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PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km, Start From Zero

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2020-03-08T1630 Started PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km v0.1.6 farm-manager mode in single player and saved career. Then edited savegame for PMC start from zero mode Smiley :)

Used Seasons v1.2 on this career start.

1636 accepted plowing contract for F19 12ha for 20.2k minus 2.4k lease costs

Tractor was Puma 380 CVX and plow was salford 8312.

1641 Started plowing F19 contract, manual driving, no GPS, no courseplay
1730 Was bored out of my mind plowing. Without courseplay or even GPS I had to constantly steer correct the tractor
1816 Finished plowing F19 contract

Without even GPS there was no chance of ALT-TABbing more than few seconds as the tractor was always needing steering adjustments. All I could do is put some youtube video playing on the background and listen to it, had couple of Bougault DLC preview videos playing.

First contract work took over one and half hour, sigh.

1818 Accepted contract reward for F19 of 20.2k minus 2.4k lease cost, so total of 17.8k

Still no fertilizing contracts as it always seems to be in seasons 01/early-spring time, so decided to do some cultivating contracts. For this I'm going to lease my own vehicle with GPS because its torture to manually steer constantly adjusting. I leased Claas axion 870 with GPS for 12.9k initial cost and John Deere 2410 5 section cultivator for 3.8k initial cost.

1827 Accepted contract for cultivating F58, F65 and F39
1829 Started cultivating F39, contract.

It was such a pleasure to cultivate with GPS steering. While its fun to drive manually sometimes, for a short while... it really gets tedious as you have to be constantly hands on steering wheel, even as simple as visit to a toilet is impossible if you do not have at least GPS steering.

Claas axion 870 has only 295 horsepower so its speed was limited to 12kph even though this cultivator could be pulled 18kph. Oh well at least I can relax with GPS and watch some youtube videos and write these texts while tractor is driving.

While using GPS is easy, man does this cultivating field work take forever again with only 12kph speed and well yeah with only one tool. Again referring to FS19 being incredible time sink. While typing this text I have already been cultivating an HOUR straight...

This stuff is just crazy, I think its time to go back to just farming for the simulation, to forget about money and buy the vehicles that get the job done the quickest.

1927 Noticed that my budget is -5.8k, uhm how did that happen? Hourly lease fees or something hmph
1958 Finished cultivating F39, contract, collected contract reward 21.9k, budget now 16.1k
2003 Started cultivating F58, contract.
2019 Short break...

2020-03-09T2105 Oops that break turned out to be calling quits eventually heh. I did bunch of stuff like added more trees into PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km terrain. Now I loaded this savegame with the new v0.1.7 and trees do not show up, it requires savegame restart. Oh well, we continue.

I am excited because Bourgault DLC release is mere few hours away. I don't really have a ready to go savegame which I could use for new big seeders but I just have to create new cheat money savegame to test the new stuff. Testing stuff with useless savegame is kind of dumb, I'd really want to have one of my Start From Zero savegames in a stage where I could seed. I'm not sure but PMC Grande Gardens 16km might have canola seeding possible, but its just generally for me its not the seeding time because the existing harvest going on etc. Anyways, testing Bourgault DLC when its released and we'll see how it turns out.

2230 Finished cultivating F58, contract, collected contract reward 25.9k.
2232 Accepted contract for cultivating F71
2233 Started cultivating F65, contract.
2235 Finished cultivating F65, contract, collected contract reward 329 heh.
2236 Started cultivating F71, contract.
2246 Lunch break...
2333 Feeding all done, lets continue contract cultivating

After loading the savegame up more plowing contracts had appeared and one sowing (potatoes hah). During these cultivating field works the vehicle lease hourly costs (or something) have bled me almost dry, I had only few thousands of money left before finishing the previous contract, budget now 28.6k.

I don't have much experience with cultivating contracts, if you ever read any of my Start From Zero stories you know I'm doing pretty much only fertilizing contracts. It would be quite the shame if economics would not work on cultivating contracts and leased vehicles (not borrowed). Dunno maybe this claas axion 870 I leased with its 12kph cultivating speed is just too slow and cannot keep up economical speed, I pay more lease costs than these lousy contracts pay me.

No idea if plowing contracts with proper leased vehicles would be any good, Big Bud 450 and John Deere 2623 would be quite nice setup. But that will have to be test for another time, after this contact I'm going to return leased vehicles and time accelerate until fertilizing contracts appear.

Oh right and I'm actually going to restart this savegame with PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km v0.1.7 upgrade so I can get more forest trees shown, I need some testing time with the tree placement to see if the script I was using is any good.

2354 Finished cultivating F71, contract, collected contract reward 8.6k.

Budget now 37.2k and now I'm going to restart this savegame to get v0.1.7 of the terrain fully running.

2020-03-10T0001 New savegame started with terrain upgrade, 37.2k money restored and now I'm ready to start 6000 time accelerating waiting for fertilizing contracts.

Oh btw Bourgault DLC release day has arrived, whee! Smiley ;)

PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km has many farm bin silos in farm-manager game-mode, these have 108 property maintenance cost. If I need to time accelerate many days waiting for lucrative fertilizing contracts... those nightly costs start to take their toll.

03/early-spring in-game 1250hrs more cultivating and plowing contracts appeared but especially the cultivating ones just aren't worth my time as they pay single digit thousands numbers.

08/late-spring first fertilizing contract appeared but unfortunately it was for the 0.50ha field heh. 08/late-summer spraying contract appeared but even as it was 10k its not really worth the hassle. 01/early-autumn finally four fertilizing contracts appeared and they are pretty nice too, lets get to work.

0035 Accepted contract for fertilizing F35, F44, F42 and F43

Leased amazone pantera 4502 with GPS for 13.2k initial costs.

0039 Started fertilizing F35, contract.
0103 Finished fertilizing F35, contract, collected contract reward 44.9k.
0104 Started fertilizing F42, contract.
0117 Finished fertilizing F42, contract, collected contract reward 20k.
0118 Started fertilizing F43, contract.
0132 Finished fertilizing F43, contract, collected contract reward 26.1k.

Had to go refill the sprayer from the shop fertilizer pallets.

0137 Started fertilizing F44, contract.
0155 Finished fertilizing F44, contract, collected contract reward 33k.

Budget now 128k, that gives plenty of money to lease more vehicles but is not enough to buy anything, vehicles or land. Returned amazone pantera 4502 sprayer so it wont bleed money while I time accelerate waiting for more fertilizing contracts.

02/early-autumn one fertilizing contract appeared but it was only 10k so not worth to lease vehicles. 04/mid-autumn lucrative fertilizing contract appeared so it was time to lease vehicle again. So leased rubicon 9000 with GPS for 25.7k initial costs Smiley :)

But after I leased rubicon 9000, topped it up with fertilizer and went to contracts menu... the lucrative 78k contract had disappeared! Smiley :(

0210 Accepted contract for fertilizing F66 and F51
0216 Started fertilizing F51, contract.
0220 Finished fertilizing F51, contract, collected contract reward 10.5k.
0226 Started fertilizing F66, contract.
0227 Finished fertilizing F66, contract, collected contract reward 4.1k.

So now there are no more active fertilizing contracts, decided to drive rubicon 9000 back to the shop and then time accelerate a bit while monitoring how badly the lease hourly costs will bleed my budget.

Its mid autumn now... I cant think of why there would be many fertilizing contracts as the fields are pretty much coming to harvest ready if not already are. Budget now 103.8k when I'm commencing time acceleration while waiting for contracts.

As I expected time accelerating with leased vehicle started to bleed my money dry in 07/late-autumn budget was 88.3k Smiley :(

0235 Accepted contract for fertilizing F60
0241 Started fertilizing F60, contract.
0247 Finished fertilizing F60, contract, collected contract reward 24.1k.

Drove the sprayer back to the shop, unloaded fertilizer and returned the leased vehicle. Budget now 112.5k.

This stuff... this ain't working, Start From Zero just won't work with Seasons because of the lack of lucrative contracts, all you do is time accelerate for hours in real life time which is stupid.

0252 Saved game and exited FS19 to upgrade Bourgault DLC and I doubt I will be continuing this Start From Zero anymore.