PMC Farming Simulator Terrain Giants Game Mode Review

Ravenport Felsbrunn Game Mode Review

Game mode placeable objects review to check which objects disappear and which not. Also quick overview of starting equipment. Important thing is to check P -> garage, what you got.

Career start describes how the game modes work. New farmer has vehicles, land, a lot of money and easy difficulty. Farm manager has no vehicles, no land, a lot of money and medium difficulty. Start from scratch has no vehicles, no land, little money and hard difficulty.

mapUS and mapDE are identical except mapDE new farmer wont offer tutorial:

mapUS/mapDE on different game modes did not seem to change object wise other than players farm. it looked the same everywhere except players starting location.

Hmm are the different game modes exactly the same because you can configure the difficulty levels from game settings menu. Obviously starting money/loan, placeables and vehicles are different, but the game modes are not the same kind of different as in FS17 where hard was actually hard without ability to change economy.