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2023-01-12 I AM The Zero, How Did That Happen?

2023-01-12T10:29:00Z Created new farm-manager savegame, configured it to my liking, better contracts, courseplay and then dev console gsMoneyAdd -1500000 to remove the budget money. Saved game and shutdown fs22.

Copied autodrive_config.xml into Start From Zero savegame dir, launched fs22 and loaded savegame1 up.

2023-01-12T10:34:00Z Start From Zero savegame loaded, better contracts board refreshed, whole load of contracts appeared. We are in business Smiley :D

There was tons of fertilizing and harvest contracts, only two hay baling, then again countless spraying contracts and many of them had rubicon 9000 as borrowed vehicle too.

Unfortunately as I have 0 money need to filter out fertilizing, seeding and spraying contracts. This hilariously left me with two hay baling and one plowing contract Smiley :)

Checked out the cheapest harvest contract, it was oat from F375 12.5ha, ETA 50min, must deliver 92.8k, can keep 7k and delivery selling point is midwest bros coop. F375 is really close to the dealership and by a lucky chance midwest bros coop is also very close its the closest selling point in the area. Harvest contracts are broken in current fs22 game engine, you don't get enough grain to deliver and the contract will not complete.

Even as I know harvest contracts being bugged, I decided to still accept this to try out one last time if harvest contract would work. If the ETA is accurate 50min its not too bad, its not btw it takes far longer to drive to the delivery point but anyways.

2023-01-12T10:46:00Z Accepted contract harvesting oat F375. Hmm driving to the field will take a moment, this is 40km x 40km terrain after all even though we are in the dealership neighborhood Smiley :)

I really hope this contract wont fail, but if it does then I have nobody to blame, no reason to get angry as I went full well knowing that into this contract, so lets just get it done and see what happens, if it fails, well then we time accelerate and wait for cultivating contracts after the harvest season is over. One thing I say though, if this contract fails... I will NEVER take another harvest contract until giants fixes them, or we terrain devs can come up with a way to boost it somehow.

Drove combine to F375 without crossing other peoples fields, using roads or field dividers. This increases the time to get there, but going direct line ploughing through fields just feels so cheap and dirty. Midwest Bros CO-OP is closer to F375 than the dealership, at least that part of the contract goes fast(er) heh.

2023-01-12T10:58:00Z Started contract harvesting oat F375, manually driving. Enbled straw swath, for no reason. Going to harvest this field as endless headland.

Harvesting oats.

Start From Zero PMC Korkscrew 40km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-12T11:07:00Z Combine full, calling grain trailer tractor.

Coming right up.

Start From Zero PMC Korkscrew 40km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-12T11:17:00Z Grain trailer arrived, unloading now.

2023-01-12T11:45:00Z Grain trailers full, going to the selling point, first load.

After dumping the load, contract was 45% transported, delivered 43k and to go 49.8k.

2023-01-12T12:20:00Z Harvest complete, every nook and granny of this oat field has been harvested. Now hauling full 43k liter load into midwest bros co-cop.

2023-01-12T12:26:00Z Dumped 43k liters and contract shows 90% transported. Combine tank has about 4k liters, I got a bad feeling about this ... Contract now shows to go 6.8k liters.

Went and unloaded combine and it only had 4.2k liters, this contract again is about 2k liters short, it seems to be quite constant because in PMC Cereal Region 32km it was 2.3k liters short if I recall correctly.

2023-01-12T12:34:00Z Dumped 4.2k liters to midwest bros co-op and contract shows 95% transported, to go 2.5k liters, pretty close to my previous experience.

Okay so here we are, oat harvest contract failed. I am not angry, I knew what I was getting into, this now just confirms that harvest contracts (of this size?) come about 2.3-2.5k short on grain. Now I never take another harvest contract before this issue has been fixed.

Now restroom break and then we start time accelerating 1000 speed waiting for cultivating or smaller baling contracts.

There was cultivating contracts available right away, not huge amounts but fair number. Small ones too, but unfortunately they are in absolute other side of the terrain, don't think I'll be driving there hehe.

Sep in-game 0910hrs, no new contracts. When I cancelled the harvest contract I was accidentally in the grain tractor, so that made fs22 kind of confused, I was on foot but F1 menu still considered me being inside a vehicle... So I saved game and restarted fs22. Once back in-game everything was in order and I continued time accelerating waiting for more cultivating / baling contracts.

Oct in-game 0912hrs, no new contracts, I gave fs22 plenty of time to sync after the time acceleration. Nov in-game 0912hrs got silage baling contract for F341 18.8ha, that is... perfectly doable, but it is far from a SMALL field, back in PMC Cereal Region 32km I did 13ha silage baling contract and man o man it took like crazy 6hrs or something silly, so yeah no, I'm not interested of taking such huge contract, I don't even have that many hours left in tonight anymore.

Inspected mapview a bit and those long narrow small grass fields of F341 - F343 are about 18-20ha size and they are the smallest. Ugh, well guess I have to try to do few smaller ones, maybe split up these fields to two or something. I'll figure something out. As said 18ha baling contract is doable no problems, but its in no way a short contract.

2023-01-12T13:08:00Z Still got two hours left before official 17hrs bed time alarm going off, plenty of time having some farming fun but I start to feel like real Start From Zero testing commences tomorrow morning as I have my doubts I get much more than one contract done today, if even that.

Who knows maybe I need to add several more completely tiny grass fields or other fields, slice up some of the small fields to even smaller, maybe.

Dec in-game 0912hrs baling contracts went away and more cultivating contracts appeared, there was now a tiny 4.2ha cute little baby field cultivating contract for 7.6k heh.

Got another 2.8ha cultivating contract, these fields are so small that in mapview you cannot even see the FIELD itself all you see is the field number haha. But they pay few thousands which are not enough to buy fertilizer for anykind of even small fertilizing contract, so these are not worth doing. I'm now trying to scan for at least 10k reward cultivating contract for somewhere near the dealership.

2023-01-12T13:22:00Z Accepted contract for cultivating F460.

This was SW from the dealership, not too far, pays decent and only 20.3ha field which ain't small but small enough for this contract. Gives us nice beginning for fertilizing contracts.

2023-01-12T13:33:00Z Started cultivating F460, contract, driving manually.

Start From Zero PMC Korkscrew 40km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Uuaah, I'm going numb for this cultivating back and fort, started to get really tired, kind of exhausted of todays editing, autodrive recording and now this Start From Zero game-play testing, its been a long day. But finally the contract finished, uuaah.

Start From Zero PMC Korkscrew 40km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-12T14:21:00Z Finished cultivating F460, contract, collected contract reward 32.4k.

Budget now 31.6k, saved game. Still have roughly an hour of today left but indeed getting a bit tired.

Hmm weird, why did the contract show 32.4k reward but I ended up only with 31.6k hmm, well maybe the leased vehicles minus, but I did look at the final sum. Or maybe I'm just so tired I cant see straight haha.

Jan in-game 0912hrs, restroom break while game syncs in peace after a time acceleration, hopefully got good fertilizing contracts when I return.

Nope, nothing, ok continuing time accelerating. Feb in-game 0914hrs, no change. Mar in-game 0911hrs first fertilizing contract appeared along with tons of seeding contracts.

2023-01-12T14:40:00Z Accepted contract fertilizing F691.

Purchased 8 big bags of solid fertilizer for 14.5k * 2. Refilled bredal k165 default kitted, 15.6k liters. Then headed to the long drive south for F691.

While driving down there I started to autodrive record waypoints. I cant use automation tools yet, but I can record stuff heh.

Start From Zero PMC Korkscrew 40km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Reached F691, drove bredal spreader to the field and was ready to start fertilizing... but 17hrs been awake alarm went off minute ago and I am dead tired, exhausted of todays editing and playing activities, just full zombi mode on... I need to call it here and go to sleep.

2023-01-12T15:12:00Z Saved game and shutdown fs22, nites.

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