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2024-02-04 Soybeans Harvest Continues

2024-02-04T14:36:39Z New farming day has started, it feels like a long time has passed since I woke up, did computer morning chores, read one page of this story (page 121 coming soon as I'm typing this), cooked and ate food, now booted up PMC Gaming computer and are ready to launch FS19 for some farming fun.

This savegame now has 1150hrs 53min on it.

Got claas lexion 8900s and autodrive semi-truck grain trailers started, harvester field work course still had 1hrs 1min left on it.

Emptying claas lexion 8900s all day long.

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

2024-02-04T15:28:24Z Need to take kitchen dishes and restroom break, harvesters will be full when I return ...

2024-02-04T15:39:19Z Back. And as expected, all harvesters full.

Hurry, hurry!

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

2024-02-04T16:17:17Z Finished harvesting soybeans F69.

Ooh another field done, yes! Smiley :D

02/early-autumn in-game 1934hrs, weather +25C/+20C, forecast predicts 90% chance of rain for tomorrow and it lasts pretty much all day, then I wont be doing any harvesting. Luckily with 24 day seasons there is plenty of days left.

Then went to pickup corn headers and header trailers from F70 SE corner. Used autodrive to sent claas lexion 8900s with header trailers to F59 SW. Then drove lexion 8900s to the nearby farm yard, hooked up midwest durus 18.2m headers.

2024-02-04T16:56:58Z Now it begins to be dark in-game, so its time acceleration until tomorrow, when its raining beginning from in-game 0600hrs according to the forest.

03/early-autumn in-game 0932hrs, weather +15C/+19C and raining. As clockwork, rain started at in-game 0900hrs.

04/early-autumn in-game 0739hrs, weather +14C/+19C. Rain ended, its now overcast weather, soil is dry already at this hour in the morning.

Got decent courseplay field work course generated for lexion 8900s.

2024-02-04T17:12:55Z Started harvesting soybeans F67, courseplay, ETA 47min, 4x tools.

Slightly smaller field, good shape though no issues with courseplay.

Harvesting at the hill top ...

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

Autodrive driven semi-truck grain trailer smacked pretty much full speed into trailer in front of it, they did not get mangled into each other but pretty close. No idea why autodrive collision detection is not working Smiley :?

2024-02-04T18:09:51Z Just before F67 is finished harvesting, I need to take a restroom break, cant hold it any longer..

2024-02-04T18:13:01Z Finished harvesting soybeans F67.

Got back just to see fourth claas lexion 8900 end its field work course. Okay, another field done, nice Smiley :)

Unfortunately at this time, I just felt like I need to take a break, not just a quick stretching legs break but to do some chores tasks in PMC DevSurf so I'll be shutting down PMC Gaming for the duration, I hope this is not it for today, I'd like to continue some more since have so much day left, but right now, its time to take a short break...

2024-02-04T18:17:39Z Saved game and exited FS19.

After A Break More Soybeans Harvesting

2024-02-04T22:43:23Z Back, so I released page 121 of this story, then went into completely bored mode didn't know what to do so took a nap, now just woke up and nothing interest me except farming, that is why I'm booting up PMC Gaming and FS19 now, soybeans harvest continues Smiley :)

Semi-truck recorded autodrive network waypoint routes around F152, then empties remaining lexion 8900s with elmers haulmaster.

At this location of the terrain, SP3 is just too far way, next closest one is selling point 2 (SP2), so went and recorded autodrive network waypoint route and target point there. This location is now very nice centralized for the remaining fields I got.

Saved game as new autodrive waypoints have been painstakingly created, don't want to lose that progress. Then generated courseplay field work course for F152 which was quite small field, relatively speaking so was worried if 4 * 18.2m headers is too much for it... And it really is, only one headland and one inner row, done Smiley :rolleyes:

2024-02-04T23:09:22Z Started harvesting soybeans F152, courseplay, ETA 18min, 4x tools.

Well, that is short duration.

One semi-truck hit the stuck trailer in railroad silo 10, but I managed to dislodge it, so now both semi-trucks are running with road train config, two tipper/6 trailers.

2024-02-04T23:35:15Z Finished harvesting soybeans F152.

Yes! Another field done, slowly but steadily Smiley :)

Hmm at this point before continuing harvest on F153, I'm going to take a cooking food and lunch break, its pretty good timing between harvests, in-game clock is just 0946hrs so plenty of time to harvest today, besides 24h day seasons, eh Smiley :)

2024-02-05T00:20:00Z Feeding time is over, back to soybeans harvesting.

My left hand was shoveling food to my mouth while right hand autodrive sent loaded semi-truck to deliver its cargo to SP2, now grain trailers are all empty. Then saved game. Next harvest is ready to begin.

2024-02-05T00:25:48Z Started harvesting soybeans F153, courseplay, ETA 1h 23min, 4x tools.

Nice medium size field.


Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot


Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

2024-02-05T00:41:16Z But now have to take a restroom break, harvesters get full but cant be helped...

2024-02-05T00:45:35Z Back, actually none got full, but they were 96% already Smiley :)

Just waiting for the next claas lexion 8900...

Start From Zero PMC Grande Gardens 16km Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

2024-02-05T01:34:47Z I'm too busy driving grain cart tractors, harvesters get full, there is not a moment to take a breath. Reason is harvesters have courseplay convoy distance of 200m, so they are far apart, then semi-truck grain trailers are parked in the fields long edge and field has not been cut in half, cut open in the middle. That was my bad, will slowly start to correct these except the cutting in half, will do that on the next field.

Got all that done, except semi-trucks don't need to move anymore, this field gets done with just grain cart capacity alone. Almost there.

Cant believe there is just F130 left before that big whopping F60. I am actually scared of how logistics play out on that field, how do setup courseplay field work courses because even if courseplay managed to generate a single course, it would be way too long to drive grain cart back and forth on such a long field. I have to bare minimum cut the field in half, but I don't think that is enough, it has to be split into four sections like in the good old times, NW, NE, SE and SW.

On ESC mapview when I compare F60 size to these fields I've done so far in this harvest season... oh man, it truly is a huge field, will be a lot of fun to harvest that size field, its been a long long time since I've done a truly massive field. Yeah in FS22 PMC Cereal Region 32km I did several 213-216ha fields but I bet F60 is tops such field sizes easily, well I mean doubles maybe triples.

Actually why wonder, goto PMC Grande Gardens 16km homepage and just see the fields list heh, it is: Field 60 (field) : 926.929 ha.

Man, that is a big ass field Smiley :o

2024-02-05T02:08:26Z Finished harvesting soybeans F153.

Hooayh! Another field checked off the list, awesome! Smiley :D

Now there is only irregular shape small F130 left before that big F60. Not sure what to do here, I recently ate and don't feel tired at all but my sleeping schedule is really off the whack so who knows. Guess I'll try to see how quickly that F130 gets done before shutting down PMC Gaming computer as I am not going to start F60 tonight.

2024-02-05T02:18:20Z Tried to generate field work course for F130 but only thing that looks like anything working without collisions to objects or other vehicles is 1 vehicle with massive 5 headland setup, but this would take one hour to harvest. That is silly as I have 4 perfectly good harvesters to use, sigh Smiley :(

Even 2 vehicle 2 headland or even 1 headland course looked like complete shit, a collision galore, pure frustration in waiting.

Decided to try 2 harvesters 2 headlands, its going to suck but not as much as other options.

2024-02-05T02:22:18Z Started harvesting soybeans F130, courseplay, ETA 38min, 2x tools.

After this 38min field is done then I'm calling it a night, I'm not exactly bored... but I just don't have that enthusiasm to play this savegame right now, no idea what I'm going to do for the rest of the night but I'll think of something.

2024-02-05T02:49:49Z Hmm was looking at ESC mapview with vehicle icons enabled trying to find tipper/6 grain trailers, but I could not find any, other than clicking randomly on the player icon which was on fendt 1050 vario right next to the trailers, what I mean is... I should have 8 trailers, so four road train setups, but according to mapview I have only 2 road train setups hmm. Was just wondering that so far I've managed just fine with these two semi-trucks, but would be nice to throw full 4 semi's into F60 harvest big boy style that there is never a moment when grain cart has to wait for grain trailer. But looks like I only have 2 road trains. Hmm perhaps tomorrow I'll use camera view and fly around the terrain looking for those missing trailers, it could be that when I sold off half of my equipment it included those semi-trucks with grain trailers as well, I just cant remember that far back. Hmm guess it makes sense though, struggling with 30FPS performance I wanted to reduce my vehicle fleet and along with big bud 747s and bourgault air drills, semi's were in the chopping block as well.

Anyways, I'll manage with two semi-truck grain trailers.

2024-02-05T03:04:16Z Finished harvesting soybeans F130.

Historical moment, my last ever Farming Simulator 19 diagonal field harvest Smiley :o

2024-02-05T03:06:10Z Saved game and exited FS19, good night.

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