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2021-03-28 Some More Fertilizing Contracts

2021-03-28T0606 New farming day has started. After twenty days break I'm back to FS19 playing. This savegame now has 32hrs 41mins in it.

I have been suffering from computer editing burnout a while now, it hit me really hard about the time I stopped playing this savegame seen previously, since then I planned on editing but just couldn't do it, been watching tv and wasting time doing nothing.

Today I decided that instead of staring at PMC DevSurf computer screen all day switching through programs/logs/etc, I'll continue playing this unofficial Start From Zero savegame and watch all real life farming videos from youtube that I have queued up.

Reminder for myself really, its now in-game 07/late-summer 0807hrs, I have 1.345m in money and one new conctract waiting for accepting which I'll do now.

0610 Accepted contract for fertilizing F07
0637 Started fertilizing F07, contract, courseplay ETA 1h 18min, 2x tools
0730 Rubicons are empty, liquid fertilizer refill time
0755 Finished fertilizing F07, contract, collected contract reward 560.5k.

Was watching real life farming youtube video queue and quite bored, videos were nice but not much motivation for this savegame as its just... well recreational savegame that's the best description I can come up with, as it doesn't have much future heh.

Going to time accelerate to see what happens with contracts next. Honestly my motivation is about zero to put in any effort for it.

Oh btw budget now 1.905m so bunch of money along with vehicles so that is pretty much it for Start From Zero style game-play.

08/late-summer in-game 0629hrs new fertilizing contract appeared.

0818 Accepted contract for fertilizing F77
0840 Started fertilizing F77, contract, courseplay ETA 19min, 2x tools
0859 Finished fertilizing F77, contract, collected contract reward 94k.

Budget now 1.998m so close to two million.

0904 Shut down FS19, sorry but there is "no point" of playing this savegame as it has no future.

2021-04-13 The End

2021-04-13 Decided to delete Better Contracts Unofficial Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km savegame.

Hope you enjoyed this Better Contracts and farmer_schubi factories story Smiley :)

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