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Mods Disc Harrow Farming Simulator 22

John Deere 2660VT

v by Tyson Diniz. From modDesc:

Notes: The John Deere 2660VT is the first in a long line of tillage tools I plan to edit to make tillage more realistic in the game, the realistic version mulches and rolls, so you can use it as a primary tillage implement before you do anything else, or just before you no till, to get a minor yield bonus, with it’s 30′ working width, and 18km/h working speed, the 2660VT is more efficient at mulching than anything else in the game. If you want a nice fine seedbed, bring the 2660VT after you make a tillage pass to work the soil into a nice fine seedbed. If you are looking for more traditional gameplay, a regular 2660VT is included that will mulch then disc.

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Case IH 490 Tandem Disk

v by Tyson Diniz. From modDesc:

Notes: The International Harvester 490 is a light/medium disk built by International Harvester in the 1980s, it was a direct competitor to the John Deere 630 disk. In Farming Simulator 22, the 490 disk functions as a mulcher and a light cultivator, to give the most realistic simulation of a disk harrow, the mulcher function gives you a small yield bonus for your next crop, and the light cultivator function works the soil, allowing you to use the 490 disk as a primary and secondary tillage tool.

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John Deere Tillage Disk 2660VT 33ft

v1.0 by LR. From modDesc: Power Required - 355.0 / 476.3 KW 500 - 620HP, Working Width 10.3m / 33ft,10 in.

Notes: 2023-09-05T19:18:00Z Tested no errors, no issues. Hmm this has almost no sound, no metallic klanking sounds when various of those discs hit rocks and whatnot, this just sounds ... "fake", unbelievable as it has so low or no sounds (I really didn't hear other than case quadtrac 623 sounds). I would like to use this implement, but dunno the quietness just creeps me out., Giants Modhub

Landoll 7431VT 33FT

v1.0.1 by Bcbuhler. From modDesc: Working width: 10.1 m, Working speed: 18 km/h.

Notes: 2023-09-05T19:34:00Z Tested no errors, no issues (actually I tested this months ago but didn't write it down, hehe). Required horsepower 300hp. This also mulches at the same pass., Giants Modhub

Mandako Storm S4020

v1.0 by J.A. From modDesc: Power: 400 hp, - Working Width: 12.19 m, - Green and Black color options.

Notes: 2023-09-05T19:40:00Z Tested no errors, no issues. Please note the 12km/h speed, its very slow. Required horsepower 400hp. Hmm looks like this is the EUROpean version instead of north american, hmm does it matter? :?, Giants Modhub

John Deere 2680H High-Performance Disk

v1.0 by Custom. From modDesc: John Deere 2680H High-Performance Disk. Model: 2680h High-Performance Disk 40'' ft Three-Section, Work Speed: 10-14 mph (16-22.5 km/h), Work Widith: 12.2 m (40 ft), Power requires: 560 hp.

Notes: 2023-09-05T17:38:00Z Tested no errors, no issues. Works as advertised, this is a nice high speed disk, not very wide but man that 22km/h speed is a nice one, interesting to field work with this one., Giants Modhub

Kuhn Discolander XM 52

v1.0 by madarHR. From modDesc: Required power: 220 hp, Working width: 6.0 m, Max. working speed: 18 km/h, Capacity: 600 l.

Notes: 2023-09-05T19:29:00Z Tested no errors, no issues. GPS mod aka guidanceSteering will not get correct implement width for this one, it shows it as 6.80m which is apparently too wide, there is something in the model or config that gives this .80m false reading, not a problem you can always manually fix it, but just thought to report it., Giants Modhub

Horsch Joker 12 RT

v1.0 by GIANTS Software. From modDesc: Required power: 360 hp, Working width: 12.2 m, Max. working speed: 18 km/h.

Notes: 2023-09-05T18:35:00Z Tested no errors, no issues., Giants Modhub