Developer Diary PMC Iowa Garden City 8km FS19 - PMC Farming

2021-06-05 Internal Testing v1.1.7

2021-06-05T06:40:00Z Compiled PMC_Iowa_Garden_City_8km_v1.1.7.7z for internal testing.

2021-06-12 Seasons GEO iowa garden city increased winter clouds, rain chance and amount of rain. Gotta make winters HARD Smiley ;)

2021-06-13 Floydno9 had reported that with our seasons GEO iowa garden city sugar beets cannot be harvested. So I started new savegame and.. well let me copy paste my play-by-play report here below, I didn't write it dev diary in mind so be aware of that.

Started new savegame, 9 day seasons. 01/early-spring in-game 0835hrs, weather -2C/+4C. Lets start.

Had to time accelerate until soil temperature reached +5C which is sugar beet planting temperature. I'm using my standard 6000 speed time acceleration.

02/early-spring in-game 0817hrs, weather -0C/+2C.
03/early-spring in-game 0746hrs, weather -2C/+2C.
04/mid-spring in-game 0748hrs, weather +6C/+3C.
05/mid-spring in-game 0803hrs, weather +9C/+6C. Its now sugar beet planting time.

Got sugar beets planted, next was just to time accelerate until they are harvest ready... or wither?

06/mid-spring in-game 0742hrs, weather +7C. After few real life minutes sugar beets got germinated.
07/late-spring in-game 0747hrs, weather +12C/+10C. After few real life minutes sugar beets are growing (green plants appeared).
08/late-spring in-game 0724hrs, weather +12C/+11C.
09/late-spring in-game 0713hrs, weather +13C.
01/early-summer in-game 0655hrs, weather +13C/+14C.
02/early-summer in-game 0710hrs, weather +14C/+16C. Second growth stage kicked in, green plants increased in size.
03/early-summer in-game 0650hrs, weather +14C/+16C.
04/mid-summer in-game 0649hrs, weather +17C.
05/mid-summer in-game 0709hrs, weather +19C. Another growth stage kicked in.
06/mid-summer in-game 0710hrs, weather +16C/+20C.
07/late-summer in-game 0731hrs, weather +17C/+20C.
08/late-summer in-game 0739hrs, weather +16C/+20C.
09/late-summer in-game 0747hrs, weather +16C/+19C.
01/early-autumn in-game 0754hrs, weather +15C/+19C.
02/early-autumn in-game 0841hrs, weather +12C/+17C.
03/early-autumn in-game 0810hrs, weather +14C/+16C.
04/mid-autumn in-game 0814hrs, weather +6C/+13C. First day of sugar beets harvest season.
05/mid-autumn in-game 0859hrs, weather +8C/+12C. Growth stage is: remove tops. This is before half way to harvest season.

Conclusion is that at least for me with the latest seasons GEO, I can get into "remove tops" stage just fine, I assume that is the harvest ready stage.

2021-06-13T11:21:00Z Painted tipcol with RGB 0,0,0 black, tipping allowed, for sure this time heh.

Seasons mask created.

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