Terrain Overview Image RGB Colors PMC Farming Simulator 22

What RGB Colors Does Overview Image Use

2021-12-17T14:37:00Z updated. Game engine v1.1.1 used.

PMC Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Background RGB 117,115,90

Dirt (gravel roads, farm yards, etc locations) RGB 178,164,142

Asphalt road RGB 150,150,150

River / water RGB 153,199,228 there are couple of other shades oo, overall "light blue".

Tree center mass RGB 78,99,53 its not solid single color, it fades a bit, but largest part is that.

Forest background and animal mud (animal dealer) RGB 98,85,78

Building rooftops RGB 129,121,109 there are couple of other shades oo, overall "light brown/gray".

Railroad tracks RGB 49,52,49

Using the above RGB colors to paint your own overview.dds image in GIMP and you'll get similar look as Giants FS22 default terrains Erlengrat, Haut-Beyleron and Elmcreek.