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2023-01-09 Savegame Creation

2023-01-09T08:44:00Z Created new savegame using farm-manager game-mode, basic good mods used.

Changed game settings to my liking, autosave, plow, lime, rocks off, dev console did gsMoneyAdd -1500000 to remove the farm-manager game mode cash, then saved game and exited fs22.

Copied autodrive MASTER config into this new savegame1 Start From Zero dir, then restarted fs22 and loaded savegame up. We are now good to go.

2023-01-09T08:52:00Z Savegame loaded back up, in-game and now we begin to scan contracts board Smiley ;)

Filtered out fertilizing, seeding and spraying contract types because in Start From Zero beginning I have 0 money. Refreshed contracts board like crazy and there was really nothing good to choose from as harvest contracts are buggy in fs22 engine, I actually filtered them out now too, but that unfortunately left us with three (3) contracts, two plowing and one cultivating hehe.

Shortest one was the cultivating with ETA of 3hrs 25min, ouch, I don't think I'm gonna do that Smiley ;)

These harvest contracts are also crazy because first you have the field where you do the work, then you must deliver the grain to a selling point... which in 45km terrain can be so far that all you do is drive the grain trailer around hehe.

2023-01-09T09:00:00Z Yeah I checked one harvest contract and while the field itself (F0666) was relatively close to the dealership, Whole Export INC delivery point was in SE corner so the driving distance would have been pretty bad, filtered out harvest contracts because listed reasons. Now I'll time accelerate 1000 speed and check contract board few times a day, lets see how the game world begins to evolve...

Aug in-game 0812hrs when beginning time accelerating. Sep in-game 0916hrs about 100 more contracts appeared in the board filtered out, the actual "hidden" list grew to 1010, plenty of contracts but only 3 with my filters. Wonder when the first baling contract comes up, I think its like spring time or something.

Oct in-game 0913hrs. Yeah I don't think so honey ...

Start From Zero PMC King Corn 45km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

F0012 is 203.3ha in size, baling HAY contract on it, uuh I'm getting the shivers just by thinking about it, better contracts ETA shows 25hrs, must deliver 10.343m and can keep 1.149m liters, haha these stats are just hilarious. Contract pays 760.5k and if that can keep value is at all accurate... oh my I cant even comprehend how many hundreds of thousands it would make profit heh, just absolutely silly contract Smiley :D

Actually nevermind I was thinking about silage baling contract, that 1 million liter of hay doesn't make crazy amounts of money, of course its "a lot" but not astronomical like silage. But yeah overall my assessment is right.

After hammering refresh a bit more two new silage baling contracts appeared, unfortunately these were also large fields, 112ha and 84ha with shortest ETA 16hrs, yeah I'll pass heh.

I would not even like such contract in Start From Zero because it would probably make me over half a million, most likely close to one million money, such thing as first contract in Start From Zero totally ruins the atmosphere of beginning with nothing. I just need to wait baling or cultivating / plowing contract on one of those tiny fields that I know this terrain has now.

More time accelerating.

Nov in-game 0909hrs I went to take a restroom break and let game settle down after 1000 speed time accelerated day.

2023-01-09T09:26:00Z Now we have potential new contract, F0394 7.1ha cultivating, ETA 26min with reward of 11k. That would be totally doable... DEPENDING how far F0394 is from the dealership because driving slow ass rostelsmash tractor there would be torture if its on the other side of the terrain Smiley ;)

There was also hay baling contract for F0013 33.8ha with ETA "only" 4hrs 3min, but yeah over 30ha baling contract no thanks man, its huge amount of work. I know because just recently did one in PMC Cereal Region 32km which was only 13ha and it lasted for hours.

Checked where F0394 is on the mapview and uuh, its soul suckingly far away considering how slow that slug of a rostelmash tractor is to drive there, 11k reward is just not enough to bother driving that far.

Well this is an interesting turning point of Start From Zero savegame beginnings, its not about the field SIZES, its about field LOCATIONS Smiley :D

Who would have known, eh, heh funny stuff.

Going to continue time accelerating, lets see if something else pops up.

Dec in-game 0910hrs now baling contracts disappeared, interesting to see when they come back. Cultivating contracts remain and well dunno about rest as I have them filtered out. Refreshed contracts a crazy amount of cultivating contracts appeared, hidden was 506 so must be close to half and half, all the other contracts like baling have disappeared and now in the dead of winter we are just cultivating seems like.

However now we have several small less than 15ha cultivating contracts. We had one jackpot, F0009 10.5ha which is just stone throw away from the dealership.

2023-01-09T09:45:00Z Accepted contract for cultivating F0009.

2023-01-09T09:54:00Z Started cultivating F0009, contract, driving manually.

So here we go, first contract, cultivating 10.9ha field, not too bad Smiley :)

Was easy field work as you could see weeds and stuff so easily.

Start From Zero PMC King Corn 45km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-09T10:17:00Z Finished cultivating F0009, contract, collected contract reward 16.9k.

Okay first contract done, with that money I could easily start doing small fertilizing contracts too. But I don't want to ... not risk it but rely on those too much, there are couple of more OK cultivating contracts on the same area so its good to take one contract with a nice borrowed vehicles, then do two other contracts with that vehicle.

2023-01-09T10:24:00Z Accepted contract for cultivating F0385 with john deere 9rx + big cultivator.

2023-01-09T10:24:00Z Accepted contract for cultivating F0657, F0658 and F0623.

Good batch of small cultivating contracts Smiley :)

2023-01-09T10:27:00Z Now begins the long drive to those fields, I wont "cheat" and drive across fields but use roads and field dividers.

Luckily john deere 9rx top speed is 40km/h which is not too bad.

Almost the same feeling as with PMC Cereal Region 32km Start From Zero, feels bizarre to do this game-mode in HUGE 32.7km x 32.7km terrain and now I'm doing it in the largest terrain in the history of Farming Simulator games Smiley :D

2023-01-09T10:49:00Z Arrived to the first field, nice drive heh.

2023-01-09T10:50:00Z Started cultivating F0657, contract, driving manually.

Start From Zero PMC King Corn 45km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-09T10:56:00Z Finished cultivating F0657, contract, collected contract reward 5.9k. Next field was right there other side of the train tracks.

2023-01-09T10:59:00Z Started cultivating F0658, contract, driving manually.

Alone these tiny fields would have not been worth the drive, but when you have small bunch of them, yeah sure.

2023-01-09T11:05:00Z Finished cultivating F0658, contract, collected contract reward 5.9k.

2023-01-09T11:09:00Z Started cultivating F0623, contract, driving manually.

2023-01-09T11:31:00Z Finished cultivating F0623, contract, collected contract reward 19.1k.

One more contract to go which is the one where this john deere 9rx is borrowed from.

2023-01-09T11:37:00Z Started cultivating F0385, contract, driving manually.

Start From Zero PMC King Corn 45km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot Start From Zero PMC King Corn 45km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-09T11:57:00Z Finished cultivating F0385, contract, collected contract reward 15.9k.

All cultivating contracts I've had are now done, budget now 63.1k. Its a nice beginning, with this money we get to do good fertilizing contracts and really open up the money valves.

Now savegame and restroom break, then we start to plan what to do next, most likely time accelerating if there are no fertilizing contracts.

2023-01-09T12:09:00Z I'm actually starting to get a bit tired, but have to keep farming Smiley ;)

Dec in-game 1142hrs, time acceleration to the next day, lets see if any good contracts come up.

Jan in-game 0912hrs, I don't usually add mapview screenshots but how many times do you get to play on largest terrain in the farming simulator games history with over a thousand fields, so lets put one up here. Its now dead of winter and pretty much all fields are withered, harvested or cultivated.

Start From Zero PMC King Corn 45km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Alarm went off... its sort of my bed time (today I took a nap so it kind of stretched my day), but we keep farming Smiley :)

Its interesting that there are still so many harvest contracts even though, well pretty much no fields are harvest ready anymore, for example F0001 is withered but there is still a soybeans harvest contract for it. I bet if you take the contract it simply disappears.

I accepted F0001 harvest contract and it disappeared, then I accepted them all and they just vanished, good, less contracts on the board heh. Then restroom break again, drinking too much water today heh.

It was all cultivating contracts then, so time accelerated until feb in-game 0910hrs, now seeding contracts started to appear. Once these are done then we get fertilizing contracts. Only few seeding contracts, not even one page lenght list.

Mar in-game 0911hrs, still snow on the ground, it soon melted after being ALT-TABbed to twitch just a few minutes. First fertilizing contract appeared but unfortunately it offered manure spreader, ugh. Accepted and cancelled it, several times until it finally had valtra and amazone spreader Smiley :)

It was F0789 and it was growing barley at 4/6 stage, so noway to see where you have spread before, dunno this is 73.3ha field and I just don't feel like doing this blind fertilizing at the first contract. Going to time accelerate a bit more.

There was F0307 spraying contract, it was growing barley (too) but had big weeds on it so it would be easy to see where you sprayed before. But this is a 74.2ha field which would require refill and the field is quite literally the other side of 45km terrain so yeah I don't think I'll be doing all that driving Smiley :)

New fertilizing contract on F0148 74.2ha appeared with bredal k165 borrowed vehicle, its extremely far away, its growing 1/4 stage so could easily see where you spread before, but better contracts estimates 16.2k liters of fertilizer used and bredal k165 without extensions only holds 15.6k liters. No good, I'm not going to risk it to drive that far.

Driving is a bitch, even with 83km/h semi-truck that drive would take probably over 10min straight, not to mention in a slow tractor, then if you have to come back for a refill and then go out back again to finish the field... oh my, no thanks.

I need to get fertilizing contracts on the field surrounding the dealership, these fields are numbers 1 - 66.

2023-01-09T13:04:00Z Accepted contract fertilizing F0623, borrowed vehicles bredal k165.

Purchased 8 big bags of solid fertilizer for 14.5k * 2, budget now 33.9k. Refilled bredal k165 15.6k liters, then headed off towards NE where F0623 is.

I am really tired but I want to get at least one fertilizing contract done tonight Smiley ;)

This borrowed massey ferguson tractor high speed is 53km/h, its fine but would be nice to go faster. Although this is quite normal if not fast tractor speed.

I'm playing realistically and driving on roads and field dividers, this increases traveling distance / time a lot. More fertilizing contracts appear slowly, they seem to trickle in very slowly.

2023-01-09T13:29:00Z I'm yawning in full zombi mode now, have to call it a night, fertilizing contract continues tomorrow for sure.

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