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2022-04-25 Endless Herbicide Spraying

2022-04-25T12:34:44Z New farming day has started, back at PMC Gaming its time to continue Spring Creek 12km Start From Zero, this savegame now has 17hrs 7min in it.

Was just editing PMC Chechnya Grozny ArmA 3 terrain, did some good work there but now it went to the long processes phase and I got bored, wanted to farm and decided to fire up FS22 for some more spraying contracts. Lets make some money.

As said yesterday, how much is enough, well dunno... all I want to do is get started or rather continue some rubicon GPS driving putting herbicide down, how many fields or hours I can do that we'll see.

Its kind of interesting thought if I would buy the first piece of land and purchase seeding and harvesting equipment so crop farming could start. Maybe. Its just scary how demanding that is, opens a whole new time sink for sure heh.

2022-04-25T12:42:25Z Finished contract on F209. Right off the bat forgot to write when this started, but it took no more than two minutes.

2022-04-25T12:43:46Z Started spraying herbicide F210, contract.

2022-04-25T12:50:14Z Ran out of herbicide.

Uh oh and the semi-truck tanker trailer is empty too, oh well lets drive all the way up to the dealership for a refill trip. Purchased, uh unknown number of 2k liter herbicide tanks.

2022-04-25T13:08:39Z Finished contract on F210.

Next field is another big one, might need a refill before its done.

2022-04-25T13:13:16Z Started spraying herbicide F332, contract.

2022-04-25T13:24:58Z Finished contract on F332.

It actually wasnt that big field after all, just kind of looked like one.

2022-04-25T13:26:41Z Started spraying herbicide F333, contract.

2022-04-25T13:30:53Z Finished contract on F333.

2022-04-25T13:33:52Z Started spraying herbicide F323, contract.

But this field is bugged, gives me the "you dont have access to this land" error on large parts, I don't think this contract can be completed...

Yup its a no go, gives so much error that this contract has to be cancelled Smiley :(

2022-04-25T13:43:54Z Was spraying F325 (yeah didn't write start down as I was afraid this might be buggy too) and ran out of herbicide, calling the semi-truck.

2022-04-25T13:48:26Z Finished contract F325.

2022-04-25T13:52:16Z Started spraying herbicide F317, contract.

2022-04-25T14:00:13Z Finished contract on F317.

I have pretty much decided already, one more medium size field contract and then I'll call it a day, backup savegames and actually go back to playing FS19 because I have so many unfinished projects there.

2022-04-25T14:05:26Z Started spraying herbicide F345, contract.

2022-04-25T14:14:34Z Finished contract on F345.

That is it, we are done here. Budget now 870.9k

Parked vehicles in middle of the fields because next time I'm playing this savegame I'll surely have an updated terrain version and who knows what ARG_Afb has edited so better to place vehicles in safety of a big fields.

My plan now is to format windows 10 installation and go back to FS19 playing and editing, I need to release PMC Grande Gardens 16km and PMC Iowa Garden City 8km as those are so overdue its not even funny.

2022-04-25T14:19:00Z Saved game and exited. Goodbye FS22.


It was timestamp of 2022-04-24T10:54:15Z when I used GPS with my own vehicle yet I didn't own any land and that is a violation of Start From Zero game-mode rules.

2024-02-11T05:08:00Z Scheduled this savegame to put to death due that driving with GPS before owning land. Relatively speaking this savegame didn't have huge amount of progress so maybe its just easier in some possible future date to create brand new savegame and this time follow the rules.

Also I would really like to see those errors in the log fixed, cant remember details but I think we spoke about this with ARG_Afb year or so ago, a lot of time has passed but wonder if he would be open to some fixes, that would be great to have FS22 Spring Creek 12km error free.

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