Fertilizing With Manure And Slurry - PMC Farming Simulator 22 (FS22)

Fertilizing With Manure And Slurry FS22

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FS22 Fertilize with manure / slurry spreading without cultivating or waiting for field stages to switch.

You can first manure spread, then slurry spread without cultivating. This is great feature between these two fertilizer types as it saves one layer of cultivating. Direct drill seeder / planter would of course work in the between these two fertilizing layers, but then you are pressed on time that weeds don't sprout before you're done fertilizing and in general the clock is ticking once you seed, I prefer preparing my field fertilizing fully before seeding, then all I have to do is to herbicide spray and planting season is done.

Another bonus feature is that its extremely easy to see where you have already spread because the field ground textures for these two fertilizer types are so distinct, really easy to spot what type is where.