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2023-01-06 Big Fertilizing Contract Operation

2023-01-06T19:11:00Z New farming day has started, todays goal is... nothing really, just continue doing fertilizing contracts, get some money and then bring rubicon 9000s with semi-truck refill tanker to play and really start to crank some coin.

This savegame now has 30hrs 35min on it.

I really hope this savegame loads OK with the unfinished courseplay course, I don't want to restart the course as it might not match the previous one.

All bredals started OK, then refilled borrowed amazone and sent it back to F... err whatever number it was Smiley ;)

2023-01-06T19:16:00Z Okay we are spreading fertilizer, new day is underway, hopefully we get to finish this day with some great progress. I bet when rubicon 9000s get going we really get to see some speedy contract finishing. Just need to keep that semi-truck liquid tanker trailer running under autodrive constantly heh.

Borrowed amazone arrived to the field but bredals were on second to last pass, so I didn't bother bringing amazone in.

This morning when I woke up from great 9hrs 15min sleep, heh that was awesome a very rare sleep durations for me, there was a lingering thougth in my mind that whats the end goal in this Start From Zero savegame as I do not consider this to be "real" meaning that I never will finish this all 440 * 216ha fields would be a bit crazy task hehe. So where does this end, when does it end, tonight? tomorrow? when? Heh indeed, dunno how far do I have to test to witness that Start From Zero is possible with such huge monster size terrain.

2023-01-06T19:25:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F243, collected reward 409.3k.

Autodrive sent bredals to refill at F442 N and borrowed amazone to F217 S which will be our next contract field.

Purchased iconik liquid fertilizer refill station placeable, put it down next to F442 N existing solid fertilizer placebale.

Refilled first rubicon 9000 for 10.8k liquid fertilizer. Then refilled first bredal k165.

Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Refilled second bredal. Refilled second rubicon. And refilled third bredal before sending him too to F217 S. Then sent rubicons to same location as they will start fertilizing F216 which is next to the west.

F216 did not have autodrive network waypoints route yet, maybe I'll record it while courseplay is running vehicles.

Purchased diesel fuel refill station for 2.5k, placed it right next to the dealership building south of vehicle repair location. Our first new holland t6.175 is getting dangerously low on fuel.

2023-01-06T19:45:00Z Finished recording autodrive network waypoint route through west side of F216 using semi-truck (83km/h speed with liquid tanker), then sent the semi-truck to F442 N to pickup some liquid fertilizer.

Saved game before courseplay generating field work course for F217, just in case as now there was a new autodrive waypoint recording in too.

2023-01-06T19:49:00Z Started contract fertilizing F217, courseplay, 3x tools, ETA 1hrs 41min.

Refilled semi-truck liquid tanker trailer UTTS-32000 with 32k liters of liquid fertilizer for 38.4k, budget now 283k. Then sent semi-truck for F216 S so it can refuel thirsty rubicons.

2023-01-06T19:58:00Z Started contract fertilizing F216, courseplay, 2x tools, ETA 1hrs 9min. Set rubicon vehicle convoy distance to the next vehicle 400m, I really don't want these big beasts get tangled up in each others boom arms.

Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-06T20:00:00Z And now, its time to eat days first meal...

2023-01-06T20:05:00Z Borrowed amazone joined fertilizing F217, driving it with GPS on left hand while shoveling food to my mouth with right Smiley ;)

2023-01-06T20:26:00Z Feeding time is over, back to fertilizing contracts. During eating rubicons ran out of fertilizer, obviously, its just crazy how much these beasts suck liquid through them when spraying, why oh WHY fs22 does not have Variable Spray Usage mod, WHY? Smiley :(

I am going to make quick edits to PMC Cereal Region 32km later today to cut liquid fertilizer usage to half.

2023-01-06T20:30:00Z Both rubicons refilled and off they go. Wonder how many passes they get to do before they are out again, hmm?

Hmm wonder if throwing four rubicons into 216ha field would be an overkill, dunno its a huge field and completely square full section field (or was full section 260ha I cant remember, anyways). At least third one would work great, left, center and right vehicle lanes.

But then comes the question what is the long term goal here, is our farm a contractor COOP or grain farming operation? Well as I said yesterday once these many fertilizing contracts ran out, then our massive fertilizing fleet is collecting dust at the vehicle sheds, it would be foolish to invest crazy amounts of money / assets to fertilizing contracts because for every YEAR they will end. If you would invest into seeding and harvesting your own fields, you would not be limited by what AI is giving out as contracts, you could technically work your fields all year around.

Dunno man I am most likely going to do as many fertilizing contracts on these massive 216ha fields today as I can, perhaps buy third rubicon and fourth bredal k165 and get rid of that borrowed amazone as it starts to kind of annoy me already, I never planned to have one borrowed vehicle in my farm fleet heh.

And if I would quickly make enough money and then buy seeder and harvester, I could get into farming our own land today just fine, I don't need to spend another 17hrs just hammering fertilizing contracts, I mean at some point you end up with so much money that its just meaningless numbers and wasted hours. Good example is PMC Iowa Garden City 8km Start From Zero currently, I got one bredal k165 and rubicon 9000 as vehicles plus 3 million in cash, so how much money do I need before I start buying land and farm my own fields Smiley :?

It would be new interesting thing in this PMC Cereal Region 32km huge terrain to farm your own field, soybeans spamming Smiley ;)

Traditionally in Start From Zero savegames once you get through the initial making money phase and buy your own land + vehicles, then contracts are thing in the past, I hardly ever do them when I have my own fields to take care of, however in such insane size terrain maybe it would be OK to keep 4 bredals and 3 rubicons in your farm fleet and once your own fields are taken care of, maybe you are waiting for grain selling day etc and new fertilizing contracts come up, why not go do them if you want activity or the money.

2023-01-06T20:46:00Z First rubicon is again out of fertilizer. It is completely insane how much fs22 sucks off liquid fertilizer / herbicide, just bat shit crazy. After these fields are done and courseplay courses ended, I am SO going to fix that spray rate on terrain side, its pointless to do fertilizing contracts with this much sucking off going on Smiley :(

Another thing bugs me is the UTTS-32000 liquid tanker trailer, its 32k liters capacity, well 32000 / 9000 == 3.5 refills, so its three full refills and then one 5k liter refill, uneven, I really don't like that.

2023-01-06T20:50:00Z First rubicon refilled and on its way.

2023-01-06T20:52:00Z Second rubicon 5k liters refilled and semi-truck liquid tanker trailer on its way to F442 N for its own refill. Sooo many refills, here there and everywhere REFiLLLLLL Smiley :o

Hmm maybe I'll buy another semi-truck and liquid tanker trailer so I can keep rubicons working evenly.

2023-01-06T21:01:00Z Second rubicon (5k refill, remember) is out again, semi-truck liquid tanker trailer just reached F442 N for its refill. Also borrowed amazone is empty (300 liters left).

2023-01-06T21:04:00Z Semi-truck liquid tanker trailer refilled and heading back to the field.

2023-01-06T21:05:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F217, collected reward 404.9k. Sent bredals back to F442 N for a refill.

Refilled borrowed amazone.

2023-01-06T21:16:00Z Both rubicons are refilled and back fertilizing. Also bredal tractors reached F442 N.

Refueled first new holland t6.175 tractor. Then refilled other bredals and refueled them too. Now all bredals are good to go.

Purchased fourth t6.175 and bredal k165 spreader, budget now 339.1k.

2023-01-06T21:31:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F216, collected reward 404.9k. This actually finished when I was in the head.

Alright now all courseplay field work courses have ended, so I am going to save game, shutdown fs22, switch over to PMC DevSurf and do that spray rate terrain side fix so fertilizer / seeds / slurry / manure / herbicide will not be expended in such ridiculous level.

Copied AutoDrive_config.xml from savegame1 (this one) to savegame7 which is the PMC Cereal Region 32km terrains autodrive MASTER savegame dir. Took backup of savegame dir. Then ran _run_backup_FS22_autodrive_savegame7_cereal_region.bat to create 7-zip archive from this autodrive MASTER xml config file.

2023-01-06T21:58:00Z PMC Cereal Region 32km v0.2.2 terrain editing done, uploaded to PMC Tactical forums for testing and now loading Start From Zero savegame back up, crossing fingers everything works Smiley ;)

Sent liquid tanker trailer to F442 N, going to top it up and then send him a long way towards F232 which is this (in)famous "borrowed amazone" spreader contract field. I want to get this field done so I can return this vehicle and put it out of my mind now that I got four bredal k165s power at my disposal.

Semi-truck needs to record new autodrive network waypoint route to F232 as there are no network there even nearby.

VehicleExplorer was lagging big time when browsing some vehicles, it came down to 10FPS or something unusable like that, I figured out it was the "tardis integration", once I turned that OFF then browsing lag went away, nice.

Refilled new bredal k165 and liquid tanker trailer, budget now 692.1k. Alright I'm off to drive towards east to F232.

2023-01-06T22:10:00Z Sent semi-truck with liquid tanker trailer to SP PMC Sell 09 (old naming) which is the closest autodrive network target point we have to F232. This drive will take a while ...

However that turned out to be "the long way route", so I started to record new route from F242 S. Recorded new routes and target points for F263 N, F264 N, F265 N, F266 N, F267 N, F268 N, F269 N, F270 N, F271 N, F272 N and F232 W, we have reached our destination.

Sent borrowed amazone spreader to F232 W, refilled rubicons and then sent four bredals to F232 as well, yes they are overkill for this half size 80-some-hectares field, but I rather take that than let amazone work on that field for 4hrs heh. Saved game as well as there is painstakingly recorded autodrive network waypoints now.

Sent rubicons to F271 N, its one of the contract fields.

Oh look at that incoming convoy Smiley ;)

Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-06T22:59:00Z Borrowed amazone spreader arrived to F232 W, took a while Smiley ;)

2023-01-06T23:05:00Z Autodrive network waypoint route for F232 W and back recorded, now its a loop, nice. It takes a while to do these in real savegame because mack 6x4 semi-truck is slow 83km/h, UTTS-32000 liquid tanker trailer weighs a lot so semi-truck is slowly accelerating and because I stop at each field to record its field number. But its always nice to have one loop route done.

Then sent semi-truck back to F271 N where the sprayers are. Saved game before generating courseplay field work course for the bredals at F232, I really don't want to lose any progress.

2023-01-06T23:15:00Z Started contract fertilizing F232, courseplay, 4x tools, ETA 31min.

Finally Smiley :)

F232 is 84.7ha size, so 4 * bredals is 31min ETA, guess its fine to do them with this amount of vehicles then, half an hour is a decent amount of field work, if you only choose lets say two vehicles then it would be nice round number one hour already. So its not that much overkill than I thought, I mean 84ha is no small field.

2023-01-06T23:27:00Z Borrowed amazone started to help by fertilizing from rear end of the courseplay field work course, me driving manually with GPS, as usual. Hey we cant have mr borrowed amazone to not participate on his own contract fields work Smiley ;)

Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-06T23:32:00Z Courseplay fucked up lead bredals field work course, it simply... stopped. Huh? Smiley :?

Courseplay sucks, why does it do stupid stuff like this? I don't get it, whats the point of automation tool if it doesn't work. Edit: this is the 3+ vehicles end of headland bug.

Also vehicleExplorer, I am again getting the browse lag, dunno why, sigh. Oh well, we continue.

I race you!

Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-06T23:42:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F232, collected reward 155k.

Aah felt good to have that F232 done with "borrowed amazone" spreader, here is the last known photograph of that infamous vehicle combo Smiley ;)

Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

Ahh sad to see you go my friend, you served our fertilizing fleet well Smiley ;)

2023-01-06T23:48:00Z Started contract fertilizing F271, courseplay, 2x tools, ETA 1hrs 9min.

Sent bredals to F234 E, that will be their next fertilizing contract. They are now 88% full, so hmm wonder if they can finish up 216ha field, hopefully as its a huge drive to refill. I might as well buy that other semi-truck and UTTS-32000 with "solids" configuration so I could haul some product. Or maybe I should check some autoloading trailer and stack it up with big bags, hmm.

2023-01-06T23:55:00Z Started contract fertilizing F234, courseplay, 4x tools, ETA 1hrs 8min.

Switched over to semi-truck and went to record autodrive network waypoint routes, was thinking F277 loop around it as its also a contract field. When doing this I managed to bring fs22 all mighty performance down to 30FPS Smiley :)

Then another savegame after quite a while recording autodrive network waypoints, did several targets in this area where we're working right now.

2023-01-07T00:20:00Z And again bredal 4 tools vehicle convoy failed, lead vehicle said "left the course" or something and just stopped. Argh! is this going to be now every time with these bredal 4 tools field work courses? Smiley :(

2023-01-07T00:24:00Z During my restroom break both rubicons ran out of fertilizer. This 216ha field is now about 25% done, plus headland, so guess my spray rate edits are working.

Refill time, fill me up!

Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-07T00:28:00Z Rubicons refilled and back fertilizing, we keep on rolling.

When recording autodrive waypoints I got to think pros and cons of doing that in real "live" savegame. Well pros are that you just do it without needing to save game and reload to your autodrive master savegame, when courseplay is running vehicles you have nothing else to do so whats better than go record some waypoints. Cons are performance, at least my computer in 4k will get laggy when autodrive waypoints are visible and with courseplay running good 4+ vehicles it can dip as bad as 30FPS, semi-truck you use is slower than in the autodrive master savegame where you obviously use empty wilson pacesetter trailer and some customized semi-truck with added horsepower and speed. When I was now recording this stock mack 6x4 felt so sluggish it was unbearable slow. Another con is that when you are playing savegame all you want to do is get the job done, you don't have time to record some stupid waypoints. Autodrive network should be recorded on dedicated savegame with plenty of time to get it done right.

I definitely would recommend recording autodrive network waypoint routes in the dedicated autodrive MASTER savegame.

Rubicons up close and Bredals on the horizon.

Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

I am not saying that I'm bored... but when looking at the list of fertilizing contracts (in above screenshot) its 42 contracts and unless I'm mistaken they are all 216ha mega fields, so one contract takes over an hour, plus then all the logistics of moving there and refills.

Hmm actually yeah, if I tried to do all those contracts it would be easily over 50 hours Smiley ;)

So I'm not bored... but that list of contracts is killing my will to live. I really want to get into our own farm field work, hmm. Need to start checking out that area by the dealership for possible farmlands to buy which would be the best and nicest to grain crop farm.

Took a look at the farmlands and not sure if this big large terrain extravaganza has gone to my head but I feel like why would I buy one of the small fields, especially the really small ones because I am not going to start farming my own land with small vehicles, so I don't need a small field. But then going to the large field its 2.241m per 216ha field, its not exactly cheap and sure it will take a lot of work to harvest.

Maybe buying one of the medium size field, for example farmland 53 or 56 around the farm yard. I would like to save the grass field farmland 57 for any possible reason that I'd want to do a big grass baling contract.

2023-01-07T01:01:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F271, collected reward 409.3k. Rubicon number one had 689 and two had only 264 liters left, so this was really tight fit.

Budget now 1.236m.

Regarding the goal of this savegame... maybe I got depressed again watching mapview with those flashing 41 field numbers that I feel like maybe I should just save and quit right here without even starting own fields farming. Where does it end if I dive into the own land farming and we already established doing all these contracts would take 50hrs at least.


I should be starting PMC King Corn 45km Start From Zero testing and editing to get it fully game-play compatible.

Goofed something up with rubicon autodrive "play" as they took the scenic route, so had to abort, turn them around and restart the route. Or maybe there just were no connection to F277 W. Was thinking of starting fertilizing that contract next, guess I'm not ready to buy my own farmland yet.

2023-01-07T01:12:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F234, collected reward 407.1k.

Had to record couple of autodrive waypoints for rubicons to reach F277, that was somewhat frustrating, felt like I'm wasting my time doing these waypoints, even though its a good investment strategy for the future.

In perfect world terrain developer would record FULL autodrive network before releasing terrain, but we all know this ain't no perfect world Smiley :)

2023-01-07T01:39:00Z Started contract fertilizing F277, courseplay, 2x tools, ETA 1hrs 9min.

Sent semi-truck to F442 N for a refill, that will take a long time. And with that its lunch break ...

2023-01-07T02:02:00Z Feeding time is over, back to fertilizing.

2023-01-07T02:03:00Z Rubicon number two ran out of fertilizer. And semi-truck autodrive went the scenic route, it was somewhere in the NORTH when I caught up with him, could not even find him from the mapview when browsing before I zoomed out fully, ugh.

Autodrive sent bredals to F195 S, no idea if our route network is patched full up there or will these guys as well take the scenic route.

2023-01-07T04:24:00Z Got caught chatting in penalty_boxes stream on twitch heh. Chatted with him about terrain testing and promotion (advertising), got so intense that forgot all about playing in the background Smiley :)

Time really flies, whoah. Oh well now the chat settled down a bit so I can concentrate back to my Start From Zero, finally.

Okay time accelerating to the morning daylight and hoping no fertilizing contracts disappear, especially F277 what I'm currently doing.

May in-game 0519hrs, lets get to work, refilling rubicons.

2023-01-07T04:30:00Z Rubicons refilled and rolling again.

2023-01-07T05:05:00Z Argh, first rubicon finished the whole course and second ran out of fertilizre with contract 99% complete, UUUGGHH! Smiley :)

Sent semi-truck liquid tanker trailer to refill, got it done and contract finished literally after fertilizing about 150m of field heh.

2023-01-07T05:10:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F277, collected reward 409.3k. Budget now 2.014m. Saved game, just because.

Only 39 fertilizing contracts to go hehe. No I'm not planning on doing them all, just saying the number for stats Smiley ;)

2023-01-07T05:32:00Z Finally got autodrive network fixed so bredals can drive to F195 S, man what a shit show that was, there was one missing turn / curve which is now fixed, geez. Sent semi-truck liquid tanker trailer to F442 N for a refill.

Autodrive sent rubicons to F197 S which is quite far away, but it felt like towards the dealership and overall best next choice, I don't want to venture more deeper into edges of the terrain.

Semi-truck liquid tanker trailer refill and then diesel fuel refill.

2023-01-07T05:45:00Z Started contract fertilizing F195, courseplay, 4x tools, ETA 1hrs 17min.

Bredal K165's hard at work.

Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km Farming Simulator 22 Screenshot

2023-01-07T06:07:00Z Started contract fertilizing F182, courseplay, 2x tools, ETA 1hrs 10min.

And frigging courseplay failed, AGAIN, with bredals. Same lead vehicle stopped after headland was complete, happens every time it seems Smiley :(

2023-01-07T06:49:00Z Rubicons are empty.

2023-01-07T07:01:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F195, collected reward 407.1k.

2023-01-07T07:21:00Z Finished contract fertilizing F182, collected reward 407.1k.

Budget now 2.789m hmm my day is not over yet, not even close actually, but I think this savegame has now reached the point where doing more fertilizing contracts makes no sense, I mean HOW much money do you really need Smiley :)

Autodrive sent all vehicles to F442 N, need to figure out what do I want to do next. But now its my lunch break...

2023-01-07T07:52:00Z Feeding time is over, back to... dunno what.

All vehicles had safely reached F442 N, then proceeded to refill them. After that saved game. Now we have a nice setup, a lot of money and all vehicles refilled, hmm diesel I'm not so sure but its not a big detour to have them refueled before next "gig".

Now... now I honestly don't know what to do. Options are to continue doing fertilizing contracts but its already established that nope there is no point doing them with over two million budget. I could begin farming my own land, I have that tiny F442 and easy to buy more land in the nearby area, just need to buy seeder and harvester. Last option is to... quit. What I mean by quitting is to shutdown fs22 and go to PMC DevSurf and continue editing PMC King Corn 45km which is the next terrain in my Start From Zero game-play testing and fixing list...

Dunno what to do, hmm hmm Smiley :)

Situation was extremely annoying as I just finished eating lunch so I still have 4-5hrs good day time left, however that is nowhere near enough to do a full fledged planting and harvest season especially if I buy some medium size or bigger land area. And I do not want to just sit idle without doing nothing before bed time.

I am a difficult dude to please haha!

Okay I decided to begin farming my own land, I don't care if its not a full several day progression game-play, but I just want to enjoy the last part of today before heading to bed.

2023-01-07T08:27:00Z Saved game and shutdown fs22. Changed my mind after browsing the dealership vehicle and equipment lists, somehow farming my own land idea started to feel dumber and dumber by the minute, so decided to just end it here and go sorting out all the text I written and sort out queued stuff as past few days I've done nothing but playing this savegame.

Took savegames backup, copied savegame1 autodrive_config and guidancesteering config to autodrive MASTER savegame7 dir. Then took backup of the autodrive MASTER xml config file.

When will I continue PMC Cereal Region 32km Start From Zero savegame, umm not sure, I did not delete it now but don't have plans on continuing it either.

2023-01-07T08:32:00Z Now I'm done, time to shut PMC Gaming computer down and switch to PMC DevSurf, hopefully can get some editing done today before the day is over.

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