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2021-07-17 Field Definition Corner Piece Editing Continues

2021-07-17T12:09:00Z New editing day has started, lets continue doing field definition simple shape corner pieces.

2021-07-17T12:52:00Z Total of 80 field definitions done now. And oddly enough my pinky finger isn't even hurting, yet.

2021-07-17T14:21:00Z Just finished 100th field definition, and now... now I'm bored. I get easily distracted to check discord for new chat messages, twitch for favorite streamers etc.

So 100 out of 275 field definitions done, this will be a loong weekend Smiley ;)

2021-07-17T15:17:00Z Total of 115 field definitions done, havent taken any screenshots so here is one.

PMC Iowa Garden City 8km Terrain, Developer Diary

Can clearly see the rows of field grids I've done so far.

2021-07-17T19:16:00Z Had to take a short 3hrs break but now back at editing, lets do more field definition corner pieces.

2021-07-17T20:36:00Z Total of 131 field definitions done. Uuh this takes so long heh, field definition creation for large real world data terrains always seems like "no problem thats quick few hours job" but no it ain't, its like few days and you always run into motivation issues when creating these field after field... its just never ending task heh.

2021-07-17T22:27:00Z Total of 160 field definitions done.

2021-07-18T00:50:00Z Total of 200 field definitions done, uuh aah we broke magical 200 mark Smiley :)

2021-07-18T04:43:00Z All field definition simple shape corner pieces created, aayeah! Smiley :D

2021-07-18T05:20:00Z Restored heightmap and got new field sizes calculated. Now even though this is very late for me in the night, I want to give a quick try on these new field definitions using contracts game-play, so going to copy latest version into Gaming computer and do some farming before I snooze off Smiley :)

Later tonight played some FS19 testing these new field definitions edits, did bunch of cultivating contracts. (hmm that sentence was clearly wrote early next morning not even bothering to read what I wrote just above haha, so silly I decided to left it here heh).

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