Developer Diary PMC Iowa Garden City 8km FS19 - PMC Farming

2024-03-22 Terrain Initial Release

2024-03-22T00:14:00Z New editing day has started actually some time ago, been already editing PMC Iowa Garden City 8km HTML web pages for a while now, created brand new Fields PMC Iowa Garden City 8km page with detailed list of field numbers and sizes. Also wrote news item for terrain release. Right now, cant think of anything other than to release this terrain.

2024-03-22T00:59:00Z All the HTML editing is done, cant think of anything else, so guess its release time, going to start uploading pages and proof reading them once more before forum release post...

2024-03-22T01:09:00Z Had to create dev diary pages 45 and 46 (this text actually). OK well NOW everything is good to go, if something is still missing or broken, then I'll fix it later, at some point it will be just too much checking things out and worrying about meaningless stuff, it is release time.

2024-03-22T01:16:00Z FileZilla FTP uploaded new and updated web pages, PMC Iowa Garden City 8km For Farming Simulator 19 Has Been Released! Smiley :mrgreen:

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