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Iowa, Garden City, From Zero

Please read the background idea for our farm sim stories so you understand what is this all about.

What you are reading is Unofficial Start From Zero, you can check out the original Start From Zero PMC Iowa Garden City 8km (pre re-design version) to see what happened in 2019.

When I initially started this savegame and writing story text for it that was called Cultivator contracts Iowa Garden City. My goal was NOT to start proper Start From Zero career savegame on PMC Iowa Garden City 8km v0.1 terrain, it was just something to goof around passing time. Little did I know that this evolved to thing of its own, at current time of writing this opening text its hmm fourth day I believe that I'm playing it and no end in sight, ooh my! hehe. Okay just wanted to let you know about some background, read on Smiley :)

Important note: this career savegame was played completely through BEFORE Better Contracts mod was released. Signifigance of this is that better contracts mod is pretty much game changer regarding Start From Zero savegames, of how easy it is to get started.

Click on screenshots for 4k resolution images.

2021-02-18T0852 Started new career, removed money from the savegame. Had Refresh Contracts mod on and then started checking out contracts.

0858 Accepted contract for cultivating F31
0903 Started cultivating F31, manually
0919 Finished cultivating F31, contract, collected contract reward 1.5k.
0920 Accepted contract for cultivating F46
0926 Started cultivating F46, manually

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

0946 Finished cultivating F46, contract, collected contract reward 1.3k.
0947 Accepted contract for cultivating F233

Nice drive to SE corner of the terrain, that alone takes several minutes Smiley :)

0953 Started cultivating F233, manually
1038 Finished cultivating F233, contract, collected contract reward 8.4k.

Budget now whopping 11.3k hehe.

1046 Accepted contract for cultivating F21
1051 Started cultivating F21, manually

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1136 Finished cultivating F21, contract, collected contract reward 10.1k.

Lunch break time.

1159 Feeding time is over, back to doing contracts

Now we didn't have any contracts with borrowed vehicles option, so had to use refresh contracts mod to get more contracts.

1200 Accepted contract for cultivating F230
1207 Started cultivating F230, manually

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1231 Finished cultivating F230, contract, collected contract reward 1.9k.
1232 Accepted contract for cultivating F44
1236 Started cultivating F44, manually
1249 Finished cultivating F44, contract, collected contract reward 0.9k.

Got 934 as reward, yes nine hundred and thirty four... that is not much, why spend this cultivating time for such money heh. I need to setup hard limit of lets say... 5k for cultivating contracts with borrowed vehicles because it really is no point drive all the way up to the field and then get few hundreds as reward.

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1300 Accepted contract for cultivating F267
1305 Started cultivating F267, manually

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1328 Finished cultivating F267, contract, collected contract reward 6.8k.
1329 Accepted contract for cultivating F226
1335 Started cultivating F226, manually

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1418 Finished cultivating F226, contract, collected contract reward 12.9k.

Budget now 44.1k which is pretty much enough to lease rubicon and buy some fertilizer pallets. No more contracts which offered borrowed vehicles, refreshed and new contracts shows up with few seeding ones as well, but yeah I want fertilizing contracts so I'm going to time accelerate 600 speed just to be sure there is not any sync issues.

04/mid-spring in-game 0754hrs, still no fertilizing contracts.

06/mid-spring in-game 0705hrs, still no new contracts, seems to be just those old cultivating and couple of seeding ones. Lets continue time accelerating to see when they change.

07/late-spring in-game 0719hrs, few cultivating and seeding contracts appeared. Seeding ones pay somewhat okay-ish, but I bet it takes a while to seed 15ha+ field and dunno how much seed it takes. I have no up to date data about how lucrative seeding contracts are.

09/late-spring and still no fertilizing contracts, hopefully they now start to appear after planting season for basic crops is over (soybeans and corn is still going on several days).

02/early-summer in-game 1514hrs, first fertilizing contracts appeared, yeehaaw! Smiley :)

1508 Accepted contract for fertilizing F64 and accepted contract for fertilizing F107

- john deere 6155m with gps
- spreader bredal k165 with extension and 6m spreading unit

1510 Leased above setup for 3.8k and 7.2k initial costs

Purchased 10 fertilizer pallets.

1521 Started fertilizing F64, contract. manually with GPS and finished fertilizing F64, contract, collected contract reward 968.
1530 Started fertilizing F107, contract. Manually

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1550 Finished fertilizing F107, contract, collected contract reward 37.9k.

Drove to vehicle shop, unloaded fertilizer from spreader and then returned leased equipment. Budget now 52.5k.

Going to time accelerate waiting for more fertilizing contracts, could not risk keeping the vehicle because it just bleeds the rent lease whatever cost.

03/early-summer in-game 0620hrs, no new contracts. In-game 1513hrs two lucrative new fertilizing contracts appeared.

1601 Accepted contract for fertilizing F208 and accepted contract for fertilizing F75

Leased 6155m and brdal k165 with spreader discs, almost same as before. Purchased 4 fertilizer pallets.

1609 Started fertilizing F75, contract. manually with GPS

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1626 Finished fertilizing F75, contract, collected contract reward 31.4k.

On my way to the next field I stopped by vehicle shop and purchased two more pallets of fertilizer.

1637 Started fertilizing F208, contract. manually with GPS

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1726 Finished fertilizing F208, contract, collected contract reward 93.1k.

Budget now 149.6k not bad for half a days work Smiley :)

Drove to vehicle shop, unloaded fertilizer and then returned leased vehicles. It was now 03/early-summer in-game 1644hrs.

1731 Time to call it a night, most likely this whole savegame as ended, dunno heh.

2021-02-19T0727 Back at PMC Gaming and guess we are continuing doing contracts, as I simply felt like it Smiley ;)

Day will start by time accelerating while waiting for fertilizing contracts.

04/mid-summer in-game 0631hrs, one fertilizing contract appeared, 44k reward its okay, I'd like to have another one at least but guess its time to lease another tractor and bredal so we can get to work.

0734 Accepted contract for fertilizing F201
0739 Started fertilizing F201, manually with GPS

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

Was making a plan to buy my first small tractor and fertilizer spreader, bredal K105 would be really cheap and 14k liters capacity, not sure about tractor I guess that frequently leased john deere 6155M works okay, but might try to find similar horsepower one cheaper if possible.

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

0803 Finished fertilizing F201, contract, collected contract reward 44.7k.

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

Budget now 183k. Drove tractor to vehicle shop and returned it.

John deere 6155M with the options I've been running would cost 147.5k and bredal k105 would cost 47.7k so I dont have enough money yet, would have to do one more fertilizing contract to get that money together. So lets time accelerate again.

05/mid-summer in-game 0704hrs, one new fertilizing contract just enough for me to then be able to buy those above vehicles. However before we start that its lunch time, I'm starving Smiley :)

0818 Lunch break ...
0838 Feeding time is over, back to contracts
0839 Accepted contract for fertilizing F15

Leased bredal k105 with spreader disc and usual john deere 6155M with GPS.

Now that we have fertilizing contracts running nicely I'm still tempted to start doing those cultivating contracts using courseplay, to just take as many as I can and send courseplay tractors off one by one. It would take a long time, facts on cultivating contracts do not change just by taking many of them, individual contracts can still take hours.

Fertilizing contracts are much shorter duration and pay so much more, that's why I like them. Taking massive amounts of cultivating contracts of course would sum up to good money in the end, but yeah hours for 10-15k rewards on average doesnt sound very appealing.

0851 Started fertilizing F15, manually with GPS
0905 Finished fertilizing F15, contract, collected contract reward 27k.

Budget now 200.3k oh nice! Smiley :)

Drove tractor back to vehicle shop, unloaded fertilizer and returned leased equipment. Then no more fertilizing contracts even with refreshing them so time acceleration it is.

0919 Accepted contract for fertilizing F73

This contract was on after midnight so I took it and continued to time accelerate until morning daylight.

- john deere 6155m with gps for 147.5k
- spreader bredal k105 with extension and 6m spreading unit for 47.7k

0923 Purchased above setup and two bags of fertilizer. Budget now 1.2k hehe

Now we have our own very first tractor and implement. Now there is no need for lease anything, we can just use our own equipment. Now the money starts to come in.

0930 Started fertilizing F73, contract. manually with GPS
1013 Finished fertilizing F73, contract, collected contract reward 58.5k.

Budget now 59.7k, pretty nice start after purchasing our first tractor.

07/late-summer in-game 0649hrs, no new fertilizing contracts. In-game 1523hrs new fertilizing contracts appeared, lets take them.

1021 Accepted contract for fertilizing F197, F216 and F113
1029 Started fertilizing F197, contract. manually with GPS

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1040 Finished fertilizing F197, contract, collected contract reward 20.8k.
1047 Started fertilizing F216, contract. manually with GPS
1052 Finished fertilizing F216, contract, collected contract reward 8.7k.
1058 Started fertilizing F113, contract. manually with GPS
1128 Finished fertilizing F113, contract, collected contract reward 57.1k.

Budget now 146.6k oh man do I love these fertilizing contracts Smiley :)

Decided to try how those seeding contracts flow, like does it take too long to complete them and how much seed refills do you need to do.

- pronto 9 dc with fertilization inactive 5.3k initial cost
- case puma 240 with gps 11.6k initial cost

1155 Leased above setup

Then purchased four 2.k liter seed pallets.

1159 Accepted contract for seeding F252, F226, F17, F172, F251 and F175
1204 Started seeding barley F172, contract. manually with GPS

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1242 Ran out of seeds, going to refill
1245 Purchased two 2.1k liter pallets of seeds

This was 19ha field and when seeding was 65% I already felt somewhat exhausted, I'm thinking this might have been a mistake to take these seeding contracts. Rewards are great for sure, F17 is one hundred thousand but its also pretty large field. Doing it with this horsch pronto 9 dc seeder, yeah that is going to take a long while.

I did do seeding contracts in 2019 but honestly I have no recollection if they were good or bad, at least one corn planting contract was bad as it required several refills and yeah took what felt like forever.

Dunno maybe I should have leased more powerful equipment, but I thought this pronto with its 5k liter capacity and 18km/h speed is enough, looks like it ain't as its only 9m width. Dunno, maybe I'll do quick reshuffle and lease seed hawk and start to rock'n'roll a bit. We'll see after this field is done.

Checked out what lease cost would it be for seed hawk and big bud 747 would be required to pull it which is of course quite cheap when it comes to high powered tractors. Not sure if any other smaller seeder would help me out but still be reasonable cheap to lease. I don't have much experience in those medium sized equipments, either I use starter junk or biggest stuff Smiley :)

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

Had lunch btw while seeding, got pretty hectic at times heh.

1326 Finished seeding F172, contract, collected contract reward 52.1k.
1334 Purchased one 2.1k liter pallet of seeds
1338 Started seeding wheat F175, contract. manually with GPS

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1401 Finished seeding F175, contract, collected contract reward 16.7k.

Drove leased vehicle back to vehicle shop and returned it.

- big bud 747 with gps for 21.4k initial cost
- seed hawk toolbar for 14.7k initial cost
- seed hawk air cart 980 for 9.4k initial cost

1408 Leased above list, then purchased 8 2.1k liter pallets of seeds

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1422 Started seeding oat F17, contract. manually with GPS

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1518 Finished seeding F17, contract, collected contract reward 101.7k.

Then needed to go refill, only 2.8k liters of seeds in air cart.

1528 Shut down FS19 to load a new mod and take restroom break...
1534 FS19 booted back up

But now in-game time 2031hrs is getting dark really quickly, I doubt next field can be done before darkness but I'll try.

Purchased 16 2.1k liter seed pallets.

1547 Started seeding barley F226, contract. manually with GPS

In-game 2113hrs night is falling real quick now, you could say its already too dark. But still 20% or so to go on this field I'll keep pushing on.

Its clear now that this seeding experiement was a bit mistake, its taken forever and while those payouts are nice... so are the lease and seed costs as well. Will be really interesting to see if I come on top of this and if so how much.

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

All I can think of right now is how many fertilizing contracts and "progress" could have I made if I just stuck with time accelerating and fertilizing contracts instead. I bet it would be already next year.

Once this field is done I'll cash in the reward and then I have to skip night... but dunno how many thousands that will bleed us on lease money, but I don't see any other alternative as I cant see anything and its very strange terrain to me heh.

1621 Finished seeding F226, contract, collected contract reward 64.8k.

07/late-summer in-game 2119hrs, one ~3k fertilizing contract appeared. Budget now 207.6k. Then it was skipping the night.

At midnight lost -27.7k lease costs which was in reality only like 9k or so, budget now 198.6k.

08/late-summer in-game 0630hrs, rise and shine, we have some seeding contracts to do. Lets go.

1629 Accepted contract for seeding F104 and F95
1631 Started seeding oat F251, contract. manually with GPS

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1654 Finished seeding F251, contract, collected contract reward 44.8k.

As soon as I accepted reward for F251 a fertilizing contract appeared, nice. But we will focus first on these seeding contracts, I have my doubts I manage to finish them today before I'm dead tired.

1656 Started seeding wheat F252, contract. manually with GPS

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1704 Accepted contract for seeding F96
1712 Finished seeding F252, contract, collected contract reward 32.7k.

Drove big bud 747 and seed hawk into vehicle shop, refilled from the last partial seed pallet... and then unfortunately it was time to call it a night even though I really wanted to continue, but there is no point as there is probably few hours more of contracts to do, the sooner I get to bed the sooner I can wake up tomorrow and continue.

1721 Time to call it a night, shut down FS19

2021-02-20T0135 New farming day has started.

Purchased 12 2.1k liter pallets of seed, refilled seed hawk air cart, then was good to go for last seeding contracts.

0149 Started seeding wheat F96, contract. manually with GPS
0211 Finished seeding wheat F96, contract, collected contract reward 42.7k.
0212 Started seeding oat F95, contract. manually with GPS
0215 Finished seeding oat F95, contract, collected contract reward 5.6k.
0217 Started seeding barley F104, contract. manually with GPS

Hmm at least one maybe two fertilizing contracts appeared when finishing these two fields. Two seeding contracts as well but dunno if I want to continue taking them as it just takes so long to drive slow big bud 747 to the fields and finish big field work, fertilizing with bredal spreader is so much quicker.

0239 Finished seeding barley F104, contract, collected contract reward 31.9k.

Budget now 296.4k getting close to three hundred grand. Decided to take at least one more seeding contract because it was quite close to my seeders current location.

0241 Accepted contract for seeding F11
0244 Started seeding oat F11, contract. manually with GPS
0259 Finished seeding oat F11, contract, collected contract reward 28.7k.
0300 Accepted contract for seeding F04
? Started seeding canola F04, contract. manually with GPS
0334 Finished seeding canola F04, contract, collected contract reward 32.6k.
0335 Accepted contract for seeding F43
0338 Started seeding F43, contract. manually with GPS
0340 Finished seeding F43, contract, collected contract reward 2.5k.

More seeding contracts appeared while I completed mine, but here is where I draw the line, no more seeding, we go back to fertilizing.

Budget now 360.3k which is quite respectable neighborhood, you could buy a big tractor and cheap implement with that money or perhaps two small tractors with spreaders for some more fertilizing capacity.

Drove big bud 747 and seed hawk to vehicle shop, unloaded remaining seeds and returned the leased equipment.

0350 Accepted contract for fertilizing F141, F147, F221 and F261

Purchased 10 1k liter fertilizer pallets.

0356 Started fertilizing F141, contract. manually with GPS

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

Feels good to back doing fertilizing contracts Smiley :)

0358 Finished fertilizing F141, contract, collected contract reward 2.8k.
0359 Started fertilizing F147, contract. manually with GPS
0402 Finished fertilizing F147, contract, collected contract reward 6.1k.
0408 Started fertilizing F221, contract. manually with GPS
0409 Finished fertilizing F221, contract, collected contract reward 2.1k.
0416 Started fertilizing F261, contract. manually with GPS
0423 Finished fertilizing F261, contract, collected contract reward 11.6k.

Budget now 345.1k and two more fertilizing contracts appeared when I got that reward.

0424 Accepted contract for fertilizing F14 and F41

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

0432 Started fertilizing F41, contract. manually with GPS
0435 Finished fertilizing F41, contract, collected contract reward 5.1k.
0445 Started fertilizing F14, contract. manually with GPS

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

0532 Had to take a quick 30min nap break (returned now), was falling asleep while playing, ugh
0546 Finished fertilizing F14, contract, collected contract reward 48.6k.

Budget now 398.8k. It was 08/late-summer in-game 1144hrs and no more fertilizing contracts, couple of seeding ones but I don't want to go back doing those and cultivating ... nah, we are way passed that kind of crap contracts heh. Time accelerating until more fertilizing contracts appear.

09/late-summer in-game 0656hrs, no new contracts. In-game 2105hrs night had fallen and one fertilizing contracts appeared, I'm going to accept it now but still skip the night.

0603 Accepted contract for fertilizing F96
0610 Purchased 7 1k liter fertilizer pallets
0614 Started fertilizing F96, contract. manually with GPS
0630 Finished fertilizing F96, contract, collected contract reward 32.3k.

Budget now 417.8k slowly creeping towards half a million when I could buy rubicon 9000 heh.

02/early-autumn in-game 0723hrs two cultivating contracts appeared. Dunno I'm kind of feeling bummed out to miss out on all these cultivating ones, but they are just so painful to do with borrowed vehicles as they pay like nothing. If I used my own two or more vehicles and courseplay, that would be different but I don't have such expensive cultivating horsepower tractors.

Another option is just mass spam cultivating contracts using courseplay and let the lag fest begin when 10+ vehicles are running at the same time. This would not fit to the original Start From Zero design which is no courseplay or GPS before you have your own vehicles.

Dunno, more time accelerating and hoping for good fertilizing contracts Smiley :)

03/early-autumn in-game 1509hrs, one new cultivating contract. 04/mid-autumn in-game 0814hrs, one low paying fertilizing contracts, well gotta take it and two cultivating contracts.

Now those cultivating contracts just start to annoy me, I kind of want to buy "high speed tiller" cultivator which would cover ground faster and get a high horsepower tractor to pull it and then attack all those numerous but low paying cultivating contracts. Dunno what would come out of it, at least it would make me spend more time here, but it might be wasted time for the money hehe. I would need like 6 cultivators running constantly under courseplay to get anykind of good money out of those contracts, ie more contracts done.

This contract I'm taking pays so little its almost not worth the drive over to the field and product cost, but lets go do it to clear it off the board.

0650 Accepted contract for fertilizing F53
0657 Started fertilizing F53, contract. manually with GPS
0701 Finished fertilizing F53, contract, collected contract reward 6.6k.

05/mid-autumn in-game 0819hrs, no new contracts.

07/late-autumn in-game 0829hrs, no new contracts... I think we are now switching into the end of harvest season so I don't think there will be any fertilizing contracts until next spring.

Those cultivating contracts just keep annoying me, I cannot resist I have to start taking them with borrowed vehicles and use courseplay.

0729 Accepted contract for cultivating F199 with borrowed equipment
0737 Started cultivating F199, courseplay ETA 58min
0738 Accepted contract for cultivating F177 with borrowed equipment
0749 Started cultivating F177, courseplay ETA 1h 55min

Then went to cook some food while these two courseplay courses are running.

0810 Accepted contract for cultivating F80 with borrowed equipment
0817 Started cultivating F80, courseplay ETA 32min
0839 Finished cultivating F199, contract, collected contract reward 8.5k.

0840 Feeding time is over, back to contracts
0841 Accepted contract for fertilizing F123
0853 Started fertilizing F123, contract. manually with GPS
0857 Finished fertilizing F123, contract, collected contract reward 7.1k.
0859 Accepted contract for cultivating F10 with borrowed equipment
0909 Started cultivating F10, courseplay ETA 1h 41min
0911 Finished cultivating F80, contract, collected contract reward 6k.
0915 Accepted contract for cultivating F19 with borrowed equipment

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

0922 Started cultivating F19, courseplay ETA 1h 2min
0925 Accepted contract for cultivating F89 with borrowed equipment
0933 Started cultivating F89, courseplay ETA 30min
0943 Finished cultivating F177, contract, collected contract reward 31.3k.
0956 Accepted contract for cultivating F59 with borrowed equipment
1001 Started cultivating F59, courseplay ETA 43min
1004 Finished cultivating F89, contract, collected contract reward 8k.
1018 Accepted contract for fertilizing F02
1023 Finished cultivating F19, contract, collected contract reward 7.1k.
1030 Started fertilizing F02, contract. manually with GPS

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1041 Finished cultivating F59, contract, collected contract reward 7.3k.
1052 Finished cultivating F10, contract, collected contract reward 20.1k.
1101 Finished fertilizing F02, contract, collected contract reward 48.8k.

Was pretty tired again, didn't get much sleep last night so now I'm paying the price. Don't really feel enthusiastic continue farming so I'm going to call it night here.

2021-02-21T0151 New farming day has started after some editing got done.

Looks like budget is now 566.5k so we broke half a million last night, excellent.

0203 Accepted contract for cultivating F140 with borrowed equipment
0208 Started cultivating F140, courseplay ETA 23min
0224 Accepted contract for cultivating F39 with borrowed equipment
0232 Finished cultivating F140, contract, collected contract reward 3.5k.
0234 Started cultivating F39, courseplay ETA 42min
0236 Accepted contract for fertilizing F252
0237 Accepted contract for fertilizing F133
0245 Accepted contract for fertilizing F142
0253 Started fertilizing F142, contract. manually with GPS
0254 Finished fertilizing F142, contract, collected contract reward 451.
0257 Started fertilizing F133, contract. manually with GPS
0312 Finished fertilizing F133, contract, collected contract reward 27.5k.
0317 Finished cultivating F39, contract, collected contract reward 5.8k.
0320 Started fertilizing F252, contract. manually with GPS
0334 Finished fertilizing F252, contract, collected contract reward 24.8k.
0336 Accepted contract for cultivating F60 with borrowed equipment
0346 Started cultivating F60, courseplay ETA 21min

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

0401 Accepted contract for cultivating F29 with borrowed equipment
0406 Finished cultivating F60, contract, collected contract reward 5.4k.
0410 Started cultivating F29, courseplay ETA 1h 5min
0419 Accepted contract for cultivating F229 with borrowed equipment
0434 Started cultivating F229, courseplay ETA 33min

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

0506 Finished cultivating F229, contract, collected contract reward 4k.
0508 Accepted contract for fertilizing F275 and F13
0509 Finished cultivating F29, contract, collected contract reward 12.5k.
0516 Started fertilizing F275, contract. manually with GPS
0520 Finished fertilizing F275, contract, collected contract reward 5.8k.

Had to take a half an hour nap here, could not keep my eyes open, same as yesterday heh.

0621 Started fertilizing F13, contract. courseplay ETA 51min

Lunch break while courseplay is fertilizing...

0644 Feeding time over, back to contracts
0645 Accepted contract for cultivating F256 with borrowed equipment

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

0656 Started cultivating F256, courseplay ETA 23min
0701 Accepted contract for cultivating F270 with borrowed equipment
0710 Finished fertilizing F13, contract, collected contract reward 80.6k.

Budget now 727.6k oh wow.

0712 Started cultivating F270, courseplay ETA 34min
0719 Finished cultivating F256, contract, collected contract reward 4.2k.
0723 Accepted contract for fertilizing F263

Its pretty clear to me now; when you finish contracts, new ones pop up. Odd that refresh contracts mod wont help on that, so its not that contracts are queued but "hidden". Also contracts that popped up are not for the SAME field I just worked. Right now I finished one tiny cultivating contract and another cultivating and fertilizing contract appeared. So its good to do contracts even though some of them are silly for mere few thousand as reward. I mean if you want to do lucrative contracts, its good to do the crappy ones too.

I was passing by dealership so purchased 5 1k liter fertilizer pallets to top of bredal k105. I mean, why not if we are passing right by it, no reason to drive around 63% full fertilizer tank.

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

0741 Started fertilizing F263, contract. courseplay ETA 13min
0743 Accepted contract for cultivating F209 with borrowed equipment
0745 Finished cultivating F270, contract, collected contract reward 8.9k.
0750 Started cultivating F209, courseplay ETA 2h 3min
0753 Finished fertilizing F263, contract, collected contract reward 18.9k.
0803 Accepted contract for cultivating F90 with borrowed equipment

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

0812 Started cultivating F90, courseplay ETA 26min
0814 Accepted contract for cultivating F130 with borrowed equipment
0818 Started cultivating F130, courseplay ETA 1h 37min
0819 Accepted contract for cultivating F249 with borrowed equipment
0829 Started cultivating F249, courseplay ETA 1h 30min
0830 Accepted contract for cultivating F190 with borrowed equipment
0838 Finished cultivating F90, contract, collected contract reward 538.
0842 Started cultivating F190, courseplay ETA 48h min
0844 Accepted contract for cultivating F189 with borrowed equipment
0855 Started cultivating F189, courseplay ETA 1h 19min
0856 Accepted contract for cultivating F139 with borrowed equipment
0903 Started cultivating F139, courseplay ETA 36min

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

Now 6 contracts are running at the same time using courseplay. 07/late-autumn in-game 1919hrs and its dark, still can see a bit horizon but that wont last long. I'm going to tough out these contracts and once finished I have to time accelerate to skip the night.

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

0927 Finished cultivating F190, contract, collected contract reward 11.8k.

After accepting reward for this contract a new fertilizing contract appeared.

0928 Accepted contract for fertilizing F93
0936 Finished cultivating F139, contract, collected contract reward 8.8k.
0946 Started fertilizing F93, contract. courseplay ETA 11min
0948 Finished cultivating F130, contract, collected contract reward 14k.
0954 Finished cultivating F209, contract, collected contract reward 25.2k.
0955 Finished cultivating F249, contract, collected contract reward 12.3k.
0956 Finished fertilizing F93, contract, collected contract reward 14.8k.
1007 Finished cultivating F189, contract, collected contract reward 10.5k.

After accepting reward from F189 we got a new fertilizing contract, which I'm obviously going to take before skipping the night. Budget now 848.5k that is respectable neighborhood.

1010 Accepted contract for fertilizing F135

08/late-autumn in-game 0734hrs, new virtual farming day has started, let there be light Smiley :)

1021 Started fertilizing F135, contract. courseplay ETA 37min

Did quick calculation of all the seeding contracts available now, rewards come to 537.2k which is a lot. I was thinking that going to buy steiger and seed hawk, but that idea was crushed quickly when I checked that kitted out steiger costs 557k, so yeah maybe we need to find different seeding equipment or forget about this dream.

Obviously I could lease that setup... After thinking about it some decided to lease big bud 747 and seed hawk optional fertilization and take all those seeding contracts.

1038 Accepted contract for seeding F78, F209, F47, F48, F155, F268, F24, F178, F215
1042 Leased seed hawk air cart for 9.4k, toolbar for 14.7k and big bud 747 with gps for 22k
1046 Purchased 10 2.1k liter seed pallets for 17k
1049 Purchased 10 2.1k liter seed pallets for 17k
1056 Started seeding barley F78, contract. manually with GPS
1057 Finished fertilizing F135, contract, collected contract reward 63k.

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1127 Finished seeding barley F78, contract, collected contract reward 60.3k.

Seed hawk seeds 16.2k + 7.4k liters.

1131 Started seeding oat F47, contract. manually with GPS
1143 Finished seeding oat F47, contract, collected contract reward 21.7k.

New fertilizing and seeding contracts appeared again.

1144 Accepted contract for fertilizing F125
1145 Accepted contract for seeding F63 and F177
1146 Started seeding canola F48, contract. manually with GPS
1152 Finished seeding canola F48, contract, collected contract reward 7.3k.

And more seeding contracts heh. Seed hawk seeds 16.2k + 2.7k.

1153 Accepted contract for seeding F67

Now its lunch break, I'm starving...

1218 Feeding time over, back to seeding
1222 Started seeding canola F63, contract. manually with GPS

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1323 Finished seeding canola F63, contract, collected contract reward 78.8k.
1326 Started seeding barley F67, contract. courseplay ETA 51min
1329 Started fertilizing F125, contract. manually with GPS
1330 Finished fertilizing F125, contract, collected contract reward 2.1k.
1339 Going to take a shower Smiley :)
1359 Seed hawk out of seeds

Okay so big bud 747 only goes like 32km/h which is dead slow. I'm going to buy dirt cheap grain trailer and haul seeds using it to the seed hawk.

1400 Purchased strautmann SEK 802, 12k liter capacity for 12k

Loaded seed pallets to SEK 802, then drove them to seed hawk at F67. It was slow going because john deere 6155M top speed is 43km/h, but its better than driving monster big bud 747 back and forth. If I courseplay for seed hawk then I could always haul seeds while its running, so anytime it runs out or field is completed I could top if off.

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

Also I can make courseplay routes for this seed tender 6155M and keep it running constantly if necessary, which is not needed of course but gives me hands free to watch twitch live streams or youtube videos, or just simply write this text Smiley ;)

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1410 Seed hawk refilled 12k liters of seeds, shes on her way again, I'm off to pickup more seeds

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1418 Purchased 10 2.1k liters pallets of seeds for 17k

And refilled SEK 802 trailer. Then drove 6155M back to F67 to seed hawk.

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1425 Finished seeding barley F67, contract, collected contract reward 80.3k.

When accepting that reward a new fertilizing contract appeared, nice. Refilled seed hawk by F177.

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1432 Started seeding barley F177, contract. courseplay ETA 1h 41min
1453 Accepted contract for fertilizing F144

Refilled seed hawk to get trailer empty, then drove 6155M to shop to pickup bredal k105 and then off to fertilize F144 to get them moneys Smiley :)

Purchased two 1k liter fertilizer pallets.

1509 Started fertilizing F144, contract. courseplay ETA 21min
1531 Finished fertilizing F144, contract, collected contract reward 35.2k.

Purchased 10 2.1k liter pallets of seeds for 17k and loaded grain trailer full.

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1605 Finished seeding barley F177, contract, collected contract reward 157.5k.

Completing this contract our budget broke one million! Budget now 1.141m, oh wow... how many days have I played and million in cash, that is great.

1612 Purchased 10 2.1k liter pallets of seeds for 17k.
1616 Started seeding F155, contract. manually with GPS

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1640 Finished seeding F155, contract, collected contract reward 44.4k.

Budget now 1.147m, I could continue farming but its getting late and next field would definitely go beyond my "bedtime" so I'm going to call it a night now.

2021-02-22T0314 Back at PMC Gaming and we have v1.1.1 terrain upgrade. Also I'm planning on streaming today. This savegame now has 42hrs 37min on it.

0332 Live stream is on, lets continue seeding contracts Smiley :)

0334 Accepted contract for fertilizing F47
0337 Purchased 10 2.1k liter pallets of seeds
0339 Accepted contract for seeding F205, F98, F272
0344 Started seeding canola F98, contract. manually with GPS
0347 Finished seeding canola F98, contract, collected contract reward 3.3k.
0353 Started seeding F205, contract. manually with GPS
0411 Finished seeding F205, contract, collected contract reward 23.7k.
0426 Started seeding F209, contract. courseplay ETA 1h 18min
0438 Started fertilizing F47, contract. manually with GPS
0447 Finished fertilizing F47, contract, collected contract reward 16.4k.
0504 Accepted contract for cultivating F159 with borrowed equipment
0507 Started cultivating F159, courseplay ETA 56min
0537 Finished seeding F209, contract, collected contract reward 126.7k.
0537 Accepted contract for fertilizing F05
0539 Started seeding F215, contract. manually with GPS
0549 Finished seeding F215, contract, collected contract reward 18.8k.
0602 Finished cultivating F159, contract, collected contract reward 7.7k.
0604 Started seeding F24, contract. courseplay ETA 1h 41min
0606 Accepted contract for fertilizing F271
0617 Purchased 10 2.1k liter pallets of seeds for 17k
0650 Started fertilizing F05, contract. courseplay ETA 25min

Lunch break, need to cook food and eat, shut down live stream so I can do that in peace, will continue after feeding time is over.

0728 Finished fertilizing F05, contract, collected contract reward 36.3k.
0729 Accepted contract for seeding F122
0745 Finished seeding F24, contract, collected contract reward 133.2k.
0753 Started fertilizing F271, contract. courseplay ETA 1h 14min
0759 Accepted contract for fertilizing F146
0800 Accepted contract for seeding F90
0814 Feeding time over, back to contracting

So I took a break to cook and eat food, during this time big bud 747 finished seeding F24, I started bredal k105 to fertilize F271 and worst of all, night has fallen, in-game 1852hrs and its almost pitch black dark. I'll let that fertilizing contract run and try to drive seeder to the next field but might be almost impossible in darkness.

0824 Started seeding oat F90, contract. manually with GPS
0827 Finished seeding oat F90, contract, collected contract reward 3.5k.

Oh man this was really scary field work as I could not see anything, you can just make out horizon but in-game 1904hrs it is basically pitch black dark night now. I cannot work like this, even to drive big bud 747 with seed hawk ON ROADS using minimap gets you easily tangled up with utility poles.

As soon as fertilizing contract finishes its skip night time.

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

I managed to carefully drive seed hawk into vehicle shop, but this area was so dark at night I had no way to refill seeds to it even though it would have been the perfect time while fertilizing contract is still running. I wrote a PMCTODO bug report about it that vehicle shop needs good lighting at night time Smiley :)

0902 Finished fertilizing F271, contract, collected contract reward 103k.

Budget now 1.496m oh my! Smiley :o

08/late-autumn in-game 1941hrs its pitch black dark, skipping the night. Also tomorrow is last day of planting season for these double cropping umm crops, so need to hurry that I don't miss out on those lucrative seeding contracts.

At midnight vehicle leasing cost were 85k whoah.

09/late-autumn in-game 0724hrs, rise and shine, its time to finish those last seeding contracts.

0909 Accepted contract for seeding F42, F206
0910 Accepted contract for fertilizing F136
0914 Purchased 10 2.1k liter seed pallets for 17k
0917 Purchased 2 2.1k liter seed pallets
0927 Started seeding F206, contract. courseplay ETA 43min
0949 Started fertilizing F146, contract. manually with GPS
0958 Finished fertilizing F146, contract, collected contract reward 14.4k.
1002 Started fertilizing F136, contract. manually with GPS
1007 Finished seeding F206, contract, collected contract reward 70.5k.
1019 Started seeding oat F122, contract. manually with GPS
1021 Finished seeding oat F122, contract, collected contract reward 2.7k.
1031 Purchased 10 2.1k liter seed pallets
1042 Started seeding barley F178, contract. courseplay ETA 50min
1052 Finished fertilizing F136, contract, collected contract reward 36.5k.
1054 Accepted contract for fertilizing F245
1056 Started fertilizing F245, contract. manually with GPS
1058 Finished fertilizing F245, contract, collected contract reward 1.4k.
1059 Accepted contract for seeding F229
1111 Accepted contract for cultivating F99 with borrowed equipment
1121 Started cultivating F99, courseplay ETA 1h 39min
1123 Accepted contract for cultivating F49 with borrowed equipment
1129 Finished seeding barley F178, contract, collected contract reward 77.5k.
1135 Started cultivating F49, courseplay ETA 18min
1147 Started seeding barley F42, contract. manually with GPS and finished seeding barley F42, contract, collected contract reward 937.
1154 Finished cultivating F49, contract, collected contract reward 4.4k.
1203 Accepted contract for seeding F55
1214 Started fertilizing F72, contract. courseplay ETA 24min
1229 Started seeding F55, contract. courseplay ETA 22min
1237 Finished fertilizing F72, contract, collected contract reward 38.5k.
1238 Accepted contract for fertilizing F96, F14
1250 Finished seeding F55, contract, collected contract reward 28.3k.
1252 Started fertilizing F96, contract. courseplay ETA 20min
1253 Purchased pickup truck 1978 for umm 30k
1304 Finished cultivating F99, contract, collected contract reward 19.2k.
1306 Accepted contract for seeding F139
1311 Finished fertilizing F96, contract, collected contract reward 32.3k.
1321 Started fertilizing F14, contract. courseplay ETA 32min
1323 Started seeding F272, contract. courseplay ETA 11min
1334 Finished seeding F272, contract, collected contract reward 8.8k.

Lunch break, I'm starvin' again Smiley ;)

1404 Feeding time over, back to contracts
1400 Finished fertilizing F14, contract, collected contract reward 48.6k.
1408 Accepted contract for fertilizing F196
1415 Started seeding F229, contract. courseplay ETA 13min
1421 Purchased 7 1k liter fertilize pallets
1428 Finished seeding F229, contract, collected contract reward 20.1k.
1430 Started fertilizing F196, contract. courseplay ETA 35min
1444 Started seeding F139, contract. courseplay ETA 30min
1502 Finished fertilizing F196, contract, collected contract reward 58.3k.
1512 Finished seeding F139, contract, collected contract reward 44.4k.
? Accepted contract for fertilizing F264, F72

And that is it for me today, time to call it a night, quite tired and have couple of chores I need to take care of before bedtime. I bet there will be more farming tomorrow Smiley :)

2021-02-23T0044 Back at PMC Gaming, lets see what we can farm today. This savegame now has 54hrs 32min in it.

No particular plan todays start, just basically to see where I left off yesterday and continue finishing those remaining contracts.

0046 Accepted contract for fertilizing F254
0058 Accepted contract for seeding F91, F27, F192
0100 Started seeding oat F268, contract. manually with GPS
0107 Finished seeding oat F268, contract, collected contract reward 10.4k.
0107 Started seeding F192, contract. courseplay ETA 51min
0128 Started fertilizing F254, contract. courseplay ETA 26min
0133 Purchased 10 2.1k liter seed pallet for 17k
0153 Finished fertilizing F254, contract, collected contract reward 38.8k.
0200 Started fertilizing F264, contract. courseplay ETA 22min

Big Bud 747 / Seed Hawk which are leased have condition so bad that speed has dropped from 18km/h to 16km/h. Its a bad idea to lease vehicles for such large scale contract work, well any work but you usually don't lease stuff for your own field work.

0221 Finished fertilizing F264, contract, collected contract reward 35.3k.
022? Finished seeding F192, contract, collected contract reward 74.9k.
0228 Accepted contract for fertilizing F98
0236 Purchased 10 2.1k liter seed pallets for 17k
0243 Started seeding wheat F91, contract. manually with GPS
0244 Finished seeding wheat F91, contract, collected contract reward 1k.
0253 Started seeding F27, contract. courseplay ETA 44min
0259 Started fertilizing F98, contract. manually with GPS
0302 Finished fertilizing F98, contract, collected contract reward 3.6k.
0334 Finished seeding F27, contract, collected contract reward 60.6k.

That is it, seeding contracts are done from my part. There is still one on the board but I'm not going to take it, feels like my leased equipment is running on last breath heh. New contracts pop up just when you think all of them are finished, so its never ending loop. I assume eventually seeding contracts end because season/year is over, but yeah overall it feels like never ending.

Going to drive big bud 747 with seed hawk back to dealership, unload seeds and then finally return them.

I'm quite exhausted, not sure if this is momentarily being tired kind of exhaustion or just that I'm bored of this savegame. I have no mental energy right now to proceed doing more contracts of any kind, even lucrative fertilization contracts would not appeal to me.

Budget now 1.926m which is quite amazing. Cannot remember the last time in Start From Zero careers when I got this much money on such short time, or maybe I don't remember, anyways.

0346 Unloaded seeds and returned leased vehicles, finally.

09/late-autumn in-game 1631hrs, time accelerate to the next day.

01/early-winter in-game 0812hrs, two new fertilization contracts appeared but as written above I was just like blah.

Decided to go take a nap as I had no feeling to farm right now, hopefully after waking up refreshed I have motivation to decide what to do with this savegame next.

0352 Shut down FS19, its nap time...

0630 Booting FS19 back up, lets see how this would go now.

Yeah had a good two hour nap and woke up for some noises in my apartment building, hopefully have rested now enough to have good farming energy in me Smiley :)

Decided to take on these two fertilizing contracts, hope not more will pop up heh.

0646 Accepted contract for fertilizing F57, F267
0653 Started fertilizing F57, contract. manually with GPS
0654 Finished fertilizing F57, contract, collected contract reward 985.
0705 Started fertilizing F267, contract. manually with GPS
0719 Finished fertilizing F267, contract, collected contract reward 25.8k.

Unbelievable, two more fertilizing contracts appeared, one was over 100k, well I had to take those heh. Funny thing that these fields were right next to each others corners and very close to dealership too if I were to run out of fertilizer which I wont but still.

0720 Accepted contract for fertilizing F157, F83
0729 Started fertilizing F157, contract. courseplay ETA 22min

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

0749 Finished fertilizing F157, contract, collected contract reward 34.3k.
0751 Started fertilizing F83, contract. courseplay ETA 1h 3min
0848 Finished fertilizing F83, contract, collected contract reward 102.7k.

Budget now 2.082m yeah buddy! Two million! Smiley :)

Contracts board is empty of fertilizing contracts, plenty of contracts left but they are couple of seeding ones and many cultivating ones.

Restarted FS19, I wanted to see if new contracts appear, this savegame now has 60hrs 7mins in it. Nope, no new contracts appeared and refresh contracts did not do nothing either.

Now I'm wondering deep thoughts... what to do next... I have 2 million of money, I could buy a land lot, F15 would be cheapest in literally NE corner, I could easily get all the cheapest vehicles which would be torture, I might be able to buy medium sized vehicles as well, need to calculate specifics after buying the field.

I am not sure if I want to continue playing this savegame because I was not supposed to play on PMC Iowa Garden City 8km in the first place, not to mention Start From Zero, hence I call this "unofficial" heh. I have had a great time playing though, not sure if I properly conveyed through this story text, but continuing from here when this terrain is not finished and this savegame was sort of hastily created as unofficial... dunno I don't like it at all. I don't want to play until this terrains vegetation placement is finished AND PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero is finished.

At the same time... what else would I do today, not feeling like editing and have full rest of the day, well days, left to play and enjoy my time with PMC terrain. Hmm am I making any sense? Dunno Smiley ;)

Alright enough with the nonsense, lets see some practical farming development in this savegame. Some conclusions from contracts game-play mode if you will.

Seasons causes AI's to offer so many CULTIVATING contracts. Its clear to me that having a powerful/fast cultivator equipment fleet would help a lot. Once you finish cultivating contracts it opens fertilizing and seeding contracts. Oddly enough I have seen NO herbicide spraying contracts, only one for weeding.

With 2 million I could easily buy good cultivating fleet with additional smaller fertilizing equipment. That cult-fert contract loop would definitely keep me busy and get me a lot of money.

I'm thinking about owning tractors and wide cultivators so at least two vehicles would work a single contract, this way the time used would be cut very short, well depending on field size of course.

Seeding equipment is also important, if I have powerful cultivating tractors then I would not need to buy more of them as I could just use tractors to pull any seeder(s) I have.

01/early-winter in-game 1053hrs, decided to skip one day just to kind of clear the contracts board, maybe something new pops up. Also looking forward to go over the winter into next spring soon, that should rejuvenate contracts. BTW in this savegame I have only used 600 speed time acceleration JUST in case there is no sync issues with field stage switches.

02/early-winter in-game 0821hrs. Oh my, we got new contracts; 5 fertilizing and 2 cultivating.

Okay lets make some decisions that impact this savegame: I'm going to accept all those fertilizing contracts and finish them, I will not accept any more if new ones should appear. Once these are finished, then I count my money and make final decision about land and equipment purchase. Lets do this.

0917 Accepted contract for fertilizing F233, F25, F78, F251, F85
0927 Started fertilizing F78, contract. courseplay ETA 28min

After taking these contracts I got to think that yes these are very nice rewards overall, but what impact does it make on top of the existing 2.082m I have money right now, I mean what would change with me doing these contracts. Haven't bothered to count them together, will see the final budget once they are done. But overall big picture, I might have just skipped these and bought land and equipment right away to start farming on my own, or do more contracts with good contract vehicles.

My john deere 6155M is running out of fuel, there are no fuel station in this version of the terrain and I have no land to put placeable fuel station down.

0931 Purchased fuel station placeable for 5.9k

Oh what do you know, with placeanywhere mod I could actually use that fuel station placeable, I set it on dealership. Nice, now I can refuel my vehicle. Heck I might buy fertilizer buying station as well, hmm or not, that is best to leave after I setup my own farm on my own land. Anyways now I have no fuel issues with my vehicles anymore.

Then it was lunch break, I'm starving again. Hopefully manage to feed while this courseplay course runs.

0936 Lunch break...
0955 Finished fertilizing F78, contract, collected contract reward 45.6k.
0957 Feeding is over, back to fertilizing contracts

When I accepted reward from F78 contract a new small fertilizing contract appeared. I'll stick to my word, wont be taking any more contracts, just finish these active ones and then we move on to buy equipment Smiley :)

1003 Started fertilizing F168, contract. courseplay ETA 18min
1019 Finished fertilizing F168, contract, collected contract reward 25k.

Refueled 6155M by the dealership Smiley :)

1023 Purchased 11 1k liter fertilizer pallets
1029 Started fertilizing F85, contract. courseplay ETA 6min
1034 Finished fertilizing F85, contract, collected contract reward 7.1k.

Refreshed contracts and more fertilizing ones appeared, so darn tempting as they were good money Smiley :)

1045 Started fertilizing F251, contract. courseplay ETA 47min

Yes I said I wont be taking anymore fertilizing contracts because it now seems to be like never ending loop, however F254 is very nice contract and right close by where we are fertilizing F251 currently, so come on... I just had to take it Smiley :)

1047 Accepted contract for fertilizing F254
1103 Finished fertilizing F251, contract, collected contract reward 33.9k.
1104 Started fertilizing F254, contract. courseplay ETA 35min
1130 Finished fertilizing F254, contract, collected contract reward 38.8k.
1137 Started fertilizing F233, contract. courseplay ETA 23min
1200 Finished fertilizing F233, contract, collected contract reward 32k.

Well there was one quite large fertilizing contract and still had fertilizer in the tank so could not resist, had to take it BUT THEN its over, this is the last one! Honest! Smiley ;)

1204 Accepted contract for fertilizing F188
1215 Started fertilizing F188, contract. courseplay ETA 27min
1245 Finished fertilizing F188, contract, collected contract reward 44.4k.

After accepting reward from F188 contract, yes you guessed it, more fertilizing contracts appeared. This time tiny and another was 15k so it wasn't so tempting especially as it was in the other side of the terrain.

Budget now 2.281m. As I kind of suspected several hours ago, what do I gain if I take these fertilizing contracts, well I went from 82k to 281k, so how many hours of work and 200k gain, hmm? Clearly it was waste of time, I mean 200k is nothing, sure you can buy one type of several small implements, but its not enough for a tractor AND implement. So all in all while its okay addition to our budget it really didn't change anything I can do right now, which I could have already done several hours ago, get it? Good Smiley ;)

Here we are, decision time, what to do, how to start our own farm or better our contract company so to speak. Of course I am interested of buying land and starting our own farm, to work on our own fields and finally start to get some real steady income without having to rely on time acceleration and hopes that tomorrow we get fertilizing contracts again.

It would be pretty cool to purchase couple of rubicon 9000's, liquid fertilizer tanker truck and just start to do fertilizing contracts only. In big picture I'm sure it would make the best profits for hours used, especially if I blast in 6000 speed time acceleration.

While these two last contracts were running I was GIMP editing farmland image, to add many smaller more detailed pieces of land to buy so these kind of starter careers are easier for players short on money. Previously pretty much all our fields were full sections, ie 240ha chunks between road grid boxes.

Well I don't know if its a good or bad decision but its a decision, I'm going to buy the medium sized vehicle fleet and land lot with F15 on it.

1313 Purchased land lot with F15 on it for 351.6k

- plow 300hp 12km/h 4.9m lemken titan 18 59k
- cultivator 300hp 15km/h 6m horsch tiger 6dt 39k
- tractor 300hp 50km/h john deere 6250r with guidance steering twin wheels and engine upgrade 263k
- seeder 270hp 18km/h 9m 5000 liter horsch pronto 9dc 104k
- sprayer 12km/h 36m 6000 liter hardi navigator 6000 115k
- spreader 20km/h 18m 18.9k liter bredal k165 with extension and 6m spreading unit 76k
- harvester 14.1k liter john deere s790 with guidance steering 415k
- header 13.7m john deere 645fd 89k
- trailer 52k liter strautmann aperion 3401 65k

Purchased the above list. Budget now 704k.

Purchased placeables for farm yard:

- meridian lime bulk bin 10k
- giants liquid fertilizer tank 8.5k
- giants fertilizer tank 8.5k
- giants herbicide tank 8.5k
- giants seed tank 8.5k
- pmc farm silo large 10m liters 180k

Budget now 480.8k. Great buffer money to start our own farming.

Next I started to haul this large fleet of equipment to my farm area. Used pickup truck 1978 to drive dirty courseplay course from shop to F15.

And when I say decision was good or bad, I mean... whats changed really, if I want to do more contracts like previously I can still continue doing it, I just now have less money but more equipment. For example that bigger john deere tractor and bredal k165 greatly increases our fertilizing contract potential. Rest of the equipment of course is pretty bad, I would not take cultivator contracts with that crappy horsch 6m nonsense heh. Also technically we could now do harvest contracts, but I doubt thats going to happen.

While growing our farm it was silly purchase but I had to buy silo display large for our farm bin silo heh.

1350 I'm just sensing the incredible time sink that this decision was.

Meaning that just by hauling these equipment from shop to F15 which is now our new farm, is taking so long. I bet that when I start to cultivate or plow our first field its duration is like HOUR+ for sure.

1419 Started fertilizing F15, courseplay ETA 49min

Goodness gracious fertilizing with 30m spreader takes 49 minutes!? Smiley :evil:

I told ya ... Smiley ;)

Alright so this land area is 37ha and not sure how much smaller the field is, it is somewhat smaller but I wouldn't say very much. So guess this 49min is quite much expected outcome of field work even with 2 * 30m width. I have to assume that since this field is now fallow and we plant soybeans, the yield will be quite substantial and kicks us off to a great start money wise.

1450 Finished fertilizing F15

I brought in the smaller bredal K105 to help on that fertilizing task.

1454 Started lime spreading F15, courseplay ETA 3h 11min, 2x tools

What the hell THREE HOURS? But once I started second vehicle on the course it then said 44 minutes, so dunno whats up with the timer on the first one.

- cultivator 400hp 20m john deere 2410 5 section 75k
- plow 400hp 15m john deere 2623 5-section disc 95k
- tractor big bud 450 with gps and twin wheels 252k

1501 Purchased above list, budget now 35.9k

I mean I just couldn't live with those piece of garbage cultivators and plows, its just not me, I'm not going to spend 4+ hours working on our first field hehe. Oh yeah sold those mentioned things and budget now 133.9k.

1507 Lunch break time while lime is being spread
1531 Feeding time over, back to liming
1534 Finished lime spreading F15
1539 Started fertilizing F15, courseplay ETA 28min, 2x tools

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1613 Finished fertilizing F15

Next was plowing F15 and I was already scared, as you can see below courseplay duration was close to two frigging hours, uuh that is so long wait that I am pretty much ready for bed time when this finishes assuming courseplay timer is accurate (I think it takes far longer with the turns). So yeah here we are again, endless time sink of FS19.

1616 Started ploughing F15, courseplay ETA 1h 49min

After starting that course I didn't know what to do, I was kind of depressed of these long field work durations, I had imagined I could start to seed soybeans today but with this field size no way its going to happen, I fall asleep long before all field work is done.

Also I had zero interest to just sit here and watch big bud 450 pull john deere 2623 plowing this field so I took all the remaining fertilization contracts and went after those with my bredal spreaders.

1621 Accepted contract for fertilizing F43, F229, F118
1637 Started fertilizing F43, contract, manually with GPS
1639 Finished fertilizing F43, contract, collected contract reward 1.8k.
1640 Started fertilizing F118, contract, manually with GPS
1644 Finished fertilizing F118, contract, collected contract reward 5.7k.

As I expected, after accepting reward for this contract I got more fertilization contracts, two of them with decent rewards.

1646 Accepted contract for fertilizing F262, F249
1647 Started fertilizing F229, contract, courseplay ETA 10min
1657 Finished fertilizing F229, contract, collected contract reward 15.2k.
1705 Started fertilizing F249, contract, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
1722 Finished fertilizing F249, contract, collected contract reward 46.9k.
1734 Started fertilizing F262, contract, courseplay ETA 7min, 2x tools
1741 Finished fertilizing F262, contract, collected contract reward 16.9k.

Budget now 179.5k.

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain, Start From Zero savegame

1805 Finished ploughing F15
1810 Started fertilizing F15, courseplay ETA 27min, 2x tools
1837 Finished fertilizing F15

02/early-winter in-game 1745hrs, skipping the night. 03/early-winter in-game 0840hrs, daylight again.

Now we are at end of the season, for our situation at least. Nothing left to do other than time accelerate until next year begins and we can start to do more contracts.

Several fertilizing contracts appeared, nothing super crazy but 37, 16, 8, 2 and 13k rewards, pretty okay of course depending how widely spaced out the fields are (didn't check). Strange part is that ground temperature is 0C and its my understanding that at least in -1C you cannot fertilize anymore.

Going to time accelerate, I'm pretty exhausted of fertilizing contracts heh. Decided to switch to my normal 6000 speed time accelerating so I don't have to wait for that long, I'm not desperate for fertilizing contracts so lets speed things up (guessing it might cause problems).

04/mid-winter in-game 0946hrs, weather -0C/0C, heh.

06/mid-winter in-game 0855hrs, weather -2/-1C and now ground if frozen, not that I'd be interested of trying out those active fertilizing contracts.

09/late-winter in-game 0912hrs, weather -1/+0C.

Hmm end of the year. Okay so its getting late in real life for me, not tired yet but because everything takes forever in farmsim there is nothing I could do today that would matter or I could finish without being in full zombi mode, so I decided to save game here at end of the year so IF, if I might do some edits to the terrain I could easily port over seasons savegame now.

1859 Time to call it a night, no idea what happens tomorrow...

2021-02-24T0238 Last farming day has started, this savegame now has 70hrs 2min in it.

Wait, last day? huh what? Yup I decided that because PMC Iowa Garden City 8km has vegetation object placement incomplete plus a lot of other terrain editing work not done, this savegame is unofficial in the first place... that I will end playing it today. I'm hoping to seed and harvest on todays farming session and once its completed, I exit and cold heartedly delete this savegame dir.

I should not be playing this terrain as its unfinished, I should not be starting new career savegames until PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero is finished, yet here I am doing just that. I don't feel good about that at all. This is why I'm bringing this savegame to an end today, no matter what stage it is in.

01/early-spring in-game 0825hrs, weather +8/+3C. Same five fertilizing contracts there but I'm not going to bother with them.

06/mid-spring in-game 0829hrs, weather +10/+10C. One of the fertilizing contracts has now disappered (after 6000 time accelerating several days).

0300 Started seeding F15, courseplay ETA 2h 37min

Oh boy that field work duration again. Just wondering how many refills this field is going to take, horsch pronto 9dc takes 5k liters of seed. Luckily our farm bin silo has seeds in it and its right middle of the field. But yeah, now we wait and watch twitch/youtube in the mean time.

0419 Refilled horsch pronto 9dc with another 5k liters of seeds
0529 Finished seeding F15

Time acceleration until field got germinated, then off to spray some herbicide.

0536 Started spraying herbicide F15, courseplay ETA 1h 2min

And then I got so tired was snoozing off while watching herbicide getting sprayed, decided to take a nap.

0807 Nap time is over, back to farming

Watching that 12km/h herbicide sprayer going back and forth on a field is rather boring, that speed is so slow it just puts me to sleep. Rubicon 9000 would be so much nicer, also 400k more expensive hehe. But yeah this is the same age old problem I'm having with FS19 that its such a time sink. I'm tempted to take those four fertilizing contracts that are still on the board just to see if they are actually working contracts instead of some winter to spring time acceleration ghosts.

0831 Accepted contract for fertilizing F173, F47, F48, F154
0850 Started fertilizing F47, contract, courseplay ETA 11min
0850 Finished spraying herbicide F15

Then it was time to cook food and eat.

0915 Finished fertilizing F47, contract, collected contract reward 16.4k.

During cooking food or perhaps when I accepted reward for F47 contract, several seeding contracts appeared. I have no intention of taking them and leasing big seeder again, but looks like spring planting season is in full swing on PMC Iowa Garden City 8km.

0919 Started fertilizing F48, contract, courseplay ETA 6min
0927 Finished fertilizing F48, contract, collected contract reward 8k.
0944 Feeding time over, back to farming
0957 Started fertilizing F173, contract, courseplay ETA 15min, 2x tools
1011 Finished fertilizing F173, contract, collected contract reward 37.2k.
1015 Started fertilizing F154, contract, courseplay ETA 5min, 2x tools
1021 Finished fertilizing F154, contract, collected contract reward 13.6k.

Budget now 202.9k.

1115 Started harvesting soybeans F15, courseplay ETA 2h 59min
1414 Finished harvesting soybeans F15

Farm bin silo has about 298k liters of soybeans.

Plan was to sell these soybeans to see how much money we get, I am not tired yet but honestly I've seen this dance way too many times; I would need to time accelerate into MID SUMMER next year to sell these soybeans and the selling alone would take a long time hauling with a semi truck, then... I would just see the amount of money and that is it, then this savegame would go to delete. So I'm just not going to do that.

This savegame ended up having 79 hours and 29 minutes in it. Final budget was 201.7k in cash and as mentioned 298k liters of soybeans. Should be easy to estimate final budget by soybean best price.

2021-02-24T1428 Deleted savegame1 which is this save, everything is lost!

Heh yep, you gotta do what you gotta do, I wasn't supposed to be playing in this terrain yet not to mention Start From Zero so there you have it Smiley ;)