Animals Guide Selling - PMC Farming Simulator 22 (FS22)

Animals Guide Selling (FS22)

Pigs prices. They seem to be maxed out at $1,200 per oldest animal as age 24 months and age 52 months have the same price. So in default FS22 selling pigs for the best price is very easy, go to animal R menu, scroll the farm animal list for $1,200 which is the highest price of pigs in easy economy. Be careful not to sell all of your pigs as reproduction might slow down a quite bit if you only leave pig barn with sexually not mature animals which cannot reproduce yet. Always have some breeders there so more animals get born as you sell the old ones to slaughter houses. When you sell, try to sell oldest and with reproduction 0% as those have just gave birth and would take a long time to give birth again, its not a good idea to sell pig with reproduction 75% as you could just wait a little longer and then get newborn baby piglets.