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2022-04-27 A Good Day Doing Contracts

2022-04-27T14:40:11Z Back to farming. This savegame now has 17hrs 55min on it.

So yeah was not planning on playing FS19 or this savegame today, but this happened, that happened... and here I am, I just want to forget about the world and relax with some nice farming game-play.

Its impossible to explain here as I cannot go into details of what happened, but had a hard time slipping into the farmsim mind-set after being pissed off "at the world", started watching penalty_box_gaming twitch live stream where he plays fs22 with PMC RedWhiteBlue 10km terrain and in the chat there was clearly some trolls, seems like I cannot escape the bullcrap as it follows me everything today heh. Right now I'm sitting here at 02/mid-spring in-game 1315hrs, weather +15C/+5C, budget now 440.8k ... and dunno what to do first/next... as cant get that relaxed farming mind-set on Smiley :(

Still the same YEARS old contract for F215 seeding soybeans with case quadtrac and seedhawk borrowed vehicles. That is tempting, but its kind of far away for both the quadtrac and all following fertilizing contracts. Call me lazy but just don't feel like driving half across the terrain repeatedly, because that would be the result pretty much.

With 440k I could easily start my own farm already, at least buy some fertilizing vehicles and make a custom fertilizing company heh. Hmm, its probably not enough to start my own farm yet.

Read my own notes from FS19 Equipment and Vehicle Prices which show that painfully small/slow/narrow vehicle fleet costs 332.1k which could technically get you started with the own farm. But I'm not sure if that is wise, those vehicles are SO painful Smiley :)

There is also the fact that only few more hours of fertilizing contract work can add hundreds of thousands to your budget, all depending on how many contracts you get of course. And right now it looks like there are very few of them. Well I mean technically none right now and even with time accelerating dunno how many shows up.

Didn't know what to do so decided just to time accelerate waiting for fertilizing contracts. Won't be writing play-by-play, only the major events.

Start From Zero PMC Iowa Garden City 8km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

The fields planted on the east are now giving fertilizing contracts, this was done by AI.

Decided to take those fertilizing contracts which offered just bredal k165 solid spreader, might take a few minutes to finish but hopefully can do all the eastern fields with one full fertilizer load.

2022-04-27T15:50:01Z Accepted fertilizing contract F178, with borrowed vehicles. Then accepted the three other fertilizing contracts.

Refilled from my existing two solid fertilizer pallets, got whopping 1.6k liters of fertilizer to the spreader heh. Purchased ten 1k liter solid fertilizer pallets for 19.2k. Refilled spreader and got only 74% full so bought another 4 fertilizer pallets and refilled them, spreader now 15.6k liters 100% full. Time to go fertilize some fields.

Hmm actually thinking about it more now, I should have probably purchased cheap tractor and bredal k165 spreader, I would had the permission to use courseplay and GPS at that point (Edit: again NO, no you wouldn't, you dumb moron), and such vehicle would have come useful for sure in the future. But maybe after this contract-set I can buy a rubicon 9000 which is even better.

Driving to the fields I made my decision, after these contracts I buy my own vehicle so can use courseplay and GPS Smiley :)

Start From Zero PMC Iowa Garden City 8km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot Start From Zero PMC Iowa Garden City 8km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

2022-04-27T16:09:38Z Started fertilizing F178, contract, manually.

Start From Zero PMC Iowa Garden City 8km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

My manual GPS is just by looking at minimap (9) compass heading, I guess its one form of cheating heh. I mean what is the difference of watching that and actually using GPS or heck even courseplay, I mean really... heh.

2022-04-27T16:45:40Z Finished fertilizing F178, contract.

2022-04-27T16:49:50Z Started fertilizing F179, contract.

2022-04-27T16:52:18Z Finished fertilizing F179, contract, collected reward 3.1k.

2022-04-27T16:54:25Z Finished fertilizing F180, it was so small it went by within a minute. Collected contract reward 1.2k, oh my! Big boy farming Smiley :)

2022-04-27T16:55:54Z Started fertilizing F181, contract.

Start From Zero PMC Iowa Garden City 8km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

These bredal k165 solid fertilizer spreaders are just incredible with the endurance or whats it called, capacity, meaning that one full fertilizer load with variable spray rate mod lasts a really long time for example if you compare to rubicon 9000 tank which is only 9k liters. You fill bredal k165 up and go to the fields for a very long time.

2022-04-27T17:14:51Z Finished fertilizing F181, contract, collected reward 26.5k.

Then it was semi long drive back to the dealership, unloaded 11k liters of fertilizer, then F178 collected contract reward 53.1k which returned the borrowed vehicle.

Budget now 498.2k.

Then again was out of ideas, cant make a decision what to purchase or do next, guess I'll time accelerate and hope more fertilizing contracts.

02/mid-autumn in-game 1004hrs, weather +9C/+10C, fertilizing contract for F181 with manure spreader borrowed vehicle. No other fertilizing contracts because field stages did not change yet, maybe it takes hours or tomorrow dunno.

03/late-autumn in-game 0958hrs, weather -2C/+1C, F181 got harvest contract now, the other just fertilized fields have still not changed stage. This harvest contract is "only" about 22k reward, dunno why but I don't feel like doing it, there is the extra profit from the left over grain but I cant count for them to be big money, I just don't have reference data for it. Guess doing that contract wouldn't be a terrible idea, but I just don't feel like it now, yesterdays half a day wasted for harvest contracts still haunts me heh.

Oh now I know why the other fertilized fields haven't changed stage... they are corn, so its not the same growth time. After typing this F178 and F179 got fertilizing contracts. Maybe I'm picky and lazy but even though the contract is about 55k reward I still feel like not worth to drive all the way here and back just for that (as F179 is tiny two pass field).

Decided after all to take fertilizing contracts, they break me through the half a million budget and allows me to buy rubicon 9000 if I decided to do so.

2022-04-27T17:49:18Z Accepted fertilizing contract F178 with borrowed vehicles.

2022-04-27T17:55:30Z Started fertilizing F179, contract.

2022-04-27T17:57:28Z Finished fertilizing F179, contract, collected reward 3.1k.

Big field Smiley ;)

2022-04-27T17:57:58Z Started fertilizing F178, contract.

Alright, I promise, this is the LAST contract I'm driving manually Smiley :)

2022-04-27T18:19:05Z Yeah keep driving manually it really takes its toll, its fun on the beginning, its "cute", back to the roots kind of thing, however when you do it for COUPLE OF DAYS... yeah not so cute anymore...

2022-04-27T18:35:12Z Finished fertilizing F178, contract.

Then drove tractor and bredal to the dealership, unloaded solid fertilizer. F178, contract collected reward 53.1k and returned vehicle.

Budget now 554.4k. Broke half a million magical limit Smiley :)

Now its cool I can buy rubicon 9000 with GPS if I want to, not sure I do though, still undecided how to proceed, but time acceleration is always good choice to see what comes next...

2022-04-27T19:03:02Z Now I'm at 02/mid-spring in-game 0914hrs, weather +8C/+7C and yeah new season has started but all AI fields are still excatly the same as "last year". I am having difficult time deciding what to do. It is so funny that this is a frigging *VIDEO GAME* and I'm having hard time making decisions Smiley :)

Some people might call this being cautious and careful about life, being smart, not making stupid hasty decisions, but who remembers Arnold Schwarzenegger's quote:

"Don't be afraid to fail. Don't be afraid to make decisions. You can't be paralyzed by fear of failure or you never push yourself."

Paralyzed is what I'm all the time. Some might laugh that this guy takes video game decisions seriously, but this is my character, it doesn't matter if its internet forum, chat or video game decision, THIS IS ME, I'm the same dude behind this text and face to face in real life, there is no difference (well OK there is, on internet I play a nice guy heh).


Funky situation how difficult these farm starting / growing situations are, I mean you should already learn from past experiences so you know what to to, why is it hard to make a decision then if you know what you need to do? Heh exactly.

So what are my options, buy land and vehicles to seed + harvest and haul grain to the selling point, that's the minimum requirement for making money. Or I could only buy rubicon 9000 or the solid fertilizing vehicles and wait for fertilizing contracts, but todays and yesterdays experience already tells me that its a no go, AI is so lazy it doesn't work the fields properly, field stages are like frozen in time.

Hmm I could be sneaky, buy land with F253 on it for 432k, lease combine, tractor and trailer, then harvest the soybeans in F253 and get a lot of money back. After that I could continue contracts to make some money, unless I have enough to buy seeding and harvesting equipment which I highly doubt, hmm. Dunno, cant decide Smiley :p

Hmm what if I would be even more sneaky... I would take the harvest contract for F181 soybeans with borrowed vehicles, do that... then buy land with F253 and harvest it using the borrowed vehicles Smiley :)

Hehe... that sounds nasty and sneaky, lets do it Smiley :D

2022-04-27T19:18:59Z Accepted harvest contract F181 with borrowed vehicles.

Bad thing about this contract is that selling / delivery point is Pop's Market which is literally the other side of the terrain, oh boy that will be a lot of driving back and forth Smiley :(

2022-04-27T19:25:24Z Started harvesting soybeans contract F181, manually.

2022-04-27T19:32:52Z Lunch break...

2022-04-27T20:02:59Z Feeding time over, back to harvesting some soybeans.

BTW I never pause FS19 during these lunch breaks or do any savegame and exit thing, john deere S790 combine was engine shut off but it was waiting with grain tank full in the field when I was eating.

Start From Zero PMC Iowa Garden City 8km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

2022-04-27T20:38:04Z First grain trailer load of 45k liters is full, heading to other side of the terrain to deliver this load.

2022-04-27T20:54:22Z Arrived at Pops Market, ready to unload.

After unloading it shows 39% transported for F181 contract.

2022-04-27T21:41:58Z Arrived at Pops Market, ready to unload.

After unloading it shows 78% transported.

2022-04-27T22:03:41Z Was harvesting when notification came that contract finished, I was almost done, doing last pass actually, but now the next grain dump will be into my own pocket and I can dump it to best market price selling point.

2022-04-27T22:07:12Z Harvest contract F181 finished.

2022-04-27T22:08:58Z Purchased land lot with F253 on it for 432.8k, budget now 121.6k.

2022-04-27T22:14:14Z Started to harvest... not contract but my own very first field! F253 soybeans Smiley :D

But oh no, when combine header hit the crop... game told me this tool is whatever meant for contracts or something, so yeah now I remember I cannot use contract vehicle for my own field, there is somekind of check for those. Damn Smiley :(

Alright so now I have to lease combine and grain trailer to haul the grain Smiley :(

2022-04-27T22:21:38Z Sold the land which has F253, back. I was thinking about it some more and not being able to harvest it with the contract borrowed vehicles would have completely throw my plans out of whack. I checked and the price for it was exactly the same as when buying, so I just sold it off.

Sold 27.4k liters of soybeans to Pops Market for 73.9k, budget now 628.4k.

2022-04-27T22:25:03Z Collected contract reward for F181, for 21.5k.

03/late-spring in-game 0938hrs, weather +12C/+12C, two fields in the utmost SW corner got planted (hah lazy AI) and it opened fertilizing contracts, one offers rubicon 9000, however as I promised earlier my days of manual driving are over in this savegame.

Hmm now its decision time, rubicon or tractor + bredal k165, hmm. Maybe if I could buy 300hp tractor it could be used to pull seeder in the future.

- tractor new holland t8.320 rowcrop with guidancesteering for 266k
- spreader 20km/h 18m 18.9k liter bredal k165 with extension and 6m spreading unit for 76k

2022-04-27T22:40:45Z Purchased the above setup. Purchased ten 1k liter solid fertilizer pallets for 19.2k.

2022-04-27T22:45:56Z Accepted fertilizing contracts for F274 and F275.

Budget now 288.7k.

2022-04-27T22:54:02Z Started fertilizing F274, contract, GPS Smiley :)

Edit: and there you have it, this savegame is now ruined by cheating, this goes against Start From Zero - Getting Started and Rules, I do not own land yet, I am not allowed to use GPS just by owning a vehicle, man do I suck! Smiley :(

Edit: I'm trying to think of a non-excuse reason to keep this savegame alive, to be able to continue it, but unfortunately there is none. Yeah in the end I had over 3 million money (at the time of reading / writing this paragraph) so I could do some severe penalty like lets say -2,000,000 dollar fine for violating Start From Zero rules, just so I wouldn't need to delete yet another savegame and start all over again because honestly even though I love Start From Zero's the beginning part, I've now done it so many times my eyes bleed for all of those beginnings. But yeah, excuses are like assholes, everyone's got one... so there is no other option than to delete this savegame and start yet another one from the beginning this time properly do it without cheating (automated tools like GPS). What can you do, life sucks when you're stupid... Smiley :(

Aaahhh GuidanceSteering! My old friend Smiley :)

Now I can relax after setting tractor into a line on new pass, can just watch real life farming videos from youtube while working on a field.

2022-04-27T23:13:04Z Finished fertilizing F274, contract, collected reward 40k.

2022-04-27T23:14:04Z Started fertilizing F275, contract.

2022-04-27T23:17:07Z Finished fertilizing F275, contract, collected reward 6.3k.

01/early-summer in-game 0747hrs, weather +13C/+16C, bunch of fertilizing contracts appeared. Lets do them.

Accepted fertilizing contract for F246, F247, F248, F250, F251 and F254

2022-04-27T23:32:17Z Started fertilizing F254, contract.

Once I setup GPS line and started spreading, I noticed from the mapview that more fields got seeded. This is really bizarre, almost feels like the game is monitoring how much work player does and then makes AI increase its field work rate. I have time accelerated so many in-game YEARS and nothing has been happening, but now that I've done some more work, suddenly there is a bunch of new cultivated + seeded fields which are ripe for fertilizing contracts.

But, dunno, maybe its just wicked coincidence... Smiley :?

2022-04-28T00:01:05Z Finished fertilizing F254, contract, collected reward 55.9k.

2022-04-28T00:02:32Z Started fertilizing F251, contract.

2022-04-28T00:23:04Z Finished fertilizing F251, contract, collected reward 34.6k.

2022-04-28T00:24:04Z Started fertilizing F250, contract.

Getting really tired, being end of my day here, but still wanting to push on some more fertilizing.

2022-04-28T00:40:42Z Finished fertilizing F250, contract, collected reward 34.1k.

Timing was perfect, just finished fertilizing a field when sudden tiredness hit, its time to call it a night.

2022-04-28T00:42:02Z Saved game and shut down FS19. Was a good day of doing contracts.

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