PMC Farming Simulator 22 Playing Guide Crops Best Selling Price

Playing Guide Crops Best Selling Price

2021-12-12T12:35:00Z updated using FS22 v1.1.1

Crops Best Selling Price

Elmcreek, New Farmer game-mode, easy economy. Confirmed from actual market price instead of faulty price fluctuation screen.

Below list format is: grain / product, price in thousand K, month of sell, selling point name.

bread, 5.8k, dec, johnsons
canola oil, 5.5k, jul, fastfood
canola, 2.6k, sep, goldcrest
corn, 1.7k, jul/aug/dec, goldcrest
flour, 1.9k, jan, bakery
grass, 156, nov, animal dealer (only sell point in elmcreek)
hay, 200, jun, animal dealer
honey, 4k, aug, johnsons
lettuce, 4.1k, jan, grocerymart
oat, 2.2k, jul/nov, goldcrest
silage, 718, sep, biogas plant
sorghum, 1.7k, feb, goldcrest
soybeans, 3.5k, jan, goldcrest
straw, 160, may, south valley biomass
sugar beet cut, 702, jan, animal dealer
sugar beet, 531, jun, goldcrest
sunflower oil, 5.6k, nov, johnsons
sunflowers, 2.7k, jun/nov, goldcrest
wheat, 1.4k, aug, goldcrest

Farming Simulator 22 what is the best crop? Well above shows its Soybeans.

This doesn't include all production chain products like butter, sugar, etc.

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