interesting observation that when you have many fields after a rain, you need to travel to all those fields and use the MT 9 measuring tool to check the moisture. Other option is to drive combine there and try to start harvest but you might not be able to if the crop moisture is over 20% what I understood. Edit: no you don't, check the crop status icon on top-right corner.

Crop moisture went down from 40 to 23% and then thunderstorms began at 1200hrs which were forecast to last until 2100hrs hehe. Well I time accelerated and after the thunderstorm was over at 2145hrs crop moisture was 41% haha. Farmers life, eh Smiley :)

High winds add very loud wind sounds, that is a nice touch. Strong winds dry your crops and grass to hay more quicker, for example if you have a high crop moisture and you need to start harvesting then sun shine and high winds are your friends.

Day was 09/late-autumn and I started to get worried if I can get my canola off the fields before it withers. I'm ready to go but crop moisture is above 20% eek... Finally at 2200hrs the crop moisture dropped below 20% and I got to start harvest. My first harvest was at night, it was so dark I could not see the combine in the other side of F19 which is tiny heh. Even though I bashed the sky daylight previously, the dark ground level still is very nice.

On my first gaming session with seasons I played 11hrs straight and didn't even fully complete one harvest (I finished the harvesting the next day in 10-15min). It was all about waiting in time acceleration. Edit: at this point I only used default 120 time acceleration.

So I then reached winter, I was looking at 9 days of winter. The introductory text said I cannot work the fields when they are frozen, so apparently I could not fertilize and cultivate or plow now, current temperature is -3/2C so ground is still not frozen.

Fertilizing and cultivating did work on these conditions at 01/early-winter day. I then used 15 time acceleration and weather went to -1/2C and I was still cultivating. When playing more it started to snow (even though temperatures showed 1/2C), it looked pretty nice as there was snow on the ground and tractors tires got all snowy when it was cultivating a field, cultivated part turned into normal dark brown soil color.

There is no question that if your game-play style is to buy all the lands and harvest all the fields, seasons is absolutely going to make that goal take much longer.

So today I woke up (still 25th, but late evening now) and finished the harvest, did the fertilization and cultivating test... and like said now I'm looking at 8-9 days of doing nothing. At right this moment if I would have to choose to use seasons or not... I don't know, I mean it needs more testing on real world data terrains which I'm going to do next, but if you force me to choose right at this moment (2019-07-25T2225) I would say just flip a coin because I honestly don't know. Maybe... MAYBE it would be best to say no, seasons is not for me, with this amount of experience I have.

Entered the last six days of the year and there I was, just... doing... nothing. There was absolutely nothing to do but time accelerate. Edit: this experience was with the ravenport starter fields, which frankly are kiddie small compared to normal terrains fields.

Weather temperatures were -5/-2C when I tried to fertilize, it didn't work. There was no error, the fertilizing did not do anything for the snow or cultivated texture and in ESC soil composition display no fertilizer was applied as darker blue color. I would have preferred a some kind of warning text that you cannot fertilize when ground is frozen.

When driving a tractor in the snow it was slipping and tires sunk little bit into the ground/snow, that was very cool. I assume driving a fast semi truck with heavy trailer in this weather would be nasty, wonder if there was the snow plow and some salt mod that allows you to keep roads clear of snow. Edit: terrain seasons mask or tipCol will keep roads clean of snow.

So yes the last six days is completely time acceleration thing. Seasons manual says you should sell grain, do animal work etc during this time. Maybe.

Its very restricting mod, in a way it makes you appreciate the little things you have. I cant imagine how this would mix well with those large scale field work operations when you have just thousands of hectares of fields and everything takes a long time. I am quite sure you will run out of time, OR if you choose like the 24 day option then that might be too long, will have to see on real world data terrain test. But its for sure that hectic style jumping from one field to another type of game-play will not mix with this mod, I feel seasons will bog you down to individual fields for a very long time for example the crop moisture on harvest. Forget all about getting one harvest done and start to prepare for the next seeding, ain't gonna happen with this mod.

This also makes you appreciate the field work because it limits you the last quarter of the season that you cant do any. You are just standing on the field dreaming of doing some farm work heh. In a totally bizarre way that makes you appreciate the spring/planting time so much more.

After a long period of snowing you get increasing height of snow piled on the ground, I didn't pay attention on the winter snowing, it snowed a bit, but when spring came and introductory text display said get to spring work I still had like hmm half a METER of snow on the ground. On roads, on fields, everywhere except under vehicle sheds and other buildings where you can park vehicles. When I started driving with my tractor it was really struggling going through the deep snow, that was extremely cool as I never expected such thing to be even possible in FS19 engine! Fertilizing did not work on the snow, as expected (well doh).

Interesting point was that it was now 01/early-spring so I went through one full year, there was now heavy snow on the ground and I could not start my spring work, I need to time accelerate to have the weather warm up and snow melt away.

When terrain has been prepared for seasons using the proper mask image, then you can have roads automatically clean of snow. I guess this would simulate county maintaining the roads and keeping them clear of snow.

When snow starts to melt, it goes in steps, but it still looks really good as the tractor tracks in the ground appear when ground level is reached etc.

On this first game-play in ravenport (which btw is going to be my last), it was 04/mid-spring when the snow had melted completely.

I ended the game-play after fertilizing the fields on second stage, my current time played was 14hrs 58min.

PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km


Started a new career on PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km terrain. It was 01/early-spring with 1/4C weather. I plowed, fertilized and sprayed lime to the fields, then started the waiting as weather was 4/4C that I could not seed anything yet.

02/early-spring daytime, was waiting as ground temp remains the same... night fell upon me and ground temp was still 4C, oh well better luck tomorrow.

Somewhere here the temperature increased to seeding stage and I started doing that, forgot to write down the day/time, oh well.

05/mid-spring afternoon, still prepping and seeding fields. Note that I purchased and now own several lands with many fields, this is not just the three initial fields heh. See FS19-North-Dakota-Greendale-4km-2019-07-27T1710.png


All the fields that I owned were seeded and all but three were fully fertilized. I was in the middle of the spring season, still plenty of time to buy more lands and do more field work.

At in-game 1700hrs purchased one more land F55 and started to work on it. Weather forecast shows rain for 0300hrs tonight, the first rain in this savegame I think.


At in-game 2053hrs started to seed the last field I bought. Day wise I'm still at the middle of the spring, still four full days to go, plenty of time to buy new lands and get to work on those fields.

I think for the purpose of this first test I'll stop here, no more new land purchases just wait for the harvest, because if it fails somehow, no need to spend more than this time prepping the fields.

At in-game 2238hrs finished seeding the last field. As said it was about the middle of the spring with plenty of time to seed some more fields. With only this seeding experience I would say that 4km real world data terrain is working OK with seasons. Now the other part of the season begins when we wait for harvest and what kind of weather we get, do we get any delays because of rain etc.

At in-game 0245hrs it started to rain (forecast had it on 0300hrs block so pretty accurate). I like that accuracy, I mean that when you have forecast saying rain it will rain as expected, I'm talking about mod scripting wise here not how unreliable real life weather forecasts are.

06/mid-spring few weeds popped up, I took care of those, then some more 600 time acceleration. At in-game 1435hrs it stopped raining, winds were strong 18.3m/s heh. At in-game 1825hrs it started to rain again, forecasted to last until midnight, then more rain again at 0600hrs. I guess its good for the seeded crops heh.

07/late-spring at 1120hrs it was raining again, few more weeds popped up on two of the fields and fields started to grow. Got few germination failed spots, but nothing too bad relative to the size of our fields.

Took care of the weeds with a rubicon 9000, it was really difficult to spot them in the first growing stage canola, in fact I didn't and had to check map to see where they are. I guess in the mass scale farming you should just herbicide spray all your fields after the harvest, what I understood from seasons manual is that after havest once you spray the weeds do not grow until after the next harvest. At least right now it seems that weed patches have different growth starting times, which is actually pretty cool.

08/late-spring more weeds popped up, but didn't bother to go take care of them, better to wait until more pops up and if not much more, then just leave them be as there are so few of them. Also this is just to test real world data terrain and its field sizes, it doesn't really matter if I take care of each and every weed patch, I'm only after the BULK data, like "does season work with large real world data terrains".

09/late-spring more weeds, very low amounts but now on another field too.

02/early-summer more weeds appear to the same F03. There is decent amount them pretty soon. Probably going to spray the whole field at the sixth day of summer just before harvest season begins, hopefully the crops havent matured to harvested state before that, I don't think they should. But according to seasons manual and the policy of spraying whole field at once, it doesn't matter when you spray it, once done its good until the harvest.

04/mid-summer more weeds and at in-game 1238hrs another crop groth stage switch, now canola has yellow flowers.

06/mid-summer sprayed F03 for weeds, worked out well. There was no large weed areas, only those small patches, you cannot cherry pick where to spray, you must do the whole field even though you spray a lot of areas without weeds. Well OK yes you can cherry pick but hey who has the time do that especially as the weeds are practically invisible amongst the green crop plants.

At in-game 0715hrs all three fields sprayed for weeds, now its just time accelerating and waiting for harvest. Already starting nearvously checking weather forecast for the upcoming days that will there be rain on the harvest season Smiley :)

After some time acceleration I noticed the cloud animation part of them got stuck into the faster movement, ie the fast moving clouds did not stop when I brought time acceleration back to real time. Restarting game and loading savegame fixed it.

Seasons mod requires game-play style adjustment, you cannot mass harvest and seed fields anymore like it was a factory production line. There will be down time in the summer and winter when nothing happens, also the winter frost and snow is quite the shock if you never played with seasons before. However, before even finishing 4km real world data terrain harvest and testing on 8km and 16km terrains... I would say seasons is a great mod and basically core standard for any realistic farm sim player.

07/late-summer 0025hrs (well after I stopped time accelerating at midnight, to give engine a breather) crops changed growth stage to the brown color one in 3D but in the ESC growth they were still listed as dark green growing.

01/early-autumn at in-game 1230hrs fields were ready to harvest, yes! let the harvest begin! Smiley :)

Weather forecast predicts rain for 1800hrs, interesting to see how accurate it will be and more importantly, how long it will last as 2100hrs again is just cloudy.

At in-game 1345hrs F05 harvested. 1446hrs next field harvested.

At in-game 1502hrs was actually ALT-TABbed when it started to rain, oh wow surprise rain! I was looking at the sky and there was this dark nasty cloud which made me worry but I thought that nah its the 1800hrs forecasted cloud slowly forming... well, it wasnt, its still three hours away and now we have rain already Smiley :)

This kind of uncertain rain thing is just awesome game-play when you are hard at work harvesting but have to stop for a rain. Obviously as said before, if every other harvest gets interrupted or delayed like this ... well yeah that is no fun then.

At in-game 1943hrs rain had stopped and crop moisture was 32 percent. So now we wait until they dry up heh.

03/early-autumn at in-game 1312hrs crop moisture dropped enough and we are back harvesting. Weather forecast predicts rain again starting from 0300hrs tonight (precipitation at midnight 90 percent chance), it unfortunately looks to be lasting all the way up to noon Smiley :(

At in-game 1322hrs F06 harvested. 1422hrs F27 harvested. 1501hrs F28 harvested. 1517hrs F30 harvested. 1715hrs F29 harvested. 1811hrs F10 harvested.

03/early-autumn at in-game 1812hrs dead tired, still have plenty of fields to harvest but have to leave those for tomorrow. 1858hrs F11 harvested.


03/early-autumn at in-game 2050hrs F13 harvested. Next I was having is night harvest on F55 which was quite... dark, heh. I was looking at the horizon and sky all the time that where are the rain clouds, at in-game 2214hrs did not see anything except few thin white non-rain clouds here and there. Forecasted rain gets really close now but if the sky is anything to live by there is no rain in sight.

At in-game 2320hrs noticed there is cloudy weather icon now, still no rain clouds in sight. Looks good so far, I can easily finish F55 harvest and start on the next one before any rain gets here.

At in-game 2340hrs F55 harvested.

04/mid-autumn 0002hrs now weather icon shows rain coming next. 0132hrs F03 harvested. One more field to go now...

At in-game 0208hrs F02 harvested, all owned fields are now harvested!

Also this harvest finished one hour before forecasted rain which was to last for 1200hrs heh. Nick of time eh Smiley ;)

Hit time acceleration and only moments in 600 and it started to rain in-game 0252hrs, oh wow the timing on that harvest completion heh, so nice.

So overall testing results for 4km real world data terrain using seasons looks promising, I can fully play and enjoy this type of terrain with seasons, no fear of running out of time or anything.

Sure the random factor might strike badly like froze, drought or rains like what I escaped by barely half an hour heh, but yeah those are real life stuff and could happen, sure it sucks if you prepare your field and it fails because randomly generated weather event. But hey if there are no risk, the spoon fed stock result doesn't taste pretty good at all.


Because this seasons test was concluded and I had made the big mistake of using solar panel placeables for money making which is a complete money cheat, today I deleted this savegame.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km

2019-07-29T1447 PMC Grande Gardens 16km

Started a new career savegame using 24 day season. This is the real test for seasons that will it work with huge terrains or do the time acceleration cause issues like I know it does without seasons (field stages wont switch properly) and is there too much or too little time. I would guess there is plenty enough time in the beginning with 24 day season as I don't start with a large operation.

I edited XML and took a 5 million loan, so its not money cheat per say... its a loan which I must pay back, but yes this is not your normal new farmer starter mode. All I want to do is to learn if seasons is suitable for very large terrains. Honestly I should have just money cheated to get going but I'm hoping this could be my seasons savegame assuming its playable. Also I am experimenting with this "start with a big loan" game-mode because start from zero is a bit of a grind (anyways offtopic).

01/early-spring 1600hrs fields were prepared for seeding, weather was 13/4C so I started to time accelerate same as I did in 4km terrain using 3000 time acceleration, now we see if seasons help with the field stage switching issue on large terrains...

First night at 3000 time acceleration until 1200hrs the next day worked the same as in 2km and 4km terrains, clouds moved in the sky and there was field stage changes along with normal seasons data changes like temperatures and crop moisture icon etc. Also noticed new contracts appearing. So far looking good.

03/early-spring after another day of time acceleration I did notice that the seasons "game is synchronizing after fast forward" dialog came on for much longer time than in small terrains. Does season do some magic that the game engine by default cannot? Hmm interesting.

Weather forecast for 0900hrs is SNOW heh nice Smiley :)

Around 0600-0700hrs it started to rain. Hmm odd, that was not forecast prediction. And now the forecast snow 0900hrs has changed to just rain. Currently 2/4C.

05/early-spring time accelerating with 3000 speed, soil is too cold and I'm afraid to seed as I can't see do we get suitable weather in the future. It was pretty obvious that 24 day season in the beginning with few fields requires a lot of time accelerating, so I'm not going to mention it further until it really starts to cause boredom of death or other issues.

06/early-spring 1200hrs it was raining again, forecast is rain until tomorrow morning. 4/3C.

I seem to be doing so much time accelerating now that I'm not going to list every rain as that might become too much to read heh.

10/mid-spring 0650hrs its 7/5C so we are ready to seed our canola, the only question remains... will it still freeze or will there be enough rain to avoid drought. Decided to start seeding now, might take a while with that horsch pronto 9 dc seeder.

Offtopic sidenote: I let courseplay run that hours and hours long pronto 9 dc seeder while I went to watch tv. No, not just ALT-TABbing to watch youtube farming videos or twitch streams, I actually got up from PMC Gaming computer chair and went to sit in front of my TV. I had monitor on so I could see when the seeder gets empty (it needed several refills) but after the refill I shut off the monitor as it took a quite while for seeds to run out (more than 45min). This is not what I do, this is a new thing to let courseplay play the game for me while I do something else. I'm... I'm troubled, to say the least...

10/mid-spring 1723hrs was done seeding and fertilizing my three fields. 1729hrs started to herbicide spray F10 and F19. There was no weeds yet, F11 was already sprayed and I decided to pre-emptively spray these two remaining fields to see if it stops weeds growing this season.

So to recap where we stand now, this is a 24 day season, its currently 10/mid-spring 1859hrs, I own lands with fields 10, 11 and 19 which all have been seeded, fertilized and herbicide sprayed. Now its just waiting until harvest season begins.

Its 6 days until early summer, then additional 16 (wow) days until canola harvest season begins. That is total of 22 days of time accelerating before we get to begin harvesting, assuming our crops are ready and there are no rain. Wow, now that is a lot of time accelerating...

18/late-spring just after midnight it started to rain, forecast predicts it rains for 24hrs straight, lets see what happens. It stopped raining between 1100-1200hrs, then continued raining until after midnight before 0300hrs. Good rain for the crops which are now growing the the first green plant stage. More rain forecast for tonight.

20/late-spring 0214hrs it was raining again, forecast predicts it to last 2100hrs. Temperatures now 10/7C.

22/late-spring 1244hrs it has been raining on and off several times over the past few days.

This 24 day season is quite nice for large scale farming, I mean there is just so much time accelerating to do if your work has been done, but when you have many very large fields it will take days to work on them, so you need those extra days.

I would not recommend using 24 day season for small terrains or maybe even 4km terrains with many fields, the 9 day season is pretty good time frame for that terrain size. I have no idea yet what might be best for 8km terrains which are quite large. I'm not bored yet for time accelerating, using the 3000 speed, but how many in-game years do you want to time accelerate like this is another question entirely.

While I'm not bored its clear that this time accelerating takes a lot of real life time which could be used in actual farming when played without seasons. I'm not sure what would happen if I used faster than 3000 time acceleration, seasons manual recommends no faster than 6000 and stopping every 1-2 days to give engine time to catch up Seasons Manual Warnings for Game-play.

Started to do those 6000 speed time acceleration's now. Not that 3000 is slow, but heh anyways.

01/early-summer nothing new to report I guess, time accelerating continues. Only odd thing so far is weeds, in ESC soil composition mode I see the regular seasons weed patches growing very slowly (not on my fields which are sprayed), but I also see on the map top-down about 15-20% of solid weeds.

I don't know what that means because I assumed there will be no solid pink weed areas with seasons, so maybe its PMC Grande Gardens 16km or just 16km in general terrain bug?

03/early-summer forecast is rain starting 0300hrs and lasting until midnight.

11/mid-summer I did a lot of time accelerating, didn't bother writing down rains. I'm doing the 6000 speed now and pausing just before midning, for video capture and my own enjoyment I usually stop at 2330hrs roughly as its difficult to stop at such high speed, then use normal 120 speed to go over midnight and then back to real time when midnight payments etc is reset at 0001hrs. Always nice to see the placeable solar panel profits etc.

17/late-summer 0002hrs, so we finally reached harvest season, but my canola is still growing so we'll wait some more. Now that harvest season has arrived I'm going to stop time acceleration again at 1200hrs so I could perhaps catch the harvest ready crops if they switch during daytime. Actually still not sure if seasons do the switching at midnight or just some random time.

20/late-summer canola still growing, moisture soil 40% and crop 13%, looking good.

21/late-summer got some rain, no big deal.

22/late-summer more rain in the late evening.

I must say that at this point the time accelerating is really boring, how many hours of real life gaming time have I spent here time accelerating... dunno, didn't count but it feels like a lot. I am excited of the upcoming harvest and all that, but if you play a lot and go through many seasons years you will be spending so much time in the time acceleration mode that its pretty bad. Also 16km terrain size causes the "The game is synchronizing after fast-forward" dialog to be up sometimes like half a minute or so (didn't time it), that is another drag.

The 24 day season is extremely long, you need to have many fields which you work on for days in-game time to make it worth while. I like that season has this option but it clearly is for such large terrain use cases or people who really like to take it super slow.

01/early-autumn season switched, canola is still growing, no rain in immediate forecast.

02/early-autumn 0840hrs stopped time acceleration and whoah crop ready to harvest! Smiley :)

0929hrs F10 harvested. 1000hrs F10 fertilized. 1115hrs F10 herbicide sprayed.

Once the first field was harvested I moved in fertilizer and herbicide sprayers into the first field while combines were harvesting the second. Seasons manual states that weeds are planted in each harvest, so I should be able to preemptively spray the field. Fertilizing is no brainer, that is what I always do.

I'm playing here acting like the season days are in short supply or that I'd have many fields. Kind of wanting to see how quickly the fields are prepared for next seeding, for example double crop situations or just generally have the work done to them for winter time and that spring once the snow melts they are ready to go.

1142hrs F11 harvested. ?hrs F11 fertilized. 1324hrs F11 herbicide sprayed. 1339hrs F19 harvested.

Total canola harvest from F10, F11 and F19 was 1,169,303 liters.

1424hrs F19 fertilized. 1440hrs F10 cultivated. 1520hrs F19 herbicide sprayed. ?hrs F11 cultivated. 1735hrs F19 cultivated. 1419hrs F11 fertilized. ?hrs F19 fertilized.

Then leased semi truck and trailer, started to sell canola with 1896 market price. 2123hrs last canola load was sold.

Then another set of time acceleration commenced, through the damn winter heh. I was thinking about growing my farm because now this test didn't really show me anything new as greendale 4km field sizes were like three times the amount I have right now. I need to buy much MUCH more lands/fields next to start to see how that changes the game-play. But I think that is a bit far off yet, lands cost a lot and the vehicles required to work on them too, we're talking about millions ...

Man I should have just got some cheat money hehe. Oh well I have some dezzaz solar panels now which give good income when time accelerating.

21/late-autumn around noon it started to snow, 3/6C Smiley :)

01/early-winter 1200hrs we got snow in the ground, 1/3C and no snow in the forecast right now.

03/early-winter 1247hrs snow had melted (dunno when while time accelerating), -0/2C.

And again I'm starting to get bored of the time accelerating. I have now time accelerated so I stop to real time in midnight and noon, maybe I'll just do one stop at midnight to speed this up as the "game synchronizing after fast-forward" often times takes so damn long.

22/late-winter new real life gaming day started. There was thick snow in the ground. It was odd, I recall manual saying that without seasons mask you do not get thick snow cover on the ground, but I clearly see it being thick, hmm maybe not thick enough or something. When I took a tractor and drove in the snow it clearly was not too deep and I got no tracks plowed into the snow, so guess that is the difference what seasons mask does.

Oh well time accelerating continues while dezzaz solar panels making me crazy money, waiting for the early spring. What I recall from my 4km terrain test it will take several days into spring before all the snow has melted, interesting to see how it goes this time.

01/early-spring 0001hrs, full snow cover in the ground, its winter.

03/early-spring snow had melted overnight, don't know what time as it was time acceleration and dark.

04/early-spring around 0400hrs at night it started to rain, whee first rain of the new year.

09/mid-spring 0003hrs ground temperature still not ready for seeding, 6/2C.

11/mid-spring 1227hrs decided to change time acceleration stop at noon every day, I can still see the midnight fee notifications even on fast speed so why not just skip the whole dark night.

Weather now 10/4C, slowly getting closer to seeding temperatures. Although this season I'm planting soybeans, so I have to wait 10C ground temperature. But even if I was planting canola the temperature still is not high enough. Early spring is planting time, except for the temperatures, they prevent you from planting, all you can do is field work the other stuff, which of course is necessary but like in this case I already did all that in last autumn, my fields are ready to go.

This time accelerating from 1200hrs noon skipping the night to the next days noon feels much better overall, the stoppage comes at day time so if you have something to do at this time you could get going right away without further time acceleration.

13/mid-spring 1251hrs temperatures 11/5C so canola and few others could be seeded now, still far away from corn and soybeans planting temperature.

17/late-spring 1238hrs temperatures 16/7C now we are in corn/soybean seeding part of the season, except ground temperature still too low.

20/late-spring 1258hrs temperatures 16/9C getting close to seeding time. Had 8.6 million of money so decided to upgrade my seeding equipment.

22/late-spring sometime after midnight soil temperature hit 10C, corn/soybean seeding time has arrived.

Started seeding, then bought more land, setup farmer_schubi's production factories and started to plow/lime/fertilize the new fields I bought. Busy day.

1303hrs had F10, F11, F19, F31 and F32 seeded with soybeans, just started to seed F21. F01 and F02 were growing barley since I bought the land they are on.

Didn't check the precise time but it was around 1800-1900hrs when I finished seeding AND fertilizing F21, called a night there as it was a loong farming day for me.

New day and I downloaded seasons v1.0.0.2 beta, lets see if anything breaks.

Time to preemptively herbicide spray the new fields. 1907hrs F31 herbicide sprayed. ?hrs F32 herbicide sprayed. 2040hrs F21 herbicide sprayed.

2112hrs all spring work was done, now we just wait when crops grow and we get to the harvest season Smiley :)

24/late-spring last day of spring, all my soybean fields have been germinated and they are growing nicely. No signs of weeds right now except on F19 which has two small patches which cannot be sprayed out, I have no idea why they are immune for spraying.

17/early-summer checked the soybean growth and there was fair amount of "harvested" and germination failed patches, nothing that would destroy the harvest but yeah its interesting to see these random natural things which you dont see in the stock game, only on those real life farming videos. F19 had few more weed patches, I'm going to wait until the last day before harvest time begins to try one last time to spray them, I would assume I cannot spray them same as just before.

18/late-summer 1237hrs F01 and F02 barley was ready to harvest. Guess I'm breaking out the combines a bit earlier this harvest season then Smiley :)

When harvesting F02 I was thinking that oh I need to hurry up to get cultivating, fertilizing etc whatever is required going on for F01, but then I realized that hey I have all the time in the world to do that once the F02 harvest is over because all you do is time accelerate and yawn, so what better time to do mundane field preparation work Smiley :)

This kind thinking from non-season game-play is hard to forget now. In a way you are in hurry with seasons... but like this example shows, other times... not so much.

2121hrs F01 and F02 harvested.

19/late-summer 0027hrs F02 spread lime. 0105hrs F01 herbicide sprayed. 0639hrs F02 herbicide sprayed. 0709hrs F01 fertilized. 0739hrs F02 fertilized. 0833hrs F01 cultivated. 0910hrs F01 fertilized. ?hrs F02 cultivated. 1016hrs F02 fertilized.

1100hrs purchased F20, which size is 300ha. Then started plowing F20 with four john deere 2623 plows using courseplay multiple tools, ETA is 3h 35min hehe.

1510hrs F20 plowed under. 1715hrs F20 fertilized.

20/late-summer 0716hrs purchased the next big field number 22, its nice 611.8ha Smiley ;)

This field has harvest ready barley, ironically as it will be the biggest field I have ever harvested in farmsim games hehe. I just wonder how many hours it will take to harvest using three ideal 9t combines with 13.7m headers and me driving a grain cart while courseplay handles trucks.

Oh well, don't make huge terrains if you're scared of working in one field for hours Smiley :)

0751hrs started harvesting F22. 1655hrs F22 NW corner harvested. So it took me 9 frigging hours to harvest this one part of that huge field, now I have THREE more to go haha Smiley :)

1707hrs started harvesting F22 north east corner. Courseplay ETA is 4h 20min, which is kind of odd that if that was the case yesterday as well, how come I ended up spending 9hrs working on it. Sure it takes time as auger wagon needs to keep up with combines and I took a two lunch breaks, but still 4 vs 9 doesn't sound right to me.

21/late-summer 0609hrs night fell and I had to time accelerate through it because I could not see harvesters or grain trucks in the field when driving grain cart. 12/14C.

Forgot to write what time NE corner harvest was done, 0950hrs something, oh well. 1035hrs started harvesting F22 SW corner.

1920hrs finished harvesting F22 SW corner. Oddly this harvest corner felt like smaller than the previous ones, hmm maybe the mapview is somehow misleading, oh well. So this corner harvest according to in-game clock took 8hrs 45min, pretty close to the previous nine hour mark. So its safe to say the SE corner harvest will be another nine hour time investment heh.

Gotta love farmsim and large terrains eh Smiley ;)

1953hrs started harvesting F22 SE corner, the last corner of this huge field. 2050hrs night was slowly falling so I decided to time accelerate to the morning, but before that I needed to take a real life break from FS19 for hour or so. Break didn't take much longer than 30-45mins, then back at it.

2057hrs there was still an hour or so daylight left but when all the vehicles were engines stopped after game restart I decided to time accelerate to the morning now.

22/late-summer 0610hrs. Goood morning Grande Gaaardeeeeens! Smiley :)

Alright lets get this F22 harvest done.

I was harvesting and 2019-08-07T1758 (well I was done updating) seasons v1.0.1 and GEO US midwest was released, I restarted the game with those. Took backups of savegame of course.

I was very excited about new seasons update and especially the US midwest GEO which allows double cropping. Too bad that I have no idea how it "works" actually. I have seen the youtube videos where real farmers double crop soybeans after harvesting wheat, but dunno how it works on FS19 as seasons manual says nothing...

1049hrs farm bin silo all 10 million liters got full heh, had to buy silo extension one million liters for it Smiley :)

This 611ha barley harvest was a nightmare, it felt like it will NEVER END hehe. I harvested three real life days straight. I don't mind playing FS19 a long time every day, but if you do only one thing on one field... that becomes a terrible experience.

1301hrs F22 harvested, the whole huge 611ha field has been now completely harvested. Hooyah! Smiley :D

I sort of lost track of how many hours I spent to harvest this field but in short it was three real life days (not 16hrs days). For future harvests I would caution against seeding barley or corn into such huge fields because their yield is so large that all you do is drive grain cart back and forth all the time. Obviously other crops are not easy either, sure, but there is a big difference between barley and soybean yield.

Or sure you can do F40 as barley but don't blame me if you get bored to death after the first WEEK of harvesting haha!

1354hrs started seed canola F02. 1357hrs started seed canola F01. 2333hrs started fertilizing F22.

But again FS19 froze/locked up and had to kill the process, then had to restart all those courseplay courses, sigh Smiley :(

The only fortunate thing was that I JUST saved it so I wont lose pretty much any progress.

1516hrs finished seeding canola F01. 1624hrs finished seeding canola F02. 1644hrs finished fertilizing F22.

1650hrs started seeding canola F20. Two big bud 747's pulling seed hawks, courseplay ETA 3h 35min Smiley :)

1708hrs started fertilizing F02. 1734hrs finished fertilizing F02. 1740hrs started fertilizing F01. 2041hrs finished seeding canola F20.

2045hrs night is arriving quickly, its getting dark, cant see ground soil type anymore, its time to skip the night.

0706hrs F01, F02 and F20 got germinated overnight. 0710hrs started seeding canola F22. Two seed hawks courseplay ETA 7h 11min Smiley ;)

1517hrs finished seeding canola F22.

Did fertilizing contract for F05, it had 2.3 million reward heh, took a while to get that 1200ha bad boy done.

23/late-summer 1643hrs alright a new real life day started, last night I finished that massive fertilizing contract and now my budget is 3.5 million, ready to purchase some more land. Such purchase probably is not going to make it for this years harvest as we are in late summer already, dunno.

1744hrs purchased many new land lots, got new fields of 12-18 and 50. Luckily F15 is seeded canola which will be a nice reward. F12 is barley which I'm SO going to plow under haha!

1842hrs fertilized F18. 1901hrs fertilized F16. 1904hrs fertilized F17. 1951hrs fertilized F13. 2006hrs fertilized F15. 2031hrs fertilized F14. 2254hrs fertilized F12.

Actually I stop writing these play-by-plays, this is not my usual farm story, this is testing of seasons Smiley :)

24/late-summer 0700hrs time accelerated through the night, last day of summer, lets put canola on the ground and then be ready for soybean harvest season.

1011hrs had a lot of fertilizing and seed hawk canola seeding action going on in "western" part of my farm on the new lands I purchased. A lot of canola went to the ground and I was just laughing evil laughter that how much money do I get when this crop is harvested Smiley ;)

Currently my farm owns land with fields totaling 2,281 hectares. My-Domain-2281-Hectares-And-Growing.png

1311hrs finished seeding canola for the western part of my farm, now I only have F50 left all the way in the east which is being plowed right now.

2140hrs finished prepping F50 for seeding, now I faced decision to time accelerate to the morning or seed at night. I wanted to seed at day light but at midnight we switch into autumn which is soybeans harvest time and I really want to get this canola seeding done before that. So I started off two seed hawks in complete darkness, lets get this canola harvest wrapped up tonight.

Weeds were growing in F15, decided to start spraying it in the complete darkness while seed hawks were busy.

I really enjoy the complete darkness at ground level what seasons bring into the game. It is atrociously bad how the stock game looks like, I cant imagine playing without seasons now with dark nights.

01/early-autumn 0000hrs, autumn has arrived and soybean harvest season is here, our farm soybeans are still growing so we have to wait.

0051hrs it was time to accelerate until day light, cant really work at night without any lights.

At this point I got so many FS19 freezes / lockups that I just gave up and continued playing on PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km again to see if it will freeze there as well (it didn't, after hour or so of heavy game-play).

Real life 2019-08-12T1009hrs, so yesterday got fed up with the freezes, I sold the barley using two truck courseplay courses, bought F51, F52 and plowed F51 with two tools which took whopping 8h 30min. All this time... I was watching TV and PMC Gaming computer was running with monitor shut down. This was quite cheaty way to let courseplay play the game for your while you are hands off keyboard.

Oh well, you have to understand how frustrating those game freezes/lockups are, you cant play a game like that when any moment you could have it freeze, when I was hands off keyboard just on external camera courseplay plowing a field for damn 8hrs there was no freezes at all (freezes come when you TAB and C across vehicles).

So in-game today is 01/early-autumn 2254hrs, my budget is 7.235m, F51 and F52 need some work. First off, time acceleration until morning so I can see what I'm doing.

03/early-autumn time accelerated to 0706hrs when I was in middle of canola harvest for new field I bought. Lets continue in daylight. My soybeans are still growing, waiting eagerly for them to be harvest ready. Latest canola fields I seeded (F51 and F52) also germinated succesfully.

1718hrs it started to rain as forecast predicted. Its fine, I have nothing ready to harvest anyways.

Night had fallen once again and it was time for time acceleration until morning.

04/early-autumn 0659hrs, work continues. I am starting to get a bit bored of all these fields I'm working on because all I wanted to test out is a full season through with several fields and its clear to me now that 24 day season is plenty of time even for a monster like 16km terrain, so now I just want to get into the massive canola and soybean harvest.

Forecast predicts rain for today from 1200hrs to 1800hrs, soybeans are still not ready for harvest so let it rain.

Started to seed canola into withered F49 which is my latest purchased field. I'm currently plowing last corner of F05 which is huge 1200ha one. As I said above I just want to wrap up this season now, I do have 4.4 million in cash but I don't want to buy any more fields, to get any more work as this has been long enough for now. The constant game freezes/lockups are also stressing me out.

So I'm going to seed and fertilize this F49 now, I doubt I even start with F05 because its such an monster, or perhaps I buy two more big bud 747's with seed hawks and see how quickly it goes, but that is absolutely the last field I'm going to be working on, NO MORE.

I really just want to get the upcoming soybean harvest done and then get ready for winter as it will be my first with US midwest GEO and the v1.0.1 seasons mod. After that... well, lets not even think about that yet.

0920hrs it started to rain, should last until evening 1800hrs.

1528hrs its raining and I started to seed canola to F05 which will be last field to seed in this season. I bought two big bud 747's with seed hawks and they are now rocking and rolling in that field, courseplay ETA 6h 55min Smiley :)

I just cant wait to get this seasons canola seeding wrapped up and move on to the harvest. Honestly as real life time and how much I have played now, dunno if I have the energy and motivation to go through that soybean harvest that is coming up, we'll see.

2116hrs rain had ended, didn't notice at what specific time as I was ALT-TABbed reading my other farm stories to pass the time heh.

2311hrs finished seeding canola F05, just in time before the midnight changes, nice.

This was my last field work task for this season (year) before the big soybean harvest. I want to get that harvest done and then... well then I don't know what to do next, I have been playing so much that I need to take a break I think.

05/early-autumn 0711hrs so time accelerated through the night, for some odd reason F05 and F49 did not germinate at midnight like they are supposed to be (unless the germination fails but temperature was fine). Oh well maybe they do later or the next midnight, dunno. But few minutes later they turned to growing state, guess it just lags behind a bit with time acceleration (no wonder with 6000 speed heh).

Now its just time accelerating until the soybeans fields are ready to harvest. Or not... still had to go herbicide spray F48 and F49 in the NE Smiley ;)

0948hrs quick herbicide spray to couple of fields for individual weed patches, then parked all the vehicles nicely to vehicle sheds, all work has been done now.

06/early-autumn 0744hrs, skipped the night. More weed patches appeared to F05, oh gosh hopefully I don't need to go spray that monster.

07/early-autumn 0658hrs, skipped the night. F20 got two small weed patches.

08/early-autumn 0748hrs, skipped the night. Nothing new on the farm Smiley ;)

09/mid-autumn 0813hrs, skipped the night. This time the game is synchronizing dialog lasted a very long time, never seen it last this long before. Oddly enough nothing new on the field stages, I gave the engine few minutes of real time to let fully catch up that maybe there is something lagging behind even though I think that seasons synchronizing dialog handles all that.

Tomorrow night 0300hrs forecast predicts 80% chance of rain, then later that day 70% chance. Then again couple of days later two days in a row for chance of rain. Damn I hope that will not ruin my harvesting schedule too bad. But hey if it does, thats seasons for ya Smiley :)

I bought a new ideal 9t combine and upgraded all MacDon FD75 13.7m headers to midwest durus 16.5m headers with header trailers (with fuel tank). I'm waiting for the upcoming soybean harvest like a little kid waits for christmas eve Smiley :)

0820hrs noticed field stage switching going on, but my soybean fields did not switch to harvest ready on this switch. Also interesting to see that the stage switching still happens normally from top down slowly in increments, its not instant like I thought with seasons hmm, interesting indeed.

This switch had no change to weed status.

10/mid-autumn 0804hrs, skipped the night. At night it did rain but stopped before the morning day light.

11/mid-autumn 0819hrs, skipped the night. It did rain but stopped before the morning day light.

I got five fields now which could be fertilized, but honestly I just want to get into the soybean harvest and I'll worry about fertilizing after that.

14/mid-autumn 0926hrs, skipped several nights. It started to rain at night.

15/mid-autumn 0922hrs, skipped the night, rain had ended. Now the forecast is clear for several days, this would be a great time for soybeans to get ready to harvest Smiley :)

18/late-autumn 0750hrs, skipped several nights. Couple of more small weed patches appeared on F20. I'm starting to get worried as we are half way through the soybean harvest season and they are not ready yet.

22/late-autumn 0813hrs, skipped several nights. Fields change stages a lot around my farm, just not my fields. Rain forecast for tomorrow daytime.

23/late-autumn 0805hrs, skipped the night. Weather forecast predicts freezing conditions and rain/snow day after tomorrow, yikes!

01/early-winter 1317hrs, skipped the night. Now we are in the winter season part, still have 8 in-game days left for soybeans havest and they still are not ready for harvest. I'm getting worried heh.

02/early-winter 0824hrs, skipped the night. -3/6C heh a bit chilly outside, hope my soybeans are doing alright Smiley ;)

03/early-winter 1056hrs, skipped the night. At really early morning or late night it started to rain, it was a raining (water) sound but with snow effect, hmm. But that ended soon.

04/early-winter 0817hrs, skipped the night. In the morning there was snow on the ground with -1/4C. Its going to be interesting soybean harvest for sure.

05/early-winter 0842hrs, skipped the night. In the morning snow had melted with -1/4C. Odd that I still heard low noise rain sound, hmm, perhaps some massive time acceleration 6000 speed lag bug?

06/early-winter 0825hrs, skipped the night. No changes, soybeans still growing. I'm really starting to get worried, only two more days in this harvest season left, why have my soybeans not grown ready yet, hmm hmm. This looks so troubling I'm starting to think I'm confused that they will be ready NEXT season, but thats not the case soybeans wont last through the winter snow hehe. But man... two days left, really?

Oh well, lets time accelerate and find out ...

07/early-winter 1104hrs, skipped the night. Okay today and tomorrow left on soybean harvest season in the calendar, I assume you cant havest after or maybe you can and that is just the recommended time frame, no idea. But yeah looking at my F10, F11, F19, F21, F31 and F32 I don't think I have enough time left to harvest them all.

F21 is a huge 300ha and rest are smaller, F31 and F32 are only 45ha ones. It might be that I cant harvest all of them within a day, hmm.

Decided to restart FS19 because the low noise rain sound was on the background, was thinking that it might be bugged or lagged somehow. I really do not want to miss my soybean harvest. After the restart the sound was gone, no other changes, soybeans still growing.

08/early-winter 0747hrs, skipped the night. Alright last day of soybean harvest and the frigging soybeans aren't even ready to harvest yet! Smiley :(

Went to the F11 to use handtool and soybeans growth stage was only 67% haha oh wow, no way no chance they will be ready to harvest this year haha, oh man..

09/mid-winter 0817hrs, skipped the night. Oh well, we passed the soybean harvest season Smiley :(

Dunno what happens now, soybeans still are growing handtool tells me still 67%, hoh.

12/mid-winter 0739hrs, started to snow with -6/-1C temperatures heh.

14/mid-winter 0820hrs, the soybeans are not growing at all, still stuck at 67% when its snow on the ground and -5/-2C conditions.

Oh well guess they wither soon and... then dunno what happens to my will to live... Smiley ;)

I'm suspecting that because I upgraded seasons v1.0 to v1.0.1 and also added US midwest GEO during the on-going season, that it messed my savegame up for this season, hopefully when winter switches to spring ie year ends, seasons will reset variables and stuff which fix my savegame, that next year would work fine again.

20/late-winter 0724hrs conditions were -1/-1C and I noticed that all the weeds from F05 were died off, hehe. So hmm do they grow back on spring? Is it pointless to spray them when you are doing double cropping and seeds grow through winter, should you only spray on the next spring when/if they grow back?

21/late-winter 0712hrs noticed that my soybean fields started to get withered patches... aww that just breaks my heart, they are DYING... Smiley :(

All the love and care I put on those fields, man seeding and fertilizing that 300ha monster... oh wow, now they're dead Smiley :(

But very cool seasons feature that apparently the fields are gradually getting withered and not just instantly like a flick of a switch turn withered. Very nice.

24/late-winter, so yeah there we go season ended.

03/early-spring, no change on the farm status whatsoever. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to plow under the soybeans or what, is the savegame so bugged now with the upgrades that the crops are permanently stuck at that 67% growth stage, hmm.

I have no idea about this, first time ever experiencing seasons upgrade.

So I was just time accelerating now and purchasing new land with the solar panel profits, I didn't really care about the seasons stuff anymore (my soybeans or even the canola) as I was so disappointed of the crops getting stuck in 67% growth.

Well at least I learned that you cannot upgrade seasons itself and GEOs middle of the season. I need to ask Wopster for details but I assume for future upgrades you need to just wait until winter and then reset all your fields to harvested state or something, hopefully Wopster can provide correct method because I wont be wasting any more of my time playing if all is lost due mod version upgrade.

Sent private message to Wopster in discord in the middle of the night so have to wait answer until he gets online.

08/early-spring noticed first weed patch on F05 so yes weeds die on winter and grow back on spring, so with double cropping do not spray your fields before winter if you have other chores to do. It doesn't really matter at the end, but there is no point of hurrying to spray after seeding because winter will kill any weeds.

Looks like my soybean fields slowly but surely grow more and more withered patches, I cant tell from zoomed out mapview but I have been standing on one of my fields while time accelerating for days and now a gray withered patch appeared just in front of me.

I lost my will to live, err I mean play, with this savegame or at least this year in the seasons mod because the above. I'm just time accelerating and buying land lots hehe! Dunno what I'm going to do next, in this savegame and in FS19 general... motivation is very low right now.

Oh this is no fault of seasons mod btw, this is all my fault for upgrading while mid-season savegame. Lets be clear on that one.

02/early-summer 0642hrs all my canola fields switched to ready to harvest stage. Yawn, like I would care Smiley ;)

I was recording videos for youtube, so I'll upload the current video... but then just continue without recording and... I don't know... as I said man, I lost interest for everything as I'm so disappointed about my soybeans going bad.

05/early-summer 0600hrs started to harvest canola F01, but at 0633hrs it started to rain hehe. Except this rain was something I have not seen before, it had the rain cloud icon in the screen, seasons weather forecast said rain and 0.0mm precipitation, there was very few rain drops in 3D world and my combines under courseplay did not stop harvesting.


I used cheat command "gsSetFieldFruit 32 soybean 7 0 3 1 0 1" to set my upgrade destroyed soybean fields to proper state, they are now fully fertilized and ready to harvest.

New real life day begun, Wopster replied that growth is not his department, hmm okay, well so far the gsSetFieldFruit soybeans seem ok.

My large harvest continues, doing canola in F02 now, then dunno if we jump to soybeans next.

1117hrs it started to rain so much that I was not able to harvest anymore. Weather forecast predicts raining all the way to midnight and then it continues at 0300hrs again, the crops do not have time to dry up during that time so the next stop in the rain is tomorrow noon, but AGAIN after that we have rain on the forecast part that don't have a time block.

The first sunny day would be THREE days from now, oh wow hehe.

07/early-summer 1234hrs now there is rain ending forecast for midnight, then it looks like clear skies for harvesting.

1820hrs crop is dry, lets continue soybean harvest on F32.

1937hrs finished harvesting canola F32.

Started to notice some withered patches in my soybean fields, none in the canola fields which were planted after seasons v1.0.1 upgrade. What does this mean? No idea... but those patches look so suspicious because NONE of my other fields have them, it seems like they are some seasons grle image painted stuff which now gets applied to the fields after I ran the gsSetFieldFruit fix. No big deal, but interesting if true.

2120hrs finished harvesting canola F31. 2155hrs finished harvesting canola F10. 2310hrs finished harvesting canola F11.

It was night time, completely dark I couldn't see a thing, soybeans market price was sky high and I was afraid if I time accelerate until daylight the price will drop, but I have to as I just cant see anything to harvest more soybeans.

09/mid-summer 0552hrs, skipped the night. Soybeans market price did not plummet but it did drop like 20, not too bad. Lets continue soybean harvesting.

0902hrs new real life day has started and harvesting continues. Soybean market price had now red down arrow but its slowly dropping, hopefully not too bad before I get to sell all of F21 heh.

1137hrs soybean market prices keep dropping but I'm still making 225k per truck load so I'm not complaining. Gotta keep selling as long as the price is so high, I have only this F21 left of soybeans but its a big 300ha field so there is plenty to harvest.

Oh and yes its mid-summer and I'm harvesting soybeans which is... wrong, because I used the cheat commands to fix my soybean fields which should have been harvested in last autumn.

1212hrs soybeans market prices on selling point 6 dropped below of selling point 1 has, lets adjust our courseplay truck courses. Sell price is now 3800 even.

1504hrs market price slowly drops, but indeed it is dropping so I'm pressing hard to finish harvesting F21.

1648hrs finished harvesting soybeans F21.

After selling last load of soybeans to selling point 1 my budget was 24.438 million! Smiley :)

Then I parked vehicles away and bought all the land lots I could. This concludes my Seasons test for PMC Grande Gardens 16km terrain, verdict is: Seasons works great on large terrains.


Because this seasons test was concluded and I had made the big mistake of using solar panel placeables for money making which is a complete money cheat, today I deleted this savegame.

Further Notes


Was playing on PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km, at 09/late-winter I saved the game and installed Seasons beta build 25 (v1.0.1.1-beta). Was thinking of changing to 24 day seasons but decided against it as this is still small 4km terrain that there is just way too much time in such season length.

I'm curious to see if my planted canola will freeze up like my soybeans did in PMC Grande Gardens 16km when I upgraded first from v1.0 to beta build 23 and then v1.0.1 with US midwest geo as well. If this greendale savegame ruins my canola double crops, then I know for sure that there is just absolutely no chance of successfully upgrade seasons mod unless all your fields are at non planted/growing stage.

04/mid-spring at 0835hrs my double cropped canola turned into yellow flowering growth stage, so this means seasons beta build 25 upgrade worked fine Smiley :)


I made the mistake to seed soybeans in +6C soil temperature. The crop went to planted stage with both before previous and previous crop type fallow.

Then I attempted to seed again on top of the existing planted crop using seed hawks as they have cultivating feature... but it didn't work because how the seed hawk works, it wont seed if there is already seeds in the field.

Finally I went and just cultivated the field before seeding soybeans again using seed hawks.


PMC Grande Gardens 16km using Seasons build 35, at some point I bought land with F32 and another with F44 in them, growing canola. Well many real life and even more in-game days later I noticed the growing canola is frozen in time, stuck in same growth percentage. I time accelerated many days in 6000 speed and no change in the crop and then winter was upon us.


Was playing on PMC Texas Rowena 8km new farmer game-mode and got bored time accelerating, so I changed seasons length to 3 days to speed things up. I have never done this before, only default 9 days and the max 24 days season years.

I quickly realized how ridiculous 3 days seasons is, I mean its like arcade COD kiddie shoot 'em up type game-play when you in 01/early-spring time accelerate one night and half of the planting season is already gone by hehe.

3 day seasons is really nasty as the soil temperature jumps from +9C to +14C at 0000hrs, looks extremely fake, I really don't like it. But I guess because of such low amount of days thats how it works, if you don't like it then use normal amount of days heh.

New career savegames when you start small, 3 day seasons length is pretty nice because you will burn yourself out with the constant time accelerating on 9 days or longer seasons. You can change season length when you start to run out of days to field work, any such changes should be made at first or last day of the year.