PMC Tactical Farming Simulator Terrain Heightmap Smoothing

US NED Heightmap

Howto use US National Elevation Data (NED) heightmap as map_dem.png so giants engine understands how it should look.

Global mapper -> L3DT -> grayscale PNG doesnt work, elevations are really high / rough, you need to darken the image, a lot. This is because GE recognizes 0 meters to 255 meters as RGB black to white color range only. You can do this with photoshop or gimp but we use graphicsmagick as its automatic one click method.

Graphicsmagick values explained:
70 way too rough
35 looks nice in-game but is just slightly too rough when comparing to google/maps street view photos
20 still can see some roughness, but looks already very nice
15 smooth but still elevations, this looks realistic


@echo off
md temp

copy C:\FS19_Projects\USA_Texas_Rowena_8km\map_dem.png .
gm convert -modulate 15,100 map_dem.png PMC_Texas_Rowena_8km_dem.png

rd temp
del map_dem.png
echo All done :)

You need to replace the C:\FS19_Projects\USA_Texas_Rowena_8km\ path to where you placed your grayscale heightmap DEM image, if its in the current dir then remove that line completely. Also edit the PMC_Texas_Rowena_8km_dem.png to whatever file name you use. Once you have darkened the heightmap png just load the terrain up in GE and inspect how it looks, it might require in-game check where you get better sense of the elevations when you drive tractor or just walk around.