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PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km, Farm Manager

Please read the background idea for our farm sim stories so you understand what is this all about.

Farm-Manager game-mode meaning 1 million money and 250k loan, no vehicles, no land.

2020-03-10T0309 Started PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km v0.1.7 farm-manager mode in single player and saved career.

This was meant as my first Bourgault DLC test. Also this is my first farm-manager savegame since the multiplayer times of 2019, as ever since I've just done single player start from zero careers.

First time playing after deciding not to do Start From Zero new careers anymore (because start is so boring with seasons).

0309 Started farm-manager mode, it gives you 1 million in cash and 250k in loan so 1.250m in budget. Decided not to pay the loan off right away, not sure why just more cash at hand I guess.

Purchased farmland, the farm yard for 96.1k and F04 area for 147.5k.

- tractor big bud 450 with gps and twin wheels 252k
- plow 400hp 15m john deere 2623 5-section disc 95k

Purchased above list.

Budget now 659.2k oh wow money goes quickly. I have to admit I'm not expert on those medium sized cheap vehicles, all I know is these biggest vehicles.

All vehicle driving is done with manual GPS until courseplay mentioned.

0317 Started plowing F04
0352 Finished plowing F04

- spreader bredal k165 with extension and 6m spreading unit for 76k
- tractor claas arion 460 with guidance steering 117.5k

Purchased above list and lime station for 30k.

0400 Started spreading lime F04, to fix those small corners that are in need
0407 Finished spreading lime F04

Purchased solid fertilizer tank for 8.5k

0413 Started fertilizing F04
0427 Finished fertilizing F04

- cultivator 400hp 20m john deere 2410 5 section 75k

Purchased above list.

0432 Started cultivating F04
0454 Finished cultivating F04
0457 Started fertilizing F04
0511 Finished fertilizing F04

Then it was time for a lunch break Smiley :)

Leased bourgault 3320-76 paralink hoe drill for 13.9k initial costs, bourgault 7950 air cart with twin wheels for 14.3k initial costs.

Purchased seed refill tank for 7.5k.

0553 Started seeding canola F04
0614 Finished seeding canola F04

3320-76 paralink hoe drill and 7950 air cart rulez Smiley :)

- sprayer kuhn metris 4102 sprayer 84k

Returned leased equipment. Purchased above list and liquid herbicide refill tank for 8.5k.

0631 Started spraying herbicide F04
0649 Finished spraying herbicide F04

So now the F04 is all ready to grow canola. Not sure about the crop rotation, yield might not be completely optimal. Now it was just time accelerating until crops grow.

Repayed loan as much I had money, loan now -55k. This keeps the nightly interest rate lower until I need to take more loan to lease combine for the harvest.

F04 got germinated and I did some fertilization finished on the corners. NOW everything is done, all we can do is to wait for the harvest time.

While waiting decided to do few close by small cultivation/plowing contracts, you know, just for fun...

0712 Started cultivating F01 contract
0716 Finished cultivating F01 contract, accepted reward 1.4k
0719 Started cultivating F10 contract
0739 Finished cultivating F10 contract, accepted reward 12.5k

03/early-spring in-game 0747hrs noticed that weather was bad with temperature of -1C, soil temperature was +5C so canola could not be seeded.

08/late-spring in-game 0703hrs F04 turned growing state. I was a bit scared for a while as field was germinated for several days, I thought because the soil temperature dipped to +5C the whole field might go bad, but luckily no.

05/mid-summer in-game 0642hrs my F04 canola turned ready to harvest, aayeah! Smiley :)

Took a big loan (just buffer money), leased case 9240 combine for 21.4k initial costs, midwest durus 18m for 8.5k initial costs, strautmann aperion 3401 for 3.3k initial costs.

0807 Started harvesting canola F04, courseplay ETA 47min
0900 Finished harvesting canola F04

Alright first field harvested Smiley :)

Returned leased harvest vehicles, paid off loan as much as possible (still -80k left), now I have 121.2k liters of canola in the farm bin silo.

It was time to call it a night, still not tired but better to stop now with a good mood after successful harvest, more tomorrow I think, gotta get some more Bourgault DLC action heh.

1824 New farming day has started, lets see what we can do today.

05/mid-summer in-game 0747hrs hmm I could double crop soybeans (I think?), so lets try it. I'm going to work the field and put some soybeans down.

1830 Started fertilizing F04
1845 Finished fertilizing F04
1849 Started cultivating F04
1919 Finished cultivating F04

I really enjoyed this "getting back to the roots" type of farming driving vehicles yourself with GPS instead of just setting off mass courseplay 4 tool setups and ALT-TAB out of the game.

Last weeks/months I've only played on PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero with those super massive insane sized fields, it has been very cold detached game-play as you just stay in zoomed out view and monitor courseplay vehicles, it feels like you never even seen the fields close up. Kind of difficult to explain. I like large scale farming but when you do that then it usually leads to that detached feeling of being away ALT-TABbed watching youtube videos when courseplay does all the work for you.

Don't get me wrong I would never ever play in those useless little girly men 2km piece of trash terrains, never, but it is truly nice to play on greendale 4km in this 9ha field taking care of it trying to make money with limited vehicles and fields, it makes you appreciate the important things in life so to speak.

1922 Started fertilizing F04
1938 Finished fertilizing F04

I want my fields to be fully fertilized before seeds go to the ground because unless you are running rubicon 9000 sprayers you cant fertilize them if you have to wait for growth stage changes, that you don't destroy crops. I mean sure it can be done if you pay close attention but usually I have so many fields under work that you can easily miss growth stage changes and then you end up in situation where you cannot fertilize anymore. Thats why its best prepare the field before putting seed to the ground.

So one round of cultivating, then another layer of fertilizing and then we are ready for some seeding again.

1944 Started cultivating F04
2006 Finished cultivating F04
2016 Started fertilizing F04
2032 Finished fertilizing F04

Then was the first time to use that mega monster Bourgault seeder and air cart heh. So took some loan buffer money for the lease, leased bourgault 3420-100 paralink hoe drill for 21.9k initial costs and 71300 air cart for 16.9k initial costs.

Bourgault 3420-100 paralink hoe drill is a BEAST! hehe oh man and I thought seed hawk is a killer, but this monster is HUGE haha, just awesome Smiley :D

I'm using big bud 450 to pull this which is not powerful enough but should do good enough in the level terrain like F04 is (max speed is 18km/h but it only pulls 13km/h). Only loaded 3000 liters of seeds as this tiny 9ha field doesn't need much. Yeah this seeder is overkill for this field size but I just want to try it out.

2045 Started seeding soybeans F04

Even though big bud 450 pulled this monster with only 13km/h man was it impressive looking megalodon coming through the field heh. I love it. This seeder will get so much use in large real world data terrains.

2102 Ran out of seeds heh. Leased unverferth seed runner 3755 XL for 1k initial costs

Stupid seed runner did not refill bourgault air cart! Sigh. So I leased good old elmers haulmaster. Got some seeds from farm, refilled bougault air cart and then returned elmers haulmaster.

2133 Finished seeding soybeans F04

Unloaded 71300 air cart and returned leased vehicles. Well that seeding refill went to the dogs but got done eventually, dunno why that crap seed runner is in-game as it doesn't work. Anyways. Now just some blanket herbicide spraying and we're done for this soybeans seeding season.

2142 Started herbicide spraying F04
2202 Finished herbicide spraying F04

All done, nice heh.

07/late-summer field turned to growing stage (green small plants popped up).

What I was saying earlier about manual GPS driving and appreciating the little things the basic farming, kind of shows when I'm time accelerating as I'm standing in the field watching the soybeans grow, in large scale farming you have dozens of fields and you most often don't even take a peek of some specific field or maybe even none. I often just stay in some vehicle where ever it might be while time accelerating and then checking map-view of when can I continue field work.

04/mid-autumn in-game 0752hrs F04 soybeans are ready to harvest! Smiley :)

Took another loan some buffer money, then leased the same setup, case 9240, midwest durus 18m and strautmann what-was-it trailer. But I screwed up, took those leases before checking even ground moisture level not to mention weather forecast which obviously predicts rain for 1200hrs heh.

Started time accelerating to get rid of the soil moisture and hoping it happens before the new rain front arrives. But no, in-game 1109hrs it started to rain. Rain ended 1453hrs. Ground moisture did not dissipate before it got dark, heh.

05/mid-autumn in-game 0758hrs daylight broke and ground moisture is fine for harvesting, lets get to work.

2234 Started harvesting soybeans F04
2323 Finished harvesting soybeans F04

Felt good again to finish harvest, ah Smiley :)

Returned leased case combine, header and trailer. Next need to time accelerate few days for the canola selling day which is should be 09/late-autumn.

06/mid-autumn in-game 1840hrs canola went on high demand in selling point 5, with 2879 price wow nice! Leased strautmann aperion 3401 trailer again and started hauling some canola.

2342 Sold canola in sell point 5 for 149.7k
2351 Sold canola in sell point 5 for 149.7k, second and last full load, next we only have like 17k liters left
2020-03-11T0000 Sold canola in sell point 5 for 49.5k

Returned leased trailer. Then paid off the bank loan, budget now 154k. It was night so time accelerated into morning daylight. There was couple of nice fertilizing contracts so decided to go do those using Bredal K165.

0025 Accepted contract for fertilizing F01, F68, F27, F19
0030 Started fertilizing F27, contract.
0041 Finished fertilizing F27, contract, collected contract reward 21.2k.
0043 Started fertilizing F01, contract.
0045 Finished fertilizing F01, contract, collected contract reward 4k.
0049 Started fertilizing F19, contract.
0101 Finished fertilizing F19, contract, collected contract reward 23.8k.
0104 Started fertilizing F68, contract.
0118 Finished fertilizing F68, contract, collected contract reward 17k.

Next was time acceleration waiting for possible fertilizing contracts. Oh and also I'm thinking of keeping F04 (my only field) as fallow next year because it needs it and I could concentrate fully on fertilizing contracts then, maybe I could hit some jackpot with big field and get my budget really improved.

Speaking of, budget now 189.9k. Still not nearly enough to buy anything decent, not enought to buy ANY sprayer and upgrading my kuhn metis to hardi navigator doesn't change anything. No chance of buying decent combine and tractor, well don't really need any more horsepower now.

09/late-autumn more fertilizing contracts, yeah!

0140 Accepted contract for fertilizing F14, F53
0143 Started fertilizing F14, contract.
0153 Finished fertilizing F14, contract, collected contract reward 19.8k.
0157 Started fertilizing F53, contract.
0230 Finished fertilizing F53, contract, collected contract reward 66.1k.

Budget now 275.6k, thats pretty nice. Now I can buy any of the sprayers except rubicon, but so far bredal k165 has been adequate enough so no reason to buy yet.

Going to fertilize F04 using courseplay while waiting for new fertilizing contracts and usually planning the next move heh (watching twitch live stream on the background too heh).

0236 Started fertilizing F04, courseplay ETA 15min
0253 Finished fertilizing F04

Doing this field with courseplay was so easy, I didn't even notice it ran on the background hehe. This was now first time using courseplay, well besides the harvester of course. Huge amount of weeds in F04.

0259 Started lime spreading F04, courseplay ETA 26min
0325 Finished lime spreading F04

Then back to time accelerating. I could fertilize this field now, but... umm.

0329 Accepted contract for fertilizing F02
0331 Started fertilizing F02, contract.
0336 Finished fertilizing F02, contract, collected contract reward 11.9k.
0338 Accepted contract for fertilizing F03
0340 Started fertilizing F03, contract.
0357 Finished fertilizing F03, contract, collected contract reward 32.3k.

Budget now 319.8k very nice, soon we can start to buy some harvester etc Smiley :)

0403 Accepted contract for fertilizing F19
0407 Started fertilizing F19, contract.
0418 Finished fertilizing F19, contract, collected contract reward 23.8k.

When I got that contract temperature was -4C/0C heh, I recall from my previous game-play that once ground freezes you cannot fertilize anymore.

09/late-winter so the last day of the year, temperature +4C/+1C and got a new fertilizing contract heh, nice.

0436 Accepted contract for fertilizing F06
0438 Started fertilizing F06, contract.
0445 Finished fertilizing F06, contract, collected contract reward 11.6k.

Trees suddenly got green leafs on 09/late-winter hmm, decided to restart FS19 to give it a fresh start, it had been running all night already.

01/early-spring new year new fertilizing contracts Smiley :)

0451 Accepted contract for fertilizing F02, F03 and F32
0457 Started fertilizing F02, contract.
0503 Finished fertilizing F02, contract, collected contract reward 11.9k.
0504 Started fertilizing F03, contract.
0519 Finished fertilizing F03, contract, collected contract reward 32.3k.
0523 Started fertilizing F32, contract.
0539 Finished fertilizing F32, contract, collected contract reward 34.1k.

Budget now 409k alright we are getting close to the cost of cheap combine harvester.

04/mid-spring two new fertilizing contracts, but they are in NE corner and pay very little... but lets go do then anyways.

0620 Accepted contract for fertilizing F47, and F50
0625 Started fertilizing F47, contract.
0630 Finished fertilizing F47, contract, collected contract reward 9.6k.
0632 Started fertilizing F50, contract.
0633 Finished fertilizing F50, contract, collected contract reward 1.9k.

05/mid-spring and new fertilizer contract is available, F02 just near my farm heh sure lets take it.

0646 Accepted contract for fertilizing F02
0647 Started fertilizing F02, contract.
0653 Finished fertilizing F02, contract, collected contract reward 11.9k.

I'd love to get larger fertilizing contracts as these small nibbles only get you so much progress. Or maybe I am ruined by the 8.1km and 16.3km terrain contract specifications which pay hundreds of thousands sometimes millions hehe.

06/mid-spring and again more fertilizing contracts, now a bit more lucrative than previous ones.

0706 Accepted contract for fertilizing F06 and F69
0708 Started fertilizing F06, contract.
0714 Finished fertilizing F06, contract, collected contract reward 11.6k.
0723 Started fertilizing F69, contract.
0737 Finished fertilizing F69, contract, collected contract reward 25.4k.

07/late-spring here we go again, more fertilizing contracts heh. I guess because there seem to be so many contracts I might upgrade this claas arion as its quite unpowered. Or I could just buy proper sprayer like the amazone something. Bredal K165 is very nice though with the 18.9k liter capacity and 30m width. Dunno. Anyways for these contracts I'm still doing with bredal.

0742 Accepted contract for fertilizing F21, F43 and F47
0747 Started fertilizing F21, contract.
0809 Finished fertilizing F21, contract, collected contract reward 43.3k.
0818 Started fertilizing F47, contract.
0822 Finished fertilizing F47, contract, collected contract reward 9.6k.
0824 Started fertilizing F43, contract.
0837 Finished fertilizing F43, contract, collected contract reward 26.1k.

Budget now 535k, aayeah half a million Smiley :)

08/late-spring new fertilizing contract, again. I took it, ok one more with bredal K165 Smiley ;)

0841 Accepted contract for fertilizing F42
0843 Started fertilizing F42, contract.
0854 Finished fertilizing F42, contract, collected contract reward 20k.

How to grow my farm, seems like the next step to buy seeding and harvesting equipment is very difficult, well expensive I mean. Starter type vehicles are out of the question I will never again harvest a field with bizon garbage combine with 3m header that is pure lunacy. Same goes to seeding, if you buy one of these 3-5m vehicles its just awful to use it for hours on even the smallest of fields.

09/late-spring guess what more fertilizing contracts, well I'll take them... and hah I still decided to do them with bredal, I can't seem to make my decision about sprayer purchase haha.

0910 Accepted contract for fertilizing F63, F70 and F74
0914 Started fertilizing F70, contract.
0929 Finished fertilizing F70, contract, collected contract reward 27.1k.
0930 Started fertilizing F63, contract.
0944 Finished fertilizing F63, contract, collected contract reward 27.1k.
0947 Started fertilizing F74, contract.
0954 Finished fertilizing F74, contract, collected contract reward 14.1k.

Budget now 623.2k, these fertilizing contracts sure do rack up nice amount of money.

0958 Time to call it a night, been up more than 16hrs today, uuh so tired...

1818 New farming day has begun! Looking forward to this day as there will be new purchases, dunno which kind yet, but definitely new purchases Smiley :)

Okay right off the bat, fertilizing contract heh, ok ok... one more with bredal K165 Smiley ;)

1820 Accepted contract for fertilizing F23
1824 Started fertilizing F23, contract.
1843 Finished fertilizing F23, contract, collected contract reward 23.5k.

01/early-summer new fertilizing contract but hum dunno if I'll do hits its only 15.6k so currently wont make a big impact. Soybeans selling day is quickly approaching, market price already is like close to 3500. According to stats best day to sell should be 04/mid-summer so we'll see how it goes. I only have mere 94.8k liters of it but should make some money anyways.

02/early-summer new fertilizing contract appeared, this is pretty nice. Now its time to pull the trigger...

- sprayer amazone pantera 4502 with guidance steering 260k

Purchased above list. Now we have some more fertilizing/herbicide spraying power. Bredal K165 can be pulled 20km/h while Pantera 4501 drives only 15km/h that is a big difference how quickly fields are getting sprayed. Now width is also a factor, bredal 30m vs pantera 41m, that is also a decent size difference.

1855 Accepted contract for fertilizing F09 and F21
1900 Started fertilizing F09, contract.
1907 Finished fertilizing F09, contract, collected contract reward 15.6k.
1909 Started fertilizing F21, contract.
1930 Finished fertilizing F21, contract, collected contract reward 43.3k.

Uh oh amazone pantera 4502 is dreadfully slow, I had no idea 15km/h is that slow field work speed, it feels like snail is crawling along the field heh. I might as well have purchased new tractor and second bredal k165 it would have been much better overall solution. In my own farm I do not need narrow tires because when I fertilizer/spray there is no crops plants to destroy.

Road speed is 53km/h so that is decent at least, my initial claas arion tractor is dreadfully slow like 40km/h heh.

Or I should have just bought the good old workhorse rubicon 9000 and be done with it.

03/early-summer new fertilizing contract, nothing too big but now we take all we can get because the sprayer purchase. We are committed.

1933 Accepted contract for fertilizing F05
1936 Started fertilizing F05, contract.
1945 Finished fertilizing F05, contract, collected contract reward 19k.

- trailer agroliner taw 30 45k liter 56k

Purchased above list, budget now 386.2k. This trailer will be our grain transport trailer for now.

Next we slowly time accelerate monitoring soybeans market prices and once tomorrow arrives which should be the highest selling day, we sell our stock. 03/early-summer in-game 2112hrs soybeans are 3794 in selling point 4.

04/mid-summer in-game 0014hrs soybeans are 3810 in selling point 4. At in-game 0107hrs price started to drop, so now its my time to sell! Market price 3795.

2000 Sold soybeans in sell point 4 for 170.8k
2007 Sold soybeans in sell point 4 for 170.8k, this was the last full load, now only 4.8k liters left in the farm bin silo
2017 Sold soybeans in sell point 4 for 18.4k

Budget now 746.2k oh wow that is a lot of money right there. Now I have to purchase seeder and combine harvester + header so we can have farm that works without leasing stuff. The only question is how many lucrative fertilizing contracts we get before next seeding/harvest so perhaps we could buy better equipment if I waited just a bit longer. Hmm.

Its mid summer now, canola season has passed (no I don't count in double crop canola over the winter) with three more days to seed soybeans. However F04 is fallow this season so I would need to buy the next land lot if I wanted to do actual field work.

04/mid-summer in-game 1246hrs more fertilizing contracts hit, nice. I think this time courseplay will be used with both amazone pantera and bredal to get things done more quickly.

2025 Accepted contract for fertilizing F01, F18 and F72
2028 Started fertilizing F01, contract.
2030 Finished fertilizing F01, contract, collected contract reward 4k.
2033 Started fertilizing F72, contract.

Land lot with F05 and F06 has barley and soybeans growing in there (soybeans is fully fertilized too) so this might be the land lot I buy next. I was initially planning to buy the one with F27 in it but currently its harvested so no crops to gain from such purchase.

2041 Finished fertilizing F72, contract, collected contract reward 12.3k.
2043 Started fertilizing F18, contract.
2055 Finished fertilizing F18, contract, collected contract reward 23.8k.

Budget now 786.1k. The land lot with F05 and F06 costs 266.6k so if I would buy that, how much money left do I have for harvester hmm.

- land lot with F05 and F06 266.6k
- harvester john deere s790 with gps 415k
- header 13.7m john deere 645 fd 89k

Purchased the above list. Decent harvester with plenty of harvest capability and that soybeans field even makes tons of money, just awesome Smiley :)

2107 Started herbicide spraying F05
2124 Finished herbicide spraying F05

Next it was time accelerating waiting until crops are dry to harvest. That took a while, was waiting for drying and it just started to rain some more heh.

2142 Started harvesting barley F06, courseplay ETA 33min
2225 Finished harvesting barley F06
2231 Started fertilizing F06
2238 Finished fertilizing F06
2241 Started ploughing F06

F06 did not require ploughing but because it had few narrow streaks on the edges that did, I decided to just plow the whole field.

2301 Finished ploughing F06

Gotta love ploughing with Big Bud 450 Smiley :)

2303 Started fertilizing F06
2312 Finished fertilizing F06
2313 Started cultivating F06
2327 Finished cultivating F06
2329 Started fertilizing F06, courseplay ETA 12min
2339 Finished fertilizing F06
2342 Started fertilizing F04, courseplay ETA 19min
2357 Finished fertilizing F04

2020-03-12T0008 Need to take a break...
0241 Break over. Alright lets continue

Then I was considering buying F31 land area which has soybeans growing so I'd take a bank loan, harvest the field and pay the loan back. Hmm its a bit way off from my farm I'd very much like to grow my farm evenly out, dunno.

0245 Accepted contract for fertilizing F07
0247 Started fertilizing F07, contract.
0255 Finished fertilizing F07, contract, collected contract reward 16.8k.
0256 Accepted contract for fertilizing F22, F47 and F42
0258 Started fertilizing F22, contract.
0309 Finished fertilizing F22, contract, collected contract reward 20.7k.
0313 Started fertilizing F42, contract.
0323 Finished fertilizing F42, contract, collected contract reward 20k.
0325 Started fertilizing F47, contract.
0334 Finished fertilizing F47, contract, collected contract reward 9.6k.

One field is doing fallow and another I already passed soybeans planting time so all I have to do now is to wait until F05 is ready to harvest.

0343 Accepted contract for fertilizing F09
0345 Started fertilizing F09, contract.
0353 Finished fertilizing F09, contract, collected contract reward 15.6k.

01/early-autumn my F05 soybeans are ready to harvest, so are the F31, hmm I think I'm going to do the bank loan and purchase the land lot with F31 in it.

0401 Started harvesting soybeans F05, courseplay ETA 1h 8min (but its less than that because field definition coverege, long story, trust me heh)
0459 Finished harvesting soybeans F05

This harvest got me 97,925 liters of soybeans in the farm bin silo.

0506 Took bank loan of 525k and purchased land lot with F31 in it for 604.6k

Recorded courseplay course for F31 field definition outline (long story). When harvesting this field I'm going to haul the soybeans straight to selling point 6 which is close by and best market price currently. The idea was to buy this land lot with a risky bank loan and sell the lucrative crops right away.

Purchased land area is 60.4ha which is quite large, the F31 field definition is only 12.99ha even though the cultivator_density is probably twice the size (as said, long story).

0516 Started harvesting soybeans F31, courseplay ETA 1h 6min
0547 Sold soybeans to selling point 6 for 96.2k
0615 Sold soybeans to selling point 6 for 96.2k
0623 Finished harvesting soybeans F31
0628 Sold soybeans to selling point 6 for 42.8k

After the last load was sold budget was 241.9k so not even half of the bank loan I took. I did not calculate rough estimate how much money the soybeans field generates so this was a mistake on my part. Looking back at it now if I knew the stats I most definitely would not have purchased this field because in general I want to grow the farm evenly out so I don't have to drive long ways to closest field.

Well lesson learned, you need to calculate such risky bank loan land lot purchases against the crop gains. Anyways. I did not immediately pay the loan back because I want to get all farm work done and some of that will require fertilizer etc refills so I'll pay up before this day is over.

Now I have huge load of fertilizing, lime spreading and plowing to do on F31 but luckily there is still so many days in this year left so no hurry at all.

Purchased fuel tank placeable for 5.9k, my vehicles need fuel, in fact claas arion 460 has only 19 liters left heh.

0639 Small break...
0805 Break is over, now back to farming

Alright this next field work phase is going to take some time, two fields to work on and many different passes to do.

0808 Started fertilizing F05
0824 Finished fertilizing F05
0833 Started lime spreading F05
0846 Finished lime spreading F05
0851 Started ploughing F05 (field definition part does not need it but rest do)
0907 Finished ploughing F05
0908 Started cultivating F05
0935 Finished cultivating F05
0944 Started fertilizing F05
1001 Finished fertilizing F05
1004 Started cultivating F05, courseplay ETA 27min
1032 Finished cultivating F05
1033 Started fertilizing F05, courseplay ETA 17min
1051 Finished fertilizing F05
1056 Started fertilizing F31, courseplay ETA 1h 4min (terrible course heh)
1202 Finished fertilizing F31

Was really tired of playing, not sleepy tired or exhausted of playing but just didn't feel the love heh, decided to call it a night, guess it was pretty decent farming session again today. We'll continue tomorrow pretty sure.

2230 New farming day has started, FS19 fired up and we continue working on F31.

Coronavirus COVID-19 spreads across the planet and I feel so good to just stay indoors playing Farming Simulator 19 Smiley :)

2245 Started lime spreading F31, courseplay ETA 1h 41min

Courseplay generated this weird course which was not very optimized, maybe it makes sense in the "math" side of things but in practical driving it made no sense to do the course "sideways" with dozens and dozens of turns. In the turns courseplay ETA timer halts so the initial 1h 41min would probably be closer to 3hrs in reality.

Decided to do this lime spreading manually driving with GPS, it will be much faster. Also it optimizes the spreading a bit because the field definition part does not need lime. This field truly is problematic with courseplay, perhaps I could tweak the settings somehow to generate N-S direction route hmm, maybe. Have to check it out the next time.

2315 Switched to GPS manual driving
2020-03-13T0025 Finished lime spreading F31
0032 Started fertilizing F31
0123 Finished fertilizing F31
0127 Started ploughing F31
0340 Finished ploughing F31

That ploughing took a while, oh wow. The john deere 2623 is pulled only 15km/h and is not that wide so there you go.

0344 Lunch break...
0423 Okay all feeded up, now back to farming

There was four nice fertilizing contracts which I wanted to do, night was falling too so I decided to take the contracts and time accelerate until morning daylight, but I started first one as there was still a bit daylight left.

0425 Accepted contract for fertilizing F73, F21, F44 and F35
0430 Started fertilizing F35, contract.
0452 Finished fertilizing F35, contract, collected contract reward 44.9k.

Okay 02/early-autumn in-game 2027hrs its too dark I cannot see anything below horizon, have to time accelerate to morning daylight. So I did until 03/early-autumn in-game 0727hrs, also forgot to pay the loan as much as I could have so had about 2k worth of loan interest, oh well. Alright contracts continue ...

0503 Started fertilizing F44, contract.
0514 Was ALT-TABbed to discord and for some reason GPS did not stop at the end of the field which was at terrain edge and I fell of the terrain Smiley ;)
0527 Finished fertilizing F44, contract, collected contract reward 33k.
0533 Started fertilizing F73, contract.
0543 Finished fertilizing F73, contract, collected contract reward 20.2k.
0544 Started fertilizing F21, contract.
0605 Finished fertilizing F21, contract, collected contract reward 43.3k.

Budget now 330.5k which is still not enough to pay the bank loan.

0609 Started fertilizing F31
0657 Finished fertilizing F31

Now all the field work has been done for this season, on next spring we start to seed canola to the fields. By that time I'm hoping to do some fertilizing contracts if such appears.

0704 Accepted contract for fertilizing F64 and F70

Repayed loan with all the money I had left, loan balance now 205k.

0709 Started fertilizing F70, contract.
0723 Finished fertilizing F70, contract, collected contract reward 27.1k.
0725 Started fertilizing F64, contract.
0727 Finished fertilizing F64, contract, collected contract reward 3.8k.

Repayed bank loan a bit, current loan balance 175k. Next it was just time accelerating waiting for fertilizing contracts or the next year.

0734 Accepted contract for fertilizing F38
0735 Started fertilizing F38, contract.
0749 Finished fertilizing F38, contract, collected contract reward 26.1k.
0751 Quick break...
0808 Break over
0810 Accepted contract for fertilizing F13 and F73
0815 Started fertilizing F13, contract.
0826 Finished fertilizing F13, contract, collected contract reward 23.4k.
0828 Started fertilizing F73, contract.
0838 Finished fertilizing F73, contract, collected contract reward 20.2k.

Repayed bank loan a bit, current loan balance 110k. Was getting a bit exhausted (just a bit) so decided to switch to tv watching mode for the rest of the night.

2152 New farming day has started!

Was thinking that I'm going to switch into my own field crop work only, no time to do fertilizer contracts anymore. Its kind of like what is my specialty countracts or developing my own farm fields heh. I want to enjoy my own farm fields instead of someone elses fields. Sure money is made by doing contracts but it just somehow feels foreign, like I'm dissing my own farm. Kind of difficult to explain.

Today is 07/late-autumn, barley selling day is approaching and I need to sell those off to get a little money. Then I need to time accelerate until next year early-spring, purchase seeder and well then just start to seed canola to my own fields.

I'm still quite scared of seeding equipment, I want to own the equipment but I got no money. So need to take another bank loan to purchase even the medium level seeder like pronto 9 DC. Of course the new Bourgault DLC monster machines are the ultimate goal but not with my limited budget. Even leasing them for my three field seeding... dunno, would it just drag my limited budget situation even longer, hmm hmm.

There is one contract for seeding barley on 58ha field which pays 153k. I could easily lease Bourgault big seeder and air cart, but even with such equipment wonder if that 58ha gets tedious, I actually have no idea. Using seed hawk four tools it takes 20min courseplay ETA to seed 50ha field, so its obviously 80min by using one, I bet that requires few refills also which would require a lot of driving back and forth or leasing an auger wagon. Dunno man, might not be worth the money in the end.

08/late-autumn few more fertilizing contracts appeared, I really need to fight against the urge to take them hehe.

01/early-winter in-game 1746hrs, weather is -0C/3C and its snowing! Heh wow, I have to remember really hard but this might be the first time I see snow in Seasons US midwest GEO, not sure perhaps there was snow once in PMC Grande Gardens 16km cant remember. Anyways, cool (no pun intended).

02/early-winter in-game 0900hrs loaded up trailer full of barley ready to go, now time accelerating 1200 speed in one hour increments monitoring the barley market price, when it reaches max then I'll go selling it.

02/early-winter in-game 1510hrs barley selling point 3 market price on HIGH DEMAND 1618. Okay, thats my cue, time to sell Smiley :)

2329 Sold barley in sell point 3 for 72.8k
2333 Sold barley in sell point 3 for 72.8k, last full 45k liters load
2337 Sold barley in sell point 3 for 41.2k, only 25.4k liters

During hauling barley weather was 3C/2C. Budget now 183.9k so lets pay off the bank loan so we dont bleed off loan interest every day, paid off loan and final budget now 73.9k. That is not enough to buy us a seeder in the spring, but we'll see how things look when we get to spring planting season.

01/early-spring new year / season has arrived.

2020-03-14T0008 Started cultivating F04, courseplay ETA 24min
0035 Finished cultivating F04
0036 Started fertilizing F04, courseplay ETA 15min
0052 Finished fertilizing F04

Now F04-F06 and F31 have been three stage fertilized and ready for canola seeding. I will be herbicide spraying them after the seeding, you can see nicely from the seeded field surface where you sprayed herbicide. Temperatures for seeding are still many days away. This time I will be extra careful and not plant before the forecasted minimum temperature is above +6C to make sure there will be no frost bite to the new seeds.

Then it was decision time about seeding equipment. Horsch pronto 9 dc is 9m width and cost 104k, if I did one large or couple average fertilizing contracts I could buy that but I would basically need a new tractor to pull it too. Heh getting complicated again. Maybe I just lease Bourgault seeder and big air cart, that would get the job done with ease.

Weather forecast predicts today at 1200hrs we hit +8C and after that it will not drop below +6C so we are good to go with canola seeding.

Decided that speed is the key, I will lease Bourgault biggest seeder with the air cart, I want this seeding to be done quickly. But first time accelerating until soil temperature is warm enough.

04/mid-spring in-game 0716hrs overnight the soil temperature got warm enough, weather now +8/+7C so we are good to go.

Leased bourgault 3420-100 paralink hoe drill for 21.9k initial costs and 71300 air cart for 16.9k initial costs. And because 3410-100 is such a ungrateful beast to haul around I leased auger wagon kinze 1051 for 3.7k initial costs. Decided to get the auger wagon as well because it is pure horror to try to navigate that seeder into farm yard to refill heh.

Filled 3420-100 with only 5k liters of seed, lets see if that last at least one of these small fields.

0135 Started seeding canola F06
0146 Finished seeding canola F06

This field only took about 1k liters of seed, but yeah F06 is so tiny, it was headland and one row heh. Also big bud 450 which is 480hp really struggles when it pulls this bourgault megalodon. One thing I hate about bourgault is how it randomly starts to seed when its in up position, that is a nasty bug.

0151 Started seeding canola F05
0216 Finished seeding canola F05
0217 Lunch break...
0303 All feeding done, now lets continue seeding
0305 Started seeding canola F04
0329 Finished seeding canola F04
0334 Started seeding canola F31
0455 Finished seeding canola F31

30.5m wide seeder was great but the 13km/h speed wasnt heh, oh well I believe this still went many times quicker than if I had bought the 9m wide pronto seeder.

Unloaded about 10k liters of seeds from the air cart, then took kinze auger wagon, picked them up and dropped off at the farm. Except there was a small hiccup, farm bin silo (PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km version) does not accept seeds, also kinze is not unloading (i) them as pallets so I had to dump them into the trailer heh. I need either real seeder/planter or dump them into ground and pickup with front loader or something. We'll see.

Returned leased bourgault 3420-100 paralink hoe drill, bourgault 71300 air cart and kinze auger wagon. Our seeding is now complete.

Now its time to blanket herbicide spray all the fields, we don't want any weeds. My budget is -23.6k heh so hmm wonder how much bank loan I need to take again to buy more herbicide as I doubt the 76% full kuhn metris tank would last. So took 30k bank loan and refilled metris.

0510 Started herbicide spraying F06
0524 Finished herbicide spraying F06
0525 Started herbicide spraying F05
0549 Finished herbicide spraying F05
0551 Started herbicide spraying F04
0611 Finished herbicide spraying F04
0615 Started herbicide spraying F31
0721 Finished herbicide spraying F31

Weeds did not die when herbicide sprayed, had to actually do double take on the tank that am I spraying fertilizer because nothing happened, but no it was herbicide alright. No idea whats going on with the un-sprayable weeds Smiley :(

Anyways now everything is done and we just wait for crops to grow Smiley :)

Time accelerating through days, fields germinated nicely and are growing. No new weeds show up on any of the fields, the ones I could not spray from F31 just stay there. Two germination failed patches and just no crop patches (dunno what it is or why). Also keeping an eye on soybeans market prices so I'm ready to sell when the day comes, although I think harvest time comes first.

08/late-spring one small weed patch appeared into F31, wow... how is that possible after me carefully spraying it? HUH. 03/early-summer in-game 0558hrs another tiny weed patch appeared on F31. That field is doomed heh.

Its almost soybeans selling day (tomorrow) and fields have not yet grown ready to harvest, I'm going to sell my soybeans first.

04/mid-summer in-game 0108hrs soybeans market price was high on selling point 4 and then it started to drop and now its 3806, its time to sell before it drops any more. When tractor with grain trailer reached selling point 4 the price was 3804.

0758 Sold soybeans in sell point 4 for 171.2k
0805 Sold soybeans in sell point 4 for 171.1k, last full load
0812 Sold soybeans in sell point 4 for 30.1k, only 7.9k liters

Budget now 369.4k and after paying my bank loan off budget is 339.4k, very nice. This almost feels like I wasted my time doing fertilizing contracts as I should have been just working on my fields hehe.

While I was selling soybeans my fields switched to ready to harvest. Its middle of the night and raining, so once daylight arrives and crop moisture reaches below 20% its harvest time.

Then it was time accelerating until morning daylight AND when crops are dry enough to harvest. In-game 1937hrs crops are dry enough, but night is falling before I can get even half way through F31, oh well lets start anyways.

0825 Started harvesting canola F31, courseplay ETA 3h 26min

Another harvest three and half hours hehe. Looking at that course its clear that so much time is wasted on the turns that this indicated three hour ETA is most certainly false (too short). Oh well it feels good to be back harvesting my very own field which I worked so hard for.

1050 In-game 2202hrs I cant see the combine in the field, time accelerating until morning daylight
1418 Finished harvesting canola F31
1429 Shut down FS19, time to call it a night

2020-03-15T0147 New farming day has started, we continue harvesting our fields F04 through F06 canola Smiley :)

0151 Started harvesting canola F04, courseplay ETA 1h 1min
0300 Finished harvesting canola F04
0302 Started harvesting canola F05, courseplay ETA 1h 6min
0425 Finished harvesting canola F05
0426 Started harvesting canola F06, courseplay ETA 33min
0507 Finished harvesting canola F06

Canola harvest got us 928.7k liters (with current market price which is low it would make us 1.4 million).

05/mid-summer in-game 1301hrs thinking about double cropping soybeans but the planting season ends after tomorrow, I doubt all the field work could be done by then, hmm not sure.

I could not made my mind so decided to just whimp out and wait for canola selling day to make some money. I could have purchased a seeder/planter and throw in the soybeans, but having the optimum fertilization would have made things a bit difficult time wise (all the preparation work with cultivating etc). So I'm going to purchase my first truck so can get that canola sold in proper manner, after that I have huge amount of money to purchase wonderful equipment for the next season.

- trailer semi-tipper 70000/6 with design 69.1k
- truck lizard warrior++ with options 148.2k

0556 Purchased the above list

Then it was a long 6000 speed time accelerating (one day at the time) until canola selling day arrives. This is kind of boring as all you do is hold the button and wait until a day has passed. It takes mere seconds for 24hrs pass so its fine in that sense, then seasons gives that dialog of syncing after fast-forward which annoys depending on the duration it takes to sync. Oh well thats seasons, you cant skip more days at once so what can you do when there is nothing to do in the farm.

Yesterday I was so hyped to farm that could not stop even after had been up 16hrs, but today after finishing that harvest... I was... well I don't want to use the word bored but basically thats what it was. It will be cool when I get canola sold and new equipment purchased (who knows maybe land too) and I'm sure the new equipment gives nice boost on the farming motivation.

Right now having "million+" in canola commodity it feels like I broke through the initial starter setup where I own one field and lousy equipment, now the next step is only to buy all the land lots and that kind of feels like yawn I have no challenge anymore. Difficult to explain, once again heh.

What I'm trying to say is that the more land and better / bigger equipment you get, the more tedious and exhausting the farming becomes, you start to zoom out from the vehicles more, not visit your field physically walking there anymore etc. You simply grow more distant from the "love of farming" so to speak, its just one mass courseplay vehicle maintenance after you get all the the best stuff.

It is very bizarre that the most exciting farming is when you are strugging with starter stuff and once you get all the best equipment and are overwhelmed by the THOUSANDS of hectares fields to work on... the magic is gone, sort of... its like you don't appreciate the little things anymore when you're rolling down the field with mega monster machines and own all the lands, heh, you dig? Smiley ;)


09/late-autumn in-game 0100hrs we have reached possibly the highest canola market price day of the year. Currently the price is not highest I have ever recorded and seasons market menu shows that tomorrow would be the highest selling day. I'm going to advance one hour increments and keep close eye on things, I don't want to miss the good selling price as it makes huge impact with 928.7k liters of grain.

In-game 0212hrs price is 2228. At 0807hrs its 2240. At 1108hrs its 2246. At 1311hrs its 2250. At 1609hrs its 2255.

01/early-winter in-game 0019hrs canola market price 2257. At 0307hrs its 2263. At 0712hrs its 2250... I'm suspecting it wont increase after this, so I actually missed the peak there at middle of the night. Alright I'm going to start selling.

0636 Sold canola in sell point 2 for 157.5k
0644 Sold canola in sell point 2 for 157.5k

0648 Decided to go cook food and eat while courseplay truck is hauling canola from farm bin silo to selling point 2 Smiley ;)

0739 Lunch break over, back to farming. During the break budget increased to 1.378m
0741 Sold canola in sell point 2 for 157.2k
0749 Sold canola in sell point 2 for 157.2k
0758 Sold canola in sell point 2 for 157.2k
0805 Sold canola in sell point 2 for 157.2k
0814 Sold canola in sell point 2 for 157.2k, this was the last full load
0822 Sold canola in sell point 2 for 42.1k, only 18.7k liters

Budget now 2.206m. So my four fields (F04 through F06 and F31) produced over two million in cash, that is pretty nice haul indeed. One could quite easily make money just by working on these four fields if one harvest gets you that amount of cash, it wouldn't take long for you to be able to buy remaining land lots.

Shopping spree inbound, gotta go buy my first seeder, auger wagon and more powerful tractor and sprayer.

- planter 280hp 18.2m 5800 liter great plains yp-2425a 142k
- header 9m corn john deere 618c 57k
- tractor case 300 optum with guidance steering, twin wheels and engine upgrade 277.5k
- auger wagon 400hp elmer haulmaster 70k liter with extension 105.8k
- sprayer hardi rubicon 9000 with guidance steering 504k
- land lot with F01-F03 522.5k
- land lot with F27 219.9k

0828 Purchased the above setup, heh a lot of stuff to buy. Budget after the shopping spree 378k.

Drove all the new equipment to my farm, then sold agroliner TAW 30 trailer for 38k.

Maybe I'm indeed bored for FS19 or this savegame progress now as I was just sitting there at the farm trying to decide what to do next, the idea of starting brand new fertilizer, cultivate, ploughing (new fields) etc field work to prepare for next years seeding did not sound very appealing. I actually got "blah" feeling when thinking about it.

0927 Decided to take a break to muster some motivation heh
1233 Back at PMC Gaming, lets boot up FS19 for one more session today

Plan for now is to prepare F01, F04, F05 and F31 to be planted corn next year, rest of the fields will be fallow. Then year after the next we start the soybeans to canola to corn to fallow loop all over again.

1236 Started fertilizing F01
1239 Finished fertilizing F01
1242 Started lime spreading F01
1250 Finished lime spreading F01
1251 Started fertilizing F01
1253 Finished fertilizing F01
1254 Started ploughing F01
1307 Finished ploughing F01
1308 Lunch break...
1335 Feeding over, lets fertilize. Started fertilizing F01
1338 Finished fertilizing F01

Oh man look at those time codes, if only all field work tasks took so little time you could actually run through couple of seasons years in one gaming session Smiley :)

1445 Started fertilizing F04
1453 Finished fertilizing F04
1455 Started cultivating F04, courseplay ETA 23min
1456 Started fertilizing F05
1505 Finished fertilizing F05
1519 Finished cultivating F04
1520 Started cultivating F05, courseplay ETA 27min
1521 Started fertilizing F04
1529 Finished fertilizing F04
1554 Finished cultivating F05
1556 Started cultivating F04, courseplay ETA 25min
1559 Started fertilizing F05
1607 Finished fertilizing F05
1623 Finished cultivating F04
1624 Dead tired, time to call it a night, more farming tomorrow

2020-03-16T0021 New farming day has started.

0022 Started cultivating F05, courseplay ETA 27min
0023 Started fertilizing F04
0031 Finished fertilizing F04
0052 Finished cultivating F05
0054 Started fertilizing F05
0103 Finished fertilizing F05
0111 Started fertilizing F31
0140 Finished fertilizing F31
0142 Started cultivating F31, courseplay ETA 1h 30min
0328 Finished cultivating F31

01/early-winter in-game 1705hrs its getting dark so time accelerated until 02/early-winter in-game 0812hrs.

0331 Started fertilizing F31
0357 Finished fertilizing F31
0358 Started cultivating F31, courseplay ETA 1h 30min
0548 Finished cultivating F31

I had nothing else to do while big bud was cultivating, that was really boring, I just watched twitch live streams and youtube videos heh.

0650 Started fertilizing F31
0623 Finished fertilizing F31

Uah finally all the preparation field work done for the next seasons corn planting. Man this took a while and its only 4km terrain with few fields owned, heh. Next follows time acceleration until its corn planting time... now that will take a lot of time because corn like soybeans require the +10C soil temperature.

04/mid-spring in-game 0805hrs, weather 5/5C and a lot of small weed patched appeared on F04, F05 and F31.

06/mid-spring weather forecast shows that noon today minimum temperature should hit above +10C and will not drop below it in the future. So now its just waiting until the soil temperature rises and then we are good to go.

08/late-spring in-game 0640hrs goooood mooorning PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km! heh. Overnight soil temperature jumped to 15/12C so we can now start to plant corn. This is exciting, get to play around with great plains planter.

0653 Started seeding corn F01
0702 Finished seeding corn F01

0703 Need to do some chores so shut down FS19 and hopefully will return later today
1024 Back at PMC Gaming, corn planting continues

1025 Started seeding corn F04
1058 Finished seeding corn F04
1101 Started seeding corn F05, courseplay ETA 34min
1103 Started herbicide spraying F01
1108 Finished herbicide spraying F01
1111 Started herbicide spraying F04, courseplay ETA 21min
1130 Started ploughing F27
1131 Finished herbicide spraying F04
1137 Finished seeding corn F05
1144 Started seeding corn F31, courseplay ETA 2h 2min
1200 Started herbicide spraying F05, courseplay ETA 24min
1224 Finished herbicide spraying F05
1252 Finished ploughing F27
1256 Started fertilizing F27
1308 Finished fertilizing F27

Decided to do fertilizing contract while waiting for corn planting to finish. One of those situations where you have nothing to do while courseplay is handling the vehicle and you just end up watching videos heh.

1348 Accepted contract for fertilizing F37
1350 Started fertilizing F37, contract.
1353 Finished fertilizing F37, contract, collected contract reward 10k.
1405 Finished seeding corn F31
1416 Started herbicide spraying F31

This F31 is annoying as courseplay is unable to generate course with 36m metris or 48m rubicon vehicles, it just exits with some error log entry about failed to index something. I'm doing this driving manually with GPS. And its slow, 12km/h heh.

Luckily this is last herbicide spraying for this season, next year I'm going to sell this kuhn metris 4102 and purchase dedicated rubicon 9000 for herbicide use.

1525 Finished herbicide spraying F31
1531 Shut down FS19, time to call it a night...

2020-03-17T0115 PMC Gaming and FS19 booted up, we are back at PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km, corn harvest is on the horizon.

Today I was thinking of not playing this savegame as the F31 corn harvest will take hours and hours because only one combine and the corn header is even narrower than the normal crop one, plus the huge yield corn is giving. I am really not looking forward to 5hrs+ of corn harvesting while the smaller fields will be nice and easy.

I'm thinking more and more on editing FS19 terrains again, like adding more trees and fixing few bugs in this current version, but that also would require new seasons savegame and bare minimum it means end of winter situation.

0121 Started lime spreading F27
0156 Finished lime spreading F27
0159 Started fertilizing F27
0210 Finished fertilizing F27
0215 Started cultivating F27
0244 Finished cultivating F27
0249 Started fertilizing F27
0301 Finished fertilizing F27

Got that F27 prepared for seeding on next year. Guess that time could have been spent harvesting corn heh, oh well. Next was time accelerating until the corn crops grow to harvest ready.

01/early-summer in-game 0652hrs fields got germinated. 02/early-summer in-game 0644hrs fields are now growing, they are in the first green plant showing stage unless I'm mistaken. No weeds in F31 this time, good, good heh.

07/late-summer in-game 0644hrs corn switched to last green growing stage, full size corn. It was funny as I was standing on the field when time accelerating and then ALT-TABbing and when coming back to FS19 the corn filled the whole screen like a jungle heh. No weeds as it should be.

01/early-autumn in-game 0723hrs corn/soybeans harvest season has begun, my corn switched into golden color in 3D world but still in dark green growth stage in mapview.

04/mid-autumn in-game 0756hrs corn is ready to harvest. Crop moisture is too high though at this time of the morning so have to wait a bit. In-game 1450hrs crop is dry enough to havest, here we go!

0354 Started harvesting corn F01, courseplay ETA 25min
0419 Finished harvesting corn F01
0420 Started harvesting corn F05, courseplay ETA 1h 40min
0443 Dead tired falling a sleep in front of PMC Gaming, gotta go take a nap...

0640 Nap over, back at FS19. Now lets continue this corn harvest

Was thinking about this earlier already, this savegame seems to have reached beyond the initial struggle, the interesting times when you need to make money to get better equipment when you only have one or very few / small fields. Now I already have nice equipment so there wont be major changes to this savegame anytime soon. Yes sure this savegame was started to test Bourgault DLC and I have done very little of that heh but still.

So I decided that after this corn harvest is done (hopefully today?) that I'm going back to PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero savegame.

0805 Finished harvesting corn F05
0807 Started harvesting corn F04, courseplay ETA 1h 27min
0836 Lunch break (exited FS19)
0900 Feeding done, now back to harvest...
1010 Finished harvesting corn F04
1027 Started harvesting corn F31, courseplay ETA 5h 10min
1116 04/mid-autumn in-game 1952hrs so dark can barely see the field, need to time accelerate until morning daylight
1555 Finished harvesting corn F31

Uuh that is it, corn havest is DONE Smiley :)

Corn harvest got me 1.254m liters of corn.

As I said earlier today I'm going to savegame this Bourgault DLC test career now and continue on PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero where I have a huge soybeans harvest season going on. I guess the bourgault part in this savegame was a bit short lived but hopefully I get to buy those big seeders and air carts when I return to this savegame.

1607 Signing off and heading towards another PMC Terrain Smiley :)

PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km Savegame Finished

Return to Greendale. After I finished object placement to PMC Texas Rowena 8km and New Farmer game-mode savegame, it was time to edit some PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km again. Mainly because it was the most developed terrain at this time.

I edited bunch of stuff, terrain basically got a whole rework with ugly tree placement and heightmap replaced, new objects added, farmland (buy land) upgraded, tons of bugs fixed etc.

Took this previously single player Farm Manager savegame and upgraded it to multiplayer, then invited guys from PMC discord and private terrain testing team to join me. I created hosted server for us to play on.

All this time guys who joined the server were floydno9, fscommando, NCsimfarmer and Runsliketurtle (note: only floydno9 and ncsimfarmer were on the server at the same time). My thanks goes to all of these guys who joined in this savegame and to help test this terrain, especially ncsimfarmer. I had great time playig with all of you. Thanks guys!

Of course I ended up also playing alone on the server on many days because other guys were no show, this is no fault of theirs because nobody can keep up with my hardcore pace of playing (also irregular sleeping cycle had me playing morning EU time when US guys were already sleeping). For example the last day of this savegame was crazy 16hrs non stop madness gaming session which I ended up doing alone due being up in EU time.

2020-08-06T1435 Loaded this savegame up.

2020-08-06T1452 Started twitch live stream. Changed to new PMC North Dakota Fairmount Seasons GEO and 24 days season lenght. Change to 24 day season was from the lessons learned on PMC Texas Rowena 8km where my soybeans withered before got them off the fields with 9 day season.

Then there was tons of youtube videos and twitch live streams. I did not write this traditional text story at all in this point which is kind of shame really as I like these text based stories, text to read, google and other search engines to find (from youtube you cannot search video by its contents like whats shown IN a video).

I downloaded all twitch live stream video on demand err videos and uploaded them to youtube, everything that was 4k 60fps recorded are now in PMC youtube channel, check PMC FS19 youtube playlist for "PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km VERSION Terrain MP Test Part NUMBER, DATE Farming Simulator 19" (replace version, number and date, obviously). Sorry I have not made a playlist specifically for this savegame so you have to wade through our full FS19 playlist heh.

2020-08-12T0248 Had upgraded terrain to a new version (I think this was v0.2.1) and ported savegame to it. Sold my soybeans without video/stream and now budget 3.948 million.

v0.2.1 was used on the server for weeks even though v0.2.2 and v0.2.3 were put to testing. I believe it was late as 2020-09-01 when server was upgraded with v0.2.3, cant remember, I'm kicking myself now for not documenting these, sorry Smiley :(

2020-09-03T22:34:00Z Finished my second savegame in FS19, PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km bought all land and harvested all fields. Savegame duration 281 hours.

Was awesome feeling to finish my second savegame for FS19 PMC terrain! Smiley :)

I backupped my savegames, required mods and stored them to safe place for all time. Will be so cool to one day come visit this savegame for nostalgia reasons heh.

This story ends here as there is nothing to do in this savegame anymore, all land is bought and all fields harvested. I simply see no reason to continue playing on this savegame, perhaps my mind changes in the years to come, maybe some new mods are released or I can somehow but some new features into the terrain... I highly doubt it, a savegame with all fields harvested is just "done".

Was great time spending 281 hours playing in PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km, got some great video footage to show and this text right here heh. Hope you enjoyed Smiley :D