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Greenhouse Production Experiment FS22

2021-12-16T00:47:00Z Wanted to try new farmer game-mode but exploiting production like greenhouses using time acceleration to their max effect, how quickly can I make a lot of money just by spamming greenhouses.

Sold all the new farmer vehicles and equipment, budget now 542.9k. Sold all the farm buildings, budget now 713.8k.

Purchased three Water Delivery v1.0 by Parzival production tanks 8k each.

Purchased thirty (30) large greenhouses haha, budget now 392.4k.

Purchased warehouse for 15.6k, budget now 376.8k. This "warehouse" mod is, umm err, I think its the very early SGA dude boomhower's warehouse, should be on the SGA website. Edit: 2024-02-07T15:15:00Z, unless I'm mistaken Dajnet's Sim Game Alliance (SGA) website had expired and the domain name lost, Dajnet moved his files to some other site which I am not aware now, sorry. I'm sure there are now many other production chains warehouses, its simply a warehouse with big capacity linked into production chains, you can store, distribute or sell as usual.

Switched greenhouses to lettuce active in distribution mode. Then just turned the water and greenhouses on. Next started to time accelerate sleeping through the day, skipped one day at the time and then stopped to check out how things are going.

2021-12-16T01:22:00Z Lettuce is still on storing mode, haven't seen any market prices even 4k yet while time accelerating 5000 speed day at the time.

Warehouse has already 1.014m liters of lettuce heh. Water production is at full capacity meaning they produce more than greenhouses use, apparently the excess water is then sold... because I get "property maintenance" profit, around 30k per month while "production cost" is only -14k.

2021-12-16T01:39:00Z Dunno how many years (heh yep) I've time accelerated now, doesn't seem to be any good lettuce prices, I now got 1.374m liters of lettuce in the warehouse, current market price is 3.9k so I set warehouse to selling mode. Lets make some money while the price is somewhat high.

Budget now 539.8k, and after top of the hour when 1.374m liters of lettuce got sold, budget 3.765m buhahaha! :)

When lettuce market price dropped to 3.7k I switched warehouse to storing mode.

Time accelerated to the next day, already 42.9k liters of lettuce and budget now 3.801m.

Hehe this is crazy, I mean imagine if I bump up the amount of greenhouses... man, greenhouses (with those water production tanks) are a license to print money, its absolute cheat, no questions about it.

2021-12-16T02:18:00Z Did some more time accelerating and sold few times on high market price, budget now 5.584m haha!

If you use greenhouses in your savegame you're a cheater.

This experiment is over, greenhouses, solar panels and windturbines are a cheat, if you use them you are no good cheater. Choice is yours.

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