PMC Tactical Farming Simulator Terrain Gimp Paint cultivator_density Image

Gimp Paint Fields

Paint fields in GIMP using satellite texture as base. Paint cultivated or plowed fields. GE is extremely bad software to use so painting fields using it is a torture, it is far better to paint them in gimp.

cultivator_density uses cultivated land RGB 1,0,0 and ploughed land RGB 2,0,0 colors.

This image assumes you have high resolution satellite image for real world data terrain available, use 8192 x 8192 resolution for 8km and 4096 x 4096 resolution for 4km terrains.

- open satellite image in gimp, create fields layer and paint fields as some bright color like red
- resize to cultivator_density resolution (usually smaller), background RGB 0,0,0 and red color to RGB 1,0,0 export to cultivator_density.png
- replace RGB 0,0,0 with RGB 130,0,0 and RGB 1,0,0 with RGB 0,0,0 export to fruit_density.png
- edit terrainname.i3d GDM to PNG on these two density images
- GE load terrainname.i3d and verify that fields are painted without grass in them, save

Idea: why not screenshot GE top-down view with field rectangles visible, then just gimp resize it to like 4096 res, color replace the blue with RGB 1,0,0 to create cultivated fields almost automatically? Hmm :)